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Overlooked Gaming Tips: Setup, Posture & Comfort || PC
An in depth analysis of some overlooked tips that gamers should take more seriously to improve their performance and health. Your setup, your chair, your desk and everything included should be considered when taking gaming , streaming or content creation to the next level. 1st Song - Olmos - Hold Me | Majestic Color https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vf_S0-V6wTE 2nd track - bonjr - TBH | Majestic Color https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pi-8b4IclvA&list=PLGznEl712WekDoVkJ7KHElMXpbltvjXYJ&index=2 http://smarturl.it/bonjr-tbh
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PUBG: Advanced Squad Tactics PT. 1 | 3 Quick Tips | PC/XBOX
These are 3 in depth advanced tips on playing as a squad and becoming a more cohesive unit working towards that chicken dinner. PUBG is based around realism and many military tactics and combat techniques can be used to get an edge on your opponents.
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Rainbow 6: Siege - Console - Xbox/PS4 to PC Beginners Guide & Tips
This is a beginner guide to help you make the switch from console to PC based on my own personal experience and inexperience making the transition myself. I don't claim to be an expert or pro, just a passionate gamer who does his homework and loves to spread knowledge to help others.
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PUBG: Tips, Tactics & Pro Player Analysis Pt. 5 Aim/Shooting Ft. Shroud & TSM Viss (Xbox/PC)
Part 5 of a fundamental guide where I go through many elements and tactics to improve your gameplay. I break down and analyze myself as well as pro players such as Shroud, Chappie and Viss and showcase what makes them truly next-level and what a player looking to get better can learn from them to adapt to their own gameplay. This video talks about the aim and shooting mechanics of PUBG and how to better understand and improve your shooting capabilities. Featuring Shroud and TSM Viss. www.twitch.tv/watts24fps instagram @watts24fps twitter @watts24fps
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PUBG: 6 Quick Gameplay Tips That Pro/Top Ranked Players/Streamers Use
These are 6 quick tips I've come across from analyzing pro players and top ranked players/streamers that will benefit your gameplay. This will demonstrate what separates them and the advanced moves they utilize. www.twitch.tv/watts24fps IG @watts24fps Twitter @watts24fps
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PUBG: Advanced Leaning Tips & Tricks Ft. Shroud, TSM, etc | Pro Movement & Skill
This is all about the jiggles and the jukes utilizing the lean mechanic. I show how I place my fingers on the keyboard and how others do as well using the Q and E keys which I highly recommend. I showcase some clips from Shroud and other pro PUBG players who use the lean to their advantage. www.twitch.tv/watts24fps twitter @watts24fps IG @watts24fps
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PUBG: Tips, Tactics & Pro Player Analysis Pt. 4 Flanking Ft. Shroud, Chappie & Viss  (Xbox/PC)
Part 4 of a fundamental guide where I go through many elements and tactics to improve your gameplay. I break down and analyze myself as well as pro players such as Shroud, Chappie and Viss and showcase what makes them truly next-level and what a player looking to get better can learn from them to adapt to their own gameplay. This video talks about flanking and re-positioning once you're in combat to turn the tide of battle in your favor. Featuring Shroud, Cloud 9 Chappie (Pro Player) TSM Viss (Pro Player)
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Escape From Tarkov - A Documentary
A short film/Documentary created with in game footage of Escape From Tarkov. This documentary was made with footage provided by an unknown source. A USEC operator who recently fled from a city called Tarkov, in the northeast region of Norvinsk, wanting to put a spotlight on the corrupt corporations that hired him agreed to an interview, detailing his intense experiences. Writer/Director - Brad Watts Actor - Brad Watts Editor - Brad Watts Sound Recording - Brad Watts/Juan Ortiz Sound Design - Brad Watts Colorist - Tom Tsintzas Camera Operator - Juan Ortiz All sound effects are from the game Escape From Tarkov. www.twitch.tv/watts24fps Socials - Watts24fps Please sub and comment below, let me know what you think! Appreciate your time and welcome any constructive criticism :)
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Apex Legends: FOV (Field of View) & Mouse Sensitivity/Aiming Tips
Anybody coming from other games like Overwatch or Destiny are going to have some adjustments to make so their aim feels comfortable and they are able to see enemies with the difference in FOV (field of view). My vision isn't the greatest and the amount of muzzle flashes and fast movements make it hard to track people. I chose to lower my FOV to help and try to dial in my sensitivity. See what works best for you. Links to sites for FOV/Sensitivity configs https://jscalc.io/calc/Q1gf45VCY4tmm2dq https://casualhacks.net/Source-FOV-calculator.html https://jscalc.io/calc/ugnBLorgk9Dk1zZ4 Socials @ watts24fps www.twitch.tv/watts24fps
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PUBG: Tips, Tactics & Pro Player Analysis Pt. II: Movement ft. Shroud,  Chappie & Viss  (Xbox/PC)
Part 2 of a fundamental guide where I go through many elements and tactics to improve your gameplay. I break down and analyze myself as well as pro players such as Shroud, Chappie, Viss and and showcase what makes them truly next-level and what a player looking to get better can learn from them to adapt to their own gameplay. This video features the concept of movement such as leaning, crouching, strafing, jumping and proning to effectively out maneuver and outplay your opponents and showcase what a top tier player does in combat. Featuring popular streamers and pro players Chappie (Cloud 9 PUBG Pro), Shroud (Cloud 9), and TSM Viss (TSM Pubg Pro Player)
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PUBG: Getting An Edge on Your Competition | Nvidia GEFORCE Freestyle Filter | New RESHADE!
