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Levi.Ackerman /†/ FALLEN
POSSIBLE SPOILERS TO LEVIS PAST Attack on Titan - Shingeki no kyojin The past of Levi is so epic that i decided to make a AMV about it :D I hope yoou enjoy it ;) Please like and subscribe. Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/SuperFrankiHD
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[CLASSIC] One Piece ▪「AMV」▪ ♪One and Only♪ ᴴᴰ | SuperFranki
Like my Facebook: www.facebook.com/SuperFrankiHD I hope you like my NEW One Piece AMV. Thanks a lot for 30 subscribers as well, I am really happy about that. If you like this AMV I would love to be getting a like to this video. If you want to see more please suscribe and commen as well :D Thanks you so much for allowing me to use this song! Check him out! I dont own One Piece or the music! This video is just fan made. "Song: Los - One and Only Los' channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/CherfinMu...
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Issho.Fujitora // MONSTER
The one people call a MONSTER! Please use Headphones. Fujitora / Issho marine admiral amv Not in the mood for tiping anything xD song: Legions of Doom - Audiomachine outro song: Witt Lowry - I could be
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[TRIBUTE] Attack on Titan ▪ 「AMV」▪ ♪Be Somebody♪ ᴴᴰ | SuperFranki
PLEASE USE HEADPHONES Yes, I finally finished xD Here goes my second Attack on Titan AMV. My first one turned out really good and has currently got the most views so I'm really excited how this one is going to turn out. This time i focused more on good looking scenes than fast editing style, but don't worry it might start off slow but there also comes action. :) Would be amazing if you could share Like and Subscribe and tell me your opinion if you prefer rather slow, fast or mixed editing style (i would say this one is mixed) Here my Facebook page if you wanna check it out: https://www.facebook.com/SuperFrankiHD song: Be somebody - Thousand foot krutch
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Roronoa.Zoro /☠/ BREATHING STEEL
I can not put into words how happy I am to finally upload this. I have been working over a year on this piece. I really hope you like it. song: Monolith - No Choir Feel free to ask in the comment if you want me to do a tutorial on any effects used in this AMV. There's a good chance I'll do a video on it. Thank you fo watching!
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One.Piece // REASON
I finally finished!! I never had to experience so many problems with making a video. My program was just crashing as hell and I had to re-edit so many times. I might not be able to upload for a while because there is a lot going on right now so this is going to be it for a while i think. Anyways please comment and Like and if you wanna see more Sub! Song: Ashes Remain - Here For A Reson Outro song: Vanze x Balco x Fransis Derelle - All I Need (feat. Brenton Mattheus) Facebook: Facebook.com/SuperFrankiHD This video is purely fan made with non profit in any way. I dont own the music or the anime in this video.
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[CLASSIC] One Piece ▪「AMV」▪ ♪Just A Dream♪ ᴴᴰ | SuperFranki
Just a Dream - One Piece AMV - HD - NEW Hope you guys Like my new One Piece AMV ;) I spent a long time editing; Please Like, Subscribe and comment ;) I would really appreciate that. Any suggestions or tips ? I´m always open for some, leave them in the comments below. Follow me on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SuperFrankiHD song: Just a Dream - Nelly
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One Piece AMV in HD. Enjoy. Like. Subscribe. Comment. This video is intirely fan made. O do not own One Piece and I do not make any profit with this video! Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SuperFrankiHD sing: One for the money - Escape the fate
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One Piece - I am Whitebeard - The strongest man in the world ! - Whitebeards rage
This is the strongest man in to have seen in One Piece yet! See his true power by watching this Video! He is the only one having a clue were the One Piece could be hiding! I dont own One Piece! This video is just fan made.
