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The adventures in graal europea (the new graal server) part1
this is a small intro of graal europea. it has the best original graphics you will ever see. This video just shows that we exist
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Graal classic iphone secrets: "Zorbi" river revealed!!!
me and a guild ally were looking for a way to enter the "palace" till we stumbled upon a guy who reminded us about the second server glitch that is also used to get to the bottom right corner oft he castle fort enjoy.
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Graal the secret of the burger joint Trailer
Just a normal day in the graal burger joint, business as usual..and killing noobs to process food!!!
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Created with Animation Creator for iPhone and iPod Touch!
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Graal: zaero gets high on "rr"
Zaero has been suffering from so much stress that he gets a "pick me up" from a stranger and gets stoned, little that he knows its more than just a small drug. SONGS: Young buck- puff puff pass Cypress hill- Roll it up, light it up, smoke it up Snoop dogg ft. Dr. Dre- The Next Episode Master P- Pass me da green
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zaero explains the best and worst about graal iphone:era
MERRY CHRISTMAS FKERS Z.T.D explains why era is good (short vid) but I will show taunts and dances classic video coming soon I DO NOT OWN ANYTHING IN THIS VIDEO COPYRIGHT N STUFF I ONLY OWN MY IPOD...i got the craked version of era :3
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Hilarious graal pk montage 2!!!
my friend gave me this idea to make a pk orgy but with the benny hill song, not as good but enjoy :D
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How to get the shovel in graal classic iphone
the title says it all and can you guess the name of the song?
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The adventures in Graal Europa 9the new graal server) part2
today were checking out the graphics to this game they're the best ones you will see in graal. Europa will be a rpg style server like zodiac but better to check out europa you need: graal pc for mac windows or linux. next in the server select, search "europa" on server name box and check out this sexy ass server I DO NOT OWN THE COPYRIGHT TO THIS SEXY ASS SONG
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Graal pk montage: the 300 spartans minus 288
this is a 300 inspired montage that I made with my wingman "Diet Coca Cola" enjoy :)
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this will give you a food fetish....
No description fetish food sexy brad pitt "Brad Pitt (Actor)" 2girls1cup
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Graal: epic houses!!! Part 1
I am starting a new series where i show off awesome guild houses. There is also a message from Link
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Hilarious graal pk attack circus montage
lmfao so i was playing graal and stumbled upon a pk orgy!!!
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Graal classic facebook montage
i am owning graalians in this pk montage i made using the song The Trooper-Iron Madien
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