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There is a meeting at SUNSHINES raw foods deli on Saturday mornings 3102 OST NEXT TO GUY's meat Market. Sunshine has been an advocate of detoxing and healthy eating for more than 40 years. He is good friends with Dick Gregory, Dr Baxter Montgomery, Dr Laila Africa, Dr Goss, Aris Latham, Dr. Washington and many others. This video is a reminder of the importance of letting our foods be our medicine as well as nutrition. According to Sunshine, Dick Gregory, Dr Sebi, and Dr Goss, you must detox prerequisite to this healthy way of eating. Eating healthy will not work if your colon and organs are clogged with toxins. 2/3rds of our food intake should be raw. Vegetarianism has been established as one of the healthiest ways to eat. It is well established red meats have a great propensity to affect our health negatively. YOU ALREADY KNOW! This video is a finger pointing in the direction of detoxing, healthy eating, to promote optimal health. Do your own research and determine what is best for you. There are far too many of us on dialysis, and prescription drugs. We're taking drugs for depression, aggression, digestion, libido, and insomnia. Detoxing will usually relieve these conditions. BE SURE TO CONSULT YOUR PHYSICIAN. This video is a friendly reminder that "getting old does not make you sick but getting sick will make you old," according to Tim Morrow. You will get sick if your diet is unhealthy and your colon and mindset is toxic. DR SEBI said "eat electric foods" and he shared a similar philosophy as the other fore- mentioned holistic practitioners. Consult your medical Doctor/ do your due diligence. K-negative thoughts and toxic relationships attracts illness. If you're in a toxic relationship/ ABANDON SHIP! "You make me sick" is a self-fulfilling prophesy. In the beginning was the word - be careful with how you use words' your words are powerful. Sunshine favorite quote is "everyday is a good day to start the new body. "So, start each day with a dose of radiant sunshine, alkaline water, fresh fruits or vegetable juice and of course PRAYER/MEDITATION. For those of you who can add to this reminder please feel free to leave a comment or information to assist us in getting N FORMATION to march towards better mind, body and soul REGENERATION. Thank you for your support and comments. PLEASE SHARE your old school remedies and natural concoctions/ anything to help us "heal our land." thank you Robert Glasper saw you at Cezanne's - saw you at Red Cat (me you & Dee Lavine) saw your performance at Herman Park -- saw you, Layla Hathaway & Kyle Turner down town, saw you at St. John's dwntwn with Pastor Rudy---------------------- you really get around - Thanks again for sharing your music with us- song - RISE AND SHINE FROM CANVAS CD (first CD) A GREAT CD JUST LIKE ALL THE REST - GREAT WORK ROB!
Dr John Henrik Clarke inspired this...
Instincts instruct. Inspiration is consistent with our mode of inner inquiry. These quotes were born out of viewing the documentary "A great and Mighty walk" by Dr John Henrik Clarke. {Wesley Snipes executive producer} It is a search for personal identity along with culture and hidden heritage. If you are told you have no history of any significance, that should be a catalyst for Investigation. John searched until he found his people and their ancestors. That was a great and mighty walk! The word walk tells me that it was not a quick or easy journey. It is so pathetic, the walking and dying has been done and we want even read, view videos and documentaries to show respect for our fallen soldiers and appreciation of our history and heritage. It's a wrap - It's a damned shame - we're all "rapped up" in our personal prisons as if we don't know we are free! what do we do??? Go buy bigger chains and blood diamonds. That is not bling! That is a blank and other folks are filling in our blanks because we are too sluggard to connect our spots. We must Sankofa- lift up your pants - grab that baton and RUN - the Mighty walk has been done. There are still many rooms we can add to our mental mansion. This mission is not impossible. We can do all things...The I am is telling us - We are worthy!
Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth. Blessed are the pure in heart - they shall see God. blessed are the peacemakers - they shall inherit peace. blessed are those who hunger and thirst after righteousness they will be filled....Be a blessing and you will be blessed. The act of blessing automatically blesses the blesser. Blessing is more than a physical or material thing or money. Blessing are favorable gestures. A statement of encouragement is a blessing. To hope the best for someone is a blessing. A smile or handshake may be considered a blessing. Any gift or word that empowers another is a blessing. It is very easy to bless someone and we should bless others daily.
This is actually my New Year's prayer. Period. After reading this prayer a few times I remembered the song "this is the dawning of the age of Aquarius" by the 5th Dimension. The official beginning of the Aquarian Age was 11-11-11. It is estimated that An age may last 2100 years. We have graduated from the Piscean age. Remember the two fish swimming in opposite directions on back of automobiles? Well bird box the fish of the same feather should consider swimming in unity. Remember those who were lost in wilderness with Moses worshipping the golden calf? That Bull represented the Age of Taurus (the bull). About every 2100 years we enter into a new age and each age is one of the zodiac signs. Each sign has a predetermined energy, concept, focus and objective. Early Astrologers, high Priests, and all secret societies are aware of this knowledge as well as the energies that come with the constellation configurations. I am not a prayer warrior and do not exercise the thorough prayer ethics of a Muslim. I have witnessed the effects of Prayer and have felt the power of prayer. If you are still reading, I bet you have as much or far more knowledge of Prayer than myself. Some folk are really concerned about the partial shutdown of the government and all kinds of pre-existing medical conditions and all of us should be highly concerned about those Ghosts. If you think a Trumped up pumped up humped up President has more power than the force we pray to, well perhaps you should pray to the President. We are now in an Age where Prayer is essential to our existence. Time out for praying and fearing simultaneously! We have to pray to the highest power but act as if we have to collectively get it done ourselves. The above Prayer is an expression of my enthusiasm for the beginning of this New Year. I challenge you to write a PRAYER for yourself and share it on your face book and with those you face ongoing. You don't need a college degree or a high paying job to write your own prayer; you need a sincere desire and intense intent. I encourage America and all other Nations to use prayer in a new way for this new year and the new age. i bet you can write a far better prayer than mine. Write a comment if you believe this is appropriate and pass this incentive along. Prayer is more important than eating organic, drinking plenty live water, eating plant based diet along with taking supplements to compliment the depleted soils. Let's all pray to the most high at high noon daily forever and ever Amen. Even if you have to take baby steps you are still moving forward. It is time to take GIANT STEPS IN PRAYER! ISN'T IT AMAZING - we begin by telling the Mexicans they will pay for the wall - they say NO - so - we shutdown our own government to argue among ourselves while our employees don't get paid / while the topic for 5 weeks is WALL WALL WALL. SEEMS LIKE A CRAFTY STALLYALL. LET US PRAY! btw listen to "giant steps" by john Coltrane. I encourage all of my subscribers to reach out and communicate with me. OK!
