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Darkfall first PVP - Reshade 3.0 added
This is Reshade Injected with about 20 effects with all graphics settings on high and shadows on high . Tell me in the comments if you think this looks better or worse (or the same) as Darkfall Rise of Agon without Reshade 3.0 injector, i think it looks nice =). This was me and the squaws first attempt at PVP and this was solely self defense too ! This was a 3v2 , for any of you elitist nerds out there , and yes we DID get wrekt but it was mad fun !
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OmenXIII - Smog
Omens track Smog from the Misfit album.... Couldnt find this anywhere in single track form, so i decided to make a quick video and upload. Despite not being a banger , this track is one of his best.
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Best PVP in any game ever Friday the 13th THE GAME
This game is scary, suspensful, dark, and sometimes absolutely hilarious. This video is none of those things . Enjoy the absolute cringe that is this pink shirted girl trying to give the hands to all of her teammates, me included. PVP in Friday the 13th The Game? Yes please. All song credits go to original Artist: Jaws theme swimming - Brand new (used in intro)
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Awesome kill + Mozzie steal (dayz OVERWATCH MOD)
I snipe and then i steal. @ 2:40 i find the chopper that crashed.
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The power of slugs Saiga 12k test Escape From Tarkov
Decided to use the slugs again as they just received a buff and i have to say im impressed, i was able to hold my own for a while against two fully auto opponents out in a medium-long range situation... The slugs feel right, realistic, and powerful. Not sure if devs will flip flop again and nerf them again but i hope they stay right where they are now. Tried to hunt a team of two and took only one of them down, they smelt my flank from a mile away lol. I will be using shotguns w/ slugs from now on since they are so damn fun. Ignore the end , slugs are too exciting to not act a fool around them.
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Mortal Royale - One of my first matches Closed Alpha Wave #3
Mortal Royale , a first-person standalone battle royale game based off of Mortal Online which is a one server medieval MMO centered around combat , empire / dynasty building , crafting , seiging , alchemy , cooking , magic , pets and mounts. The game spawns you in with nothing but a short sword, and you battle your way through fields, mountains, cities, towns , waterfalls , rope bridges over 100 foot canyons , and other amazing locales all the while running from an all encompassing fiery storm. The combat is directional meaning attacking and blocking with a melee weapon will take hand-eye coordination and proper timing. Hundreds of differently crafted spawned in weapons and armor guarantee a different experience each time (unless you get dunked right from the start XD). Also you can wield powerfull spells after finding spell books and reagents, these are the most deadly tools as you can literally have close to 50 spells or some crazy number at your disposal if you were to find them all -- elemental, necromancy , and more! Give the game a try when its released to the public (its free to play) or try to sign up for closed alpha/beta phases and play now! Music: Nihil by GhostMane D(r)own by GhostMane It Was A Good Day by Ice Cube
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Ni99az at Play
Some scary city bois see me and we exchange a few words ; until whitey comes with his oppressive shovel and needs to be put down. Dayz Standalone!
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Hacker in PUBG - experimental branch
Skip to 5:50 to see the hacker incident in question , the first 5 minutes is Legitimate pvp . Hey developers and fans watching - can you figure this one out? This video is comprised of two very fun , legitamite battles in which me and my partner Walkabout get a total of 3 kills. The bad part is the hacker at the end who stole our FIRST WIN away from us. We had never been in 2nd or 3rd place in duos before, and at the end of the video we are sitting right in 2nd/3rd, on top off a small hill with ALL ANGLES covered , both by Walkabout in the tree to my left viewing the bottom and sides of the hill and me proning to see the edges of the white and the edges of the blue. There is NOWHERE this guy can be hiding as you can see before we settle down in our vantage spots i nuke each bush with a grenade.No footstep sounds are made from the killer hacker at the end and i find that suspicious making me think this guy was somehow under the map or invisible. This is all recorded on the test branch. Developers please ban MANGIMARU - he is glitching or hacking, he never dies from the bluezone or he was invisible in front of us, only do i turn away from his position does he appear in plain sight to kill both of us . EDIT: developer speculation on the forums seemed to think it was a map glitcher not a hacker, still just as bad though!
