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How To draw Arachne
Here's a little drawing video for drawing my character Arachne from my Wicca comic on deviantart. Wicca the webcomic belongs to me.
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Wicca Speedpaint: Naptime in the meadow
Here is another Speedpaint for my characters Morgana lefay and Logan MCcallen.
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How to draw Morgana
Here's a little drawing video for a character of mine named Morgana from my Wicca comic on deviantart http://invaderskull1995.deviantart.com/ Wicca the Webcomic belongs to me.
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Thirteen Ghosts- Angry Princess speedpaint
Well,no ones done a speedpaint for the movie Thirteen ghosts yet so,I thought I’d change that with my personal favorite from the movie The Angry Princess,formerly known as Dana Newman, hope you all enjoy it. Thirteen ghosts belongs to Dark Castle entertainment
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How to draw Logan Mccallen
Here's a video for drawing Morganas boyfriend Logan Mccallen from Wicca, he is a young shape shifter who usually keeps to his Dragon form
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How to draw Arachne Spiderwick(new look)
I decided to give my character Arachne a new look
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Toralei Stripe Speedpaint
Well,I contributed this as a t shirt design for the monster High fandom,now I felt I should share it as a Speedpaint Monster High belongs to Mattel
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Roaring Dragon Speedpaint
Here is something I did a while ago,the Dragon form of Prince Logan MCcallen from my Wicca webcomic roaring to the sky in a similar way to Godzilla
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Comic page speedpaint
Here’s a little example on how I trace my comic demos digitally,the page I’m using,the first page of my story for Zoey Vandez
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How to draw Lily Lefay
Here's a video on drawing Morgana's mother,Lily Lefay
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The Artistic World of Zoey Vandez- Speedpaint cover
Here is a cover for a new concept I’m working on,it follows the Artistic adventures of a young artist named Zoey
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How to draw Cleo Achmenrah
Here's a little drawing video for my Wicca character,Cleo Achmenrah,a young egyptian sorceress
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The Dragon Within-speedpaint
I’ve finally gotten around to doing my first speedpaint,a time lapse of my Wicca character Logan MCcallen,prince of the shifters.
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Arachne Spiderwick Speedpaint
Here is a Speedpaint of Arachnes new look. Wicca belongs to me
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