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Sammy "Hot Wheels" Aiken's Showjumping 1 of 5
Christy on Sammy Sept 10th, 2017 Her first time showjumping ever! What a great day! Too bad she didn't know the difference between official and unofficial! Very exciting day for us!
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Dead Pens
In this home made video, from Girl Scout troop 421, the question is "What do you do with your "Dead" pens? Why not recycle them?" We'll show you how! Or you can give them to us, and we will put them to good use! Keep them out of the landfills please!
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DRV Houston Tour
Love this little home for the road! One of the first ones we checked out that we feel great about!
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Spirit of Freedom
first time on board. So excited to be going on a several day trip for the purpose of scuba diving and snorkeling with our family. It was an amazing trip. I'm going to be making a video with clips from the entire week, but this is just a test video to start.
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Ikea Giant Canvas Print Assembly tips
Ikea directions can be a little tricky...hope to help you overcome the learning curve in assembling and disassembling these wonderful and simple Giant prints. Ikea seems to have stopped offering them, but I hope they bring them back. they are a wonderful way to expand and bring life to the space in a room!
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La-Z-Boy Custom Sectional for sale
Moving and must sell this LIKE NEW sectional
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The R+F Business Opportunity
I'm Lisa Kempson and I have found an amazing Life Changing opportunity. Could it be that it's just what you are looking for too? If so, contact me and let's Change the world together!
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25 year old bottle of wine
A good friend saved the bottle of wine she received at my wedding as a party favor. After 25 years, she gave it back to me. We had a fun time opening it up! After the video was made my friend told me it would have been a white wine not red. She was right.
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Silly Summer Short
Starring Peenut Created by Christy Kempson
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Lisa's First Python Relocation Project
I've always wanted to try this...and today was my opportunity! My Neighbor had a Python in her front yard, and as a pet sitter, she was very concerned. Being a Sunday, a snake catcher would have been hard to come by and out of her budget. Luckily, I was in an adventurous mood...
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R+F US Consultants Using the Solution Tool for Australian Customers
There is a bit of a glitch in the new platform causing a slight issue for US consultants as they share the Solution Tool with Australians. I have found a work around that will help you.
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We found Whiskers a home through this video!
November 2012 - We found Whiskers the Purrrrfect home! Thank you Linda for taking her in! October 2012-Our Girl Scout troop in Phoenix Arizona, took in this abandoned kitten while working a service project for our Bronze Award, but we have not been able to find a suitable home for her. A home without dogs, and loud noises, but a quiet, calm place with loving adults who can let her live happily ever after with them. She is not destructive or aggressive, and is already spayed and has all her shots. She is ready for a home. If you are that person, please email [email protected]
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Sammy "Hot Wheels" Aiken's Showjumping 5 of 5
Fault and out, best run of the day! OMG, such a great day!
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R+F Life Changing Skin Care
I'm Lisa and I am so grateful that I found Rodan + Fields! The products are Life Chanting! Take a quick look for yourself, then give them a try risk free. Why wait any longer to have your best skin ever? Australia 0468 947 988 USA 480-704-0819 Email: [email protected]
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Whitsunday Islands 2018
snorkeling experoence
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Karyn's Visit to Arizona March 2014
Thanks for coming to visit!!!
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R+F Life Changing Products and Biz now in Australia!
I'm Lisa and I have some great news to share! The #1 skin care brand in the US and Canada has now become available in Australia! I'm passionate about helping people love their skin and their life. If you want to know more, contact me. I'll be honored to show you the ropes! AU 0468 947 988 USA 480-704-0819
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Nora's Kittens
Puss, Whiskers and Boo living it up at Carolyn's
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Sammy "Hot Wheels" Aiken's Showjumping 4 of 5
Grand Prix shortened course. Still smiling! Unbelievable day!
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Megan Part 1
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DJ's Mosaic Project
For 8th grade Medieval History project, DJ chose Neuschwanstein Castle as his subject.
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Sammy "Hot Wheels" Aiken's Showjumping 3 of 5
Another great run for this new pair...soul mates I'd say! What a day!
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Heading home from Lady Elliot Island
Friends, Judy and Brian, head back to Brisbane after a wonderful time exploring and relaxing on Lady Elliot Island. A unique holiday for those who appreciate nature.
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Sammy "Hot Wheels" Aiken's Showjumping 2 of 5
What a great day! Christy's first event with her new horse Sammy! They make a great team! Great memories!
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