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Mortal Royale Closed Alpha #4   Halloween Compilation
Songs in order (credits go to artists): Run the Jewels - Let's Go (the royal we) [0:00 - 3:33] Eazy-E - Real Muthafukkin' G's [3:34- 8:14] Jake Hill - 38 to the face (prod. Kartier) [8:15-10:33] Jake Hill - Wake up (prod. Zwall)[11:17-13:37]
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Dayz .63 singleplayer my first look
Just a rough ass video of playing the first non-feature complete iteration of the dayz .63 singleplayer build. This build is essentially a prototype to keep people patient while waiting for the .63 stress tests to complete so that we can play this on experimental (where the rest of the promised features will be added). Donald Trump playable character = best build ever
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Life is feudal MMO aMBUSH AND SPAR
Just a quick Life is feudal MMO video containing a 3v1 ambush we pull off on a scrub wardec opponent, and a spar between me and my guildmate Aesonicus .
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Star Citizen - Finding Jumptown mini tutorial and FOOT PVP
Just a quick video of me showing some jumptown traversing tactics in the dark, with some exciting pvp of me versus 2 randohs that arent teamed up. This is not a full / in depth tutorial as i was really focused on the pvp at first and combined the tutorial and pvp after so some exploration on your own is necessary as i cut it so quickly, but its very easy when you recognize the White Spike landmark... For those new to Star Citizen and/or the concept of Jumptown on Yela : Many players come to Jumptown on the Yela moon for an easy profit in the trading profession - which is obviously buying specific commodity cargo at cost in certain areas then moving said cargo to sell it at a different locale, all based on which commodity gives most profit according to the region price chart- https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/16vZzeCHnDIVRmKeqN4VHqy5Rm3nkkLrsig2odQTxuNo/edit#gid=1018939125 . As of live patch 3.3.7 , WiDoW and Altruciatoxine have the highest profit margins... typical score is 3.5 k pure profit off of a 4 SCU cargo run (SCU = measurement of units, in this case for the widow cargo in my ship- 4 is a very low amount f.w.i.w) valued at about 5.5 - 6 k credits . A few survival tips, don't go to Jumptown when you're : 1.) low on or have no weapons / bullets , 2.) memory is leaking as you will certainly crash , 3.) if you are crashing regularly during game play (every session) and 4.) certainly don't do this when you're spending the last of your credits like I do in this video (do missions like mercenary , delivery, garbage cleanup, satellite repair , taxi , etc to build up credits to leave some there after purchasing a cargo hold full of cargo , just in case). Star Citizen has as much potential for amazing foot battles as much as it does dogfights in the air, hopefully the devs see this and make more areas like this ----- HIGH RISK HIGH REWARD! EDIT: Sorry for the black bars, im still getting used to OBS (fuck nvidia experience) . Also, Any fuzzy video is due to the fps dropping too low, sorry guys and or gals...
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Just testing the very first implementation of the bows on the tribal character of the human faction in THE ISLE. The game is very fun but very bare bones for the human side, so i decided to go postal on my group that randomly invited the whole server to group up - on the asia server 04 with only about 10 players max. Watch as i KOS my way through yet another (not really) tight situation. GAMES NOT FINISHED (IN ALPHA CURRENTLY) Songlist : Brandon Fletcher - Beautiful Tribal Music - Dinosaur Valley Brandon Fletcher - Dinosaur Music - Stegosaurus Valley
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Mortal Online 1v1 2018 - ELY vs AXIS blue Vs red
A random pvp occurance, it was an intense fight , good fight to you GreenLantern! Song Credits: Behold by Joey Fehrenbach Abrahams theme by Vangelis
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Arma 3 Desolation Redux Mod NAMALSK : PVP , Helicopters , Loot , OH MY !
This is a mod called Desolation Redux for Arma 3 that my buddy Chad (WalkaboutGaming) and I have been playing for the past few days(z)... It is chalk full of adventure , has awesome PVP moments, is a great way to remember the good old dayz mod times whilst waiting for Standalone to finish, and we are currently playing on a server that hosts it on the Namalsk map ! With iconic snowy mountain peaks and more weapons to fight with , this is hands down the best version of Desolation Redux you can play! Also you have to download an Anti-Material Gun addon before you can get into the server, so you know the server owners aren't fucking around XD! Footage recorded from the server : [US] Vitality Gaming DesolationRedux Namalsk (a3 Launcher) Song credits go to original artist: Crystal Castles - Trash hologram (used in intro) Crystal Castles - Magic Spells
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Meduli Bang n Kite n Die
great fight meduli! i suck at bows and fists XD the few kills i land a last hit on are within the first five minutes, the rest is kiting and a little bit of fighting. this video is mostly made whilst regearing for another fight, sadly i did not record that one. all credit of music goes to original artists. Swing - Camp Lo Still - Geto Boys Artifakts - Black Diamonds Play Mortal Online for free today ! Mortalonline.com
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This is a little PVP video demonstrating a bug that needs to be fixed. Albeit small, it made me SO SALTY before work lol. Developers, oh great and mighty gods, please fix our chaotic lives. Oh, and for fucks sake alleviate the damn server lag, i was going to kill his buddy too but i shot him twice and then I ran behind a wall in which i was headshotted through the wall by the dude ! Desync and server client dismay at its best BOIS!
