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Top 5 150CC Bikes In Pakistan
Recently In Pakistan after Yamaha VBR 125, Many New motorbikes accompanies Introduced their 150cc bikes. Furthermore, New companies also launched their beautiful & powerful bikes e.g. Derbi, Bengali & lifan etc. However, some of most beuatiful & attractive bikes are mentioned in the video. Although yamaha has not launched its 150cc bike Pakistan, yet their 125 is also sporty in look. In a nutshell, Honda the renowned Japanese company also launched its new variant CB 150. Follow Twitter https://mobile.twitter.com/home Instagram https://www.instagram.com/
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Pakistan Railway Achievements Under Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed 100 Days Agenda ( PTI )
Ministry of railway under the Supervision of Sheikh ahemd raheed launched five new trains. Two out five can run from Rawalpindi to faislabad . 3rd Mohan Jo Daro & Dadu express can run in interior sindh & from kotri to sehwan. Furthermore, government is also eager to connect gawadar port & quetta through #Railway Network. According to sheikh ahemd raheed introducing new trains should also reduce the burden on highways. Due to hevay terrific people are facing many issues e.g Sound pollution, dust pollution & Smog issues. He was of the view that the railway has huge potential & they have high quantity of passengers. Which means they need trains & they have many passengers. He also promised to eradicate all railways hurdles in short period of time. Followus on Twitter. https://mobile.twitter.com/home Instagram https://www.instagram.com/
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Imran khan Second Visit To Saudi Arabia |  Bring Alot of Investment In Pak|
‏عمران خان نے آج ان کے منہ پر زور دار تمانچہ مارا ہے جو کہتے تھے کہ اسے حکومت چلانی نہیں آتی.. سعودیہ نے پچھلے پانچ سال میڈیا کے محبوب قائد نوازشریف کو منہ تک نہیں لگایا آج انہوں نے انویسٹمنٹ کے ساتھ ساتھ 3 ارب ڈالر قرضہ اور تین ارب ڈالر کا تیل ڈیفر پیمنٹ پر دینے کا اعلان کیا ہے. Imran khan in his Second trip to Saudia has proved & shut the mouth of those who make bad & usless remarks towards him. He bring alot of Investment from Saudi Arabia. Follow on Twitter https://mobile.twitter.com/home Instagram https://www.instagram.com/
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Jalalpur Interchange [ Sukkur-Multan Motorway]
Sukkur Multan motorway is constructing under Chinese CPEC project. The motorway is being constructing from Multan to Sukkur . It is almost competed 80% . It will be open in 2019 March Follow on Twitter https://mobile.twitter.com/home Instagram https://www.instagram.com/
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10 Most beuatiful Cities of India
India is famous for its incredible culture, tasty cuisine, scenic beauty and heritage sites. We show you the most beautiful cities countrywide with stunning urban landscapes, and a thriving cultural scene which you should visit. For further details click on the link below https://theculturetrip.com/asia/india/articles/india-s-10-most-beautiful-cities-you-should-visit/
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10 Most Beautiful Capitals In The World |BBC HUB|
Every Country in the world has a particular capital city, which comes from the Latin word ‘caput’ meaning Head. The capital city of a country represents the different cultures, languages, traditions and religion of that country. Since the capital is considered the face of that particular country it is always well decorated and kept clean as it is the site for all the national and international events. Hence it is no wonder that the capital of a country is often the most beautiful city. For more information click on the link below http://www.bbcnewshub.com/top-10-most-beautiful-capitals-in-the-world/ Follow us on Twitter https://mobile.twitter.com/home Instagram https://www.instagram.com/
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The World's Biggest Economies |2K18 World Economic Forum |
The United States has the largest economy in the world at $20.4 trillion, according to data from the International Monetary Fund (IMF), which shows the US economy increased from around $19.4 trillion last year. China follows, with $14 trillion, which is an increase of more than $2 trillion in comparison to 2017. Japan is in third place with an economy of $5.1 trillion, up from $4.87 trillion a year previously. For more information click on the link below https://www.weforum.org/agenda/2018/04/the-worlds-biggest-economies-in-2018/ Follow uson Twitter https://mobile.twitter.com/home Instagram https://www.instagram.com/
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Interchange & Slope protection of Sukkur-Multan Motorway
There are many interchange in Multan Sukkur motorway. The interchange in video is near jalapur & uch shareef. Meanwhile the slope protection is being constructed near pano Aqil & ghoti area.
