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Aveda How-To | Smooth and Straighten Hair with a Wrap
http://www.aveda.com/product/5250/16625/Collections/Smooth-InfusionTM/Smooth-Infusion-Glossing-Straightener/index.tmpl Help counteract damage and try this fun wrap technique to achieve silky, straight hair. Aveda’s line of Smooth Infusion products is all you need for straight and healthy looking hair. Emulsify Aveda’s Smooth Infusion Style-Prep Smoother between your palms and gently comb the product from roots to ends. Follow with Smooth Infusion Glossing Straightener for added shine. The hydrolized wheat and organic aloe formula help deliver long-lasting hold so your style stays smooth even in high humidity. At Aveda, we believe product plus technique gets results. Section your hair and pin at the crown to target the front and sides of your head first. Next, comb the sides of your hair straight and wrap around your head section by section. Unpin the hair at the crown of your head and wrap in the same direction. Apply a few additional pumps of Smooth Infusion Glossing Straightener to your hair, using less for thinner hair and more if you have thick or coarse hair texture. Clip hair to keep it in place and dry with a blow dryer or air dry overnight. Release the pins when you are ready to comb out and wear your sleek new style. Click the link above and use the wrap technique to help smooth even the most stubborn and frizzy hair.
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Aveda Men | 3 Hairstyles, 1 Grooming Clay for Flexible Control
http://www.aveda.com/product/5341/16733/Men/Hair-Care/Aveda-Men-Pure-Formance-Grooming-Clay/index.tmpl Choose this versatile modern styling clay to create any hairstyle without adding shine. Learn how to get a slicked, textured and polished hairstyles using Aveda Men Pure-Formance Grooming Clay for pliable hold in a matte finish. The Aveda Men Grooming Clay lightweight formula gives you multiple styling options, no matter your hair texture. To begin styling, start by rubbing a small amount of the clay between your palms and fingers. Towel dry hair for a sleek hairstyle, applying Grooming Clay all the way from scalp to ends then comb to the side using your natural part. To create a textured, voluminous hairstyle, position hair into the desired shape by pulling back hair while running the styling clay from scalp to ends. For a tidy polished hairstyle, blow dry hair into position then smooth the clay over the surface of your hair and mold into the desired shape with your fingertips. Use Aveda Men Grooming Clay with wet or dry hair to add thickness while providing the control you need to create your look. Click the link for the Aveda Men Pure-Formance Grooming Clay.
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Aveda How-To | Pro Styling Tips for a Silky Voluminous Blowout
http://www.aveda.com/product/5290/36581/hair-care/smooth-infusion-nourishing-styling-creme Learn how to achieve a soft, silky, and voluminous blowout using the right tools and Aveda styling products. Monica, a 2016 Aveda Institute New York graduate, of MoKnowsHair shows you how to get perfectly blown out hair at home while sharing some pro tips along the way. To start, Mo prepped her hair by washing and conditioning with Damage Remedy Restructuring Shampoo and Treatment, then divided hair into four sections to keep the styling organized. For leave in heat styling protection, Mo uses Brilliant Damage Control to reduce breakage from combing and brushing while also protecting from harmful UV rays. Mo combines the Damage Control spray with the Smooth Infusion Nourishing Styling Crème to help keep strands conditioned and strong during heat styling. Nourishing Styling Crème helps hair resist humidity by sealing in moisture to lock out frizz. Blowdry each strand individually then secure in place with a clip as a hard set. To complete the look, style with Brilliant Emollient Finishing Gloss for shiny, smooth hair. Click the link above to style with Aveda Smooth Infusion Styling Creme.
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Aveda How-To | No Hassle Heatless Curls Hairstyle Tutorial
http://www.aveda.com/product/5290/44729/hair-care/damage-remedy-split-end-repair Achieve naturally curly, wavy hair without the hassle of rollers or a curling iron. Aveda Artist Paige demonstrates in this hair tutorial how to create a heatless curls hairstyle along with some tips for using Aveda Damage Remedy. First, shampoo hair with Damage Remedy Restructuring Shampoo, which helps repair and strengthen damaged hair. On damp hair, start to style by applying Be Curly Style-Prep and brush through with the Aveda Paddle Brush. Part hair into sections and begin to twist each section away from the face. Add more hair to the twist until there is no more hair to add. Wrap the ends around and secure with a bobby pin or clip on the other side of the head. Repeat the process on the other side. Allow hair to dry overnight and remove the pins in the morning. To help bind split ends together, apply Damage Remedy Split End Repair to the ends only. Lock in curls with all-day frizz control that leaves hair touchable by spraying in Be Curly Curl Enhancer Hair Spray, scrunch in to finish the look. Click the link above to learn more about Aveda Damage Remedy.