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First person ONLY PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds
Just having some fun and went into first person on two matches to see how i would do, honestly it was fun as hell and i hope the first person only servers come sooner rather than later! A must watch for any fan of first person shooters and PUBG - everyone likes to play the game in third due to the advantage of peeking but first person is just so much more intense and immersive. Song credits go to original artist: Sincerely The Management - Electrified (used in intro)
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Bullshit servers! When will it end? PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds
Apparently dry firing is a thing now. And apparently the red dot notifier cant be trusted as in this video my first shotgun blast has no red dot notifier when im squeezed up against the concrete block, yet theres a blast mark to my left indicating there should be some in front of me - but no the opponent in front of me is unscathed. Shots # 2 and #4 and #5 are legit cuz i didnt see that the red dot was there , hence i shot into the block but shots #1 , 3 and 6 should have scathed him and #6 should have been me killing him a second before but of course the fucking animation plays but the gun doesn't fire (note how i was fully reloaded for at least 2 full seconds). These servers are incredibly disappointing, devs please fix this as your game is suffering severly and the people that play it are having an overly frustrating time for a game supposedly in "beta". Fix your shit server devs, and go ahead and give us the fucking ping lock patch already!
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Trying to get a good fight and we saw a good diving contest instead. thanks obama. Song rights go to the owner Tracks: Jumper by Third Eye Blind
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The boyz
some dayz punks wanted to rumble
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Pushing RPK back at COE palisade
As we push the RPK back , we realize their numbers were thinned out after their siege, fortunately for us they didnt play so well and all retreated as they recieved the first push! Good fight rpk. RPK : roughly 19 + tupilak (was seen grey in the field, we assumed it was rpks and merced it) PYRE and friends : around 25 + tupilak Music is owned by the original artist: Heart it races by Doctor Dog
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PYRE smashes RPK at Keep whilst being bad (sorry riffraff, had to return the favor)
Just some gatefighting in Mortal Online. Play Mortal Online today, worlds best first person MMO ;) Song Listing : Resurrection by Common Chill Bill - Rob Stone I love this game - Young lito ft Troy ave This Girl - Kungs vs cooking on three burners
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DRED and PYRE siege RPK! for fights
DRED wanted to destroy something, naturally their nemesis RPK was the target... Watch from PYRE pov Hiirono played by Pandah in this weeks exciting siege ! Come outside more often please RPK ! Disclaimer : I do not own the music, all rights goes to its copyrighted owner. 1st track: Brocolli By Big baby Dram 2nd track: Keys to success By 6ix Layne 3rd track: On my life By 6ix Layne
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Another episode of pandah presents in 3rd person, this time featuring crackspider! Enjoy as we tear butthole to 3rd place - unfortunately making a mistake at the end not using our numbers to the fullest but these guys underneath the ridge were fucking ninjas , good fights all! Song credits go to original artist: Physical Education by Animals as Leaders
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Dayz Standalone .61 Berezino 1PP PVP with Chad and Toby
A quick video with the three of us fighting in Berezino at nights end (mostly made to show my teamates what happened). 2 kills (1 guy sniped by chad before recording started) and 3 deaths for our team tonight lol. Recorded on the /r/dayzunderground US private hive server.
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Big Compilation Squad Duo Solo PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds
This is just a video of a couple rounds that i didnt want to make a video of each, so i jammed them all together, hope you enjoy. Credits for the Song in the intro go to original artist: Tyler the creator - Tron Cat
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Action Compilation! PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds PVP
Another compilation of some pvp in PUBG. As always with me, Walkabout Gaming, Pointman, Serenity and SterCommaLau. Enjoy! All song credit goes to original artist: Tyler the creator - Au 79
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Teamwork ! PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds
Me and Walkabout on another adventure in PUBG! We get around 6-7 kills, nothing special but still a great watch!
