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Amateur Rocket reaches 121000ft. - No fish-eye lens, shows curvature of the Earth
This is a shortened and edited version of the Qu8K rocket launch. Coutesey of`mrsiborg` : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sQw_C5KLhFM For more information, go here: http://ddeville.com/derek/Qu8k.html
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Bedford Level - Flat Earth Challenge Update & Shout out.....
This video is an update to my previous attempts to get the Crazy FE Gang to participate with my FE Challenge. All they seem to do is ask stupid questions and attempt retarded rebuttals without accepting the challenge. I want them to see it with their own eyes and in person. Bring it on FLATTARDS. I can feel some stupid comments coming.......
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World of Batshit   #4  Fake Planets (Mirrored)
This video belongs to CoolHardLogic. The Ultimate video for revealing how stupid some people can actually be. Mr Arse Holes has really gone full retard with this one.
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Lawrence Krauss vs. W.S.J.
The author of: A Universe from Nothing: Why there is something rather than nothing. A letter to the editor of the W.S.J. taken from: https://www.richarddawkins.net/2014/12/letter-to-the-editor/
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Soyuz ride into space (Mirrored) Flat earth debunked?
With thanks to the ESA, we can see the earth appears to be a globe/ sphere. A fantastic comment at 2:40 Channel Link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIBaDdAbGlFDeS33shmlD0A
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Bill Nye tours Ken Ham`s - The Ark Encounter UNCUT
Bill Nye (The Science Guy) visits Ken Hams` Ark Park. Please watch as Bill Nye is accused of attacking Ken`s followers beliefs. Bill Nye is confused at the level of ignorance and inability of Ken Ham to look facts & evidence in the face. Ken Ham uses the old argument - `You don`t know, you weren`t there`. He also argues with Bill Nye about `labels in ice and rocks, absolute knowledge of everything` and much more. The has to go up there with the interview between Richard Dawkins and Wendy Wright.
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Ship over the horizon (Mirrored)
This is a great video to watch if you want to see curvature of the earth. Thanks to Mathias Kp Channel Link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCc32...
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FLAT EARTH. A message from John Cleese for the Crazy FE Gang.
Flat Earthers are so incredibly stupid and ignorant, they don`t realise it. They display a wilful ignorance, complete manipulation of facts, and pitiful attempts to distort reality for no other reason than to be annoyingly contrary. John Cleese has an explanation for this.
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Crazy Flat Earthers Number 1 Idiot.
Let`s face it, the FE Crazy Gang are getting worse with their lunacy. I am going to introduce them to you 1 by 1 and let you do your own research.
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Martin Luther - False Gospel
Martin Luther started the false gospel and tricked every Christian out there.
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Carl Sagan's 'Cosmos'  Episode 1  The Shores of the Cosmic Ocean (Mirrored)
A fantastic look at the world and works of Carl Sagan
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Stone Age men were not human - Creationist FAIL
I recently had a conversation with a creationist who believes Stone Age men were not human. Please watch this for ultimate face palms.
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Bulldog pointed vs Gamo Dome vs Bisley Pest Control
Just a simple video to show you the damage caused at 15 yards with .22 rounds fired from a BSA Super XL Tactical Springer
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Ship partly below horizon (Mirrored)
This is a great video to watch if you want to see curvature of the earth. Thanks to Mathias Kp Channel Link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCc32bvG3pPZ7Y-5-6WJImfQ
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Easy question for the crazy Flat Earth people.  Please share this.
Calling all flat earthers. Can you solve this easy problem without using pseudo-science, conspiracy theories or religion?
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Flat Earth CN Tower EPIC FAIL
I have responded to a video from `Cae sar` who is trying to prove a flat earth.
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Another Question for the crazy Flat Earthers.
The crazy FE gang can never answer simple, logical questions. But, can they answer this? Music by ALBIS
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Bedford Level - Welches Dam - Flat earth challenge for the Flattards
The crazy FE gang have repeatedly declined my challenge to carry out any FE experiments at Welches Dam. Please visit CoolHardLogic`s channel & Reds Rhetoric`s channel.