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Aveda Inspiration: Beauty Does
Beauty is as beauty does. Watch as we pledge to move toward a sustainable future and to helping you live the "beauty is as beauty does" lifestyle.
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Aveda How-To | Heatless Overnight Straight Hairstyle
http://www.aveda.com/product/5290/44729/hair-care/damage-remedy-split-end-repair Get shiny, straight hair without damaging your hair using a straightener. Aveda Artist Paige demonstrates in this hair tutorial how to create a heatless straight hairstyle along with some tips for using Aveda Damage Remedy Split End Repair. First, shampoo hair with Damage Remedy Restructuring Shampoo. Apply Smooth Infusion Naturally Straight, which progressively straightens curls with every use, to damp hair to prep. Part and comb hair as Paige does from ear to ear, then secure with pins and allow to dry overnight. In the morning, when hair is dry, gently bring hair down using fingers like a rake. Apply Damage Remedy Split End Repair to mend split ends. Click the link above to learn more about Aveda Damage Remedy.
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Aveda Makeup Tutorial: How To Get A Dewy Complexion
Janell Geason, Global Educator of Aveda Makeup illustrates how to achieve a dewy complexion using Aveda's Enbrightenment Brightening Correcting Creme, Inner Light Mineral Tinted Moisture SPF 15/oil-free, Inner Light Concealer Balsa, Inner Light Mineral Loose Powder Translucent, and Petal Essence Face Accents Tesserae
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Aveda How To: Endless Styles with Control Force™ Hair Spray
With one can of control force™ hair spray Antoinette Beenders creates seven separate hair styles—all without shampooing between takes, only brushing. You can too. Learn how when you stop by Aveda for your free styling purescription™.
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Aveda | How to Create Dreamy Braids
http://www.aveda.com/index.tmpl A romantic, dreamy braid never goes out of style. Aveda’s Allen Ruiz shows us how to create a runway-ready, braided look that’s perfect for any occasion. Start by combing dry, smooth hair and apply Aveda’s Control Paste Finishing Paste for ultimate hold and grip as your braiding. Part hair on a diagonal in two sections. Braid loosely starting in the front, working towards the neck. Feed the braid only from the crown, not from sections near the face for a wreath-like shaped look. When you have your two braids, add a toss of texture and detail by taking each braid firmly in your hands and spreading and massaging it with your fingers. Loop braids up and secure. Finish with Air Control Hair Spray for a light hold that keeps the style but allows for movement. Your finished look will have the texture and movement as achieved by the pros. For more information about Aveda, visit the link above.
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Aveda How-To | Pamāsana Scalp Care Tutorial for Balanced Roots
http://www.aveda.com/hair-care/pramasana-scalp-care Add a few minutes to your hair care regimen to use the Pramāsana 3-step system that focuses on exfoliating, cleansing, and protecting the scalp. Mo of MoKnowsHair demonstrates the 3-steps of Aveda Pramāsana with Jessica to show how easy it is to do at home. Exfoliate by massaging the scalp with the Pramāsana Exfoliating Scalp Brush. The bristles of the brush are designed to massage the scalp without tangling hair. Part hair into sections to cleanse the scalp with the Purifying Scalp Cleanser for a clean foundation. Mo rinses out with warm water, then washes hair with Aveda Brilliant Shampoo to remove build up from the hair. Strengthen, repair, and replenish hair with Damage Remedy Restructuring Shampoo to maintain the moisture balance of the hair. Preserve the scalp’s natural protective barrier and help protect from pollution by applying Pramāsana Protective Scalp Concentrate. Treat your scalp as skin for more balanced and beautiful hair. Click the link above to shop Aveda Pramāsana.
