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Demonic Savior - Official Trailer
The epic heroes' journey starts right in the palm of your hands! Are you ready... to lose yourself in the thrilling adventure of a lifetime? Utilize each character's unique fighting style to defeat your enemies! Thrilling action combined with stunning graphics, wrapped up in a compelling multi-scenario storyline! Follow the captivating story as it unfolds from the perspective of 4 main characters! Demonic Savior Download Google Play : http://m.com2us.com/r?c=5892
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Heroes War - Official Trailer [HD]
An ultimate force of heroes is gathering... do you have what it takes to join the Heroes War and save the world? Heroes War is now available on iOS and Android Thrilling Features! - Turn-based RPG optimized for gaming on the go! - Assemble your own unique team of Heroes! - Customize and strengthen your character with weapons! - Dozens of Dungeons to test your fighting skills! Coming soon to the Apple App Store and Google Play!
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Defense Technica - Official Trailer [HD]
Think you know tower defense? Think again. Experience a new kind of Defense game with Defense Technica, featuring stunning 3D graphics and ground-breaking new features like path rotation, tower construction, tower upgrades, and card collection and combination! Defense Technica is the ultimate 3D Tower Defense Game! Check out these groundbreaking features: Apple App Store: http://m.com2us.com/r?c=4313 **Coming soon to Anrdoid Path Rotation & Tower Building - Build towers in strategic places to defend against incoming enemies, and rotate paths. - Upgrade towers to increase striking power against the waves of incoming enemies. - Defeat enemies to receive a variety of resources to upgrade your tower. Collect & Combine Tower Cards - Use the special upgrade card system to create your own unique cards and upgrades. - Sell or combine unwanted cards to get new cards. Ether Repair & Attack Items - Later stages and waves have stronger enemies and continuous attacks. - Use Ether items to annihilate enemies and to repair your core. * Unsupported devices: iPhone 3GS, 3rd/4th Gen iPod Touch, iPad 1 * This game supports English, français, Deutsch, 한글, 中文 and 日本語.
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The Mansion: A Puzzle of Rooms - Official Trailer [HD]
After receiving top honors at Indiecade and IGF, the legendary Nintendo DS game is back for mobile and better than ever! Puzzle your way through each room and lead the curious Anne to find the secret at the center of a toymaker's beautiful but mysterious mansion! Magic is around every corner, and she can't escape without your help! You can play The Mansion in English, German, French, 한국어, 日本語, 中文简体, or 中文繁體. ▶App Store - http://m.com2us.com/r?c=5183 ▶Google Play - http://m.com2us.com/r?c=6553
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Golf Star - Official Trailer
Experience the most vivid game of golf ever... All in the palm of your hand! [App Store] http://bit.ly/108Dh0S [Google Play] http://m.com2us.com/r?c=5891
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Tiny Farm - Puppy Update!
The animal eveyone has been waiting for.....!! It's a dog! Meet an adorable dog in Tiny Farm! :) Download ▶Google Play : http://m.com2us.com/r?c=5896
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My Restaurant - Official Trailer [HD]
My Restaurant by Com2uS Google Play - http://m.com2us.com/r?c=5893
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Tiny Pop - Official Trailer
The most awesome Com2us project! New super exciting bubble shooter! Tiny Pop! - Easy and fun for anyone! Touch the screen to shoot your bubbles in a direction! If you hit matching color bubbles, they will all burst! - Aim for the shining score multiplier bubbles! 'Time Attack'! Your score goes up faster if you burst the score multiplier bubbles. If you see shining score multiplier bubbles, make sure to burst them first! - Survival Mode makes your heart race! If Time Attack is too hard for you, try playing Survival Mode. Tick, tock, tick, tock...can you hear the clock tick-tocking? Get a Clock Bubble to extend the play time! Super Thrilling Survival Mode! Googleplay Download : http://m.com2us.com/r?c=5897
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