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what's in my bag
a rush video of what's in my bag, i hope you guys like plus some cuteness at the end!!
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Rave Costume Feather Tutu Tutorial
I say um.. a lot, sorry.
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cupcake nail tutorial
A cute little nail tutorial for cupcake. I got the inspiration for these on tumblr a while back and I saved it immediately. I totally forgot who it was from but if someone know, just message or link me and I'll credit it here ;) I had to cut a few bits and pieces because of youtube 10 minutes limits... comment if you need any extra help!
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asian style wavy big  doll curl
XD; i have no idea what's it called but a lot of people have been asking and i was lazy but i finally got around to doing it. hope it helps you guys and if you have any questions, feel free to ask. :P
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blooper fail makeup tutorial
i just wanted to upload something haha but this was the blooper will upload official one soon
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fade nail tutorial
tutorial to do the "fade" on regular nails, no tips ^^ the base is black and the fade is a lilie/whiteish color ~i'll remake another one that's better sooner or later
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i'm a danny fanny & proud!
my official declaration of love and support to Danny Norriega side note. congrats to my predicted SUC winners lol
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spring hair curl and braid tutorial (part 1)
happy new years guy! this style is very cute i think and very fitting for spring and summer. it's a very long video since i fail at editing but i hope you guys like it anyways! thank you for watching
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asian eye makeup
my simple look eye makeup tutorial; if you want the smokey eye tutorial, check out my thread ~ it has the detailed tutorial with step by step pictures or view these links for the smokey eye makeup tutorial http://i10.photobucket.com/albums/a141/RAIN___/smokey/tutorial001.jpg http://i10.photobucket.com/albums/a141/RAIN___/smokey/tutorial002.jpg http://i10.photobucket.com/albums/a141/RAIN___/smokey/tutorial003.jpg http://i10.photobucket.com/albums/a141/RAIN___/smokey/tutorial004.jpg http://i10.photobucket.com/albums/a141/RAIN___/smokey/tutorial005.jpg because people kept asking, these are the makeup used/brand mascara: maxfactor eyeliner: mac fluidline white eyestick: brand faded away, i got it in korea tho :P
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nail art tutorial
err.. take it or leave it haha; i know it's pretty crappy my friend doesn't like "girly" things like this so it took a bit of... err.. yea
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face makeup routine
I talk a lot and am totally off topic but ehhh ... lol sunscreen & moisturizer pore patty etude house magic balm concealer mineral powder contour nose eye shadow blush http://junihoney.blogspot.com
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IMO The World of Magic blog
wheresalltheusername's webcam video August 25, 2010, 12:25 PM basically what i've been doing recently haha i'm so addicted, i'm JuniHoney so msg me if you play
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spring hair curl and braid tutorial (part 2)
happy new years guy! this style is very cute i think and very fitting for spring and summer. it's a very long video since i fail at editing but i hope you guys like it anyways! thank you for watching
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[daisy flower] nail art tutorial
items needed your choice of: polish arylic paint straight paintbrush dotter or toothpicker any other question, just ask away ~ ^^
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mini update ~
i just got home from work so i look beat ;(
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Spring Haul
some recent cute stuff i got~ floral dress with white tank, yellow floral tank, yellow shirt, floral shorts, & rose bikini (abercrombie) crop white top and jean shorts with belt (hollister) crop white top with lace back (5 7 9) necklace, bracelet, & ring (forever 21) the rest from taobao various shop
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Outside deck @ iris rush lounge
Oldschool style but you can see better outside lol
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Dancing at Quad Supernova (Dj Nicavitch)
Dj Nicavitch's set was AMAZING! One of my new favorite ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ Haha and that's me dancing. I have a weird style but that why I love raves, you can do whatever you want! (^ ^)
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makeup tip #1 volumilicous lashes
a new series of makeup tip from moi.. haha #1 vaseline on lashes by itself or as a primer plus some of my random blog-ly-ness~
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Dipped Dye Hair Tutorial
a hair tutorial I did back in june and am just now uploading... haha yea... it's a cute beachy look for summer ~
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Shuffling @ Rush Iris after party
Us after partying like mad at rush lounge (iris promotion) at Sam stone studio Atlanta. Being spoil a bit at rush so music and bass couldn't compare but we still got down ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ
Team Magic Finger [MF] A1 light show - Mammoth Dimitri Vegas
Team Magic Finger [MF] by A1 To Mammoth dimitri vegas
Adventure club light show
Gloving done to adventure club
Start up your summer tan
sunless tanning with loreal sublime luminous bronzer / self tanning lotion and Ocean Potion ever glow daily moisturizer with gentle skin darkener so yup yup, how to get an even tan without streak!
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Dancing @ iris rush
My bf dancing out on deck at rush!
love song clip
i heard it on the radio while waitting for a friend in the car so i decided to sing it; lol i didn't know the lyrics so the chorus was all i picked up a video just out of bordom and for fun lol; i'm not pursueing a career out of it
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Turn it down - Kaskade light show
Tony [Natural] giving my friend an amazing show
spring hair curl and braid tutorial (part 3)
happy new years guy! this style is very cute i think and very fitting for spring and summer. it's a very long video since i fail at editing but i hope you guys like it anyways! thank you for watching
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Raving @ iris rush lounge
Me dancing under backlight!! Lol
Identity festival atlanta 2012 light show
My boy tony [Natural] giving a bomb light show at identity festival, Atlanta