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C63 AMG Mercedes Benz Smashes Through New York Times Square
Guy does massive burnout, and has to break all sorts of laws to get away. I found this video on the internet on another website and I don't own the rights to it, however I am not monetized and I'm not making anything from this video so I am just sharing it with everyone else to watch on things they should not do. I am not endorsing anything that happens in this video. Merely posting it for public viewing no different than it being posted by channel 2,4,9,11 news. It's here as news. I believe this event took place on January 14th 2018 in times square. If you are the opener of this video please let me know and I will place your name for credits on it because as of right now I cannot give credit to it's owner since I don't know who is the owner of this clip. Thank you. Enjoy
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