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Three Cheers for The Cosatto Giggle 2 Pom Pom Tree!
A review of the new Pom Pom Tree colourway for Cosatto's Giggle 2 three-wheeler travel system.
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One Pot Kitchari Recipe for the Whole Family
This is one of my all time favourite recipes and my good friend Peter has finally given me his family’s recipe and shown me how to make it for my family. It really is incredibly simple and utterly delicious. It calls for just a few ingredients and is made in one pot. It’s very cleansing and good for bad tummies. We love to eat this all year round. http://www.mybaba.com
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How to Do A Fishtail Plait Hair Tutorial
Want mermaid hair? This fishtail braid is awesome and really simple.
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The Cybex Priam Review - by Sarah, This Mama Life
We asked the lovely Sarah, This Mama Life vlogger to check out the Cybex Priam and tells us her thoughts on the buggy.
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Cute Little Girl's Hairstyle Tutorial
We collaborated with the incredible Duck and Dry on the King’s Road where Emer talked us through a few easy children’s hair dos. This is the first in the series and it’s a particular favourite of mine, with the last few weeks of school upon us, it’s always nice to have a sumer children’s hair style up your sleeve, and this Children's Plait Bun is not only totally gorgeous, but it really is very simple to do. We hope you enjoy the first My Baba video. Please sign up to our youtube account to keep updated for more fun and info.
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Inside Kidzania London's Tattoo Parlour
Hi, I'm Leo from My Baba and this is an interview with the girls working in Kidzania's Tattoo Parlour.
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Meningitis Signs and Symptoms #KnowYourSigns
Get to know the signs and symptoms of meningitis Late diagnosis costs lives. #KnowYourSigns
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Smoothie Recipe for Children with Added Vitamins
Leonora Bamford founder of parenting website mybaba.com has just launched her first product, a children's multivitamin and multibiotic with Zita West Here's a quick and simple smoothie recipe using Milo and Bess children's vitamins. Find out more about us at htttp://www.mybaba.com
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One Minute Children's Hair Tutorial - The French Plait Braid
Here's how to do a simple french plait, perfect for back to school!
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Olympic Athlete Katharine Merry on The Fast & Furious Mothercare Amble Stroller
The fabulous Katharine Merry on why the Mothercare Amble Stroller is the perfect stroller for her fast and furious lifestyle!
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BÉABA Babycook Review
Leonora Bamford, editor & founder of My Baba reviews the latest steamers. In this final segment, Leo tries out the BÉABA Babycook steamer (3/3 videos)
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Part 10 of Ellie & Jamie's #IVF Video Diary: Day 2 Embryo
Day 2 embryo progress and why we're suddenly feeling anxious...
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Top 10 Sanity-Saving Products for Reflux, Wind & Colic
Check out our recommended 10 sanity saving products to help deal with reflux. Do you have any go-to products that make life easier to look after your baby?
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Tommee Tippee Baby Food Steamer Blender Review
Leonora Bamford, editor & founder of My Baba reviews the latest steamers. In this video, Leo tries out the Tommee Tippee Baby Food Steamer Blender. (1/3 videos)
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Children's Car Seats: How Many Kids Can You Fit Safely In The Back of A Car?
We check out the brilliant 4 child car seat by Multimac
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The Cosatto Wow Travel System 3-in-1 Unboxing and Review
With special guest, 18-month old Maisie we check out the dream machine that is the Cosatto Wow travel system.
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John Deere Remote Control Johnny Tractor and Johnny Tractor Push and Roll review
A review of the TOMY Remote Controlled Johnny Tractor and the TOMY Johnny Tractor Push and Roll, both available to purchase from Farm Toys Online here: [https://www.farmtoysonline.co.uk/john-deere-preschool/r14]
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Quick Pitta Pocket Toasties - Healthy Family Recipes
Find out more about us at htttp://www.mybaba.com
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A Review of The Baby Jogger City Mini GT
Check out Leonora's review of the Baby Jogger City Mini GT!
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Super cute and easy little girls' hairstyle that can work for mum too!
Nanny Ash tried to show me how to do a hairband plait in my own hair this weekend and when my daughter saw it she wanted the same. Was so cute and we both loved being twinnies.
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NEW Discovery HSE Luxury Sport Review - The Perfect Family Car?
My Baba's review of the new Discovery Sport HSE Luxury. We road test the car to see just how family friendly it is.
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Ellie & Jamie Unbox Elvie! The Pelvic Floor Tracker
We check out Elvie, the gadget you need to strengthen your pelvic floor!
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Shannon Nicole Reviews The Cybex Priam
We take a trip with the beautiful Shannon Nicole and baby Leo around Richmond Park to test the Cybex Priam.
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Why Monkey Music is Our Favourite Baby Class
The clever teachers at Monkey Music understand how important music is for early development. 'Rock n Roll' is stage one in Monkey Music world, and suitable for babies aged 3 months to a year. 'Heigh Ho' is for babies 12+ months, 'Jiggety-Jig' for the two and three year olds, and finally, 'Ding-Dong' for the threes and fours.