This video is a finger pointing at how we are beginning to improve on how we treat women, how we tweet society and how we become whole and healed. Hopefully, We are experiencing the birth pains for a better Nation. improvement in every arena is imperative if we plan to be international peace keepers. We too must follow rules to be the ultimate ruler. Its amazing how the biggest winner can be the greatest loser. Times and seasons give birth to cloaked incidents without human reason. The ass groping revelations are the genesis of an exodus into the age of Aquarius. Aquarius , the water bearer, poured out half of the picture during Harvey. This age entered with a tremendous soak - no joke! This Presidency is also a flood of new beginnings. It looks bleak but behind the scenes, I bet we are winning.
See nn Knews (Intensive Silence)
Proverbs for a new world order - we need more order in ourselves before we can expect the world to change - Each person living has a special gift that will help lift the wall of ignorance - help the seekers avoid the sneakers - time changes things?peopl
These saying are condensed from various entrepreneurs. There is a formula for success and it does not have to be about big money all the time. Money is not the only marker for success. Whenever you are good at your occupation you are a success. Success can be measured by a comparative analysis of how much you give over what you ask for. Get rich or die trying is hood mentality. You can have gid money and live a broken life. A prophet asked a crippled one "do you want to be whole/healed?" It's possible to be a success at being homeless. I personally met the mayor of the homeless right there in Herman Park - Houston Texas. He is a good Mayor. He lives in the park with the homeless and oversees their needs. If your occupation or hustle brings you joy you are a success. A popular saying is "if a man does not work he should not eat." I don't agree with that saying. There is more than enough to go around. You cannot give to everybody but give to somebody. Don't ever forget - you are not paying for the earth, wind and fire(sun) - you're not paying for all of the wonders in nature / So don't get a little money and lose your senses and manners. Robert Kiyosaki, the author of "RICH DAD POOR DAD" is my inspiration for this presentation. If you can handle disappointments, if you can keep your dreams even though you have insomnia, if you recognize learning comes before earning and "discipline delivers when all else fails" YOU ARE A SUCCESS. money is not the root of evil but big money can create BIG EVIL. Sell your soul to the Devil is a sure way to cash in out here, Don't do it! I pray these slides motivate you on your journey. If you like this video send it to 12 others - if you don't like it, send it to 24 others! We are surrounded by Opportunity / take advantage / success is yours!
This is black history month. We are so familiar with the legendary list of Black Historians and history makers - Blacks suffered the greatest kind of abuse. Everybody knows this but sustained anger will rust our ability to reason. As a people, we have so much more to accomplish as it relates to how we embrace each other. We are our brother's and sister's keeper. We still have to rise to the charging occasions to fulfill the Dream, get to "the other promiseland," and become a people united in America and abroad. J A Rogers books are invaluable as a reference, Stolen legacy by George James and you must add Randall Robinson and Ivan Van Sertima to your Library. There are so many others - send me your favorites.... Black history is a coat of many colors. Black History is larger than any single platform, biograpy, book, documentary or tv series. We hate what happened but we cannot continue to carry the weight of that hate. We need some new under ground rails - new fleets to navigate and a unity that is redeeming. The slides presented are prompts to position and empower. We must utilize all of our talents to be the people Creator intended.
This video is engineered to enter the deepest waters of your ocean of intellect. This video is inspired In remembrance of uncle Tom and Harriet Beecher Stowe; Slavery , racism, prejudice cannot take the freedom that Divinity bestows upon us. Hacking exploits vulnerabilities - it is a way of gaining unauthorized access. My people perish from a lack of knowledge. Become a hacker. Become an expert at gaining access to the innermost good within yourself. Most of us have substituted materialism for the Divine materals within us. The golden sunshine is waiting for you and on you. Hack into the best you and share it with all - we are all one. you are "y pluribus unum" - you are one out of many but equal in Divinity.A racist cannot take that away from you. The great thing is you have it even if you don't know it. It is there working on your behalf inspite of yourself.Reverse engineer your reason for being here. Every Mother's son and daughter is valuable to humanity. Time out for accidental and mysterious deaths We must rehearse a way to reverse this fiendish fatality curse! .
A chance for a second chance revolves like clockwork. Pay attention to your surrounding there is a wealth of positive possibility. Follow me. The story of the woman at the well is the epitome of saving grace. She was hiding from fears, peers and shame - now she is caught and given a brand new name. The unclean can be washed with living water and be thoroughly cleansed/ I suggest you go to the well, tell your story, receive your glory. TAKE YOUR PAIL TO THE WELL! Jonah was also being chased by an assignment he mis-placed, and later tossed from the ship that graduated him into the belly of the whale. He, being lost in the darkest depths, focused on the light, regained his sight, went to Nineveh and achieved his plight. He was chased, tossed and swallowed but afterwards 60 thousand converts now followed... last but not least, Mephibosheth, son of Johnathan and grandson of Saul, the fallen King. Mephibosheth was chased/hunted and was in fear of losing his life. The chase ended with him eating at the table of King David. David didn't want to take his life; David was ordained to restore his life. Mephibosheth was chased and hunted by a blessing that refreshed his Royalty. Once again we see we must stand strong in the face of so-called danger. Courage is the antidote for fear. If you are being chased at this time, turn around and face it. Remove your blindfold. Watch out. Your Royalty is being recalled for an upgraded! You can run but you cannot slide out of sight from the "all seeing eye" of the omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent Creator. The wells forgo-tten are the living waters that baptized the woman at the well and the prayer that saved Jonah in the whale. Turn around. REMOVE YOUR BLINDFOLD. Drink the water from the well! Your insight is thirsty. It's time for your Royalty to be renewed!