If filter doesn’t work: Perform driver reinstall and clean install by clicking on custom install then check box at the bottom. Make sure experimental features are turned on in GeForce experience. FOR NVIDIA GPU USERS: By using these settings it will alleviate some of your forced post-processing done by bluehole and help increase visibility. It's mostly preference on how much you want to apply but these are what I use.
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PUBG: M16 AR GUIDE & Understanding It's SKILL GAP/Best Attachments | PC/XBOX
An in depth short guide on the M16 Assault Rifle. I discuss what attachments work best, how I shoot and aim with it and what works best for me. I analyzed pro players and top ranked players to see how they utilize this weapon and share my knowledge. I also talk about the skill gap and how to take full advantage of the M16.
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PUBG: Tips, Tactics & Pro Player Analysis Pt. 3 Choosing Your Battles Ft. Cloud 9 Chappie (Xbox/PC)
Part 3 of an fundamental guide where I go through many elements and tactics to improve your gameplay. I break down and analyze myself as well as pro players such as Shroud, Chappie and Viss and showcase what makes them truly next-level and what a player looking to get better can learn from them to adapt to their own gameplay. This video talks about choosing your battles and when to fight or flight. Understanding game sense and decision making and learning to be patient. Featuring Cloud 9 Chappie (Pro Player)
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PUBG: 6 MORE Quick Gameplay Tips That Pro/Top Ranked Players/Streamers Use
These are 6 more quick tips I've come across from analyzing pro players and top ranked players/streamers that will benefit your gameplay. This will demonstrate what separates them and the advanced moves they utilize.
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PUBG: Tips & Tactics Pt. 6: Weapon Choices/Meta - AR Guide and ANALYSIS/IRL GUNS (PC/XBOX)
An in depth analysis talking about the best weapons in PUBG after the 1.0 patch and what has become the meta you want to use in the end game. Comparisons to the real life counterparts and cinematic footage meshed together in a weapon guide. Video clips featuring Shroud and TSM break.
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PUBG: Advanced Replay Tutorial & Ultimate Film Guide & Techniques//Tips From A Filmmaker!
This is a more in depth guide on the replay mode in PUBG as well as some basic tips from a filmmaking point of view to improve your cinematic creations utilizing the replay mode. Although guides and tutorials have been made already, this one takes things a step further and goes into the details. This will really help those aspiring creatives who don't know where to start or have an idea on basic filmmaking techniques I utilize as I make films and content for companies like Reebok, Cellucor, St Joes University, etc. My passion is film first and PUBG allows me to make films while playing, so what's better?! Love this game...although sometimes I hate it... Music courtesy of art-list.io
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PUBG: HOW TO BAIT Like a PRO | MASTERING THE BAIT w/ Gameplay on Liquid Ibiza | PC/XBOX Tips
PUBG revolves a lot around game sense and making decisions to out play your opponent. Baiting them is the simplest way to gain an upper hand in battle. Become a Master Baiter LUL and learn from one of the best, Liquid Ibiza as he lures his prey into his spray.
