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The best battle ever][ with eurobeat
This was recorded on assoluto racing. Sorry about the game sound there was none so I thought it would be a great idea to use Eurobeat since the cars where initial d themed anyway. The car I was driving was a mr2 and there was a rx7 and a nsx. Please note that the music isn't from me it is from this guys channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/gokuakujanki0207 Make sure to leave a like and subscribe if your new. Also comment if you want me to do more of android smartphone type videos.
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Homemade Steering Wheel Testing
Hey Guys I'm just testing my wheel to make sure it works. I know it still need the actual steering wheel but that is on its way. When it gets here I will make a video on it too and then on the day after that I will stream. Ok hope you enjoy this teaser I gave you.
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Drifting Aftermath
Hey peeps, it's me brownboy. Iwill be driftibg a car from what you all know and love!
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Drifting Just Got MORE Complicated!!][C.X.R #1
This is just a video for you to comment on so I'm not really looking for views, but I'm looking for comments to make my videos better. Also If you see glitch like movements in the video then it's because of the quality. Sorry this was on my phone. Made on Mobizen Screen Recording
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Back Again Lets Go
Hey guys more games on ps3 Make sure to like and enjoy! Psn username: brownboy0093 Discord name:Takumi Fujiwara#7062 Also if you want to donate here is my link Anything donation helps paypal.me/brownboy25
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This video is going to show how, when, and what my videos are going to be about. Don't subscribe, but comment and like the video. See if you want to subscribe in my first gaming video. Thank you so much for watching this video or reading the description. This is just the start.
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Racing Sim for Andriod?!?? Assoluto Racing Stream
Hey Guys Just playing a bit of this sim racing game. also check out this glitch
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Restream of Skid Storm
the stream crashed so here is another I will delete the first one though
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THUS IS RALLY][Rush Rally 2 first impression😑😁😂
Hey guys this is just a new or old game on android/iPhone and it Is great. The physics for some of the things are awesome including damage. It also includes a nice selection of cars that features most of the tracks all over the world. Here is the link if you are interested:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=brownmonster.app.game.rushrally2 Also I made some intros which I will see if I can make more to sum up my videos. P.S. sorry for the video audio it's my fault I didn't turn down the volume in game. Any way hope you enjoy and leave a like if you love my intros and outros.
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Gt Sport Aftermath
Hey peeps, it's me brownboy. The last stream lost connection so i will be racing n300 with my friend.
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The Pedals are ready to go][HTBASWFPs3
How to build a steering for ps3/4. So basically I'm done with the pedals and all I need now is a wheel. I will use a Nintendo wheel, but if you guys have anything else you can use then use that. All of the explanation will be in the video. Make sure to like a leave a comment to help me or other subscribers out there. Hope you enjoy P.S. HTBASWFPS3 basically stands for the first sentence in this description, but you all probably figured that out because you all of so smart and I love all of you. Just keep being you and if you are down I will do my best in videos to make you happy. Also sorry but if you want to DM me on steam, Twitter or anything like that just let me know in the comments below. As always see you all in the next video. No markiplier copyright lol😁
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Channel discussion: Blog 1
This is the blog I was supposed to do a week ago! Anyway I'm dancing dancing! Ok so I'm talking about what the viewers want I mean I don't know I'm just talking and dancing here. After that I talk about what days the videos are being made since I have no internet at my moms house. Omg this boy has no internet. After that I'm thinking about a mascot too like draegest. Way before this, I'm talking about how I have to give you my URL because you probably will never find my channel if your not a subscriber. Alright watch the video and try to enjoy if you don't then find. I have this description too long bye!
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A new series is heading your way
Hey guys it has been a few days since I've done something. My friend told me to try and record some footage of me and my team building a robot so why not. Anyway if you want to see these videos just make sure to like the video cause it helps me a lot. Also if you new then subscribe and go to my channel to see some content.
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I'M FINALLY BACK][Progress Vlog #2
Hey Guys Just got the game downloaded so now all I need to do is get the national a licence and I will be able to race online. It's going to be hard trying to earn money but I should know what to do. Thanks for watching
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Random Song I Made
I did this hours ago before editing and uploading to you guys. Now I don't know if you can use bass but I know you can use your speakers for the bass to be heard. So leave comments on the music and see if you like it and I will see if you guys want a series every month. Thank you all so much.