This VIDEO is designed to expose the often overlooked facets of your being/ your persona. I want you to be still and think on these things/ these concepts. When you shop for groceries you don't select all items on the shelf, you shop for specifics. You cannot view every channel on your TV or radio your selections are focused on your interests and needs. There is a multitude of missives aimed for our attention. Foods, Clothes, houses, entertainment, cruises, and Viagra. The dope pushers are advertising their drugs with their side effects. Commercials and salesmanship are on steroids. We have to avoid most of those guided missive missiles. Our perception is flooded with Goo Gobz of info and fake news that re-direct our attention from what is real and true to nourish and inner-tain us. We lust to be entertained, admired and frown at being INNER tained. Be still and know that you are bigger than U act - You are bigger than Bank One - Sams Walmart / you bigger than cosco, Ralphs, Macy's, Burger King and Valero. Those are businesses but you are a BEING. A BEING can make a business but business does not make the BEING. You are given Divine Dominion over every aspect of civilization. Be still and know whoo yoo R. Pay attention to what yoo R saying about yourself. Be still and know that / what you say about you goes deep into your core. You can move while being still. Movement is involved in being still. To be still means to shield/move yourself from the fallout from all explosive advertisements. Examine what you say and think of yourself and what the many salesmen say and think of you. This is what The Bible say about you. John 10:34 and psalms 86:2 it is written "Ye Are gods!" This is of course a little g. With that being said, you have a program designed just for you. I THINK! We have to be still and discover who we are. Be still and know that you are here for a Divine purpose. You cannot be diluted and uprooted from your purpose. Go back and remember your first encounter with your true self. Be still and know that there is a Silver and Gold mine within YOOOO! Embrace your life, your looks, your abilities, your skills your aspirations. Such as you have; such as you are is sufficient! Don't worry about the money get on your assignment. when your POWER SHOWS UP DON'T LET IT LEAD YOU TO SCANDAL. BE STILL AND KNOW THISS BLISS!
This video is a form of encouragement for those seeking to improve their overall self image and be freed from the greed of social engineering. Self improvement is an ongoing endeavor. Also, this video highlights a familiar scripture (john8:32) and an ancient axiom" know thyself." We live in a technological age and the informational highway has aggressive traffic. We're constantly bombarded with an ocean of oratory and our perceptions are flooded. This sets the stage for therapeutic outside professional prescription help to break free from the entanglement of facts and falsehoods. We are seduced by social media and persuasive pop ups. We are often days behind responding to email from hell and texts from heaven. I know you find yourself wrapped up in everything but your inner self. Hopefully this video will entice you to stop, look and listen to your inner plead to be freed. It is not too late to know thyself and to unlock the chains of media enslavement. The aphorism "Know thyself" has appeared all over ancient instruction. In latin it is nosce tenet, in greek it is nosce te ipsum or socio te and lastly at Delphi it is written gnothi seauton. In the movie the Matrix, when neo went to visit the Oracle, over her kitchen door was written, tenet nosce which means to thine own self be true. All ancient teachings invite us to know ourselves but it appears there is a yellow brick road to lead us on a wild goose "chase." Who's goosing you? How can you know your-self chasing the wind? Social media has its place but for the misled masses, it is a gust of wind. Many relationships, marriages, friendships, courtships, fellowships, and partnerships are suffering from over exposure to social media. Last but not least, stop texting while driving and having sex. Seek help - break your addiction to an absentee persona - your family, friends, and you need the authentic you. You're worthy to be your own best friend - Hopefully you see how self help matters. You will not know yourself if you're lost in a whirl wind of information, even if it's true - HEY! - you must deal with you. Investigate and initiate self help - self help matters - and trust the ancient sages/ the wise ones - you will witness the source of existence. You shall smell the breath of belonging to the I AM THAT I AM that I AM....!
This presentation is designed to create a paradigm shift in your immediate reality that will form favorable re-configurations for your destiny. Confession is essential to establish a clean canvas for a quality portrait for your future. These slides are not new. these parables are what you already know engineered for this time. There is nothing new under the sun. Stop tripping on the new artists with seemingly new material and styles - you can go back - research and find the precursor. This presentation is here to remind you of some life essentials. This presentation is uploaded to remind you of what you are overlooking - overcooking - overbooking - over-hooking - over-doing - overseeing - over-being - over-riding - over-running - you think I am over doing this but pay attention.
New Year Revolution
It's all about the new year. The new desires and new opportunities. Each year should be joyous instead of happy. It takes an outside force or source to create happiness but it takes your inside source and force to create joy. Happiness is the underscore of joy. JOY RULES! There are so many days in a new year - happy new year is great to say but it cannot pave the way for a happy year. NAW- that's UP TO YOU. Approach the year one day at a time each day of happiness accumulates and liberates you into a new and more exciting year. This year is waiting on you to come out brand new. You know what you need to change - stop procrastinating and fascinating yourself with idols of a lesser God than the one inside of you!
Demonstrate Thanksgiving Daily
Goodness and mercy follows all of us in-spite of our disobedience - our selfishness - our back biting - envy - greed - all of us practice some of the 7 deadly sins daily - if not, you are a prophet - sage - or deliverer. We we are children of the most high - but we are scheming as if our Father is the most low - Abundant life awaits those who can make that shift from shifty-ness - those who can turn away from the way we were- abundant life is looking for those who are meek - trustworthy - fair and balanced. Abundance is not about how many toys you have but how much respect you have for the omnipotent Creator and how you treat those in your path - amenrah...
INSPIRATIONAL -MOTIVATIONAL - ENCOURAGING Silence is golden we are told but silence speaks. Through silence we can hear distant voices. Have you ever tuned in to what is coming "out of the mouth of babies?" My grandsom Maze says a lot of wise things without words. His gestures and eyes speaks volumes. These slides were inspired by his youtrhful energy. HIS STUBBORNESS TO GET WHAT HE WANTS - WE NEED TO BE STUBBORN SOMETIMES ALSO. WE AS ADULTS OFTENTIMES GIVE UP TOO EASILY. --okay -soooo His nik-name is BLOOM-BIRD. HE is a flier. He defies gravity. He jumps and makes his parachute on the way down. HE IS A HARDHEAD. He pretends to not listen but has a lot to say. Raw energy cooks. A loud silence can erase violence. Find the child in you - make friends with that child. Love that child. All things you went through then and are going through now are shaping you into a dynamic brand new you.Hope you find these slides to be as dynamic as You and Bloombird. PEACE1
This presentation is about the all encompassing presence of time. Some refer to time as only a concept. Some say time is a man made term to move us along through the seasons and holidays. we live, exist, and have our being in the construct of time. Time matters but time is not a kind of matter. Time is not a solid, liquid or gas. Time cannot be seen, felt or weighed. Time is not an energy. Time is behind the scene on the scene and in every scene but cannot be seen. I heard T D Jakes say " I wish I had time to talk about time." I found time to talk about time and I hope you enjoy the slides I engineered dealing with time. Anyway, everything you did, the things you're doing and everything you desire to do will happen in only a matter of time. Time is in charge without management. Time does not enforce it's far reaches. Time does not force you to adhere to its teachings. You can disrespect time and your disrespect is the punishment. Time is the law that needs no enforcement. It's time for me to stop. Examine what you are doing with your time and get what you need instead of what you want from the time you have. you have more time than you need because creator knew you would waste a lot of time. Again, thanks for your time./// I had a wonderful time engineering this presentation. Thanks to Danielle and Bertha for the time you invested with this work. Thanks to Don Jahrdon #17 for the ongoing questions and rants that convert par-focal to clarity. Thanks to Terrell (TRX} Hopkins for being the treble and bass for these melodies. Thanks to John A and Carlos P for show casing my work on their face book page. Real courage.