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PUBG: Tips, Tactics & Pro Player Analysis Pt. 1 - Chuting & Looting Ft. Shroud (Xbox & PC)
Part 1 of a fundamental guide where I go through many elements, tips and tactics to improve your gameplay. I break down and analyze myself as well as pro players such as Shroud, Chappie, Viss and and showcase what makes them truly next-level and what a player looking to get better can learn from them to adapt to their own gameplay. This video highlights parachuting, the beginning of the game and looting to get the upper hand and get you off to a good start towards that chicken dinner. Featuring famous twitch streamer Shroud (Cloud 9) Check out my twitch channel @ www.twitch.tv/watts24fps where I usually stream PUBG IG: watts24ps Twitter: Watts24fps [email protected] company - www.reddpenmedia.com
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PUBG SHORT FILM: "GONE" An Emotional Journey In The Battlegrounds. A story of LOVE, LOSS & RNG
A STORY OF LOVE, LOSS & RNG: A short film about a team leader who reminisces on his relationship with the woman he loves and how they survived in a dangerous, cruel battleground that is played as a game of survival. A cinematic emotional journey created in the PUBG replay mode utilizing Nvidia Freestyle color and depth of field filters. Pans and movement done with an xbox one controller. My PUBG version of "The Room", Oh, Hi Mark!" LUL don't take it too serious, especially the ending. The good guys don't always win and you never know what to expect in such a cruel world like Battlegrounds. Watch for those red zones guys! www.twitch.tv/watts24fps follow me on twitter @watts24fps Instagram @watts24fps
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Budget Gun Builds Pt. 1 Vepr 136 7.62x39mm
First video premiering new Tarkov intro! A gun build on the Vepr 136 Semi auto akm variant that will cost you less then 18k roubles and give you a worthy weapon capable of taking down some geared players with a little precision and patience. These are my opinions and my build that kept costs very very low. This isn't a "best" build or "meta" build. I claim no responsibility for your lack of aim or potato PC LUL. Catch me live on twitch - www.twitch.tv/watts24fps Socials - Watts24fps
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PUBG: SCAR-L GUIDE | Weapon SKILL GAPS & Understanding | PC/XBOX
Each weapon is not created equal in PUBG. I believe we must learn how to use each weapon and know what attachments work best for our play style and master the recoil control and firing techniques. STEP 1. Choosing attachments based on play style. STEP 2: Learning how to control weapon in spray and tap fire mode with and without attachments. STEP 3: Using preferred kit and attachments to practice and master advanced shooting techniques and 4x/8x spray and fast tap destruction to outgun your opponents. Featuring footage from Liquid Ibiza, TSM Viss, Shroud and Drassel utilizing the Scar to it's full potential.
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PUBG: M416 In Depth Analysis/Real life AR Comparison (Xbox/PC)
A more in depth analysis on the M416 found in game and information on it's real life counterpart the H&K 416.
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WHO is Dr. Disrespect? | Why Do People Love Him? | Twitch Streamer Analysis |
My analysis on what makes Dr. Disrespect so captivating and how he came from just a gaming hobbyist to an internet icon. The man behind the character, his history and what makes him appeal to so many. www.twitch.tv/drdisrespect www.twitch.tv/watts24fps
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Review: Blackmagic Ursa Mini Pro 4.6k | A Year Later + A LOT of Projects! | is It Worth it?!
Been using this gem for several client projects and personal films/content over a year and i can say I'm quite impressed. +++ Great colors, dynamic range in LOG (13.5 stops realistically), good ergonomics and build quality. Cheap $5k-$7k. RAW/pro res internal. SDI input's, pro in/out. 60 FPS +. Comes with Davinci Resolve. - - - Rolling shutter, not Global, which isn't a big issue btw, motion cadence is quite nice. 16:9 sensor compared to a 4:3 on something like an Alexa so true anamorphic without resolution loss isn't an option. Highlight rolloff not as smooth and requires more grading. Low light capabilities lacking but not terrible. Must expose well at 1600 ISO to avoid FPN. Poor built in monitor clarity and color. Worth it?! YES. Nothing comes close or beats it until you get to the top tier cameras that cost $50k+. Socials @watts24fps Twitch @watts24fps www.reddpenmedia.com
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PUBG: M416 AR GUIDE & Understanding It's SKILL GAP, Shooting technique & ATTACHMENTS | PC
This is a quick guide on the best spawn AR in the game, the M416 (HK 416) and how to take full advantage of it by knowing which attachments work best and how this gun is more capable then others. Practicing it's spray and fast tapping with longer range scopes can give you a huge advantage but understanding what will make it easier to accomplish is part of the skill gap besides the actual shooting technique.