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Beating Everyone in Go karting][THE VLOG YOU'VE BEEN WAITING FOR
Hey guys make sure to keep your eyes on the kart with the yellow helmet and the green striped shirt as I take the win on the track. I start out slow but i make my way up the pack. Also sorry I have to get the video from two phones and it was all weird so I had to edit a lot but it was 10 mins anyway so. Make sure you leave a like and comment cause I might release a extra clip it's better than the other but it starts when I start driving. See yaa
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I hope you didnt forget about me][Life update😅😁
Hey guys I know it's been a while but I have been busy(slacking off play video games). But there is more information in the video. Make sure to leave a like and push the bell so you can see my every upload. Also sorry about the cringe it might be too much for YouTube and I could get demonetized for it.
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First Fails Then SUCCESS!! Happy Wheels #1
My first time ever playing Happy Wheels. ITS really FUN but i fail a lot so its should be funny if its not then #2 will be funnier, I promise comment on my fails, wins and dumb words. like the heart of my ANGER (JUST LIKE THE VIDEO ) AND DONT YOU GUYS EVER FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE EVER NEVER!! THANK YOU FOR ENJOYING THIS VIDEO TELL OTHER ABOUT IT TOO.
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Got Some For You Guys TODAY!!!][Daily Blog 1
Hey guys I know its been a long time since I've uploaded anything. I'm just telling you about this sweet deal I got from my teacher. She said she had these two computers and I couldn't pass it up. So hope you enjoy the video
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The content just keep getting worse and worse
Hey peeps, it's me brownboy. I want you all to be amazed with this horrible content!
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Random Morning Stream
Random Morning Stream with CameraFi Live
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Basically Nothing][Steering Wheel Build)(Part whatever
Any way I didn't really add anything to the base of the steering wheel. So before you dislike I need all of your comments on what the color of the model should be. Thank you very for viewing nothing.
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More Videos Coming At Ya
Hey guys I'm back and i got a new toy to play with for the month until I get my actual phone. so expect more videos also I don't know when I am getting a PS4 but it should be by the end of the month. Make sure to leave a like and comment down below P.S. sorry about the water mark I am using this free version of this editing software so expect that every time I don't stream and record like a moron Created with WeVideo Video Editor (http://www.wevideo.com). Download Android App at http://bit.ly/10xf4Ec
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Testing New Screen Recording with Webcam][ See the Results
This is the second one I was testing it with my webcam and looks what happen my CPU range is at 60 to 80 CPU usage and still. Also in the first I know the screen is small, and I will fix that. Make sure you comment if you want to see me do better in future videos.
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Wednesday Stream][New Game but it's 4 years old
Wednesday Stream][New Game but it's 4 years old with CameraFi Live
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Saturday's Random Game Stream #1
Support the stream: https://streamlabs.com/brownboy25 Hey guys i finally found a app to stream with and it has a community. Anyway a few people wanted me to play this game, I knkw its a rocket league ripoff but it has a tiny bit of potential. So check out the gameplay on the stream and tell me in the chats. Follow me for more: https://arcade.omlet.me/profile/brownboy25 #OmletArcade #RocketBall
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Wonders What You Are Doing
Hey guys here for another stream. Hope you enjoy Other information: Psn username-brownboy0093 Donatation box-paypal.me/brownboy25 (This really helps me out if you can)
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COD Ghosts][Long Time No See
COD Ghosts][Long Time No See with CameraFi Live
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My Upload Schedule
Hey guys this is just to show you when I'm livestreaming now that I have a new collaborator. Now sometimes I might miss some streams but this is to ensure that you guys also have something to watch. Also if you guys have been asking for my discord then here it is I sort of own it but I am always active: https://discord.gg/8sPKXEQ
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Beating Old Records
Hey guys the title should explain the stream. Just watch and make sure to like. I play about 1 to 2 games a stream so if you want to join me on ps3 my username brownboy0093 My discord Takumi Fujiwara#7062 Also if you want to donate then here is my donation link. Any donation will help to further grow my channel paypal.me/brownboy25 Thanks for coming to the stream and enjoy
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Destroying This guy at his own game or lagging out
hey guys I'm playing with my friend equinox legacy we've been trying to do this forever. Donate via PayPal: http://donate-api.recorder.duapps.com/donate/UCPR0rkATqCHEH6gvK0ajChQ Live stream your amazing moments via DU Recorder . Share games, movies, TV shows and matches with more people: Android : https://goo.gl/s9D6Mf iOS : https://goo.gl/nXnxyN
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Test stream 4
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Poor Mustang Drift /w commentary about late video upload!!!!
