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Ghosts Of Hawaii: The Man In The Mountain
A Day Of Hiking Becomes An Encounter With The Impossible! Hawaiian Ghost Stories, Haunted Places, Encounters With Ghosts, Spooky Place,
Ghosts Of Hawaii: The Haunted Tree At Manoa Chinese Cemetery.
A visit to one of the most famous haunted places in all of Hawaii. The haunted tree at Manoa Chinese cemetery is considered by many to be a portal to the other side. Many stories of encounters with ghosts has happened at this location in the past.
Ghosts Of Hawaii: A Visit To Our Haunted Iolani Palace
One of my more personal heartfelt places to visit is Iolani Palace. While it is haunted this is a good place with good spirits who return here from time to time. I share a story with you as well about a particular ghost who haunts the palace grounds. Please don't mind me sounding out of breath I have been wearing a neck brace after I slipped and fell a few days ago. With that said please enjoy the video! Aloha!
Ghosts Of Hawaii: Spooky Stories Hawaiian Style Shared By My Family
#hawaiianghoststories #spookykine #familyghoststories #storiesofghosts
Ghosts Of Hawaii: Ghost Detected At Morgan's Corner!
While using a new device we get a sign of ghosts at the infamous Morgan's Corner..
Ghosts Of Hawaii: In The Dark With Ghosts At Kapiolani Park Part 4
We ended the night at Kapiolani Park at the old archery range. And while it was quiet for the most part one of our members had a scary moment!
Ghosts Of Hawaii: Weird Orb In My Video On A Haunted Road.
There was nothing in front of my camera or near the lens! Old Pali Drive revisiting where we heard drums!
Ghosts Of Hawaii: Audio Recording Of An Attack By A Giant Creature (Drawing Of Creature By Me)
Audio clip from the night of the blood moon when both myself and my friends encountered a giant unearthly creature! It was so huge it knocked over a tree while walking toward us! The drawing is by me as to what it looked like. My friend was so scared she kept laughing nervously afterwards.
Ghosts Of Hawaii: Pahu Update.
This is the location of where we heard the night marcher's drums the other night!
Ghosts Of Hawaii: A Trip To Morgan's Corner Most Haunted
A Day Time Excursion To Hawaii's Most Haunted Location "Spooky" "Hawaii" "Ghosts" "Paranormal"
Ghosts Of Hawaii: A Ghost Story Shared At Old Pali Lookout Before Hurricane Lane
As Hurricane Lane approaches Hawaii I share a ghost story that took place at the Old Pali Lookout several years ago. A place of many ghosts and hauntings..
Ghosts Of Hawaii: Driving Past A Very Haunted House!
On my way to Kapaa Quarry Rd I wanted to take a detour and show you a very haunted house. Location undisclosed.
Ghosts Of Hawaii: Ghost story shared at Morgan's Corner!
After what happened at 13 turns we went to Morgan's Corner where a friend shares a very unusual type of an encounter with the unknown!
Ghosts Of Hawaii: Return To A Place Of Screams Part 2 Nightmarchers Drums (Listen With Headphones)
While walking thru the tree tunnel near where screaming was heard on our last visit I share an encounter with a spirit I had. At one point I call out to the spirit who haunts the area and you can hear drums after. Drums are usually a sign of the dreaded NightMarchers. Listen. With Headphones to hear the drumming!
Ghosts Of Hawaii: Mililani Cemetery Road Part 1
A visit to another Haunted Road where according to actual eyewitness accounts spirits are seen to walk along the side of the road late at night.
Ghosts Of Hawaii: Ghost Disturbing Wildlife Up At Manoa
Right before this video was made I heard a spirit scream up at Manoa! Afterwards roosters began to crow and to me they sounded startled!
Ghosts Of Hawaii: 13 turns video enhanced to show better detail
I enhanced the video a bit to show the spirit mist moving over the car and the shadow seen for barely a second on the road. The shadow appears after I say I just saw someone! If you notice the positioning of the shadow and my position is slightly different. Also note my hand is extended. Also my other hand is extended while holding the camera. Further more my left hand usually holds the camera and was doing so at that particular moment! I clearly remember this and as you see the shadow of its left arm is bent before quickly scooting off to the left where a lot of activity had happened. Listen with headphones to the trees breaking which was what made us leave so quickly. As I retrieve the device I walk directly into a spirit energy which is why I jumped!!!!
Ghosts Of Hawaii: Ghost Encounter At Morgan's Corner. Pounding On The Car. Use headphones!
While visiting Morgan's Corner we had a terrifying moment when some "one" pounding on the car. Listen with headphones or turn your speakers up...you'll definitely hear it.
Ghosts Of Hawaii: Short Visit To Kapena A Haunted Place In Nuuanu.