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Aveda | How to Get Weightless Volume 3 Different Ways
http://aveda.com Aveda Global Creative Director Antoinette Beenders shows us how to achieve three different styles of voluminous hair with products and techniques you can try at home. Use what’s best for your type of hair or switch between the techniques for different looks. For effortless volume, prep hair with Pure Abundance Shampoo and Conditioner. While hair is damp, add in Pure Abundance Style-Prep. Blow dry hair, tossing sections upwards. When hair is dry, spray the Pure Abundance Hair Potion on the parts of your hair and vigorously massage into scalp. Finish with Pure Abundance Volumizing Hair Spray. For textured volume, use the Style-Prep as in the first look and add Aveda’s Volumizing Tonic. Blow dry hair and section it off into several pieces. Allow hair to sit and remove sections. Apply Air Control Hair Spray to finish the look. Try a smoother look using the Style-Prep and Volumizing Tonic again. Blow dry hair completely straight and use a straightener to create a crimped look around the crown of your head. Clip hair so the crimped area is hidden and finish with Control Force Firm Hold Hair Spray. For more information about Aveda, visit the link above.
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Aveda | How to Create Effortlessly Smooth Hair
http://www.aveda.com Effortlessly Smooth hair is a salon look you can create at home with the right Aveda products and techniques. Follow this tutorial with Aveda’s Allen Ruiz for a runway-ready, smooth hairstyle. Start by shampooing and conditioning hair with the Aveda products recommended by your stylist. Comb wet hair and apply Aveda’s Smooth Infusion Style-Prep Smoother evenly throughout hair and comb through again to evenly distribute the product. Part hair into several manageable sections for blow-drying ease and hold with a hair clip. Starting in the back, spritz on Volumizing Tonic and use a round brush to blow dry for a smooth shape. When hair is smooth, add another layer of Volumizing Tonic. Curl hair with two fingers and pin in place. Repeat these steps on all hair sections. Let your hair cool and then unpin. Apply Air Control Hair Spray for a light hold with flexibility. Your hair will be effortlessly smooth with a professionally-styled glow. For more information about Aveda, visit the link above.
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Aveda Buriti Oil From the Tree of Life
Visit Brazil to see how this moisturizing oil is helping to preserve a community's way of life.
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Aveda Makeup Tutorial: How To Get The Semi-Matte Complexion
Janell Geason, Global Educator of Aveda Makeup illustrates how to achieve a semi-matte complexion with Aveda's Enbrightenment Brightening Correcting Creme, Inner Light Mineral Tinted Moisture SPF 15/oil-free, Inner Light Concealer Balsa, Inner Light Mineral Pressed Powder, and Petal Essence Face Accents Plum Touch
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Aveda How-To | Pro Styling Tips for Rod Set Bouncy Curls
http://www.aveda.com/product/5290/36581/hair-care/smooth-infusion-nourishing-styling-creme In partnership with Aveda, Monica, a 2016 Aveda Institute New York graduate, of MoKnowsHair shares her technique to get beautiful, bouncy curls using a perm rod set. In this hairstyle tutorial, learn some professional tips to achieving this bouncy look with Aveda products. Mo creates the curly hair look for her lifestyle vlogger friend Jessica from HeyGorJess. To start this hairstyle, wash and condition hair with the Dry Remedy Shampoo and Moisturizing Masque. Separate hair into sections and apply Smooth Infusion Style Prep Smoother to defend against humidity while hydrating strands. Add in a few pumps of Phomollient to create weightless volume with light to medium hold. Wrap hair with curling rods and dry completely with a soft hood bonnet hair dryer attachment. Once dry, unwrap curls and loosen using your hands or fluffing with a pick. Finish off with Brilliant Emollient Finishing Gloss, leaving hair smooth, conditioned and full of shine. Click the link above to style with Aveda Smooth Infusion Styling Creme.
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Aveda Makeup Tutorial: How to Create a Full-Color Smoky Eye
Aveda's Artistic Director of Makeup, Janell Geason, shows you how to create the "Cerulean Smoke" look with five shadows from the Passion Flower collection.
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Aveda How-to: Enhance Your Curl's Natural Shape with Be Curly™
Learn how to enhance your curl's natural shape at home with the right Aveda products and techniques. In this video Allen Ruiz shows you how.