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PUBG: Analyzing Weapons Data & REALISM | Bullet Velocity & RATE of FIRE of Assault Rifles
After finding the raw date of weapons and doing some calculations, research and analysis I've discovered the true rate of fire and accurate initial bullet velocity of each gun in PUBG. This video showcases the Assault Rifles Take a look for yourself here.http://battlegrounds.party/weapons/raw/
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PUBG: Lady Of Miramar (Short Film) Replay Mode Cinematic Movie
A themed music video style short film about a bad ass hot video game lady running around Miramar killing and dealing destruction. Mostly highlights from PUBG matches that were captured with shadowplay. Some were prepared and I just went in solo games and walked around or make certain movements which i wrote down. Adobe Premiere Pro used to edit. A lot of clips we're captured in 25x speed and sped up/slowed down in post. Music: Colors & Carousels - Knowledge (Instrumental) from art-list.io Social Media @watts24fps www.twitch.tv/watts24fps
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Mousepads: Do They Matter? Find What Works BEST for YOU
So many mouse pads out there what do you choose? So many cloth pads that are similar in texture and friction. At the end of the day it's really preference and what you like the best. In my opinion, lighter mice work better with slightly slower pads. Muscle memory matters of course and you will get used to anything but is that the best you can get? Doesn't hurt to experiment and see what you like. Of course your budget will play a factor and this video will help you nail down what pad you may want to purchase next. twitch.tv/watts24fps socials @watts24fps www.reddpenmedia.com
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Apex Legends: Mobility & Movement Tips
An analysis from the time I've put in and the research I've done on what helps improve your gameplay by utilizing movement and mobility to get an advantage over other players. These tips focus solely on movement. twitch.tv/watts24fps Socials @watts24fps
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Destiny 2: Arc Strider Hunter PVP Guide, Tips & Tricks
This is a quick in depth guide on how to make the most out of your Arc Strider Hunter in PVP and be able to at least somewhat compete against those pesky voidwalkers. This is PC footage btw.
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Escape From Tarkov: The Labs Experience
Just a taste of what labs is like. A cool cinematic tour of the map and some highlights of insane, intense moments and some funny clips of me raging of course. Socials @watts24fps twitch.tv/watts24fps Thanks for watching! Please subscribe if you like!
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PUBG vs Fortnite: Analyzing The Skill Gaps & Gameplay
A video about the comparisons of the most popular battle royale games, Fortnite & PUBG and how they have different skill gaps and skill ceilings and how they appeal to different player bases. There is nothing wrong with enjoying and playing both games though!
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PUBG: DUO FPP Final Circle Analysis | Miramar | Chicken Dinner Breakdown & Tips | PC/XBOX
Here I analyze what I did to get the chicken dinner in the final 2v2 gun fight in a small desolate town. An exciting finish and epic battle that almost ended in tragedy and loss. Cinematic clips created with Nvidia photo filter DOF. Shadowplay to record. Settings on ULTRA for replay. www.twitch.tv/watts24fps Social Media | @Watts24fps
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PUBG: My GRAPHICS settings AFTER 1.0 | Comparisons and Analysis | PC
Just a quick video showcasing what graphics settings I run on my PC and what I choose to run to get better FPS with my setup. PC Specs: Intel I7 7700k 4.5ghz, MSI GTX 1070 OC, 16GB DDR4 RAM, 250GB SSD twitch.tv/watts24fps twitter @watts24fps IG @watts24fps Facebook.com/watts23.976
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PUBG: 15 Things That I Think Would Improve The Gameplay Experience | PC/Xbox
My opinion on what can improve the gameplay experience and what could really make this game have crazy longevity. As the most popular game in the world right now, can it stay on top? We need more content and fixes faster and these are some that I think could elevate the gameplay and add variety, incentive, innovation and overall fun. www.twitch.tv/watts24fps IG @ Watts24fps [email protected] watts24fps www.reddpenmedia.com
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Escape From Tarkov: Shoreline Massacre/Stream Highlights
Had a really good day in Tarkov and was able to actually kill other players with no issues. MP7 is a beast! Shoreline is great for end game during peak hours. Love the CQB fights at resort.
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PUBG: Is It TRULY an ESPORT? My Opinion on PUBG and Battle Royale's as COMPETITIVE Games | PC
Although Battle Royale games and PUBG relies a lot on RNG and luck, the competitive scene has figured out a way to make it much more balanced and intense. Many will disagree that PUBG is NOT an Esport but here's my take on why it can be and why I think it is right now. The real question is, do you think it will stick around? Featuring footage from IEM Katowice, Starladder Series and IEM Oakland, Shroud and my own gameplay. www.twitch.tv/watts24fps Social media @watts24fps Please subscribe if you haven't! Thank you guys for watching! :)
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Escape From Tarkov: Cinematic Map Showcase
A video showcasing the maps and vast landscapes in Escape From Tarkov. An appreciation to the map designers and art team. Utilizing in game free look and offline mode to simulate cinematic movements like a dolly move. www.twitch.tv/watts24fps Socials @ watts24fps
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PUBG: Scene Breakdown 1: WTF!? Vehicle Moment & Sad Ending to a Good Game.