This is an old school message to a programmed group of young brothers. You may say, what do you mean by programmed? My youth was not contaminated with designer drugs, designer music, violating videos, nasty news, un-reality TV shows, aggressive audio, scroungy pornography and mainstream murder. Instagrams, instant foods, instant true and false information wasn't so easily assessable. You said you love Malcolm; he tried to tell you that you've been had - bamboozled - flipped and stripped of self worth. This message is engineered to encourage and redirect some of you - it is not for all of you! Many Young minds are hard to penetrate because they are busy perpetrating...life is not a game and you don't have to be a baller, rapper or super fly. I dare you to look through these slides and behold what the old school knows. You're being bombarded with so much media, technology, instant face and then you must face trick-knowlogy. You are under trick-knosis! This message is designed to help you snap out of the mis-spelled Nephilim spell . Can't you tell we're going to hell if we don't unite and fight any thing, any power, any suggestions that lead us away from family unity and spiritual Maturity. Creator knows best! You must take off your blinders before Sankofa is possible. By the way, you are not black and you are not colored but you are colored with celestial radiance aka melanin. Hang out with the DAWN - feel the radiance - listen to the silence - your obedience matters!!!
melanin messages
Electrical quotes with voltage to shock the spit out of you!.. Let these messages massage some vitality into your mentality. When I was young, Proverbs was my favorite book of the Bible. Those Proverbial quotes echoed in my mind and the meanings of the proverbs would vary according to my moods. It's like that to date. I enjoy Proverbs and quotes. (catchy phrases) All of my Quotes and slides are an extension of my love for Proverbs and quotes in general. I hope my quotes are worth your time... By the way, melanin is a dark pigmentation. Darkness is as necessary as daylight. Daylight and night light makes a 24 hour day. I call this upload melanin messages because i usually write at night. Sunlight enriches your melanin. Night light stimulates your pineal... perhaps my melanin is writing these sayings. ANYWAY Have a good day night LIGHT!
from sinner to winner
Today we are going to pull the wool from the 7 deadly sins. Of course they can kill you. They have robbed, killed and stole from humanity throughout the history of mankind. The deadly sins seems to be magnetized by human nature. If you are human, they will tempt you but the holy spirit can exempt you...Who among us are willing to resist these sins just to go to heaven when we can enjoy pseudo heaven on earth. What does it profit a man or woman to gin the world and lose his or her soul. atheists don't want to lose their souls. Anyway - these sins are the lions tigers and bears after you for your soul. These are the trials and tribulations we will encounter. These are the temptations from the wilderness. It is so easy to go to heaven. Just get by this defensive line up. They will cause you to fumble - intercept your prayers, make you fumble opportunities- These sins have gone to the super bowl since the garden of eden - these sins crossed yam suf (red sea). But the Hebrew boys did not bow to them. Joseph did not succumb to them - Samson did and was blinded - Get by these sins and be immune to the lions dens- get by these sins and fire in a furnace will burn you,Tithes will not let you slide by this blockade, you will need inner strength that money cannot buy. Get by these 7 deadly sins and you will be born again. Overcome these crosses and receive a crown! Get by the 7 deadly sins and you will hear - well done my good & faithful child-well done!
This upload is all about going back to the creation story and investigating how this world was called into existence. This world was called into existence with words alone. Imagine, we are created in the image and likeness of creator so we should have inherited some of that word power. This video is suggesting we investigate the words used in creation - examine the language / we know God didn't speak English during CREATION. If we trace back to creation and find those unique words we to bring world peace without the use of nuclear, chemical, biological and all of the other terrible weapons. If words can create existence and the universe that verse of words can restore CREATION. We are living in a highly advanced society/world but we act primitive. We still functioning through fear, hate, war, violence, deceit. All of these dis eases are rooted in our language/ our word usage. In the beginning was the word/ in the ending should be the word. Words works wonders. LET'S DO IT WORDS NOT WARS! LIVING WORDS There are more than 280 million Christians in America and more than a hundred million scattered in other counties. Other religions believe in the genesis narrative and genealogy, this means we may have a billion believers combined. Imagine a billion believers using life giving words to make a vita; change to our society. Seems too easy / it is easy and you don't have to plant a financial seed. Keep your money but donate your faith in the positive use of your words. Our words have power. Our words can heal, soothe, anger, promote, inspire and most of all, our words can energize and add life to a world that many predict is destined to die. Every day is a new beginning. In the beginning of evert day watch what you say. Power of life and death comes from the words we speak. You don't need a degree, a PHD, a spot on TV, or city counsel- positive words and great expectations are the most we can offer.
Today's Treasures
NOW VS NOW by JASON Linder needs to be added to your music collections_These slides are Things we forget to think about - things we overlook or ignore- consider them to be mind foods and mental nutrients - mental exercises- Remember the times when we didn't fear our protectors. Remember the times when our law makers obeyed the laws- Today we are being drawn into a vortex that will spit us out into a new awareness. we can look forward for better times. we may run out of cash but Love will take over. No matter what the intent of the evil ones - humanity will survive - The worse will become better - Family structures will reunite - One day soon Chicago will have the least crime- We must stay hopeful - Don't give up on our government - support the neighborhood school teachers - Clean-up your area - clean-up your minds..No jive weapon formed against us will prosper - All things works for those who work for the kingdom of God!