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Aveda How-To | Soft & Supple Curls With Smooth Infusion™
http://www.aveda.com/product/5250/16973/Collections/Smooth-InfusionTM/Smooth-Infusion-Style-Prep-Smoother/index.tmpl Get soft, smooth curls for curly or wavy hair with these styling techniques by Aveda's Global Creative Director, Antoinette Beenders. By following this technique, you can have gorgeous curls without using a curling iron. Cleanse your hair with Smooth Infusion Shampoo and Conditioner to start with a soft, silky texture. The organic aloe, maize and guar-bean formula works into a rich lather that won’t weigh down hair with harsh chemicals or drying agents. Pump a small amount of Aveda Smooth Infusion Style-Prep Smoother into your palms and finger-comb from roots to ends to protect against thermal damage. Add light-reflecting shine with Aveda Smooth Infusion Glossing Straightener, and experience the spicy, refreshing aroma of bergamot and Australian Sandalwood. At Aveda, we believe product plus technique gets results. Beenders demonstrates how to section the hair to get better results with targeted styling. Using a jumbo round brush, she applies direct heat to the hair around the bottom of the ceramic brush, then rolls and pins each section to hold the curl. She finishes with Aveda Air Control Hair Spray to set the style without adding excessive rigidity. Finally, she removes the clips to set the curls loose and reveal soft, flowing curls. Click the link above to shop the collection and get a luscious curled style.
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Aveda | How to Create Beachy, Textured Hair
http://www.aveda.com A beachy look can be easily attained with your favorite Aveda products. Allen Ruiz demonstrates a simple way to get beach-inspired, textured hair, perfect for the warm weather and sunlight of spring and summer. Start by shampooing and conditioning your hair with the Aveda system recommended by your stylist. Prep with Brilliant Damage Control to protect your hair from heat styling and combing. Part hair on one side and rough-dry about halfway, scrunching your hair as you go to create texture. Twist locks and puff with Pure Abundance Hair Potion to set your look. Be sure to twist hair away from face for a lovely directional look. Scrunch twists together and blast hair dry in a squeeze and release pattern. Apply Control Force Firm Hold Hair Spray and repeat scrunching technique. Your hair will look like it was styled by the pros and like you just spent a relaxing day at the beach. For more information about Aveda, visit the link above.
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Aveda | How to Create Subtle Contour Eye
http://www.aveda.com Global Artistic Director for Makeup, Janell Geason, illustrates how to achieve a subtly contoured eye with Aveda’s makeup products. This look is a great way to add a bit of color to your eye makeup. Match or contrast with your iris or outfit. Prep your eyelids with Color Options Eye Shadow Transformer for a smooth application. Use Petal Essence Eye Color Trio to color eyes with a soft splash, starting with the lightest shade. Apply eyeshadow from under the brows, towards the crease of the eye. Apply medium eyeshadow shade to the crease of your eye to contour. Define eyes by dipping the brush into darkest shade of eyeshadow palette. Sweep your brush along the upper lash line. Apply the deepest shade along your lower lash line with smudge brush. Finish by adding Mosscara to the upper and lower lashes. Your eyes will be subtly beautiful with a splash of color. For more information about Aveda, visit the link above.
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Aveda Makeup Tutorial: How To Get Refined Brows
Janell Geason, Global Educator of Aveda Makeup illustrates how to achieve a refined brow with Aveda's Petal Essence Eye Color Trio Gobi Sands
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Love for Natural Beauty | Horst Rechelbacher | Aveda
Horst Rechelbacher founded Aveda in 1978 with a love for the simple beauty of nature and a passion and commitment to caring for the world we live in. Horst, a hairstylist by trade came to live and work in Minneapolis, Minnesota after starting a career as a celebrity stylist and salon owner. After a trip to India, where he studied Ayurveda, Horst began to create the products that would become some of Aveda’s most beloved classics. Horst believed natural herbs and essential oils could affect your mind, body, and spirit and connect you to the earth, and he founded Aveda with the goal of creating beauty products inspired by the healing elements found in flowers and nature. Throughout his life, Horst spread a message of love and caring, both for others and for the world around us. He encouraged many to take notice of their environmental and social impact, and to make a difference when you could. Since its founding, and partially in thanks to Horst’s tireless activism, Aveda has grown to a global empire with the same dedication to beauty from nature and sustainability. You can learn more about Horst’s mission and Aveda here: http://www.aveda.com/living-aveda/mission-and-heritage
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Aveda Behind the Scenes | The Spring 2015 Rare Bloom Collection
http://pixvid.me/rarebloom Explore the prairie with us and see how we took a cue from the wildflowers, bees and butterflies to create rare, natural beauty. At Aveda, we find inspiration in the ecological world, creating products with a profound respect for the environment. Aveda stylists experimented with sun-catching platinum and caramel blondes and airy, carefree cuts for the limited-edition Spring 2015 Rare Bloom collection. The layering and sculpting techniques at work in this shoot defy traditional methods to reveal soft, blended styles. With playful angled pixie cuts, textured ringlets and whimsical waves, the models for the Aveda Rare Bloom Collection wear a palette of soft nudes and blushing pinks. The nourish-mint™ sheer mineral lip color helps infuse lips with plumping moisture and a refreshing mint and vanilla aroma. Paired with shaping and defining nourish-mint™ lip liner, the creamy lipstick formula enhances lips and looks as subtly stunning as a single blossom against the horizon. Click the link above to shop the collection and harness the power of pure plant extracts in your beauty regimen.
