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Pokemon Fire Red Walkthrough Part 6:VS Brock
VS Brock "The Rock-Solid Pokémon Trainer!" Pokes: Geodude LVL 12 Moves:Tackle,Defense Curl Ability:Rock Head Onix LVL 14 Moves:Tackle,Bind,Harden,Rock Tomb Ability:Rock Head TM:Rock Tomb PWR:50 ACC:80 PP:10
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Sonny 2 Final Strike =D
Wrong way......turn it around! :3
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Pokemon Fire Red Walkthrough part 5:Pewter City
We arrive at Pewter City and the gym leader awaits......
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Pokemon Emerald Part 1- Our Starter!
We receive our starter! Play here: http://www.vizzed.com/play/pokemon-emerald-gba-online-game-boy-advance-10643-game
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Pokemon Fire Red Walkthrough Part 2:How to catch a Pokemon
We learn how to catch a Pokemon(If you didn't know before). Link here: http://www.vizzed.com/play/pokemon-fire-red-gba-online-game-boy-advance-10644-game Just download the plug-in and BAM! =)
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Pokemon Fire Red Walkthrough Part 1:Pallet Town And The Pokedex
One of my favorite games:Pokemon Fire Red! You can play here:http://www.vizzed.com/play/pokemon-fire-red-gba-online-game-boy-advance-10644-game.
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Pokemon Shiny Gold Vs Bugsy
Play here:http://www.vizzed.com/play/pokemon-shiny-gold-gba-online-game-boy-advance-11284-game Download plugin here:http://www.vizzed.com/boards/thread.php?id=8676
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Pokemon Fire Red Walkthrough Part 3:Yellow Mouse
We catch this.......Pikachu! :3 You can find a Pikachu in Viridian Forest....I think that it's a 5% encounter rate.. As usual, you can play on Vizzed: http://www.vizzed.com/play/pokemon-fire-red-gba-online-game-boy-advance-10644-game
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Pokemon Fire Red Walkthrough Part 4:Through the Forest
We hike through the forest :3 Well, if you wanna play, go here: http://www.vizzed.com/play/pokemon-fire-red-gba-online-game-boy-advance-10644-game =)
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