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The Escape - by Magus Utopia
Performed in the TV-show " Cabaret du Monde", aired on TV2 in 2015.
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Magus Utopia performing Nightmares as final of the first Golden Magic TV-show in Moscow.
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Ancient - by Magus Utopia
Performed at the 3rd Chimelong Circus Festival 2016 Magus Utopia presents: ANCIENT The curious archeologist Peter discovers a forgotten ancient temple. But.... What Peter does not know is that the temple holds extraterrestrial powers.
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Trailer 2017 - by Magus Utopia
Welcome into the fascinating world of Magus Utopia. Awarded as the official World Champions of Magic in 2012 and since then performed in more than 25 countries all over the globe! WWW.MAGUSUTOPIA.COM
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Nightmares - by Magus Utopia
Performed in London for the TV-show " The Next Great Magician", aired on ITV on the 13th of November 2016.
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A testimonial by Uri Geller
A testimonial by Uri Geller about Magus Utopia, for booking agencies and event organizers! Love his enthusiasm!!!
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The magic spectacle Nightmares - by Magus Utopia
Think Cirque du Soleil meets Freddy Krueger. This live magic act is often described as watching a live movie on stage. The most sensational magic act of 2018!!!
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Love after Death - sneak peek 2018
A magical adventure about love and death... The new show of Magus Utopia - World Champions of Magic!
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