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Top 10 Most Peaceful Muslim Countries
Nowadays, when you turn on your television to discover latest news but you just see some pictures of Muslim countries suffering chaos and civil conflicts as Syria, Iraq, Yemen and others. There are some religions, are people with several faiths, have been fighting each other by claiming that pieces of land should be in custody of them, while no one can face defeat. However, some Muslim nations have been maintaining piece at their lands by carrying strict security policies. Peaceful stands for and freedom from fear of force between peaceful behavior and a range of social faction means calmness, joyful emotional land and nation. Our world holds so many Muslim nations, although some of these have been considered house of bombing, destruction, and more than hell, on other side, a number of nations are carrying successfully peace, love, and pleasant atmosphere. Today you will know names of those Muslim countries who are discovered nations with having no death threats, blasts, and unrest in streets. Link http://www.bbcnewshub.com/most-peaceful-muslim-countries/ Twitter link https://mobile.twitter.com/home Instagram link https://www.instagram.com/
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Top 10 best Airlines | 2k18 |
While travelling the world one thing a person remembers is the food of that particular place even if he/she forgets the others. This is just how important restaurants are these days. There are millions of restaurants in the world which provide food from different cultures and countries, however not all of them make it to the top restaurants in the world lists. There are various factors which gives a 5 start restaurant its ranking. These include the food quality, the ambience of the restaurant, the serving time , location and their customer service. These services and facilities basically makes a restaurant expensive and today we compiled a list of the top 10 most expensive restaurants in the world. These include some very beloved and famous names like SubliMotion, Restaurant Gordon Ramsay, Plaza Athenee, Masa and many more. For more information click on the link below http://www.bbcnewshub.com/most-expensive-restaurants/ Follow us on Twitter @Jiskani86 Like & Subscribe For more informative Vidoes.
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10 World best Special forces| Fox News Point |
Security and Special Forces are very significant for the defense of any country of the world, these finest Special Forces are given a very high-quality training as they have to experience secret and important missions that may be linked to the army, military or may be political. The history of these Special Forces happening during the Second World War when these forces showed great enthusiasm and won the war against the enemy; so it is very noteworthy for a country to have its special force that has the assignment to protect to a country on its disgusting and defensive mode, to make the country unwavering and energetic against odds over others outgrow, Special Forces has particular missions over through their commanding officers. For more information click on the link below http://www.foxnewspoint.com/top-10-best-special-forces-in-the-world-in-2017/ Follow us on Twitter @Jiskani86 Like & Subscribe For more informative Vidoes!
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Saad, Naeem & Tahir making fun of Asad 🤣
These video clips were cpatured when we were preparing for L.L.B part 3. Although exams was difficult, yet we did alot of fun during exam month because it was our last year. So we didn't miss any chance 😂😂🤣
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The 10 Best Smart Phones Of 2018
The major smartphone launch season is upon the companies and one of the first out of the gates is the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, immediately taking over the top spot in the list of best smartphones. For more information click on the link below https://www.google.com.pk/amp/s/www.zdnet.com/google-amp/article/10-best-smartphones/ Follow on Twitter https://mobile.twitter.com/home Instagram https://www.instagram.com/
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Top 10 Most Poweful Politicians in World | BBC report 2k18 |
The politician leaders play crucial role in the development of the country, the system depends upon the leaders while every politician is not a leader of the nation because some works for their own mean but there are number of political leaders in the world which are considered as those who work for the welfare of the public. Some politicians on the social media as well as on the television are very important which are known as the powerful politicians, many countries have such leaders who are considered as the recognition for the people. It is said that every leader is a politician but every politician is not the leader, and some countries have such politicians which have very important role in the development of the country. If we discuss American then Barack is the man whose name comes to mind and here we will discuss the top ten powerful politicians in the world. So Here Is The List Of Top 10 Most Powerful Politicians In The World 2018 BBC link http://www.bbcnewshub.com/top-10-most-powerful-politicians-in-the-world-2018/ Follow us on Twitter @Jiskani86 Like and Subscribe for more informative Vidoes!
