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"Jacob" - High School Short Film
Original Date filmed 12/10/15 This film was taken in one shot, which means filming with no cuts (pressing record and filming the whole entire film). It was extremely stressful and hard to do. Oh ya and i haven't posted in literal years. sorry about that lol i might just upload short films i have been working on in school from now on.
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Sisters Are Hard To Make Videos With
A video about my sister being so hard to deal with. But i still love her sometimes :)
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Supah Soap
This is not a real product, just made up by me. hahaha This fake commercial fails because of a phone That keeps ringing. i made that box thing that says supah soap and stuff. So ya. Thanks to my friends who supported me to keep making videos :) i love you all haha. super soap!!!!! go to my channel if you want to submit ideas to me and if you want them in my next video. and subscribe!
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boring saturday
a funny yet boring saturday, no pikachu's have been hurt on this video... maybe.
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Do you like apples!?
Me fighting with myself about a apple that might be a peach.... SUBSCRIBE if you think this video is random.
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Brother vs. Sister
well... noah and maile got mad at each other over who can watch TV first. Maile just complains and so the war of brother vs sister starts!
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This is a random video, BEWARE! lol MicaiahMakaike told me to copy 1 of his videos... so i did. and i picked his randomness video. the original video link is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LQL4C6IyXI0&feature=channel_video_title Check him out!!!!
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my first vid
just my first video, thanks to micaiah / micaiahmakaike, and maile ( my sister ).
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"The Frat and the Flounder" - High School Short Film
date filmed: 1/30/16 This is a short film about two guys studying for a test when they come across a talking bag that grants wishes. Our assignment was to adapt and "remake" one of the brothers grimm stories. So we chose the story "The Fisherman and his Wife".
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Lost In Camp
On are camping trip to Bellows, me and Micaiah made a video. But we sorta rushed it, so it's a bunch of scraps pretty much. Thanks to Micaiah for being in the video. His Youtube channel is http://www.youtube.com/user/micaiahmakaike check him out he's pretty funny. And thanks to some people for the junk camera filming, just kidding, but some. haha I might make a part 2.
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