I sorry for not uploading to my own required paperwork. I had nothing to upload and I had other things to do. Also I couldn't find a new screen recording without studdering until now so I have good quality at least. Anyway that's all and if you hear people arguing, it's just my sisters again.🦁🐵
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I'm coming BACK to YouTube][Returning Vlog
This is just me show you what I have coming for 2017 the NEW YEAR! It is going to be fun working on making videos full time. I don't know if I'm going to have a lot of time for my video but I will make them. Anyway if you are wondering why I haven't been making videos since 2 months ago then tune in to my next return vlog.
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Practicing for tournament next week
Hey peeps, it's me brownboy. Im getting ready fir and ill need all the support i can get so come on out
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I'm Bored So I'm going to Bore YOU!!!
I'm Bored So I'm going to Bore YOU!!! with CameraFi Live
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Doing some Tuning in AR
hey guys just doing something to my new car. it’s morning time but that only cause i can’t sleep now but i’m gonna stop streaming in 1 hour 30 mins. enjoy
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GT6 Finale LMP Championship
Hey Guys today I will be livestreaming. Now please do not join because it is full and the room host will make you leave or kick you. But yeah make sure to enjoy and leave a like.
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Just To Show You How BAD a Drummer I am: before the mayhem
Just To Show You How BAD a Drummer I am: before the mayhem with CameraFi Live
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Monday's Typical Stream
hey guys here to play soemthing for a hour and a half Follow me for more: https://arcade.omlet.me/profile/brownboy25 #OmletArcade #PixelGun3D
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Racing With My New Collaborator
Hey guys I just met this guys who gave me a heads up asking if I could collab with him. I will tell you the rest in the stream. Also here is his channel check it out and be kind of to sub to him: https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCrlvj6-yp7C8LFHtb9xC7pQ
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Driving for a Cause][Hurricane Nate Support Stream
Driving for a Cause][Hurricane Nate Support Stream with CameraFi Live
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Friday Night Stream Gta V
Hey Guys Just gonna be doing some races and play some online come and join in if you have a mic my gamertag is brownboy0093
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Surviving the Floods of: Roblox #1/Whatever floats your boat;
Im just playing in roblox. hey its me theBROWNboy i know its been a long time since i made a video. I know, its been getting rough for me now. So you dont have to subscribe im just asking you to please like or dislike and comment on my videos plesae thank you. that is all im saying, and my next video is a blog.
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How to Build a Homemade Steering Wheel][Part 1
Hey guys it's me again I wanted to make a wheel for my PS3 cause im waiting for my birthday to come and I sick of my controller so WHY NOT!! Anyway I know I kept my left eye closed in the video, it's just sometimes unresponsive or something. Make sure to comment, like, and subscribe if you are new. Another thing is I am going to change my name to brownieboy instead of brownboy25, so comment #brownie if you want my name to change. See ya in Part 2
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Call of Duty Ghost][Stream 2
Call of Duty Ghost][Stream 2 with CameraFi Live
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Test stream 3
Test stream 3 with CameraFi Live
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Here is the secret
hey guys today i’m here to show off what i got. well actually nah i’m not gonna day it like that but that is exactly what it looks like. so now i can play with all of my subs so if you have been waiting HERE IT IS FINALLY!
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Saturday's Random Game Stream #1
Hey guys i finally found a app to stream with and it has a community. Anyway a few people wanted me to play this game, I knkw its a rocket league ripoff but it has a tiny bit of potential. So check out the gameplay on the stream and tell me in the chats. Follow me for more: https://arcade.omlet.me/profile/brownboy25 #OmletArcade #RocketBall
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Fighting for my life?
Hey peeps, it's me brownboy. Im trying to stay alive so give support
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