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Famous Impressions!
Ryan Goldsher, contestant on the new show, First Impressions, shares some impressions like President Barack Obama, Mark Wahlberg, and Morgan Freeman.
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Chicago Bulls Snacks
Give your kids a stadium-quality Chicago Bulls experience with faux French fries and hotdog cookies while they enjoy the game tonight on WCIU, The U at 7 PM.
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Why Bobby Lee Is Mad At Jeanne & Melissa
Bobby Lee is mad at Jeanne and Melissa for two reasons.
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Piff The Magic Dragon
Piff The Magic Dragon from America's Got Talent joins us with his chihuahua, Mr. Piffles.
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Crazy Lines at Jollibee in Skokie!
People can't get enough of Jollibee chicken! You & Me headed out to the new Philippines-based chain known for its burgers, fried chicken, spaghetti & Filipino dishes.
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Gilbert Gottfried Loves Jeanne!
Our good friend Gilbert Gottfried joins us to talk about his relationship with Jeanne, Donald Trump, and Svengoolie.
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Godfrey on Fathers, Accents and Dr. Phil
The hilarious comedian Godfrey stopped by to chat with Jeanne and Melissa and had them crying laughing! Godfrey is performing three shows at Chicago Improv Comedy Club this weekend August 26-28, 2016.
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‘Sing Street’ Performance
Ferdia Walsh-Peelo and Mark McKenna, stars of ‘Sing Street,’ perform a song from the film, “Beautiful Sea.” ‘Sing Street’ hits theatres April 22.
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Comedian Jim Breuer
You and Me welcomes comedian Jim Breuer on the show to talk about his family and how he loves to post Facebook videos of them, he also gives you a sneak peek at what you can expect to see from him this weekend at the Improv.
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Tasha Cobbs Interview and Performance
You and Me welcomes Grammy winning gospel singer Tasha Cobbs on the show, to talk about her new hit single, "For Your Glory," and to perform it live.
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Comedic Legend Paul Mooney
Comedic legend Paul Mooney drops by to talk to Jeanne about working with Richard Pryor and to talk about what he thinks of Barrack Obama.
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Candy Dulfer Interview
Candy Dulfer joins Jeanne and Melissa on the couch to talk about how she started playing the saxophone, and what it was like playing with Prince and various other artists.
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How to Correctly Juice Cleanse
Certified vegan nutritionist Marquese Martin-Hayes joins You & Me to tell us the right way to juice cleanse for the new year.
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Jo Koy on his Family, his Restaurant and Jeanne and Melissa's Toes!
Never a dull moment with comedian Jo Koy! Check him out this weekend and next at the Improv in Schaumburg.
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Colin Jost On SNL, The Election, and Leslie Jones
Comedian and writer for the TV program Saturday Night Live, Colin Jost, joins You & Me to talk about the upcoming election and his relationship with Leslie Jones. See Jost at the comedy night club in Old Town, Zanies, tonight through Saturday, June 17, 2016.
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Jody Watley Talks Soul Train and Music Inspiration
Grammy-winning artist Jody Watley had her start on Soul Train which started right here in Chicago at WCIU. The U. Jody joined us to chat about her background, her music and her upcoming performance at the Promontory tonight at 7PM.
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"I Love My Job" Dermatologist
Dr. Amy Brodsky on WCIU-TV's "You and Me This Morning."
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Rules of Taking a Break and Getting Back Together
Relationship expert Bela Gandhi joins You & Me to talk about the rules for taking a break and successfully getting back together in a relationship.
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Tammy Pescatelli Talks About Drinking and Her Family
Tammy Pescatelli talks to Jeanne and Melissa about motherhood, family and drinking, and then takes a nap.
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Bridegroom: The Movie
You and Me sits down to talk to Shane Bitney Crone, about his documentary Bridegroom, which discusses the topic of same sex marriage.
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I Love My Job: Patient Transporter
In this week's I Love My Job. we talked to Ray Welcome, who is a patient transporter at a hospital, and he tells us why he loves his job.
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I Love My Job: Doorman
In this week's I Love My Job, You and Me talked to a doorman at the Hotel Intercontinental, Will White, and he tells us why he loves his job.
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I Love My Job: Furniture Maker
In today's I Love My Job, we get a behind the scenes look at Greta de Parry and her furniture making company. For more info visit her website at gretadeparry.com.
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I Love My Job: Veterinarian
In this week's I Love My Job, we talked to Dr. Laura Williams, who is a veterinarian, and she tells us why she loves her job.
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Ashley Everett Show Some Beyoncé's Moves on You & Me
Beyoncé's lead dancer and dance captain, Ashley Everett, drops by You and Me to share the story of how she ended up becoming Beyoncé's lead dancer, and she also shows Jeanne and Melissa some of the moves that you have seen in her music videos.
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Comedian Owen Benjamin
You and Me welcomes comedian Owen Benjamin to the show, to talk about his show Sullivan and Son, and he also gives us a sneak peek at what we can see from him this weekend at the Improv.
