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Stars Fell On Alabama - She and Him(Ukulele Cover)
This is my live cover of stars fell on Alabama (the she and him version) played on my lil ukulele Please like, share and subscribe! X #StarsFellOnAlabama #SheandHim #Ukulele #dawnandheruke
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Dream A Little Dream Of Me - Doris Day (Ukulele Cover)
'Dream A Little Dream Of Me' was the very first song I learned on the ukulele and also the first song I performed live! Hope you enjoy 😘😘 X #dawnandheruke #dreamalittledreamofme #EllaFitzgerald #Cover
Views: 511 DawnAndHerUke
My Blood - Twenty One Pilots (Cover)
I am so excited for you guys to see this! It’s pretty different to anything I’ve done so far but I hope you guys will like it! This is my cover of ‘My Blood’ by Twenty One Pilots from their new album ‘Trench’ *FLASHING LIGHTS IN THIS VIDEO* Please like, share & subscribe! X #Trench #MyBlood #TwentyOnePilots *All sounds, vocals and video footage for this cover were shot and produced by myself
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Fare Thee Well (Dink’s Song) - Marcus Mumford & Oscar Isaac(Cover)
This is my baritone ukulele cover of ‘Fare Thee Well’ which is an old folk song recently featured in the film ‘Inside Llewyn Davis’ This beautiful song was requested by one of my twitter followers @Corpulentfather. I’d never heard of it before but I kinda love it! Please like, share & subscribe x #FareTheeWell #InsideLlewynDavis #Cover #dawnandheruke
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Home - Edward Sharpe And The Magnetic Zeros - (Ukulele Cover)
I wanted to do something a little more upbeat for my next cover so here it is! I hope you guys like it :) If you have any song suggestions, let me know in the comments below ❤️ x #dawnandheruke #EdwardSharpe #UkuleleCover
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Ring Of Fire - Johnny Cash (Cover)
Here’s my version of Ring if Fire, by the great Johnny Cash, played on my ukulele. This cover is a little different but I hope I did it justice. X #JohnnyCash #RingOfFire #Ukulele #Cover
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Moon River - Audrey Hepburn (Ukulele Cover)
This little ditty has been stuck in my head for days now so I just HAD to cover it. I hope you guys like it! Like, Share & Subscribe x x #dawnandheruke #moonriver #AudreyHepburn #UkuleleCover
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idontwannabeyouanymore - Billie Eilish (Ukulele Cover)
I am slightly obsessed with this song. Sorry for the mistakes but I was feeling this take 😎 Ooh and I’m playing this on my new Ortega Ocean Concert Ukulele! Thanks for watching lovelies 💙 x #dawnandheruke #BillieEilish #UkuleleCover
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Loving Is Easy - Rex Orange County(Ukulele Cover)
This is my cover of ‘Loving Is Easy’ by Rex Orange County. I am obsessed with this absolute BOP! I’d originally shot this outside but I lost ALL my footage so I redid it and mixed in a bunch of harmonies too ;) It’s different but I hope you guys like it! ☀️💙 Like, Share & Subscribe x #RexOrangeCounty #UkuleleCover #dawnandheruke
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When The Party's Over - Billie Eilish (Cover)
When I heard Billie Eilish's new song 'When the party's over', I instantly fell in love with it. I hope you guys enjoy my lil melancholy ukulele cover. Don't forget to like, share & subscribe! x #BillieEilish #WhenThePartysOver #UkuleleCover
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Sea Of Love - Cat Power//Phil Phillips(Ukulele Cover)
This is my live acoustic cover of ‘Sea Of Love’ by Phil Phillips/Cat Power. I’d said on my Twitter that I’d post a bonus cover once we hit 150 subs and WE DID IT! So thank you, it may not seem like a huge number compared to some but I’m so happy for the support from y’all! See you in the next vid! x #dawnandheruke #SeaOfLove #CatPower #UkuleleCover
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Human - dodie (Cover)
I know I recently did another dodie song but I just couldn't help myself. I have loved 'Human' ever since I first heard it and I hope you enjoy my take on it! Please share and maybe tweet to dodie, I'd love for her to see it! Peace & love xoxo #dodie #Human #Cover #dawnandheruke
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Tonight You Belong To Me - Steve Martin 'The Jerk' (Ukulele Cover)
Hey everyone! This is a lil song I've been wanting to cover for a while, so here it is! 'Tonight You Belong To Me' sung by Steve Martin and Bernadette Peters from the movie 'The Jerk', on my ukulele. Please like, share and subscribe! x #TheJerk #TonightYouBelongToMe #UkuleleCover
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Dreams - Fleetwood Mac (Ukulele Cover)
‘Dreams - Fleetwood Mac (Ukulele Cover)’ This is a lil live cover of one of my favourite Fleetwood Mac songs played on my ukulele. Hope you guys enjoy! X #dreams #FleetwoodMac #UkuleleCover #dawnandheruke
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What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve? - (Ukulele Cover)
What did you do for New Year’s Eve? I hope 2018 is a blast for you all! Dawn xx #ZooeyDeschanel&JosephGordonLevitt #UkuleleCover
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Hurt - Johnny Cash// Nine Inch Nails (Cover)
This is one of my absolute favourite songs so I hope you enjoy this cover of a cover! This is ‘Hurt’ - originally by nine inch nails and famously covered by Johnny Cash. As always, like, share & subscribe! X #Hurt #JohnnyCash #NineInchNails #dawnandheruke
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Landslide - Fleetwood Mac (Cover)
Hey guys! This is my live one take cover of Landslide by Fleetwood Mac. I’ve been meaning to cover it for a while so I really hope you enjoy! Watch til the end for a special guest appearance ;) Please give a thumbs up, share and subscribe! X #FleetwoodMac #Landslide #Ukulele #Cover
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Gold Star For Me - dodie ft. Carrie Hope Fletcher (Cover)
This is a cute 'n' quirky lil cover of 'gold star for me' by the lovely dodie & Carrie Hope Fletcher. There was some synching issues with the sound and this is the best I could get it so I hope you still enjoy! Get ready for some serious weird faces being pulled in this video! Like, share & subscribe x #dodie #CarrieHopeFletcher #Ukulele #dawnandheruke
Views: 274 DawnAndHerUke

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