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thank u, next [Meme] [Gacha Life]
thank u, next meme ❤️ by the queen herself Ariana grande 🤟 I don’t like it but eh 👍 thanks for watching 👑
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Cut my hair meme [collab]
Cut my hair meme! Collab with Ali X Wolfie -https://m.youtube.com/channel/UC1kbYcM7dL8JKHsu1B30e-Q Thank you so much for collaborating with me! I love your channel so much and can’t believe you chose a trash bag like me 😅 I love all of you! 😍
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steph pappas being me for 54 seconds
steph pappas being me for 54 seconds sorry for the crappy edit
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100 SUBS!
Thank you so much for 100 subs, I cannot even. 🤩 I love all of you and I thank every single one of you. 😍 COLLAB COMING 😜
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Fashion Week [Collab] [Meme]
hey lovelies 💖 😫❤️ a collab by the queen herself, AliXWolfie: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1kbYcM7dL8JKHsu1B30e-Q 😊 the amazing originals: https://youtu.be/7RXGN5S3cTc https://youtu.be/ScSgEAmvFSg i was testing out the waving hair thingy and bruh look how bad it is 😒 anyways, enjoy your day/night bye bye 👍
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Put your head on my shoulder [Short] [Gacha Life]
it’s a test, okay? 😊 anyways thanks for watching lovelies 🤙
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Solo Meme [Gacha Life]
I hate it so much, sorry if it’s too short for ya 🌩 only started gacha 2 weeks ago ✨ thanks for watching 🌸 (inspired by various peeps)
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Eyes blue like the Atlantic MEME [Gacha]
I love this song so much 🤤 sorry, I made this in a rush 😬 thanks for watching lovelies 🍭
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I tried making the pretty little liars intro on gacha and it failed (so much)
I tried making it... don’t judge HAHA🌈 thanks for watching 👍
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Identities Meme | Super Lazy | Re-upload
hi lovelies 💖 I had to re-upload this cause of reasons 😐 and it was lazy cause I randomly decided to make it at 3AM 😂 bye 👋
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Lucky Lucky MEME [Gacha Life]
Merry Christmas! have a good Christmas with your family or friends. hopefully Santa came 🙏😊 Love you ❤️
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Imagine MEME [Gacha Life]
hey lovelies 💖 this screen of this video got cut off a bit sorry 😕 😇 the original video:https://youtu.be/PBtTyY8CMAI 😍 the awesome song:https://youtu.be/7_rftpd0u0U can we all agree Ariana’s songs get better and better? 🤤 thank u for watching 😊
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Tear drops | Shizzy post| check desc |
billie is a living queen tbh shizzy post but ive decided to use ocs now because I’m tired of using random ocs and never using it 🤔😅 hey, late happy New Years!
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Rudolph the red nosed Reindeer MAP (CLOSED)
I tried, it might fail but oh well ❤️ please claim your part in the comments (optional!) ✔️= OPENED ❌= CLOSED part 1: ❌ Kitten Muffinz part 2: ❌ Cookie Playz part 3: ❌ BlueGirlyGamerGirl part 4: ❌ Coconut edits - Gacha part 5: ❌ Purple Playz part 6: ❌ Ali X Wolfe Remix Link: https://youtu.be/PS9xd6bXQ5E
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how could you? ~ for smilinqfoxes 🖤
queen credit to ali
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panic room meme (made at 3am)
I made this at 3am, scary
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watch me edit? (a test)
this is a test, ill delete it after Use DU Recorder to livestream your screen and share the games, videos, and sports you like with more people: iOS: https://goo.gl/uT8CJq Android: https://goo.gl/s9D6Mf
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my current intro 👌
my current intro ❤️
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