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Kingdom Chapter 556 Review
As Shin and Ouhon ready themselves to take Gakuei down; Gakuei, fuelled by rage and vengeance, now vows to kill Shin above all else.
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Kingdom Chapter 549 Review
Kyoukai dominates the battlefield, and sends Gyou'un a message that Shin is not the only foe he should be wary of.
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Kingdom Chapter 565 Review
One Quanrong commander is victorious, and another lies dead - but with the tide of combat overwhelming her - Yotanwa now faces her toughest challenge yet.
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Kingdom Chapter 552 Review
Yotanwa rallies her forces in their darkest hour, while Heki looks for a way to regain his allies' trust and respect.
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Kingdom Chapter 547 Review
Shin and Gyou'un finally battle it out in a fight between the past and the future of China.
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Fairy Tail Chapter 545 Review
Just presenting my thoughts here via review on the the final chapter - 545 - of Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail.
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Kingdom Top 7 Characters
This is my first video. Just listing 7 characters from the Kingdom manga series, and why they're interesting to me.
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Kingdom Chapter 545 Review
This was a chapter in which Karyo Ten was faced with the wall that is Gyou'un... Hoping Shin shows his newly honed instincts next chapter.
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Kingdom Chapter 562 Review
Heki faces the fight of his life against Bunen of the Quanrong, an opponent of unparalleled callousness, cruelty, and cunning.
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Kingdom Chapter 561 Review
The aftermath of Shin's slaying of Gakuei is felt by both sides around him, and affects even Houken himself - meanwhile, Heki's own battle rages onwards.
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Kingdom Chapter 563 & 564 Review
Heki, Kitari, and the Mera Tribe face the terrible tactics of Bunen - costing Katari's life in the process - while the Feego King carves a path towards victory himself.
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Kingdom Chapter 544 Review
This was an exciting chapter focusing on the Hi Shin Unit's newest members' second taste of combat. Predictions on Shin vs Gyou'un next chapter?
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Kingdom Chapter 560 Review
As the Gyoku Hou make their calculated escape from behind Zhao lines, with Akou's life hanging in the balance - Shin invokes Ouki vs Shomou, and finishes off Gakuei for good.
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Kingdom Chapter 546 Review
This week's chapter promises that the long-awaited duel between the living legend of Zhao and the rising star of Qin is now about to occur.
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Eden's Zero Chapter 1 Live Reaction
My live, blind reaction to Chapter 1 of Eden's Zero; Hiro Mashima's new manga.
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Eden's Zero Chapter 2 Live Reaction
My live, blind reaction to Chapter 2 of Eden's Zero, by Hiro Mashima.
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Kingdom Chapter 543 Review
My review of Kingdom Chapter 543. This was a great chapter with which to start 2018. Thoughts on how Shin and Ouhon will fare up against Gyou'un?
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Kingdom Chapter 554 Review
Heki proves his worth in battle against the Quanrong through using tried and tested tactics - as the ninth day now unfolds before them.
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Kingdom Chapter 559 Review
As Akou faces death's door at the hands of both Gyou'un and Bananji, an unexpected fighter breaks in from outside to save him from doom.
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Kingdom Chapter 553 Review
Heki is offered by a chance by Yotanwa to fight his corner and redeem himself - but, Shunsuiju and Rozo are already aware of the tactics they have in mind.
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Clockwork Planet Episode 1 Review
I present my thoughts on and impressions of Clockwork Planet Episode 1, adapted by Studio Xebec, from the light novel by Yuu Kamiya.
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Kingdom Chapter 566 Review
Yotanwa, while on the back foot and with her back to the wall, shows her foes precisely why she is feared as the "Lord of Death."
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Kingdom Chapter 555 Review
From Kanki's besieging army, to the brainstorming of the Qin HQ - we get a sweeping overview of the Qin situation, on their 9th day against Zhao's forces.
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Kingdom Chapter 523 Reaction
My reaction to and thoughts on Kingdom Chapter 523. Interesting to see this contrast between how Mouten and Ouhon each view Ousen.
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Eden's Zero Chapter 3 Live Reaction
My blind, live reaction to Chapter 3 of Eden's Zero. Note: I know that I missed that Natsu and Lucy background cameo on Page 20 - please, forgive me for my ignorance. :)
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Kingdom Chapter 524 Reaction
This chapter of Kingdom puts Zhao General Bananji at centre stage. Him and Shunsuiju will be crucial.
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Kingdom Chapter 548 Review
Kyoukai carefully crafts a strategy to turn the tide of battle in the Hi Shin Unit's favour.
Views: 27 Solaris290
Eden's Zero Chapter 4 Live Reaction
My blind, live reaction to Chapter 4 of Eden's Zero. Rebecca and Shiki travel to the mysterious Planet Nouma, but their journey and meeting with a certain someone will have far-reaching consequences.
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