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10 biggest & largest Island in the world
Disclaimer: Non of the video is mine. All clips are taken from various sources. An island is a place of land surrounded by water; this makes it very unique as it can only be reached by boats and small planes. Islands are one of the most favorite tourist destinations in the world and with reason. There are almost more than 100,000 big and small islands all over the world, spread out in different oceans but out of these only few are selective ones on which human life exists and can be visited by tourists all around the world. These islands are not only popular because of their natural beauty, their location, but also because of the multiple resorts and all kinds of water sports and activities that could be done there. This is why people all over the world are in search of the biggest islands where they can spend their vacations with their families and loved ones. Follow on Twitter https://mobile.twitter.com/home Instagram https://www.instagram.com/ For further details click on the link below: http://www.bbcnewshub.com/biggest-islands-in-the-world/
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Top 10 Best Countries for Business In The World 2k18
Business is an organizational entity a firm or a company involved in the provision of services to the customers, it could be profitable or non profitable at the same time. Business trade is the part of society for very long time back in stone age people do trade they give what they have and take what they do not have but later when trade or business has new roots or ways of doing it then they converted business by coins and the money concept was the game changer with the passage of time world is based on their economy which is based on their business. For more info click link http://www.bbcnewshub.com/top-10-best-countries-for-business-in-the-world-2018/ Follow us on Twitter @Jiskani86 Like and Subscribe for more informative Vidoes
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Top 5 Indian Vs Pakistani Cars
There are many cars running in both countries. The Comparison is too show top cars which are running in both countries Like and Subscribe to our channel for more informative Vidoes Follow us on Twitter @Jiskani86
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New Yamaha R15 V3 Specifications |2018 Bike|
Yamaha is going to launch its new R15 V3. Bike's shape is similar like its predecessor R1. It is 150cc & full sports look. The bike can run up to 155km/h . For futher details click on the link below https://pakistani.pk/yamaha-yzf-r15-v3-0-2018/ Follow us on Twitter https://mobile.twitter.com/home Instagram link https://www.instagram.com/
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Mumbai India Vs Karachi Pakistan | Video Comparison|
Mumbai India is the financial capital of india. It is also one of the biggest cities in the world. Similarly, Karachi is also considered as the backbone of the economy of Pakistan. Karachi is also one of the biggest cities in the world. However, as compared to mumbai Karachi's population is less than Mumbai.
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Clean Drive Started In karachi. Revival Of Empress Market
Government is taking action against all illegal occupations. In karachi Grand Operation had been started by Government on the order of supreme court. Empress market is was occupied by the cart Vendors & other Shopkeepers. Since the inception of Pakistan Government didn't take any strict action against them. However in PTI govt clean drive is commenced all over the Pakistan in order to save govt possessions from illegal occupations.
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Top 10 Secret Intelligence Agencies 2018 | BBC Report|
Intelligence agencies in any country are very important because these play very important role to keep the peace in the region, for the safety of a country there should be a intelligence agency that works for the welfare of the nation to keep away all the threats either it will from national or international. Such type of organization are made to safe all the sides of country as well as it keeps the eyes on every part of the land to ensure the safety of a common man from enemies. Every country has its own intelligence agency while to rank them which one is best than other it is very difficult while in top ten best agencies in world list, some top ranked organizations have been placed.In the absence of the intelligence secret service agencies, a country may face the bundle of threat from all the side. Link http://www.bbcnewshub.com/top-10-most-powerful-intelligence-agencies-in-the-world-2018/ Like and Subscribe our channel for More interesting Vidoes Follow us on Twitter @Jiskani86
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