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Last.Samurai /❗/ FISTS
Holy shit i'm finally done with this video about 80 hours uggghhhhhh. (Yes, only like the first minute is in 60fps) Next up there are probably gonna be some tutorials so if you have anything in specific you want me to tutorial tell me in the comments :) I finished just in time for Gintama 2017 I'm so hyped. I want there to be Last Samurai II AMV as well with Katsuras fight against that monkey..... so hyped xD I really hope you like it I personally fucking love it lol, maybe because Gintoki is my favourite anime character :P Pls chare the video :-) Music is at the end of the video
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[CLASSIC] One Piece ▪「AMV」▪ ♪Shotgun♪ ᴴᴰ | SuperFranki
NEW One Piece AMV for you guys ;D Don´t forget tu Like and Subscribe for more. Check out my Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/SuperFrankiHD song: Angel with a shotgun - the cab
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PLEASE USE HEADPHONES!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE USE HEADPHONES!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE USE HEADPHONES!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE USE HEADPHONES!!!!!!!!!! I wanted to do a Law AMV all the time, i worked on the project and wanted it to be my 100 sub special. Sadly i waited for Laws past to still come out and when it finally came, my Law project got lost :( But i made a new One :))))) Have fun watching it, hope you enjoy. I'm always open for comments, and new suggestions for my videos. Please Like Subscribe :))) song beginning: Audiomachine - When it all falls down second song: Audiomachine - Wars of Faith Outro song - MSMR - BTSK Facebook.de/superFrankiHD This video is purely fan made with non profit in any way. I dont own the music or the anime edited in this video.
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One Piece AMV in HD quality. Hello guys, I´m back after I took a short break. I hope you like my newest AMV ;) This time I made it all about film Z. Please Like and Subscribe. I'm always open for tips to improve my videos/content, and it would be awesome if you could give me a feedback about my video. Also thank you for hitting over 180 Subs! :3 Facebook: Facebook.com/SuperFrankiHD song: Keep me watching - Jason Walker
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Yaaaay it's done finally. I surely had some issues with this Mep because people diddnt finish in time and some were just gone. lol. But now it's done! I guess it turned out pretty nice, not the best Mep in the world but is does have some nice part in my opinion. Hope you agree with me. As for the beginning is edited by me because no one wanted that part xD Thanks to you all :) First part - 3 part: 00:00 - 00:53 Me Part 4: AMV Boss 00:53 - 01:05 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-DHYSfcPPUgit8q42KArbQ Part 5: Nevo AMV 01:05 - 01:20 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFLJs9hGVM5ZEz_W6yZ8o7w Part 6: Alekks 01:20 - 01:38 https://www.youtube.com/user/AlexReviewt Part 7: Strohhut TV 01:38 - 01:52 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC32iZytUtpOdVS3DEmu2-HQ Part 8: tatsuya: 01:52 - 02:05 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3JIjg0R4WKAZwvygT2j2zg Part 9: AniMeep 02:05 - 02:23 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWjpEzJY4-hXbGH2sS3qIBQ Part 10: Will AMVz 02:23 - 02:35 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWjpEzJY4-hXbGH2sS3qIBQ Part 11: Daniel uchiha 02:35 - 02:48 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwkwXrR2NU5QQi05djvg1og Part 12: AniMeep: 02:48 - 02:57 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWjpEzJY4-hXbGH2sS3qIBQ song: I Have the power - Super Rock outro song: I could be - Witt Lowry
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[TUTORIAL] How to create a COMIC EFFECT in After Effects? - Slideshow
How to create a comic effects in AE???? This video will answer your question. As far as I know I'm actually the first one to come up with this since I came up with this myself by experimenting :))) I'm really proud of it! ""Since this effects reallly seemed to have enjoyed you and some have asked about it I've made a tutorial :) songs used: Feel You - Jacob Tillberg She got me Like - Halvorsen
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[CLASSIC] One Piece ▪「AMV」▪ ♪Bring me Back to Life♪ ᴴᴰ
Like my Facebook: www.facebook.com/SuperFrankiHD I would really appreciate a like sucribe or a comment. I dont own One Piece or the music! I dont own One Piece or the music! This video is just fan made. This Video is fan made. Song: Bring me back to life
