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Camp Walter Scott
This is just little video I made from all the footage and some of the photos I took at Camp the past week.
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CCC Youth Group Talent Show
Central Christian Church recently had a talent show and I recorded all of it to share with you guys, I hope you enjoy! Shoutout to all the youth who participated and to Audrey whos dance I did not videotape but which was amazing. Leave a like if you enjoyed the talents on display! 3:15 Luke/Pastor Michael(Piano) 5:40 Bella, Emily, Brandon(Violin) 9:00 Jokes with Joe 10:00 Peyton(Piano) 12:37 Joe(Dance) 14:40 Bella(Violin) 17:11 Zack/Makenzie(Trumpet and Saxophone) 18:45 Zack(Trumpet and piano) 22:30 Youth Group leader shoutout 12:37 Thomas(Piano and Vocals) Timberlake, Justin ft. Stapleton Chris, "Say Something," Man of the Woods, RCA records, 2018, track 9
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All the Beautiful Things I Have Seen Since Starting Photography
This is a compilation of things I have seen since starting photography with some background music(On Top of the Wold-Imagine Dragons, We Know the Way Finale-Moana) Enjoy.
Mission Trip Funnies
Yesterday's video was really serious so today's video is going to be all the funny parts from the interviews and some other things that are funny that won't be making it into the vlog series I will(try)release through next week.
The steps of Matthew's B day party
My friends birthday was not too long ago and I ended up with a lot of footage so I decided to make a video, Thanks to everyone who let me share this and make this.
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Pacific Ocean Boat Tour with ORCAS!
A video showing some of the amazing things I saw during my boat tour out in the mid-west.
Intro Video
Hi guys! This is a short video I made for the sole purpose of introducing my channel and/or explaining it to people. Hope you find what you are looking for.
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This is a short video where I interviewed the people at VBS who help make VBS run, in this video, there are the games people, the music people, and the tech people, thank you to all the other volunteers who made this amazing year at VBS possible.
Mission Trip 2018
A short interview video I made during the trip our church took this year, enjoy and thank you to everyone who let me interview them during this trip.
Habitat Video
This is a short video interviewing most of the people who work/help at the Habitat Restore in Decatur, thanks to all the people who let me interview them and who help there!
A Photographic Guide to Disney World
This is a montage of pictures taken at Disneyworld, it is very interesting taking photos there because there are the normal shots of the castle then the few people who find the creative shots, I hope this is the video of the later type of interesting shots
Youth Group Montage
For some reason, I forgot to upload this when I shot it two months ago, but this is a "montage video of our youth group getting ready for the talent show.
Mission Trip
The summary of the Decatur Central Christian Church mission trip of July 2017.
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The Office Family Group
While at camp my family group(aka small group)did this for the talent show.
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The Life of a Photographer(waking up early)
My first episode of a series that I plan on producing as I continue doing photography. This episode features waking up early to get a good photo of the train trestle near me. Link to my friend's Instagram Photography Page:https://ink361.com/app/users/ig-6990640483/liudachris_photos/photos My Photos:https://drive.google.com/open?id=1PUHs6cd6OOS3e6sAHEma4dsGCg4Y0o_o
Ashfall State Park and Rushmore Montage
A short video I made using pictures that I took at Ashfall State Park and Mt. Rushmore National Monument. This is a first in a long series of videos I will be making about my vacation out west. Like and Subscribe if you enjoy the content! Music: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly-composed by Ennio Morricone, with Bruno Nicolai conducting the orchestra.