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Presenting Princess Shaw
YouTube star Princess Shaw has had her story turned into feature film “Presenting Princess Shaw.” Samantha Montgomery drops by to share the story of her alter ego.
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Comedian Bryan Callen
Comedian Bryan Callen joins Jeanne and Melissa on the couch to talk about starting out on Mad TV, his roles in the Hangover, and he gives a preview of what you can expect to see from him this weekend at the Improv.
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Lin-Manuel Miranda on 'Hamilton' in Chicago
The Tony Award-winning mastermind behind the hit musical 'Hamilton' Lin-Manuel Miranda sits down with Jeanne Sparrow to talk about the show coming to Chicago!
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Behind The Scenes Of The Spongebob Musical: Part 1
Bikini Bottom is coming to the Broadway stage! Now through July 10th, 2016, The Spongebob Musical is playing at the Oriental Theatre.
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Bruce Bruce on his Comedy, Prince and Chicago Audiences
Bruce Bruce joins Jeanne and Sylvia on the couch today and talks everything from Prince and his Memorial Service to performing for Chicago audiences. See Bruce Bruce at The Improv in Schaumburg this weekend, May 13th-May 15th.
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‘Sing Street’ Interview
Ferdia Walsh-Peelo and Mark McKenna chat about rock ‘n’ roll film ‘Sing Street,’ a coming-of-age adventure that hits theatres April 22.
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Gary Owen Talks Cincinnati, His Family and Shaq
Comedian and actor Gary Owen drops by to catch up before a weekend of stand-up! See Owen this weekend at the Improv in Schaumburg tonight through Sunday, June 16, 2017.
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Judge Faith Talks Craziest Cases
Faith Jenkins of ‘Judge Faith’ fame speaks about the craziest cases she’s encountered on the show. Watch all the courtroom action weekdays on The U at 5 AM.
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Cassi Davis, Lavan Davis Interview
Tyler Perry's 'House of Payne' stars Cassi Davis and Lavan Davis visit 'You & Me.' Will they spill the beans about their last names—Married? Related? Or coincidence?
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Deon Cole Talks Conan And Blackish
Deon Cole, actor and comedian, sits down with Jeanne and Lakesha to chat everything from his work with Conan and the show Blackish. See Deon tonight through Sunday, May 22, 2016, performing stand-up at the Improv in Schaumburg.
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I Love My Job: Closed Captioner
Have you ever wondered how closed captioning gets on TV? Meet Trinesha Jones, senior closed captioner for 'You & Me This Morning.'
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Comedian Ralphie May
Friend of the show Ralphie May joins Jeanne and Melissa in studio to talk about the podcast he does with his wife, taking his kids on spring break, and he also takes over the show and does the weather.
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Joe Thomas Talks on New Song "So I Can Have You Back"
7-time Grammy Award Nominee and R&B singer Joe Thomas joins You & Me to talk about his show last night, his albums and the song "So I Can Have You Back."
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New Organic Hair Products from Mielle Organics
Monique Rodriguez launched her own natural hair care company from home! Check out these new, organic products from Mielle Organics.
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You and Me Talks to Mindless Behvior
Mindless Behavior joins us via satellite to talk to Jeanne and Melissa about their new album, playing for the Obama's, and they also talk about the chaos that followed them in their last visit to Chicago.
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Marlon Wayans On Being An Inappropriate Dad
Comedian and actor Marlon Wayans drops by You & Me to reveal his dance moves to "rookie," Sylvia Perez, and talk about his new show 'Marlon' coming to NBC this fall.
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Lucas Jade Zumann Talks '20th Century Women'
Actor and Chicago-native Lucas Jade Zumann joins You & Me to tell us more about the new film, '20th Century Women.'
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I Love My Job: Athletic Trainer
In this week's I Love My Job, You and Me talked to Bobby Delmore, who is an athletic trainer, and he tells us why he loves his job.
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West Point’s Austin Welch
West Point First Captain Austin Welch shares the story of his military family and his experience at the prestigious military school.
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Marlon Wayans Drops by You and Me
Friend of the show Marlon Wayans is back, to talk about his new movie, "A Haunted House," where his ideas come from, and he also gives Jeanne and Melissa their very own private dance.
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Gillian Flynn Author of "Gone Girl"  (Spoiler Alert)
Former Entertainment Weekly critic and author of the book "Gone Girl," Gillian Flynn gives You and Me an exclusive look in how she came up with the idea for the bestseller.
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Jason Mewes as 'Jay'
Actor Jason Mewes played Jay, the vocal half of the duo Jay and Silent Bob in Kevin Smith's films. He dropped by You & Me before he heads to Wizard World! See Jason Mewes at Wizard World tonight, August 18, and tomorrow, August 19 in Rosemont.
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Gilbert Gottfried Interview
Wild and lewd on morning TV, legendary comedian Gilbert Gottfried proposes to Jeanne with a Ring Pop and hawks his new book, "Rubber Balls and Liquor."
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Garfunkel & Oates
Comedic songwriting duo Garfunkel & Oats talk about the inspirations behind their magical and dirty silly songs. See them this weekend at UP Comedy Club.
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