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One Piece ▪「AMV」▪ ♪Undefeated♪ ᴴᴰ
Hey here a new AMV for you guys! Dont forget to like and comment the video and subscribe if you havent already :D I spend a lot of time making this so I hope you Like it. Some effects are from: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEEt5cNUiE6LtrjYTGSgEZQ Follow me on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SuperFrankiHD song: Undefeated - Jason Derulo
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[One Piece AMV] - I´d Love to Change the World - HD Sabo, Doflamingo, Whitebeard, Zoro, Fujitora AMV
Hey, here is a new AMV for you guys. it took a long time editing this and I hope you like it as much as I enjoyed making this I absolutly love this song I think it is sick so I hope you guys like it as well. This also is some kind of new editing style i want to try out. Please Leave a like as always and Subscribe if you havent already. New suggestions to my video feel free to tell me in the commends Also check out and Like my Facebook page where I will be posting NEWs to my Youtube Channel https://www.facebook.com/SuperFrankiHD song: I´d love to change the world - Jetta
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HAHAHAHHA FINALLLY BIATCH!! So glad to finally get a new AMV out there yay :D Really hope you guys like it I put quiet a lot of effort into this beauty and I think with this song it fits well into my uploads :) Tell me your thoughts down in the comments I'm excited to hear them out :) What AMV next?? :D song: Anti-gravity - Runaground
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One Piece ▪「AMV」▪ ♪My Demons♪ ᴴᴰ
My Demons One Piece AMV. I spend a really long time editing this video! I hope you like it. I really would appreciate a Like on this video :D As always Subscribe for more videos :)
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One Piece ▪「AMV」▪ ♪POWERLESS♪ ᴴᴰ
I hope you like my new AMV. Please Subscribe to my Youtube Channel and Like the video. Follow me on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SuperFrankiHD song: POWERLESS - Linking Park
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Pirates  ▪「AMV」▪ ♪Dust and Light♪ ᴴᴰ
New AMV 4you ;D Hope you like it. Follow me one facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SuperFrankiHD?ref=bookmarks song: twelve titans music - dust and light
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Thanks for everyone who took part in this Mep. I had some problems certain youtubers about the deadline thats the reason it took so long. Unfortunatly I had to take more parts in the end that I actually wanted to but thats fine... :) In the end I think this became a Mep worth seing and I hope people will agree. Also thanks to 500 subs, there will be a special soon :) Part 1: 00,06 - 00,24 / GraceBankai / Bleach Part 2: 00,22 - 00,39 / Shamanic AMVs / One Punch man Part 3: 00,37 - 00,53 / Me :) / One Piece Part 4: 00,51 - 1,11 / MarcoMusio AMV / Tokyo Ghoul Part 5: 1,09 - 1,27 / GraceBankai / Dragonball Z Part 6: 1,25 - 1,48 / Me :) Part 7: 1,46 - 2,03 / PixieBagel / Attack on Titan / Levi Ackermann Part 8: 2,01 - 2,19 / Hisaky Heartfilia / Nanatsu no Taizai Part 9: 2,17 - 2,35 / Jenice Phantomhive / To aru kagaku no railgun / Part 10: 2,33 - 2,50 / Taismoloverful / FMA Part 11: 2,48 - 3,05 / howling wolves / Death Note Part 12: 3,03 - 3,21 / DaniSir / noragami / yato vs bishamon Part 13: 3,19 - 3,36 / Malice Claw / Akame Ga Kill Part 14: 3,34 - 3,53 / SuperFranki / One Piece / Film Z song: Untraveled Road - Thousand Foot Crutch outro song: Let it go - Passenger (remix Mike Stud) This video is purely fan made, meaning none profit in any ways!
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[CLASSIC] One Piece ▪「AMV」▪ ♪My Dream♪ ᴴᴰ
New One Piece AMV 4you guys :3 Found this song and loved it! I hope you guys like it as much as I do. Please Like and Subscribe! ^^ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SuperFrankiHD "Song: Silver Medallion - My Dream Silver Medallion's channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/silvermed... "
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Random // IRON
Oh my goodness I finally flipping finished it xD Enjoy :) I'm always open for feedback and comments ;) pls Like and sub Yes I'm ware of the fact I spelled Revelations wrong in the end xD Facebook: Facebook.com/SuperFrankiHD song: Revelations - Woodkid (assasins creed) outro song: Different heaven - My Heart This video is purely fan made, meaning non profit in any way.