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Sourcing Gift Paper & Changing Lives in Nepal | Aveda
http://www.aveda.com/nepalstories/ For eight years, Aveda has partnered with papermakers in Nepal to create lovingly crafted, responsibly sourced, reusable wrapping paper for our gift sets. Over the years, we’ve purchased over 2 million sheets of lotka bark paper and have helped Nepali families live fulfilling lives. Having searched around the globe for a sustainable solution, Aveda learned that the people of Nepal had been handcrafting lokta bark paper for hundreds of years. We wanted this beautiful paper to not only wrap our products, but also to be reused during a time when so much wrapping paper and packaging is placed in landfills. For many of the Nepali people who craft this paper, their salary means food, housing, medicine, and education for their children. This paper is responsibly sourced, so together the Nepali villages and Aveda have helped to restore forests and protect the homes of red pandas, wild yak, and snow leopards. We also partnered with Global Greengrants Fund to provide new, clean water systems for improved drinking and irrigation water, as villagers previously had to walk a full mile to collect potentially dangerous water from wells. Aveda knows the strength and resilience of the Nepali people, and hope that they will recover from the losses of lives, food, and shelter suffered during the earthquakes of April 2015. Click the link above to learn more about how you and Aveda can help.
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Aveda Tulasāra | Radiant Awakening Ritual Facial Treatment
http://www.aveda.com/products/17459/Collections/tulasaraTM/index.tmpl Awaken your skin’s natural radiance with an at-home skin care routine that feels like a renewing ritual. Aveda’s Tulasāra Radiant Awakening Ritual restores a healthy balance to the look of your skin uniting modern techniques with wisdom gleaned from Ayurveda, the ancient healing art of India that Aveda was based upon. The Tulasāra facial treatment provides advanced skin care science to nourish and reveal radiant, balanced skin. Before starting your skin care routine, promote soft smooth skin by exfoliating away dull surface cells with the Tulasāra Radiant Facial Dry Brush. Stimulate the skin’s surface by brushing up and out working in circular motions, then down and out working in sweeping motions. Restore a natural glow to the skin by massaging in Tulasāra Radiant Oleation Oil. To work into the skin, warm four pumps of oil in your hands then massage up from the shoulders in back-and-forth motions. Tulasāra’s aroma of certified organic rose, jasmine and geranium helps restore balance to the skin, mind and spirit. Click the link above to learn more about Aveda Tulasāra Radiant Awakening Ritual.
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Aveda How-To | Everyday Volume for Medium-Textured Hair
http://www.aveda.com/product/5222/16911/Collections/BrilliantTM/Brilliant-Damage-Control/index.tmpl Learn how to achieve weightless volume in medium-textured hair with Aveda's Global Creative Director, Antoinette Beenders. Begin by cleansing hair with a shampoo that helps maintain your look between trips to the salon. Work Aveda Color Conserve Shampoo into a gentle lather and rinse thoroughly before applying Color Conserve Conditioner for moisture. Towel dry and spritz Aveda Brilliant Damage Control onto your hair, following with Phomollient Styling Foam for beautiful body and texture. Use a comb to evenly distribute the product from roots to ends. At Aveda, we believe product plus technique equals results. Dry hair until it contains 60% less moisture, and then pin into sections. Antoinette demonstrates the flat wrap technique, using a flat bristled or paddle brush to firmly brush hair to the right side of the head, running a blow dryer from nape to ends. Switch to the left side of the head, holding hair taut. Finally, use a round brush with soft bristles and apply the heat from the blow dryer along the underside of the brush. Repeat in layers, adding height at the crown. Complete the look with Aveda Pure Abundance Volumizing Hair Spray. Click the link above to shop the collection and help boost lifeless or flat hair.
