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Summoners War - Cinematic Trailer [HD]
A new 3D RPG with 700+ monsters to collect! Get it free today on your mobile device! [App Store] http://bit.ly/1lpnxFS [Google Play] http://bit.ly/PlI7dj Check out our Facebook Page for events and updates here: http://on.fb.me/1jDFcV3
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Divine Girls - Official Trailer [HD]
Divine Girls by Com2uS
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Summoners War - Gameplay Trailer [HD]
A new 3D RPG with 400+ monsters to collect! Find details at https://www.facebook.com/SummonersWarCom2us Download it free today on your mobile device! [App Store] http://bit.ly/1lpnxFS [Google Play] http://bit.ly/PlI7dj
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Soccer Spirits - Official Trailer [HD]
Fantasy Soccer that's out of this world! Assemble the best soccer team in the galaxy to defeat the League of Evil! Features 1. Dynamic Sound Effects Featuring 30 voice actors and over 3,000 sound effects! 2. A Story Transcending Time and Space! Compete in the Galaxy League to put an end to an epic Space War! 3. Real-time Command Battles Strengthen your team and power-up your players to fight against the toughest teams in the Colosseum of Despair! 4. Lose Yourself in an Immersive Gaming Experience Play in Story Mode, Challenge Mode, and the Colosseum of Despair to head to the top of the Galaxy League! 5. Recruit Managers to Strengthen Your Team Utilize coaches, managers, and scouts with special abilities to train your team! Items are available for purchase in this game. Some paid items may be refundable depending on the type of item. For Com2uS Mobile Game Terms of Service, visit www.com2us.com. For questions or customer support, e-mail [email protected]"
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Ace Fishing: Wild Catch - Official Trailer [HD]
Feel the excitement of fishing at your fingertips! Take a journey to paradise blue! Reel in a wild catch! Download Ace Fishing now on Google Play and App Store! Google Play : http://m.com2us.com/r?c=8005 Apple App Store : http://m.com2us.com/r?c=8008
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Knights & Squires - Official Trailer [HD]
Save the princess in this nonstop RPG thrill ride!
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Golf Star Season 2 - Official Trailer [HD]
The greatest golf game you’ll ever play, featuring realistic graphics, a multitude of golfing techniques mastered by the pros, and powered by physics-based gameplay. Experience the authenticity of the course in the most realistic online golf game ever, ≪Golf Star≫
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Tiny Farm: Season 2 - Official Trailer [HD]
Get ready for a trip to the Zoo! Register in advance for your special trip to the zoo!
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WIZCRAFT - Official Trailer [HD]
Get ready for the ultimate battle of Wizcraft! Created by the God of Chaos and Order, Doomsday is the greatest summoning magic spell known to man, with enough destructive power to bring about the world's end. ▶Google Play: http://m.com2us.com/r?c=7849 ▶Apple Appstore: http://m.com2us.com/r?c=7850
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