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One Piece AMV - Becoming a Legend - Sabos speech - Sabo vs Fujitora - Brotherhood never dies
Hey guys. heres a new AMV. Hope you Like it :D Sabos amazing speech about Aces, Sabos and Luffys speech. Please Like me on Facebook to make sure you dont miss any of my videos and knowing NewS about my channel: Facebook.de/SuperFrankiHD
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Wilhelm.Van.Astrea /♡/ LOVE
Yes I finally finished an AMV, BUT wait this is not what I've been working on for so long ;) I spend this weekend (like 10 hours) to make this because it really was time to upload something xD Hope you like it, one of my favourite love stories! music: Tales of neverland - J.T. Peterson outro song: Cartoon - On and On ft. Daniel Levi now some random tags lets see if that is gonna work out lol: Naruto AMV - Naruto Shippuden AMV - Naruto Shippuden Episode & Episode - Naruto Shippuden Capitulo 693 & Capitulo694 - Hagoromo & Hamura - Ashura vs Indra - Indra vs Ashura - Full Story Past - Kaguya Otsutsuki - Kakashi Perfect Susanoo - Obito - Sharingan - Rinnegan - Naruto vs Kaguya - Sasuke vs Kaguya - Full Fight - Scene - English Sub - Final battleMovie - RAW - OVA - Anime - Epic - Scene - Preview - Review - English Sub - Sub Espanol - {Noragami AMV, Noragami, AMV, Anime Music Video, Zombie AMV, Opening AMV, Yato AMV, Yukine AMV, Iki Hiyori AMV, 2014 AMV, Tokyo Kushu AMV, Hollywood Undead AMV, Anime 2014, AMV Best, AMV Action AMV, Mystery AMV, Drama AMV, Horror AMV, Supernatural AMV, Psychological AMV, 7SHINDEN AMV, We Are AMV, AMV, 2015 AMV, Tokyo, Japan, Anime, Naruto, Sasuke, Ghost, Unravel, Opening, Full, Naruto AMV, Bleach, Yato, Yukin anime, anime music video, amv, amv by paradox, amv by loran, xLoran, Loran amv, Noragami, Noragami TV2, noragami amv, like you do amv, Noragami TV2 like you do, noragami 2, amv noragami, yato x hiyori , yato, yato amv, amv RE:Zero - re Zero AMV - Re:Zero Episode & Episode - Re zero episode 21 - Subaru & rem - Wilham vs White whale- White whale vs army - Full Story Past - Witch cult - Subaru vs white whale- emilia - black hand - Full Fight - Scene - English Sub - Final battleMovie - RAW - OVA - Anime - Epic - Scene - Preview - Review - English Sub - Sub Espanol - Natzuki subaru Sword Art Online, SAO, Sword Art Online AMV, AMV, SAO AMV, Running From My Heart SAO, Running From My Heart Sword Art Online, Runnin SAO, Runnin Sword Art Online, Amv Sword Art. Category People & Blogs Re:Zero Episode 1「始まりの終わりと終わりの始まり」 - Hajimari no owari to owari no hajimari Re:Zero Episode 2「再会の魔女」 - Saikai no majo Re:Zero Episode 3「ゼロから始まる異世界生活」 - Zero kara hajimaru isekai seikatsu Re:Zero Episode 4「ロズワール邸の団欒」 - Rozuwāru-tei no danran Re:Zero Episode 5「約束した朝は遠く」 - Yakusoku shita asa wa tōku Re:Zero Episode 6「鎖の音」 - Kusari no oto Re:Zero Episode 7「ナツキ・スバルのリスタート」 - Natsuki Subaru no risutāto Re:Zero Episode 