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Aveda Makeup Tutorial | How To Get The Modern Nude Eye
http://www.aveda.com/product/5244/16639/Collections/Petal-EssenceTM/Petal-Essence-Eye-Color-Trio/index.tmpl Janell Geason, Global Educator of Aveda Makeup, illustrates how to achieve the modern nude eye. Follow the simple steps in this tutorial for a long-lasting and gorgeously defined eye makeup look. To begin, create a clean, smooth base for your eyeshadow with Aveda Color Options Eye Shadow Transformer. Apply with the #2 Medium Eye Color brush, featuring a compact, tapered handle that is perfect for travel. The soft, short bristles smooth over the skin for an easy single-stroke application. At Aveda, we believe product plus technique gets results. Build color with the nude hue in your favorite Aveda Petal Essence Eye Color Trio palette, smoothing over the whole eyelid. Sweep the Black Tulip shade just along your upper lash line to define the eye, flicking the pigment outwards to add length and drama. Brush over the lash line several times, blending the color for a sultry, smoky effect. With 12 palettes to choose from, the Aveda Petal Essence collection offers crease-resistant coverage that works for all skin tones and textures. Click the link above to shop the collection and create your own modern nude eye look.
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Aveda How-To | Shampure Dry Shampoo Application
http://www.aveda.com/dryshampoo Aveda Global Educator of Hair Styling, Bea Watson, shows how easy it is to use the new Aveda Shampure Dry Shampoo. Follow these steps to achieve a freshly shampooed head of hair at night or when freshening up during the day. Simply puff the non-aerosol product into the scalp area and hairline. The harder you squeeze the bottle, the more product you’ll apply. If you have excess oil in a particular area, apply a bit more product. Once the dry shampoo has been applied to the root area, use the tips of your fingers to massage the scalp. You’ll notice that the oil will be absorbed towards the scalp, as well as the calming aroma of the 25 pure flower and plant essences. Bea says her guests will love Aveda Shampure Dry Shampoo both because of how easy it is to apply and how refreshing it feels to use. Click the link above to learn more about 99.8% naturally-derived* Aveda Shampure Dry Shampoo. *From plants, non-petroleum minerals or water.
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Hair Oil Cotton Ball Demo | Dry Remedy™ Oil by Aveda
If you have dry or coarse hair, you know that not all hair oils are created equal. Dry Remedy™ Daily Moisturizing Oil by Aveda absorbs and penetrates for soft, hydrated hair. See how it penetrates a cotton ball vs. a leading hair oil—and decide if this hair oil treatment is right for you. Use your hands to apply the formula throughout the mid-lengths and ends of your hair, then gently pat down flyaways on the crown. You’ll love the lightweight feeling of this product when compared with other oils that sit on the surface of your hair. The buriti oil in Aveda Dry Remedy™ Oil helps moisturize the strands of your hair. The 99.9% naturally derived* formula transforms hair as you enjoy the botanical aroma. For best results, use with Dry Remedy™ Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner as part of your hair care routine. Click the link above to shop the collection and get soft, moisturized hair. *From plants, non-petroleum minerals or water. Learn more at aveda.com.
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Aveda Makeup Tutorial: How To Get The Intense Lip Look
Janell Geason, Global Educator of Aveda Makeup illustrates how to achieve a an intense lip by using Aveda's Nourish-Mint Renewing Lip Treatment, Nourish-Mint Lip Definer, Nourish-Mint Smoothing Lip Color, Envirometal Retractable Lip Brush, Nourish-Mint Smoothing Lip Color, and Nourish-Mint Rehydrating Lip Glaze
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Aveda | How To Get Healthy Radiant Hair with Valeria Lipovetsky
Improve the condition of your hair in just 20 minutes.* Model and nutritionist Valeria Lipovetsky takes you to an Aveda salon to get try a new Hair Color Shine Treatment for instant healthy shine and radiant color. Aveda’s Hair Color Shine Treatments are a quick way to add radiant color and help restore shine while treating damaged hair. See and feel the difference in your hair with our 93% naturally derived** Aveda Demi Plus that contains a blend of certified organic plant oils. From revitalizing natural color to refreshing color or coloring gray, these in-salon services bring you the ultimate hair color with benefits. Find a salon near you for a refresh: https://www.aveda.com/hair-color-landing-page *Maximum processing time **From plants, non-petroleum minerals or water. Learn more at aveda.com.
