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Camp Walter Scott
This is just little video I made from all the footage and some of the photos I took at Camp the past week.
Mission Trip Funnies
Yesterday's video was really serious so today's video is going to be all the funny parts from the interviews and some other things that are funny that won't be making it into the vlog series I will(try)release through next week.
This is a short video where I interviewed the people at VBS who help make VBS run, in this video, there are the games people, the music people, and the tech people, thank you to all the other volunteers who made this amazing year at VBS possible.
Mission Trip 2018
A short interview video I made during the trip our church took this year, enjoy and thank you to everyone who let me interview them during this trip.
Habitat Video
This is a short video interviewing most of the people who work/help at the Habitat Restore in Decatur, thanks to all the people who let me interview them and who help there!
Mission Trip
The summary of the Decatur Central Christian Church mission trip of July 2017.
Youth Group Montage
For some reason, I forgot to upload this when I shot it two months ago, but this is a "montage video of our youth group getting ready for the talent show.