8「泣いて泣き喚いて泣き止んだから」 - Naite naki wameite naki yan dakara Re:Zero Episode 9 Yūki no Imi" (勇気の意味) Re:Zero Episode 10 Oni Gakatta Yarikata" (鬼がかったやり方) Re:Zero Episode 11 Remu (レム) Re:Zero Episode 12 Sairai no ōto (再来の王都) Re:Zero Episode 14 Zetsubō to iu Yamai (絶望という病) Re:Zero Episode 15 Kyouki no Sotogawa (狂気の外側) Re:Zero Episode 16 Buta no Yokubou (豚の欲望) Re:Zero Episode 17 Shuutai no Hate ni (醜態の果てに) Re:Zero Episode 1 English Sub Re:Zero Episode 2 Full English Sub Re:Zero Episode 3 Sottotitolato Italiano Re:Zero Episode 4 Subaru & Emilia Vs Elsa Re:Zero Episode 5 English Sub Re:Zero Episode 6 avance sub español Re:Zero Episode 7 Subtitle Indonesia Re:Zero Episode 8 Completo HD Re:Zero Episode 9 English Sub Re:Zero Episode 10 Full streaming HD Tokyo Tv Re:Zero Episode 11 Original japanese Re:Zero Episode 12 Full free online Subbed Re:Zero Episode 17 Full HD Gratis Re:Zero Episode 1 "The End of the Beginning and the Beginning of the End" Re:Zero Episode 2 Reunion with the Witch Re:Zero Episode 3 Starting Life from Zero in Another World Re:Zero Episode 4 The Happy Roswaal Mansion Family Re:Zero Episode 5 The Morning of Our Promise is Still Distant Re:Zero Episode 6 The Sound of Chains Re:Zero Episode 7 Natsuki Subaru's Restart Re:Zero Episode 8 I Cried, Cried My Lungs Out, and Stopped Crying Re:Zero Episode 9 The Meaning of Courage Re:Zero Episode 10 Fanatical Methods Like a Demon Re:Zero Episode 11 Rem Re:Zero Episode 12 Return to the Royal Capital Re:Zero Episode 13 Self Proclaimed Knight, Natsuki Subaru Re:Zero Episode 14 A Disease Known as Despair Re:Zero Episode 15 The Outside of Madness Re:Zero Episode 16 A Pig's Desire Re:Zero Episode 17 At the End of Disgrace] Re:Zero Capitulo 20 Re:Zero Capitulo 20 Sub Espanol Re:Zero Episode 20 Re:Zero Episode 21 Preview Re:Zero Episode 21 Preview English Sub Re:Zero 20 Review Re:Zero Episode 20 avance sub español Re:Zero Episode 20 Subtitle Indonesia Re:Zero Episode 20 Completo HD Re:Zero Episode 20 English Sub - Charapters Natsuki Subaru Emilia Puck Rem Ram Beatrice Roswaal Betelgeuse Romanee-Conti - - - - - - - - - - - -
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Kirito.Asuna /♡/ ENDURANCE
I recently watched SAO and I loved, so here is an AMV ;) When I finished this, I got stupidly upset because the song I used is worldwide blocked on youtube. I'll try my best by explaining that this is a fair use video though. So I'm just gonna say it right now again. I do not earn any typ of money in any way with this video!!! This video is fan made and purely for entertaining!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Still, if you like the video pls Like and subscribe for more, I really hope this video gets accepted :/ song: Soldier - Gavin DeGraw outro song: I could be - Witt Lowry I do not own own the music, the anime and neither the pictures used in this video, all this is purely fan made, meaning non profit in any way.
