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Theta Healing Procrastination
Ken applied for his passport the following day after this session
Kundalini yoga Meditation to get rid of your couldn't
Clear your excuses and reasons why you can't be do and have what you desire with this quick kundalini yoga Meditation
Fear of change :Meditation when you're freaking out
Meditation for a grave situation: Press the hands on the breaks, palms facing in, fingers pointing towards each other. Relax the hands and arms in this position. Close the eyes 9/10 of the way Inhale 5 seconds Exhale 5 seconds Hold the breath out for 15 second 5 minutes of this will take care of freak outs in the face of the most grave situation. Check out my website: www.experiencetrueself.com Emma Lyons
Kundalini Yoga Celestial Communication for Self-Esteem and Self Love.
Meditation for Self Esteem and Self Love and Self Esteem. The Mantra : "I am the light of the soul, I am bountiful, I am beautiful, I am bliss I am I am." For more videos and content check out my website: www.experiencetrueself.com and request access to my facebook Group: Awaken to your Purpose https://goo.gl/4MW1kC xoxo
When you're feeling blocked try this
If you're feeling blocked on stuck in your life, try this little meditation to find where to begin