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Ether Saga [CB] Lv15-25 Instance
Ether Saga Online [CB] - Level 15-25 Instance. ESO Close Beta My IGN: Ion Server: West Coast Soloing on my Lvl24 Mystic and Lvl26 Knocknee Assassin. Mystics are healers of ESO, but we're more hybrid than stereotyping healer/support classes. Of course we can't solo as good as main damage dealer classes. On this vid I was only doing the small mobs in purpose of gathering loots and money. Even if I attempt to kill boss, i'd die too quick. Download at *** http://eso.perfectworld.com/ *** Preferred attribute for Mystic: Most general and common builts are combination of Unda/Pyra. Preferred server: This is totally up to you, I suggest one that's near your timezone. For event times. West coast (Ancestral Ruins) PDT, East Coast (Fort Phoenix) EDT. Community wise, check official forum http://eso-forum.perfectworld.com/forumdisplay.php?f=19 and decide for yourself. *** Overall this game is alot of fun. The lower levels goes quite fast and solo pretty much everything. Until you reach around level 30-40 plus. I definitely recommend this mmo to everybody. Give it a try, there's no harm into trying! :) *** **** http://eso.perfectworld.com/ ****
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MRH Crusade
Vs rank 1 player in Grail as of 12/31/15
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