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One Piece Luffy ▪「AMV」▪ ♪Overkill♪ ᴴᴰ
LUFFYS BEST SCENES ON HIS WAY TO BECOMING THE PIRATE KING. I dont own One Piece or the music! This video is just fan made. There might have been some other cool scenes, sry for not putting them in this Video. It would have been to long. song: courtesy call
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One Piece ▪「AMV」▪ ♪Bring me Back to Life♪ ᴴᴰ - 2
Hey, guys here is another AMV for you ;) I know that I already did a Bring me Back to Life AMV but because this song is so awesome i made a new one! I hope you like it though. Please Like the video and Subscribe to my channel if you haven´t already. Comments are of course appreciated as well and i´m always excited to know what you guys think about it. I have also got a Facebook page where my videos will be uploaded as well as well as News about my channel so make sure you Like it: Facebook.de/SuperFrankiHD song: Bring me Back to Life - HT Bristol, Charlie Bannister, Vincent Steele, Nine One One
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【 AMV 】~ Naruto ~ Speak Life ~ The last movie
The last Naruto movie (movie 7) AMV. Hope you guys like it ;) I'm really sorry that this isn't HD quality ;( Like my Fcabeook page: https://www.facebook.com/SuperFrankiHD?ref=bookmarks Please like and subscribe! song: speak life - toby mac
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All.Might /☺/ SMILE
So, It's been quiet a while since I last uploaded. The reason was not because I didn't edit, it was because I couldn't bring myself to finish a project. Right now I've got a Zoro AMV and a normal One Piece AMV going. maaan, I used to only do One Piece videos back then :) Anyways, hope ya all enjoy this one and to all the haters: FUCK YOU song: David - Eman and: Hidden Citizens - Surrender by Fire
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[CLASSIC] [AMV] ~ Tokyo Ghoul ~ *I Feel Like A* Monster by "Skillet"
My first Tokyo Ghoul AMV ;D I hope you guys like because i really felt like doing something beside One Piece. Please Like and Subscribe, comments are always appreciated. Fcaebook page: https://www.facebook.com/SuperFrankiHD?ref=bookmarks
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[TRIBUTE] Sakata Gintoki ▪ Gintama ▪「AMV」 | SuperFranki
My first Gintama AMV. Dont want to write anyting.... song: Future world music - anthem of the world outro song: Feint - sanke eyes Facebook: Facebook.com/SuperFrankiHD This video is purely fand made meaning none-profit in any way!
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One Piece AMV - Roronoa Zoro - Change my Life - NEW
My new AMV. I thought it would be a good idea to make an AMV around Zoro cause my last one wasn´t that good. From the day this video is uploaded I will make other Zoro AMV privat so there is only one Zoro AMV on my channel. This also is the first time me using my new editing program so I hope you like it. Because I have more opportunities for editing my videos will now take more time to edit... But anyway enjoy Subscribe, Like and Comment :) My Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/SuperFrankiHD Song: Ashes Remain - Change my Life Outro song (Copyright music): NocturnalZ - Seraphim • Download this song for free: https://soundcloud.com/nocturnalz/ser... Thanks a lot for allowing me to use this song :D
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One Piece ▪「AMV」▪ Whitebeard  ᴴᴰ
One Piece Whiebeard in 2 minuts. Please Like and Subscribe! :) Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SuperFrankiHD?ref=bookmarks song: Brand x music - buccaneer island
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Benio.Rokuro /♡/ HOLD.OUT
My first Sousei no onmyouji AMV. I put a lot of effort into this...., about 40 hours of editing, maybe even more. I might even go as far as to call this my best AMV so far. I really fell in love with this anime and it might be my personal best anime 2016. With this AMV I also want to encourage people to watch this anime beacuse I think it isn't getting as much attention as it should be getting. music: Warrior - Randy Dominguez
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One.Piece // GOOD.MOOD
I hope you lie my new AMV. Enjoy! Subscribe! Like! Comment! As always in HD quality :) PLease Like my Fcaebook page: https://www.facebook.com/SuperFrankiHD?ref=bookmarks Song: Los - Good Mood His youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrpmyAUqGYTwIxbdXjsKiug
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Edward.Newgate // RAGE
-------------------------------------------------400---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------subs--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------thank----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------you--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I made a Whitebeard AMV before but I don't really like it, so I made a nother one because I think what is an AMV channl (that mostly uploads One Piece) without a good Whitebard AMV xD So I hope you enjoy and give me feedback :-) Facebook: Facebook.com/SuperFrankiHD Youtube: Youtube.com/SuperFrankiHD I do not own The anime One Piece, the music or the thumbnail! This video is purely fan made with non profit in any way. I dont own the music or the anime in this video. song: Roman Ruminski - into a dark dawn
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Give Me Back My Life ~ 【 AMV 】 One Piece / Naruto / Tokyo Ghoul ~ Mix
My fisrt mix AMV on my channel ^^ Hope you like it. Anime used: Tokyo Ghoul, One Piece, Naruto. Please Like and subscribe (comments are always appreciated as well :D) song: Give me back my life - Papa roach
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[CLASSIC] One Piece/Naruto ▪「AMV」▪ ♪Escape♪ ᴴᴰ
Naruto / One Piece AMV. Please like and subscribe ;) Follow me on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SuperFrankiHD?ref=bookmarks song: Escape - Megan Nicole
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[FUNNY] ANIME MOMENTS #2 | Who is that Pokemon?