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Zenobiah Versus 4 RPK and 1 Naked
GF RPK, sorry for the shit talk lol! I was soooo baked and ready for a real fight.. DISCLAIMER: i am not a leet pvper and in this video i do not get any kills, but i promise it's still going to be entertaining due to the 4 verus 1 and music alone . All credit goes to original artists: Down rodeo - Rage Against The Machine Walk - Pantera
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RPK KEEP gets invaded by PYRE boys!
We were bored and wanted to die honourably, so we rushed their gates as they opened to come outside and we wreaked havoc. So sorry Manni for spearing you , if i hadnt we may have all had time to kill more rpk and escape ! Gf rpk. too bad that second time you used the tupilak and spider queen =/ . Disclaimer: i dont own the music 1st track : Battle of the gods by RP 2nd track: Destiny by RP 3rd track (played in bank) : Sawse by 6ix Layne
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Hero Vs  RPK! Mortal Online PVP 2016
The HERO Zerg is for reals! I think he's hurt or something! #calltheaquariumorsomethingJay Good fight RPK! You fought well under the circumstances.....
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Jaleko Vs Nutmen
Good fight Nutmen, i wish i had more than a flake sword and molarium to match your tung and messing but it was fun nonetheless !
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Vector for the Win - PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds
The vector is truly a beast , watch as it saves my ass ! Beginning of the video is just a nice fight featuring the ster, the guest celebrity of the win (the second half of the video). Hope you all enjoy, and woot woot !! Second win ever ! Song credits go to original artist: GangStarr - Moment of Truth (used in intro)
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Whats your vector Victor? PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds VECTOR PVP
Just a little video with some Vector kills, a quick video hope you all enjpy! Song credits go to original artist: Tyler the creator - Golden (used in intro)
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Cudgel Versus Relic Hunters
just woke up and decided to go outside, heard a relic drop so i started recording. i didnt get the relic or even get to see it , but i kill 2 nakeds and some geared dude, not much of a pvp video but i wanted to put this to a song i like.. XD sorry excuse for a video project! enjoy!
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Sea Of Thieves - Taking  a Skull Fortress With STRANGERS (and then fighting the KRAKEN)
Well this video epitomizes the awesome player encounters you can have in this game , showing both friendly and UN-friendly encounters! We start off by attacking a galleon with our 3 man galleon, and quickly we realize that the sloop wants to team up to take the fort ! Watch as my crew of 3 (the chad is mostly disposed the whole video, so its essentially me and my buddy against the galleon with our sloop friends shooting some cannonball) and the badass sloop dudes (Billiepunkrock , and Alonsosky01) take on another galleon crew of 4 and take the prize! The Kraken shows up at just the right time to ambush us before we can turn in our prize but our friends show up just in time to save us from the Kraken like we had saved them from the galleon! Awesome times sailing, hopefully you enjoy the video as much as we did making these memories XD ! Special shoutout to BilliePunkRock and Alonsosky01 for being friendly and ballsy enough to team with us ! Hope to see you on the open seas again soon !
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Another episode of Pandah Presents PLAYERUNKNOWNS BATTLEGROUNDS - coming to you again in ONLY FIRST PERSON! I'll be making these specials here and there when im not with anyone (dont want to let them down at spotting XD ). Hope you all enjoy, and give First Person a try - as you can see here the four people i slay were no match for the first person perspective. Song credits go to original artist: Spores by Say Anything (used in intro)
Views: 24 Pandah Sykes
Medic Snipers Take The Hill SQUAD WIN -  PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds
Another round of epic and exciting PLAYERUNKNOWNS! This time we play with a randoh but he plays his part and we take the hill and the WIN ! Subscribe if you like the video, ill be adding more and more as time goes on. Song credits go to original artist: Moment of Truth by GangStarr (used in intro)
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Pandah Versus the Meduli Two
While roaming around meduli i found 2 brave souls who wanted my phat red lootz. Watch as i spy 2 opponents and parrywhore one of them in the heavenly doorway ... Thanks for the fight guys! Songlist (all credit to original artists): I Spy by KYLE ft. Lil Yachty Heavenly Doorway by Castlevania SOTN OST
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Pandah Compilation Mortal Onliine PVP
Just a couple fights from last week or so that i decided to edit and put some music to, hopefully anyone viewing enjoys =) . Song credits go to original artists: This must be the place - the Talking Heads Wish you were here - Incubus Israel - Chance the Rapper ft. Noname Gypsy
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Pandah + Bazo 5 kills Player Unknowns Battlegrounds PVP!