working works wonders
This work is aimed at the black males of this generation. We are tiring of seeing you dying on the news. We're tired of seeing your underwear and taking you to the undertaker at such an early age. Time for you to get off this page step up to a higher stage re-route your rage stop going to the cage. You need more than alcohol and weed - look around you and see your bothers blood in the streets - Re-examine the rap you love. Investigate the things you admire more than your parents advice. You are not feared you are pitied - Finish school - finish failing at manhood - finish this unproductive ERA. Look in the mirror - you are a mirror-cle oppressed by you.. Wake up maaan! You don't need a job to put in work. Be creative - there are many things in need of repair all around your house and neighborhood. You can apprentice at a auto repair shop, a paint and body shop. LIL BRO LEARN HOW TO CHANGE THE FLUIDS IN YOUR CAR. Can you change your spark plugs or brake pads? Go work on learning these minor repairs - they will save you money. Paint your room - clean the stains from your carpet. An idle mind is not healthy. Go to work- you will attract a job. Don't waste the best part of your youth in non-productivity. Youth is designed for positive activity. You are a work of art so work your art. Go to work lil bro so you wont become the tin man, cowardly lion or scarecrow. You are the Wizard Time for you to work your magic. Step up to the plate - Hit a home run and go buy yourself a home. You are too large for a room - or a cell. Discard your Fear get off your rear shift your Gear time for you to go to a higher level shake off that Lazy Devil. Get off your behind - YOU ARE DIVINE!
Blessings at Dawn's
A wondrous mt enterprise trip to Shreveport full of breeze and bushy trees. We saw some pumkins in lufkin - picked up some knosis in nachadoches. being with family is usually good epecially if you exert an effort. In pre-school I was taught - early to bed early to rise makes one healthy wealthy and wise. When you are young that does not ring the right bell, but when you are mature that can be a cure for most of your interrogations.. Get up with the Dawn; witness the Bizznizz of Mother Nature. She will blow your destiny into a reality. Pick a pond and ponder - wonder is a Divine trail of fairytale. Still waters run deep but the surface enables us to surf the satin seams of dreams lost, stolen and strayed. Be not dismayed the pond is wet with celestial revelations. Let revelations be the beginning of your bible. The pond would have no life or revelation w/out the SUN of GOD at DAWN.
SUSTAINABLE Resolutions for any year
Another new year is here. You have a chance to make up for your phuck up last year. we are individuals affecting pluralities we have seen the crime scenes of our selfishness and we have been given probation. This is our year for restoration. Time to be still and know what The Creator intended for us and evolve to that height. We are primitive and warlike inspite of our technological advvances.. ...So this year We will prove we are thankful to have another chance to diamond-strate we are worthy to be called the Sons and Daughters of the most high. Let's take our new resolutions more seriously. 2016 can be remembered as the year of jubilee. It can be remembered for stepping out on faith and receiving its reward.
This is a tribute to our sister Aretha. Yes, our sister. No matter what color she was a sister to all. Of course, she invested in her community, her ethnicity, but she was universal. Aretha's wide-range of song scenarios were basic to the human experience. Religion, division, Love, hate, gospel, rock, jazz and blues, she was there with her unique flavor. She was all of the spices mixed into a eccentric blend. This description is not about her private life or her close or distant relatives/ only about her impact and presence in the world of entertainment. She can be compared to conscious rappers because she sang about dynamics that touched the heart and stimulated the mind. Aretha used her talent to help finance racial issues in a generous way. The churches, Pastors and community leaders all amen her efforts and monetary contributions. What touched me most was, she was not a big time blabber mouth. She was not up to antics for attention or to sale albums. I also think she was liked because her life situations were similar to ours. Aretha did her thang and I feel the Creator has said well done.
Thanksgiving is open ended never ending. We have holidays during every season for a particular reason. We are satisfied with our holidays. Certain holidays are actually HOLY DAYS. Our calendar cannot represent these days ongoing but in our hearts and in our homes we can always give thanks. We can always give gifts. We should always bring family together. The family is the epicenter of humanity. This unit of kindred should be ever conscious of the role it plays in the dynamics of the Divine. Any time is a good time to give thanks. ANY TIE IS A GOOD TIME TO GIVE GIFTS AND MOST IMPORTANTLY love!
Proactive proverbs - daily bread for the mindset - food for thought These sayings are a form of word engineering. As you read each proverb, you should experience an inner connection to an outer handle. This form of word engineering is similar to an adjustment from a chiropracter but this is all mental. The difference is, this mind adjustment should last far longer. The more you read and interpret, you shall receive a greater inner joy. It's all abouit how you align your mind to the word design. Enjoy these and meander through others. Repeat those sayings you don't quite understand . Send me a text for greater clarity. In the mean time - enjoy the knews. Accept the free adjustment.
this is just another reminder of a few things to remember. there are so many after our minds and attention. We must be valuable because they are after us. The news want our views. The box office is luring us with widescreen subliminals/ you tube has hypnotized us, seth Meyers, jimmy fallon and steve Colbert has magnetized us/ the best sellers list, the club on the corner, the church over there and the bistro on the go and so many more wants our time and mind so remember these quotes and notes as you figure out who you will spend time with
The Bible and most other sacred texts instructed us to ask, seek and knock to gain information/knowledge in order to thrive. Thriving apparently natures way of doing things. We should adapt and adjust to natures way of growth and development and THRIVE. The florist only has plants in view that are flourishing. We are out here on display in the window of existence ordained to thrive. you don't need a hundred million to thrive / you don't even need a million to thrive. Your purpose causes you to thrive. Your divine spiritual intent will promote thriving. Know that you are born to thrive. Be true to you! The creator didn't send you to earth to live a life of hardships. The creator will not over rule your decisions for failure. Search for clarity and understanding embrace them and thrive! BTW / There is a documentary by Foster and Kimberly Gamble entitled THRIVE what on earth... find it view it and THRIVE. Don't subscribe to this channel if you are not ready to THRIVE!!!
new year's resolutions are soon ignored
resolutions are made every year but not kept. This year let's keep our resolutions. Even if you've not made them in a year or so - or never made resolutions- make some this year. You may see this video in spring or summer - fall - it's never too late to make resolutions. This video is special to me because it took almost 3 weeks to complete it. Usually it takes a week - study each slide and find the hidden message. Share this with others. Happy new year. Do the best you can with this year. Resolutions will resolve problems if we keep them.
r  u  a featherweight champion?
thoughts to help refocus on your purpose in life. To level your intent- inspirational insights - self help for inner revival -itz all about all of us discovering our purpose and pursuing it with passion. The world is helped when we help ourselves. Which do you prefer to be - one of a kind or none of a kind? Let's start by being kind... Go the distance - resist resistance - be persistent - stay the course full force - KO! You don't have to strike to knock one out - silence can do it - Poise can do it - Prayer - The greatest bout we will ever have is to K O the enemy within. That's the one that knows all about us - that one knows when we are weak and when we are frustrated. Our advantage is - we know the inner enemy as well as it knows us - We R bigger... There is a twist to this scenario - when you leave the earth - you will be in limbo - you won't be in heaven or hell - you you to be examined by true undertaker - the ones who prepare the body on earth are over-takers. The undertakes are not of this world. When you go under - and you are going...your deeds will be put on a scale and weighed- if your deeds weigh more than a feather - you will go to hell. You better learn how to become a featherweight - it's not too late.