This is just a quick video i didnt nearly put as much effort into it as my ANIME ON CRACK PART 1 check it out. Some more funny moments :) Don't forget to check out part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kc89bUBafJk If you enjoyed please comment me your thoughts and like the video and there will be more ^^ I also have a fan page: https://www.facebook.com/SuperFrankiHD/
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Itachi.Uchiha /유/ FRIEND
Here goes my first Naruto AMV, let's see how it turns out ;) Don't forget to leave a Like and a comment, tell me what you think of the video ;) What do you want to see next. song: Stand up - Yashin outro music: Feint - Snake eyes Facebook: Facebook.com/SuperFrankiHD This video is purely fan made, meaning none-profit in any way!
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Funny anime crack / weed complication !!! Funny Memes and more :) I always had some ideas about some crack anime so I made some of them real XD Please leave a comment and like ;) songs used: Gunther - Ding Dong Yello - Oh yeah Baby - Justin Bieber mike posner - please don't go outro song: Defqwop - Heart of Fire anime used: One Piece Gintama Tanaka-kun One Punch man Sword Art Online Death Note boku dake ga inai That virgin anime and the anime at 4:40 I don't know the name of sry.... Facebook fan page: Facebook.com/SuperFrankiHD
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One Piece AMV - Invincible HD
Like my Facebook: www.facebook.com/SuperFrankiHD I hope you enjoy . This also is some kind of special Video for my first 1.000 overall views. Thank you ! I dont own One Piece or the music! This video is just fan made. Song: Top of the world - Greek fire This Video is fan made.
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[TRIBUTE] One Piece ▪「AMV」▪ ♪Ready for you♪ ᴴᴰ ▪ Zoro tribute | SuperFranki
Thank you guys all so much ------ 200 subs ----- Since there wasn't a 100 sub special and i felt bad about i decided to make for the 200. I really hope you guys Like this video I really did my best on it. As always it would be awesome if you could Subscribe if you haaven't already, Like, comment and share the video. Thank you all so much. song: Advanced warfare soundtrack - Draconian Dream outro song: kyrs fly - fly away This video is purely fan made with non profit in any way. I dont own the music or the anime edited in this video.
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[TUTORIAL] How to do the WIGGLE EFFECT in After Effects? | SuperFranki
How to do wiggle up/ down (only x/ y) How to wiggle randomly?
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Special /☹/ DIE YOUNG
YAAAY i finally reached 1 thousand subscribers :))) Thanks so much, I've spend so much time on this AMV (like 60 hours) and I can finally upload it now. I'm just glad I reached 1k, it means so much to me :) I just hope no one unsibscribes now because we are exacly at 1k now lol ;) I really hope you enjoy this epic video. song: If I die young (cover by) - Michael Henry and Justin Robinett outro song: On and On - Cartoon ft. Daniel Levi Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/SuperFrankiHD/?ref=bookmarks
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Kakashi.Hatake /∵/ SHARINGAN
Finally got another video. Really don't know how long this took me, but long. This time it is kinda different, than my other videos, it's more slow, telling a story, bit like an episode. I wanted to do kakashi in one video, but it turned out that would have been to long, so when I have the time and lust I'll do episode 2. Sorry, really can't be bothered to see what songs I used. Always open for feedback. Want me to do a How to in After Effects for any affects?? Comment down below
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Random // FOREVER
Here's a short amv which took me like 5-8 hours :D Feedback is always appreciated.... Stay hyped for my 1k sub special!! ^^ song: Forever - M.A.K outr song: on and on ft. daniel levi - cartoon facebook: Facebook.com/Superfranki
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