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Undercover at London's Biggest Kids Tradeshow
A walkaround the Bubble London 2016 event with Leo and Ellie from My Baba.
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A Review of the Brand New Volvo V90
How family friendly is the Volvo V90? Its rivals are the Audi A6, BMW 5-Series, Mercedes E-Class - but does it live up to those?
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The Volvo XC90 Review - The Perfect Family Car?
My Baba's review of the XC90 as a family car
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Family Penne Pasta Recipe with Hidden Veggies
Find out more about us at htttp://www.mybaba.com
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New Range Rover Evoque, Review by My Baba's Leo Bamford
My Baba's Leo and Ellie take to the street to road test the new Evoque. A family friendly car? We think so. And check out the auto pilot parking! This is our kinda car.
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Part I: Exclusive Insight into Private Education with Headmaster of Stowe School
I interviewed the inspiring Anthony Wallersteiner, headmaster of famous public school Stow on private education recently. It was a fascinating insight into subjects ranging from coed to single sex education, bullying, social media, dyslexia, Richard Branson and the importance of bringing out the best in each child.
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Watch Silver Cross Assemble Our Nursery In Under 2 Minutes
Silver Cross offers a complimentary deliver and build service when you purchase two or more pieces of furniture, so My Baba just had to try it out!
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Philips AVENT 4-in-1 Baby Food Maker Review
Leonora Bamford, editor & founder of My Baba reviews the latest steamers. This time, Leo tries out the Philips AVENT Steamer and Food Blender 4 in 1 (2/3 videos)
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Review of the Cosatto Hubbub Twee Twoo Car Seat
Check out our review of the Hubbub Twee Twoo Car Seat
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Kidzania Interview with Dr. Ger Graus, Director of Education
Hi, I'm Leo from My Baba. Here's my interview with Dr. Ger Graus on the opening morning of Kidzania London.
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Can You Really Send Your Baby to Nursery at One?
Leonora Bamford interviews founder of London Nursery Schools, LNS, Sara Brennan about her vision to transform education through an innovative curriculum across the pre-school years.
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Charlotte Tilbury Night Out Make-Up: Emma O'Byrne Shows Us How In This Quick Tutorial
Check out our latest tutorial with Emma O'Byrne. Here's how to create a fabulous nighttime look, with products by Charlotte Tilbury.
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Ellie & Jamie's IVF Journal: Part I, Meeting the Consultant
Video diary of an IVf Journey
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Introducing The Bumpermat - a children's playpen for maximum fun!
The Bumpermat is a genius product for babies and toddlers alike - it can be configured in many different ways and used as a playpen, ball pit, or just mats to roll around on. I've heard that it's even been used as a puppy whelping box!
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Unboxing & Reviewing the Stokke Scoot Stroller
We review the Stokke Scoot from the box. Check out how easy this stroller is to assemble.
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How to Make a Healthy Aubergine Dip with Just 3 Ingredients
Head chef at Daylesford Organic talked me through some healthy snack ideas last week, and high on my list was this Aubergine dip. It’s incredibly easy to make and it only calls for a few ingredients. We hope you enjoy it. Please don’t forget to sign up to our Youtube account to keep updated for more fun hairstyles, children’s recipes and much more.
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How A Kitchen Dream Became A Worldwide Bestseller In Under A Year
Back on the sofa with Dragon's Den investor Touker Suleyman talking about Matchstick Monkey, we find out what the teething toy brand have in store for the future.
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How Family Friendly is the Renault Kadjar?
A car review of the Renault Kadjar
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How to Contour and Highlight In Under Five Minutes with Emma O'Bryne
A make-up tutorial to show how to contour and highlight in under five minutes, using just one genius product, Tom Ford Shade and Illuminate.
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The New Skoda Octavia Scout Car Review
Is the Skoda Octavia Scout a family friendly car? We find out.
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Part II: Interview with Award-Winning Childrenswear Designer Rachel Riley
Check out Part II of my interview with Rachel Riley, of luxury childrenswear brand Rachel Riley UK, filmed in the Rachel Riley store on Marylebone High Street.
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Teach Your Children How to Grow Flowers
Grandma showed us how easy it was to plant seeds with the children
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Baby It's Cold Outside: Perfect Coats & Cover-ups For Pregnancy This Winter
Fashion Expert & Stylist Adriana Chryssicopoulos from Maternity Brand Nine In The Mirror talks to Leonora about winter coats and cover-ups.
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How to Avoid Sleep Deprivation With A Newborn
Ellie and Jamie chat to Dave Gibson, founder of the thesleepsite.co.uk and Warren Evans bed makers sleep expert, on the best ways to cope with the lack of sleep in those first few months. (warrenevans.com)
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