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Aveda How-To | Pro Styling Tips for Flat Iron Curls
http://www.aveda.com/hair-care/anti-frizz-smooth-infusion Give your curly hair look a twist with this tutorial for beautiful flat iron curls. Mo of MoKnowsHair transforms Branda’s natural hair into soft bouncy curls. To help smoothe Branda’s hair, Mo starts by washing hair with Smooth Infusion Shampoo. The shampoo gently cleanses, reduces frizz, softens hair, and creates a smooth surface. Detangle hair using the Smooth Infusion Smoothing Masque — this rich conditioning treatment reduces frizz by 50%. After leaving the masque in for about 5 minutes, rinse and apply Brilliant Damage Control to the hair to protect when heat styling. Before the blowout, apply Smooth Infusion Styling Crème to help seal in moisture and lock out frizz. After hair is dry, give hair shine with Light Elements Smoothing Fluid. Flat iron curls, then spray into place with Brilliant Medium Hold Hairspray. Click the link above to shop the Aveda Smooth Infusion Collection.
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Aveda How-To: Smooth and Volumize Hair with a Blow Dry
Get smooth, volumized hair for 2 days with Aveda's products and technique.
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Aveda How-To | Define Curls With Be Curly™ Style-Prep™
http://www.aveda.com/product/5218/16388/Collections/Be-CurlyTM/Be-Curly-Style-Prep/index.tmpl Aveda Global Creative Director, Antoinette Beenders, explains how to get defined curls for women with naturally curly hair. Follow this tutorial to help tame your curls with all-day frizz control Wash with Aveda Be Curly Shampoo and Conditioner and treat your locks to a nourishing wheat protein and organic aloe formula. The certified organic lime, lemon, and bergamot aroma invigorates your senses while calming your curls. Follow with 3-5 pumps of Aveda Be Curly Style-Prep, using less for short or medium-length styles. At Aveda, we believe product plus technique gets results. Beenders demonstrates how to separate the hair into two sections for targeted, dramatic results. Massage Aveda Be Curly Curl Enhancer through damp hair, applying more product to the back of the hair than the front. Twirl your locks to create individual corkscrews until your whole head is curled. Use a blow dryer with a diffuser attachment, then wrap hair around a curling rod for maximum definition. Set the style with Aveda Light Elements Texturizing Creme to hold the look without added weight or stiffness. Click the link above to shop the collection and achieve beautiful, defined ringlets with a soft and supple texture.
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Aveda | Cherry Almond Shampoo & Conditioner for Soft Hair
Discover the sweet benefits of Aveda’s Cherry Almond Softening Shampoo and Conditioner. Cleanse, detangle, and condition for touchably soft, sweet-smelling hair. Enjoy gentle hair cleansing and conditioning with the Cherry Almond Softening Shampoo and Conditioner. These 98% naturally derived* products contain cherry blossom extract and almond oil to restore the hair’s softness and shine while adding weightless bounce. With Cherry Almond, there’s no silicones, parabens, or synthetic fragrances—just soft hair with a naturally sweet aroma.** Find the Cherry Almond Shampoo and Conditioner in Aveda stores, salons, or online: https://www.aveda.com/hair-care/softening-sweet-cherry-almond *From plants, non petroleum minerals or water **100% naturally derived aroma from plants, non petroleum minerals or water
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Aveda How-To | Tapered Cut Styling with Cornrows by Mo
http://www.aveda.com/hair-care/be-curly-hair-products Try a new look with your curls. In partnership with Aveda, Monica from MoKnowsHair shows you how to add a section of cornrows to switch up your go-to look for curly hair. After shampooing the hair with Aveda Be Curly Shampoo, Mo treats curls to Be Curly Intensive Detangling Masque. It deep conditions for moisture and shine, as well as separates tangles. Separate a section of hair from temple to ear and clip away. Divide remaining hair in sections to keep organized. Work in Be Curly Style-Prep and Phomollient Styling Foam for light curl and hold. Using the section that was pinned away, create 2 cornrow braids. A styling hack: use Aveda Men’s pomade to smooth the edges. Click the link above to shop Aveda Be Curly products.