Was having a great game with all level 3 armor, only 20 alive, great positioning when I was cruising across the map and didn't notice a bus parked up a dirt road. I jumped a little ramp and "in this moment I knew I fu$ked up"...and this happened....a dramatic showcase of Bluehole's physics and vehicle destruction that makes no sense. www.twitch.tv/watts24fps instagram: watts24fps twitter @watts24fps
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Escape From Tarkov: Why Is the game So Addicting?
Although the game is a beta and many people don't seem to realize this, they grind it and "test" it. It has many flaws and bugs but despite these, the game is insanely fun and addicting once you begin to grasp the concept and do some researcht o understand the vast complexities. These are the top 3 reasons why I think EFT is so addicting and stands out among other shooters and MMO/RPG type games. Clips gathered from streamers: twitch.tv/summit1g twitch.tv/mrgrimmmz twitch.tv/klean twitch.tv/watts24fps
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Apex Legends: The Kraber .50 is INSANE
First time using it.Kraber .50 cal and Wingman. Not really a sniper but only missed 2 shots with it! Maybe I should start picking it up. Ended with 11 kills and a lot of action packed battles. @watts24fps Social media Twitch.tv/watts24fps
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Filmmaking: Highlights of Work/The Past 10 Years
Going in depth on some of the work i've done. Basically the who and what in a short video. What I have accomplished as an indie filmmaker and self employed creative. You can see more work in the links below. Feel free to hit me up! www.vimeo.com/reddpenmedia www.reddpenmedia.com Socials @watts24fps contact: Personal Email: [email protected] Business email: [email protected]
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PUBG: Your Interactive Movie/Storytelling, Creativity, Replay Mode, (PC/Xbox) Cinema Battle Royale!
In this video I go in depth on the comparisons PUBG makes to a movie, primarily Battle Royale movies and what inspired the game. The structure of film, screenplays and the way the game is similar. Now with the replay feature we can truly create films and tell stories. The world of creativity and immersion is truly open. Stay tuned until the end for a cool little surprise for you filmmaking fanatics out there! Video features Twitch streamer Shroud in one clip as an example of action packed gameplay.
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Escape From Tarkov: Dorms Massacre/Scav Boss Battle
While i was streaming i had an epic battle at the 3 story dorms where me and my teammates took out the scav boss and his henchmen and were surrounded by other players and player scavs. My teammates were eliminated and I was trapped inside trying to scavange as much loot as I could and in the midst stacked up a bunch of frags and XP! So intense and so fun.
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Escape From Tarkov: Inventory Management Tips (Standard Edition)
Managing a standard edition inventory isn't an easy task. Especially if you like to collect and horde quest items. These are some quick tips that I found helpful among my climb to maxing out traders and finishing tasks.
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Tarkov Intro/Montage
A stylistic edit of an intro/montage created for my videos and stream introduction.
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Escape From Tarkov: Impressions/Map Knowledge - Beginner Tips!
I've been grinding Tarkov lately and my first task while starting to play was to learn the maps. This can be quite challenging with a hard learning curve when you start because of the hardcore realism aspect. This video is more of an explanation of what helped me when I began learning the maps with no assistance.
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PUBG: NEW 4x4km MAP TOUR. Gameplay & Impressions | CODENAME: SAVAGE | PC
My thoughts on the new map and some cinematic shots utilizing the replay mode in the test server showcasing how awesome it is! I have a feeling this is going to be a fan favorite. It's the perfect size for combat and intensity and a nice break from the mundane larger maps. www.twitch.tv/watts24fps Twitter @watts24fps
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PUBG: COMPARING IN GAME Gun Fire Sound FX to IRL Counterpart | M416\HK 416 FULL AUTO
Just a quick video where I compare the real life sound of an HK 416 being fired on mostly full auto to Bluehole's PUBG M416 version. I think they are pretty close besides the slower rate of fire or at least the implied sound of slower rate of fire. PUBG strives to create realism in every sense and sound FX are no exception. www.twitch.tv/watts24fps twitter @watts24fps IG @watts24fps FB - facebook.com/watts24fps
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Based on the FN FAL, this is the SLR which can be found all over the PUBG world. It's a beast and a lot of fun to shoot! An awesome DMR/Battle Rifle chambered in 7.62 with high recoil. Rewards precision and control. This is among many new updates added in patch 13 as well as weapon balance. www.twitch.tv/watts24fps ig @watts24fps twitter @watts24fps
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