Daily bread is a given provision for those who lift their eyes to the omnipotent celestial radiance. The I am is ever ready to to empower us. We are driven to trust our own judgement until we have a collision with a calamity. The song said bread of heaven feed me till I want no more - but once we partake of this BREAD and digest it, we will always want it. They say you cannot eat a few potato chips or a few oriole cookies w out craving more... when you eat the WORD (daily bread) you will crave the word THAT CRAVING IS LIFE SAVING!
NOTHING TO DESCRIBE - Thanksgiving has not been mentioned in Harris county / it is not the holiday for ghost or store closing promotions. we speak of Halloween for 3 weeks before it comes / we speak of Christmas 4 weeks before it arrives. IT'S THANKSGIVING! Blessings come in all sizes and varieties. Bet you cannot count all your blessings. Many of us don't recognize the outer garments of some blessings. Sometimes a loss of someone or something can be a blessing. Blessings don't always make us happy. I think one of the greatest blessings is the ability to recognize a blessing because so many blessings are disguised. You lost a campaign, you were fired, you are benched, you missed your flight. All of these seemingly mishaps are often blessings. We can only have one Christmas but we can have thanksgiving anytime and at the appointed time. Quality Family time can be healing and restorative. We don't need permission to give thanks. I urge you this thanksgiving to let go of your smallness and explore the all-ness of family, friends, neighbors and the vastness of our universe. There is a universe inside of us and outside of us. This thanksgiving, let us be aware of the totality of ourselves and the reality of our inability to overlook blessings. We are a very disobedient people and we will not be punished bur we will perish from a lack of knowledge. There are 12 days of Christmas from the eve of Christmas all the way to January 6th. So you can experiment with 12 days of Thanksgiving from the 24th of November all the to December 6th. I'm just thankful to be able to deal with Thanksgiving in this manner. Have it your way. One day, 2 days, 5 days / JUST BE THANKFUL! before I close, I want to add this / if your are waiting for the last Thursday in November to initiate or celebrate Thanksgiving, you are spiritually immature. To be Immature is not a sign of hopelessness and not a sin but an indicator that you are in the world and of the world. Keep living! one day Thanksgiving will be your favorite Holy Day and that can be any given day of any given month of any given year. Keep Living! the more you will desire to give thanks of a different source from daily Prayer. THANK YOU!
our use of empowering, healing, caring, and encouraging words is the balm...Let's be aware of the power of the tongue. Pastor Juanita (warn-ita) is a warrior for righteousness and warns us of the importance of reading & remembering scripture. I refer to her as Warn-ita - SHE is a warner & warrior of the Gospels... St. John's downtown is full of encouraging word and inspiring young ministers. They are full of love at St. John's and it ain't nothing you can do about it! If you have never been you've been missing a place to face your fears - dry your tears - be empowered and be washed with the Gospel as it is written...visit and verify...Every Preacher that stands up in Pastors Rudy and Juanita's pulpit is more than able to uplift and enlightened the hearers. There is no arm twisting/ no strong arming at 2019 Crawford. Come as you are . It's a very relaxed atmosphere to hear "We can do all things through Christ who gives us strength. I never shall forget the sermon Preached by Pastor Juanita on "WORDS ARE NOT MERE WORDS." Go back into the archives find it and you will be able to relate to this lil presentation. Be careful with your words!
k t loose cut
Proverbs for what is to be - Quantum Quotes - nude notes Side effects may cause you to discard bad habits- rejoice again I say rejoice - read even if you cannot read - renew your mind with what is real - true - and empowering! Oscar the big fish with a big heart - taking over again - T R N D House - old school with new tools - Don't come to Bammel if you want to Gamble - everything is legit - good food with it.
Imagine a wide winged bird soaring in the air effortlessly. Remember the short stocky wings of birds flapping through the leaves and branches of trees as if the branches were not there. The flight maneuvers of birds are awesome / amazing. Man has made planes , jets, copters and other flying machines that are very impressive but cannot out maneuver those winged creatures. Yes, we can get more speed and more altitude but that bird is not man made and not an invention. How did we accomplish such a feat? We were inspired by the bird and We used our imagination. The fascination of our imagination is often incomprehensible. Where did it come from? Are we so dynamic to invent and make marvels and devices that power our advanced life styles. Are we blessed? Who and what are we that we can accomplish the seemingly impossible? I think imagination is a divine stream that we are blessed to tap into. Instinct is great but instinct did not bite the forbidden fruit or did it? Is our imagination better than wings because we did bite and eat from the tree of good and evil? Leave a comment on that aspect. Hope these slides deposit some courage or energy to nudge you into your purpose. Once you discover your purpose, your energy source is sustainable / you will never get real tired you will always be wired. the boundaries of purpose is still uncharted territory but we have discovered that those who find their purpose emit and radiate photons that seek to subdue another one just like you. Animals are not created in the image and likeness of our Creator. I have not seen a bird, reptilian, dragon, canine, insect or arachnid BIBLE. If there is such a writing MAN did it. All I witness is man's inappropriate use of his DOMINION. Leave an opinion/comment. I will come back to this later.