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'Is Atheism or Islam More Rational '  Dan Barker & Hamza Tzortzis
A debate between Dan Barker and Hamza Tzortzis about rational beliefs in a god. I had to share this because a certain other channel has blocked comments. I will not block any rational comments.
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Crazy Flat Earther Idiot Number 2
Another video explaining how the FE Crazy Gang are so out of touch with reality.
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World of Batshit   #6  Sphereless (Mirrored)
This video belongs to CoolHardLogic. It has not been altered in any way. A very informative look at a flat earthers outtake on reality. If you like to learn and have some fun too, please watch. Remember, your perception on reality shapes the person you become. Therefore, if you have been taught something that has no basal explanation, you will eventually believe it without question. Don`t forget, if a lie is told often enough, it becomes truth by consensus. It does not mean it is true.
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Flat Earth Challenge. Raw un-edited request video ! Please share !
This video has no CGI. It`s not fake and I have no agenda. I am attempting to get a reply......... I have attempted to get Flat Earthers to take this challenge. So far, nobody has agreed to take this challenge. I am a skeptic and I sit on the fence when investigating something so as not to be biased in any way. This is a raw video and completely un-edited.
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flat earth video fail
Once again, another Flattard has uploaded a video to prove flat earth and failed miserably.
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Testing Flattards   Part 4 (Mirrored)
This video belongs to CoolHardLogic. Please go and visit his channel. (copied from CHL`s video description); Part four in a series taking a wry look at the idiotic belief that the Earth is flat, and how that stacks up against reality. In this part we find out what other failures are on offer when you think Earth is lit by a magic, flying spotlight with a shape-shifting lampshade. Guidance: Contains some mild language within a comedy context. `This video also contains specially composed music by AlanKey86. You can listen to more of Alan's music over on his channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/AlanKey86`
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FULL Space Shuttle Columbia launch with forward facing camera
People complain that there is never a forward facing camera on shuttle launches to show orbital entry. Well, here you go.....
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Flat Earth Theory - Is The Earth Flat ? - Flat Earth Debunked
For a long time, people have been duped into the theory of a flat earth. Religion and dogma are behind these beliefs. These believers have totally given up on any scientific methods and reasoning and will pretty much believe anything. This video will prove the earth is not at all flat.
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Flat Earthers don`t have a model.
Another short video to explain why these FE Crazy People are not worth the effort.
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Telescope Construction with John Dobson
Build your own telescope with the genius of John Dobson. The innovator of the Dobsonian telescope where anyone can build their own huge telescope for a fraction of the cost.
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Earth is actually a sphere  The Flat Earth theory has been debunked
All Credit goes to Laurentiu A for this video. This is not my video.
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I have uploaded this with my own notes added (just for fun). If you believe the Crazy FE Gang are dumb, you are right. The original up-loader disabled comments for the video. I will leave them fully open for entertainment purposes.....
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Crazy Flat Earthers & The Lens Conspiracy - Must Watch
This is a re-upload from a previous video. This time I have added a voice-over to help with reading.
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Flat Earth Crazies & The Camera Lens Conspiracy....
A Flattard has asked me to explain about camera and telescope lenses. I have responded to his question but it has a final twist about their `Special Creation` claim. It seems as though the Celestial Peeping Tom has something to hide as well. Please share.....
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Proof of Earth Curvature - Flat Earth FAIL
I have uploaded this video to show the controversy about the FE movement. Please share.......
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HD Space Walk - fantastic footage
Excellent footage of a space walk.
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The Beginning Of Time Lecture with   Lawrence Krauss
Professor Lawrence Krauss looks into the scientific theory of the beginning of the universe.
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Flat earth challenge for the Crazy FE Gang
I have re-uploaded this video because for some strange reason, I have had no response from any lunatic members of the Crazy FE Gang. The challenge is still wide open. A new challenge video will be coming soon....
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