On our way home one night from an investigation we stopped for a few minutes to show our viewers on youtube a place known to have ghosts. Kapena. There was an odd moment when filming when from out of nowhere I smelt sage which my friend uses to ward off spirits that show up! There will be another visit here when I will share with you a story or 2 about this location! Mahalo for watching!
Ghosts Of Hawaii: Spirit Box Session On Old Mililani Road With Melissa The Haunted Doll
After being drained by whatever was around our group we did a spirit box session to see if Melissa the very haunted doll wanted to talk to us..or who ever or what ever else was out there..
Ghosts In Hawaii: Melissa The Haunted Doll Pupil Shaking In Her Head!
Ok now Melissa is starting to scare me. Added Note Here: Right after this video I put Melissa and Emily The "Jitter" doll away when a unearthly moan was heard from the basket their in..no joke!
Ghosts Of Hawaii: Investigating A Haunted Hotel In Waikiki Part 1
On May 19 2018 after posting a video here on YouTube a friend of mine contacted me about investigating a haunted hotel in Waikiki! Later that night I did just that! I apologize about the audio in this particular segment. Use headphones to hear the interview.
Ghosts Of Hawaii: After The Queen Emma Celebration. A Respectful Ghost Investigation
As we were leaving the Queen Emma Celebration I sat on a wall near the grounds of the palace and felt someone touch my shoulder from behind me. When I looked behind me no one was there! The sensation lasted almost 2 seconds and felt like a actual person touching me! Later that same night we returned to see if that invisible presence was still around..
Possible Signs Of The Giant Of Nuuanu
On a recent visit to Judd Trail we discovered something very spooky. A possible sign of the giant we encountered several months ago..
Ghosts Of Hawaii: My Haunted Doll Collection Update
Last night I took Melissa my haunted doll out to a location with me and afterwards it got scary. Just wanted to update my collection and share my thoughts on having these dolls if your a collector and how to try to contain their ability to haunt your home.
Ghosts Of Hawaii: Spirit Box At Haunted Cemetery, Spirit Dector Reacts To Sign Of The Cross
I decided to test my new spirit detector with a spirit box session outside a well known haunted cemetery and got some very interesting results. The spirit detector is right outside the car on the hood you can see it in the footage. Watch in the beginning as it reacts to me making the sign of the cross! The video ends abruptly just as the lights in the car went off!
Ghosts Of Hawaii: Ghost Hunting At A Seriously Haunted Place!
Manoa Valley..A place where legends and hauntings merge into a terrifying reality..What better element to discuss it in..The after midnight darkness!
My Haunted Hobby: My Life With Haunted Dolls!
I heard more banging sounds and came back out to check on the dolls..especially Melissa..
Ugh! Come Chat About The Haunting In My Home
#hauntedlivestream #haunteddollsinhauntedhouse #ghostsinterruptlivestreams #hauntedhawaii
Ghosts Of Hawaii: In The Dark With Ghosts At Kapiolani Park Part 1
One of the most haunted and scariest places is in Waikiki is Kapiolani Park. Known for its many historical moments including a great battle in the past. Me and a member of the Ghosts Of Hawaii crew go to pay this place a visit.
Ghosts Of Hawaii: Getting Emotional With A Ghost
At a undisclosed haunted location where I started to cry and then..
Ghosts Of Hawaii: My New Haunted Doll
First impressions after unboxing my new haunted doll with a very unsettling story attached to her!
Ghosts Of Hawaii: Driving Up A Haunted Road Late At Night!
Thanks to the lovely and brave Collen Vierra we went to visit a notoriously haunted road late at night!
Ghosts Of Hawaii: After 3am With Melissa The Very Haunted Doll
After A terrifying encounter with Melissa I wanted to share with you what happened with a possible spirit attack. My Haunted Doll, Melissa Haunting, 3am Ghost Encounter, Spirit Attack,
Ghosts Of Hawaii: Visiting The Manoa Chinese Cemetery Children's Section. Ghost Energy Captures!
In all my years of filming at haunted places in various weather conditions etc I have never seen intense energies in a graveyard until I visited Manoa Chinese Cemetery. In other places I have gotten interesting ghost videos but this has got to be one of the most impressive ones to date!
Ghosts Of Hawaii: Screams in H3 tunnel (One of Hawaii's Haunted Highways)
Turn up the volume all the way and use headphones right when we go thru the second tunnel. Faint screams can be heard around the time I pan the camera towards the car window!
Ghosts Of Hawaii: My Investigation Of A Haunted Hotel In Waikiki Part 3
More stories about what goes on at a haunted hotel in Waikiki that I investigated on May 19 [email protected]
Ghosts Of Hawaii: The Haunting Of Sacred Falls.
A warning to leave certain places alone like Sacred Falls on the island of Oahu..unless you want to anger the spirits who live there.

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