This upload is a finger pointing IN THE direction of "Your Mother" Nature. Most of her children are not aware of her nurturing, healing, calming and regenerative attributes. Mother Natures is more than a park, forest, lake, river, ocean or mountain side. Mother Nature is everything man did not create. Every thang! Being out there with her in any aspect of her splendor, is a glorious experience. if nature does not make you feel better - go bury yourself! Mother nature always award us with a paradigm shift. Yes we do need a shift to receive the GIFT that creator gave us before we are born. We overlook the blessings of nature /the blessings in nature because our heads are bowed, not in prayer, but in being absorbed in the spell of a hand held device. We are bowing our heads to an android or robot. When your head is bowed the fluids in the ear causes a shift in your perception sending you in the wrong direction. When we bow to a device We are more open to low frequencies. We are bow wowing to the wrong entity. We have a prayer posture but with a man made device. There is a way that seems right to mankind but the end thereof is destruction. Bow to your mother Nature!- No matter what your ethnicity you are a nigger if you are ruled by your cell phone. Cell phone locks you in an invisible jail cell. The wifi bars infuse you with radiation that does not cure cancer but little by little give you a form of cancer. Do your homework Nigz. Is nigz a little better? Go tell yo momma to walk with you in the park and absorb the vibranium of Mother Nature. It"s not only in Wakanda: Vibranium is the breath of Mother Nature. The Breath of Life. Take deep inhalations; receive that aroma therapy and the electrical prana. You niggers will stop wasting billions to build walls to separate humanity. Mother Nature is the Mother of us all. Her SUN shines on us all - the precipitations stimulate all us simultaneously. If we all go out and walk and talk and listen to our Mother Nature the world will be a much better place for Man and mankind. Investigate our Mother nature and receive the Gift of a paradigm Shift.
Phil's & Derek  Russo Kyle vernon Daryl J Johnson
Quantum Quotes -old school suggestions- think on these sayings - the mind needs more food than the body- Feed your mind a variety of wholesome thoughts and facts- thoughtful scenarios help bring balance and oneness...peace and clarity -Thanks to Kyle Turner - Jolando Johnson - Daryl Lavigne - Vernon Daniels for being first to let me use their music as a backdrop for my you-nique Quotes -Frank McComb for sharing his Tribute to the Masters & reference to Absolute Benson - Althea Renee and Mike Ward @ Phil & Dereks - Thanks- Thank you LeTriel White for sharing Painted Band @ the Phoenician Bar/Grill - Robert Glasper for laying out the Canvas for my experiment - Joe Carmoushe & Joe Sample Grand ol Oprey Galveston - Kory Stoot @ the D Bar - Thank you- Bob James - remember - the sky Bar - writing is my passion and I'll be using your music more - Life is a melody that needs to be expressed...
Angel Crust
New world proverbs. Introspective insights. -there is an angel & devil within the one we think of or give in to wins - take the high road is what Tricia says.. Irma jeans says my my my - Lord have mercy! Accept your help - be still & know...
the rocks are crying out
Our youth are faced with many challenges at an early age. First of all, they are floating or drowning in an ocean of information. Their minds are not mature enough to absorb, assimilate and digest the terabytes of information. Try explaining global warming, gun control or foreign to your 4 year old. Also our youth are bombarded with programming designed to sell cereal, toys, clothes, gadgets and usually the cartoon characters are hostile, aggressive, profane & usually disrespectful. Some programs for children are okay but they are still programs designed to program... I was an adult before I witnessed porn. we all know these new babies are exposed before four. Sex, violence, nudity, gangster rappers, and Gangsters period are laying siege to the minds of our youth. If you are not tuff you better fake. The youth see the growing numbers of homeless in our inner cities and hear us complain about Police brutality usually resulting in youth fatality. The youth hear us dialoguing in depth about our President and the Policies that are causing so much turmoil and many threats to others and we, the people who should be represented with respect. They bear witness to the destruction of families stemming from unemployment and addictions. our youth are being overwhelmed by this and more while often being bullies at school. This is a poisonous cocktail to drink after eating the poor quality fast junk foods. Not only are our youth in trouble so are we. What are we going to do? Families that Pray together stay together. Families that sing together will be in harmony. Families that work together make things work out. Each family member deserves support. Divine GPS will navigate us out of the dead ends, road blocks and pot holes that interfere with our journeys to purpose driven goals. Many sites surround us that are under destruction but we must stay focused and stay under construction. Only the strong are going to survive the formation of this new world disorder. Remember the CREATOR in the morning, noon, evening and night. Fight for your right to thrive and stay alive. Guard your GOD. Establish loyalty to your Royalty. We are from a Royal priesthood. Our standard equipment is we are more than conquerors. We are fearfully and wonderfully made. We have atomic power in our cells / we are celestial here to build a kingdom for the terrestrial. We must be saved before we can save our youth. We must protect ourselves from our lower proclivities before we can protect our youth. We cannot eat and drink deviled foods and expect to do the work of GUARDIAN ANGELS. The Presidency is impermanent and so are these eye sores of society. Family loyalty, community unity, strategic outreach, will win. Establish loyalty to your royalty! Stay in touch with nature in all aspects. There is so much more to life than Luxury.
Childish Gambino is Sirius! By Don Williams
There is nothing childish about the video "This is America." This video is a finger pointing at the process of decaying evolution on our modern lifestyle in America and all over... Donald Glover and his group made a gumbo soup out of everyday happenings. "This is America" video inspired me with its strata of Revelation 6:8 data concerning end times. I am in my 60s I've been hearing about "end times" since I was very young. This video is not discussing but portraying aspects of "end times." You, as a viewer, are supposed to sift through the slides and gather the evidence that should create a repentance mode in you. Our lifestyles are governed by forces and factors beyond our grasp. Yes, I know this is not a good description of what I did with my inspiration or intention. Notice the half mast flag. I think our flag should fly half mast ongoing to admit our guilt and partial responsibility for ALL those that have been murdered during our watch / because that is all we have been doing is (watching.) We are a bunch of "coward ass watchers." We are (watching) the Pale white horse ride through our community killing with impunity and we refuse to establish unity. The video is a blatant reminder of how far we are off course. It seems we are befriending the enemies of life. We are created to have dominion over this earth and it seems we have given up. It appears we are settling for less than our Creator intended for us.
This is a tribute to a young man from Eritrea to Los Angeles, California. Nipsey HUSSELED and became a businessman, producer, promoter, writer, real estate developer and recording Artist. Being from the hood, most will do hood things and develop hood attitudes. This young man was an exception because although he was in it he began to climb out of that barrel. We give him big ups for proving to other brothers that this is feasible/do-able. Yes he did use speedy lyrics and racy videos but sex and violence sells and is in Demand. I hope and pray that all of the mourners go back to their neighborhoods and continue to clean-up and make over the vacant/abandoned properties. I encourage those who will ride for Nipsey to ride with integrity and maturity. If you have a desire to spray/ spray a beautiful coat of paint on your house. Drive by an eyesore and violently pick up that trash or contact the agency designed to do it. If you feel like punching punch some holes in your yard a plant flowers and shrubs. If you feel like shooting - shoot for higher education and higher frequency vibrations. If this offends you, re-read it please. A nation that vibes together will thrive together. There are other great examples from all ethnicities but it's Nipsey's time. We want living Legacies as well. ASE! AMEN. AMEN RA. HOTEP. +++copyright disclaimer under section 107 of the copyright act of 1976 allowance for fair use for purposes such as comment, news reporting, teaching, educating and research. Thank you.
