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Kids in a Car Wash and Girl Doesn't Like It
Two young kids sitting in the car while in a car wash. We usually tried to avoid car washes with the kids because the younger one didn't like it. But it had been awhile since we had been in one and the car needed to be washed. The youngest still didn't like it.
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A Kid With A Broken Leg
This video was added to a blog post "A Kid in A Leg Cast" on homekidslife.com to show a child with a spiral fracture and the progression of being in three different leg casts.
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Riding an Adams Tandem Trail-A-Bike
A side view of a dad on a single bike with an Adams tandem trail-a-bike attached to it. A brother and sister pedal together on it. There's also a dog in the basket on the back.
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Lay Down Little Girl
A young girl and her brother are laying down to go to bed. The little girl keeps getting up to see her brother. Her mom comes in and tells her to lay down and then disappears behind the wall. The little girl gets up each time her mom goes away and then drops down into bed each time the mom reappears.
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African Clawed Frog - Grow A Frog Kit
A couple of minutes in the life of an African Clawed Frog named Squirmy. Squirmy, now a frog, was a tadpole from a Grow A Frog Kit.
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Sit On Your Big Brother
The little sister sits on a box that contains her big brother.
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Getting on an Adams Tandem Trail-a-Bike With a Dog
The dog is in a carrier on a rack on the back of an Adams Tandem Trail-a-Bike. A brother and a sister also get on the trail-a-bike.
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First Ride on Their Adams Tandem Trail-A-Bike With Dog
Two kids riding on their Adams tandem trail-a-bike for the first time. Their dog is riding in a pack on a rack hooked up to their trail-a-bike.
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Kinect Disneyland Adventures Jungle Cruise Piranhas
Two kids playing Kinect Disneyland Adventures Jungle Cruise. They are spraying water at the piranhas and shaking them off when they get bit.
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Unenchanted Princess Tiana Call Part 2
A little birthday girl's reaction when she couldn't talk to the princess after a birthday enchanted princess call from Disney Princess Tiana. See Part 1 "Unenchanted Princess Tiana Call Part 1" to hear the recording and the little girl not understanding that it was an enchanted princess call.
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1 year old reading "Cats Are Comical"
1 year old girl reading the book "Cats are Comical." Watch the words in the book as the little girl reads them to you.
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Mini Rocking Horse
A little girl tries to ride a rocking horse ornament while next to a real rocking horse.
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"Good Times" Homeschool Lip Sync Challenge
Homeschool family lip syncing to "Good Times" by Manic Drive.
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Birdie's Wild Baby Ride
A cockatiel bird holds on for a wild ride on the back of a crawling and twisting baby. That baby just can't seem to see the bird on his back.
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D-Link security camera motion detection video
Example of the video that our D-link camera can take. We have it set-up inside and pointing out a window. It's set to detection motion in certain areas.
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Kinect Disneyland Adventures Matterhorn
Two kids playing Kinect Disneyland Adventures Matterhorn mini game and driving their bobsleds.
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Unenchanted Princess Tiana Call Part 1
A little birthday girl get an enchanted call from Disney Princess Tiana. She doesn't understand that the recording is her call and she just wants to talk to Tiana. First she says, "It's my call" because she doesn't want to share the call with her brother. Then she says, "She's not talking," because she doesn't understand the message is the princess talking. At the end of the call she says, "I didn't talk to her." See Part 2 "Unenchanted Princess Tiana Call Part 2" to see the little girl's reaction to the call. Hint...it involves tears.
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Kinect Disneyland Adventures Jungle Cruise
Two kids playing Kinect Disneyland Adventures Jungle Cruise. They are riding in the boat and controlling spray hoses that they spray at hippos and objects. They also jump to grab objects and avoid being knocked over by the hippos.
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