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How to Make a Running Head in APA Style with MS Word
Quickly demonstrates how to insert page number and header information in APA Style using Microsoft Word.
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Basic for Format APA Style References Page Quick Demo
Quickly demonstrates how to properly format font, spacing, hanging indentation, capitalization, italics, and more
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MLA 8 Basic Format of Works Cited Page
This video shows how to properly format a Works Cited page in Microsoft Word. The example page uses the newest updated 8th edition 2016 MLA Guidelines.
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Page setup for heading and header in MLA format
This video contains a quick tutorial on how to format your heading and header in MLA style using Word.
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Create a Cheaper Shipping Label First Class Package Paypal No Transaction
How to find the hidden link to ship a package on PayPal without a PayPal transaction. How to create a label online for a First Class Parcel Package or Media Mail. USPS.com site crashed? Try this.
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MLA 2016 Update Citing Journal Articles from a Database
This video demonstrates how to cite a database journal article on your Works Cited page, using the updated guidelines from the 2016 MLA Handbook 8th edition.
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How to Cite Films in Works Cited MLA Style 8th edition updated
This is a quick tutorial on how to cite films on a Works Cited page using MLA Style from the 8th edition updated in 2016. Note: If you are viewing in an app (like Netflix), see the MLA FAQ here: https://style.mla.org/2016/12/08/citing-apps/
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How to Cite TV Show Episodes MLA Style 2016 8th edition
Basic citation format for TV episodes from streaming services, broadcast, or DVD. Based on MLA 2016 8th edition guidelines. See MLA handbook for when to cite/emphasize performers and writers.
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How to Email your Professor without Embarrassing Yourself
Video Lecture on How to Email your Professor, by Jessie Lovett Allen, North Platte Community College
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Cite Film or TV quotes in text parentheses MLA 8th edition
A quick tutorial showing how to cite a quote or a moment from a film or a TV episode using MLA Style 8th edition. Use a time stamp with hours, minutes, and seconds.
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How to Cite an Article in APA Style Format Quick Demo
Demonstrates how to cite a periodical (journal) article in APA format
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MLA 2016 Updated Works Cited Magazine and Newspaper articles from databases
This video demonstrates how to cite a magazine article or a newspaper paper article, retrieved from a database, on your Works Cited page. I use the updated 2016 MLA guidelines from the 8th edition of the MLA Handbook.
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DOI or URL? APA Style Guidelines
Quick tutorial on when and how to use DOIs or URLs. Shows how to find the DOI using Crossref
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How to Fix Hanging Indent Margin from Google Docs to Word MLA or APA
Quick demonstration of how to fix the margins on your hanging indent when converting or pasting a Works Cited or References page from Google Docs into Word
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How to Find an Article Permalink on Lexis Nexis
Shows how to find, copy, and paste the permalink for an article on Lexis Nexis. MLA 8th edition 2016 now requires permalinks in Works Cited page citations.
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How to Find Article Permalink in an EBSCO Database
Shows how to find, copy, and paste the permalink for an article on an EBSCO database. MLA 8th edition 2016 now requires permalinks in Works Cited page citations.
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How to Increase Word Count of your Essay (Magic Trick)
A magic trick for increasing essay word count *WITHOUT* BSing.
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