Black history is a mystery. There are many loose ends to be tied together. The roots of black history are far reaching - perhaps overlapping and grasping the red clay and first light. One day soon we're going to discover how deep the rabbit hole goes. The Mesopotamia, Egypt, Niles Valley, Shang, and Andes continue to appear as the earliest civilizations. The definition of civilization immediately wipes out so many groups of people. Civilization refers to a complex group of people living together with agriculture,, cultural activities, economic exchanges and a hub of order. The oldest or first civilization does not make a people superior or does it? We all know that Black History did not begin with slavery. We all know that the SLAVERS did not go and kidnap some slaves. The people they kidnapped were living in social groups with structure , culture, rituals, art, healers as well as warriors and Elders. There were builders and structure. So much for that. In theater, there is a play called WICKED. Wicked shows you the prerequisite to the wizard of OZ. It shows how the lion became cowardly. It showed why the witch was so wicked and the true significance of the shoes/slippers. BLACK HISTORY NEEDS A "WICKED" to reveal the happenings before slavery. What a mighty screenplay it will be to see the splendor and wonder of the beautiful magnificent Dark colored people living in peace, harmony and love before they became contaminated by a devilish, ruthless, murdering, cruel, severe, cold-blooded, harsh, ferocious, brutal people as the slavers were. CAN YOU IMAGINE THE EFFECTS of that type of severity inflicted on you out of nowhere. CAN YOU IMAGINE being raided by a mob group of thugs while you are outside picking vegies from your garden or hanging clothes out to dry or making pottery and out of the BUSH a ferocious enemy swoops you up and chain you to the bottom of a ship and takes you across the ocean where everything you see is unfamiliar. LORD HAVE MERCY! These very people are perhaps too loving - their loving peaceful nature is still afflicting them as they march, hold hands, sing, and dance in under wear to pick up spare change. They dare to change as they aggressively hustle for spare change. WE HAVE COME FROM A MIGHTY LONG WAY. IT IS PERPLEXING when a free person continues to ask, knock, and seek freedom. You don't want freedom!!! You desire to receive love from a monster without a heart. GAME FISH LOVE TO EAT SHRIMP.
stargate to stardom
All of us are starring in our own movie reality. I am told we are made from stardust. A stargate is a portal that connects multi-dimensional environs. Your dreams are like portals but your fears keep you grounded in base reality. So you are given a starring role to live. You should not be role playing. Existence is a Sirius setting. The above slides are engineered to make you look at the role you are playing instead of living. Live your role. Don't play your role. Each saying is designed fuel insight. - Investigate the hidden messages within all common sayings - Be still and know how blessed you are ,U R A Star! in-spite of all your problems - Focus your attention and intention. see the starlight at the tunnels end - Re-examine your Divine directives. The fabulous flute that seasons each slide is Althea Rene'. She is the ultimate soul Jazz Flutist. If you've seen her perform you already know but if you have not, Find her Purchase her products Go witness her performance - WWW.ReverbNation.com or WWW.facebook.com/AltheaReneFanClub. You are a star - shine - True stardom does not come from celebrity it comes from the celestial because you are letting your light SHINE!
development of devilment
CONCECNTRATE/FOCUS on the TRUTH OF OUR CREATOR more than the LIES OF THE DEVIL. Repeated phrases are soon picked up and carried by the masses. I don't really know how good of a liar the devil is but i do know that those who have lied to me were neighbors, family, co-workers, friends and associates. The fore-mentioned are not Devils but they lied aand continue to lie.... Don't get itn twisted, THE DEVIL IS CHARGED WITH MASTERY IN DECEIT but we are euipped to defeat this so-caclled evil one. I'm just saying, we are some very good liars. Time for us to face reality and stop lying like the author of lies! I bet you lied today and yesterday and you will lie tomorrow. Lies are spoken anad umspoken - not keeping your word is a acruel form of lying. I forgot or things came up does not fix those lies. Just think, when you formulate your lie, you are a master deceivever. when you take days and practice your lie or call a friend to help you lie you already know - YOU ARE IN NEED OF PRAYER AND CHANGE AND YOU CAN BE RID OF YOUR DEVILISH WAYS, tELL THE TRUTH ABOUT YOU AND YOU WONT HAVE TO LIE ON THE DEVIL!
Judge Geya establishes law & order
Introspective insights - Proverbs for the common people and inspiring thoughts - the keys to open the doors of your deeper self - quotes and insights designed to open doors to the spiritual self - we were spirits b4 we were born!
Dr. M.L.K. - hidden facts
Dr. Martin Luther King sacrificed his life to abolish racism and prejudices against all people. His non-violent approach increased the luminosity of inequality. This Man knew the price he would pay, but he was led by a higher power to do a greater good for humanity- if the dream materializes societies will become balanced There can be brotherhood in the neighborhood.there are many unforgettable dreamers that left us many conceptual suggestions - we should re-evaluate what has been left behind. This King could have been the king of diamonds for his brilliance - the king of clubs because he struck America with a non-violent club - king of hearts because he won hearts of all ethnicities --and during that time we were called worse names than spades. King of Kings have already been taken - MLK - his kindom still exists in his absence
we usually take love for granted. We have forgotten about the love the creator planted in our souls. We are so busy with the world of doings- we miss what our Creator is doing to enhance our advance on the new chance. Love is stonger than pride is what i heard mt sister s SADE say - Love conquers all is what the Bible says - Love is a marvelous launch - love will give you a haunch - who knows the role of love in its totality and how it works in reality - those who respect any notion of love will receive an ocean of love from the cosmos!!!!!
Purpose Driven Personalities
Soap operas, mini series, reality TV shows are rooted in Bible stories. Those Bible stories are filled with human dynamics that can be applied to everyday living and help us overcome so many obstacles. Now, we already know this but we have a proclivity to overlook givens. All of the characters in the Bible are our cousins. Cuz we sin alike. (Cuz-sin} Their life stories are there to save us - Our salvation depends on how well we can understand the past and translate it to enjoy a fulfilled future. Re-examine those characters and add to your character. Do you understand Cuz sin?