Another good match of me and Bazo in PUBG, we score five kills total (maybe six, not sure - couldn't confirm one of Bazo's). Hope all who view enjoy, i tried to put music over the boring fast forward part =) ! Song credits go to original artist: Fool with it by Super Bwe feat Chance the Rapper
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Darkfall Rise of Agon First 1v2 gank
This game is ridiculous fun lol. Just me and Walkabout Gaming going on our first Gank roam, we kill one dude and chase off some others (not shown in the video). Over all this game is a lot of fun, the pvp being most of it but hell i even like crafting and dungeon crawling in this MMO. Play Darkfall RISE OF AGON for a cheap $9/ month subscription fee, no box price means a cheap nine dollars USD and you are playing one of the best MMOs reincarnated in its best form. Shoutout to the Big Picture Games Devs, thanks for the hard work! Also shout out to Killah Priest for being mad underrated in the 1990s! Song credit go to original artist: B.I.B.L.E (basic instructions before leaving earth) by Killah Priest ft GZA
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Desync Battle Royale PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds
Just an intense match that i wish i wasn't desyncing in, this time it wasn't my internet but rather the crappy servers that experience desync on a daily in this game lol... Still love ya PUBG no hard feelings. Song credit goes to original artist: Chon - Puddle (used for intro)
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This , in my opinion, is THE biggest issue with the game right now. Attacking other counselors, sure , running them over accidentally when trying to selfishly escape? Hell yes! But having a jason team up with a counselor blatantly ,and having to watch these pricks play together and ruin immersion for twenty minutes to get my XP is GAMEBREAKING ! Developers please look at this and either start banning these guys that ruin our fun or please just let us get the XP as soon as we die so we can leave without having to watch these guys, i didn't pay 40 dollars to sit half of my matches out on the bench watching people EXPLOIT the game. PS: im super salty in this video so dont be surprised by the insults i sling in my super hulk state! All song credits go to original artist: Serenity by Volumes
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Zenobiah vs 2 RPK
Just a fun video i made to put some good songs to some fighting, i was being stalked by 2 rpk into MK graveyard so i decided to record.. I lose like most videos i create (lol) but i get my scrapes in before going down. RIP incomplete fighter Zenobiah - Anatomy 70 Swords 60 Speed 235 - I need to learn to complete characters before pvping !
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The Mad Foreigner PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds PVP NEAR WIN
Another round of PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds pvp , this time filled with some music and an angry foreigner, try not to blast your eardrums when he yells in the beginning XD. Enjoy! Song credits go to original artists: Sad Violin - Youtube Tyler the creator - AU79 Tyler the creator - TRON CAT (intro song)
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Holy Texture glitch Batman ! Please dont ban me! PUBG DUOS
This was a terrible match in the beginning - i was frozen for a good five minutes but i prevailed, and when i could see the world, nothing was there!! All buildings, objects and assets were invisible, and apparently able to be shot through in this state. Im sure this bug will be used as a way to shoot through buildings on purpose soon (and not on accident like my case). This video and experience was for science as i dont believe i or any one else in the PUBG community has seen something like this NOT INVOLVING HACKS... I will submit a bug tracker report as well and hopefully this terrible (yet sometimes fun) texture glitch is gone for GOOD ! Song credits go to original artist: F.C.P.R.E.M.I.X by Fall of Troy (used in intro)
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Solo Wreckage (anti climactic death) - PUBG SOLO
Back from a decent break of recording and playing PUBG to slay nerds and hopefully get some wins now that my 7 were wiped =( .. Im no leet pvper but hopefully this will be enjoyable to some! Song credits go to original artist: Say Anything ft. Gerard Way - In defense of the Genre (used in intro)
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Tozinator   Escape From Tarkov Situation at the Island
I spawned in as a player scav and found myself on dead mans island (aka treasure island), thinking my luck was too good to be true as i looted meds and 2 guns worth 10 or so gs of rubles each. After looting everything my spider senses tingle as i hear some weird sounds, so i decided hiding was the best shot at a kill with only a 2 shot toz in hand with ammo. I saw the shipping container and thought it might work on some, but not all. Before i started the recording i saw the hatchling drop off the tugboat to my left, as he traces the shoreline towards the fishing shed with the gun box, i see him and he literally looks in my direction (presumably checking on his friend still on the tugboat), i thought he saw me and was going to alert his friend, but alas hatchling runs into the gun shed and the next guy drops off the right side of the tug boat and activates a voice command , unbeknownst to what will happen next - and thats when i start the video. Watch as i experience 2 seperate fights that depict a couple that didnt know that spot existed and one that did .
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