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Life-changing, Hand-crafted Paper from Nepal  | Aveda
http://www.aveda.com/change-lives-in-nepal Aveda’s commitment to caring for the world we live in takes many forms. Since 2007, Aveda has purchased handmade paper from Nepal to use as responsibly sourced, reusable wrapping paper for our gift sets. Having searched around the globe for a sustainable solution, Aveda learned that the people of Nepal had been handcrafting lokta bark paper for hundreds of years. Aveda’s sourcing of handcrafted paper allows women to earn an income as they support their families and rebuild their homes. Every holiday gift purchased is wrapped in beautiful Certified Wildlife Friendly paper handmade in Nepal. Show you care by giving a gift that was made with care. Click the link above to learn more about Aveda sourcing.
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Aveda Makeup Tutorial: How To Get The Matte Finish
Janell Geason, Global Educator of Aveda Makeup illustrates how to achieve a matte finish with Aveda's Enbrightenment Brightening Correcting Creme, Inner Light Concealer Balsa, Inner Light Mineral Dual Foundation, and Uruku Bronzer Amazonia
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Discover the Spirit of Aveda Congress | Aveda
http://www.aveda.com/artists/index.tmpl? Discover the spirit of Aveda Congress where art comes to life through hair, makeup and fashion. Every two years, Aveda Artists from around the globe gather together to celebrate, educate and learn from one another in an exciting, creative environment. The worlds of fashion, beauty and wellness combine into two electrifying days of runways and stage shows at Aveda Congress. Our Artists demonstrate new cutting and coloring techniques before an audience of stylists, salon owners, international media and influencers. Some highlights from Aveda Congress 2015 include the Global Artistic Team’s segments featuring Shampure Dry Shampoo, Aveda hair color and makeup to the electrifying finale performance by Global Creative Director Antoinette Beenders. Global teams ranging from Canada to Japan show off their skills while salons like Gila Rut and Van Michael present their own unique spin on what makes Aveda a respected, beloved beauty brand worldwide. Click the link above to learn more about Aveda Artists.
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Aveda Hair Makeover | Experience Aveda Institute New York
http://www.aveda.edu At the Aveda Institute, you’ll receive professional-quality treatments from haircare to skincare while providing practical experience for students working to hone their skills, all with Aveda’s signature rituals and care. See what Aveda Ambassadors like Monica (of MoKnowsHair) can do to transform hair under the supervision of Aveda Institute educators. Interested in starting your career as a beauty professional? Go beyond beauty school at an Aveda Institute near you. Meet Kennedy. She’s looking to completely change her look, so she and Monica discuss what she’d like to achieve with her haircut. An Aveda Institute instructor checks in periodically to approve Monica’s technique. When Monica’s work is finished, Kennedy turns around to reveal a short, fresh bob. Visit an Aveda Institute to book an appointment for haircare, skincare, massage therapy and more. Click the link above to learn about Aveda Institute services, schedule an appointment or find out more about student enrollment.
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Aveda How-To | Textured Bun Tutorial with Brittany Marie
https://www.aveda.com/product/17769/51018/styling/tonic/texture-tonic#/shade/4.2_fl_oz%2F125_ml Brittany Marie teaches us how to use Texture Tonic to create a flirty textured bun perfect for your next formal event or a casual brunch with friends! Aveda Texture Tonic gives your hair natural, effortless waves without a crunchy or sticky feeling. The volumizing formula contains salt and cane sugar, so hair gets major volume and texture with added softness and shine. To get the textured bun in this tutorial, start with curly or wavy hair. Spray Texture Tonic all over hair to add texture and scrunch product throughout hair. Tie back the top section of hair and flip the ponytail through a small hole. Twist up 2 inch sections and clip into the base of the ponytail. Drape front sections of hair over the top of the bun and clip back. Leave some hair in front to softly frame the face. Make it messy or more neat depending on what look you’re going for. Set the look with Air Control Hair Spray. ----------------------------------------------------------- Aveda Texture Tonic Spray: https://www.aveda.com/product/17769/51018/styling/tonic/texture-tonic#/shade/4.2_fl_oz%2F125_ml Air Control Hair Spray: https://www.aveda.com/product/5386/16933/styling/hair-spray/air-control-light-hold-hair-spray#/shade/9.1_oz%2F258_g See more tutorials from Brittany Marie: https://www.youtube.com/user/GettingPretty
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Aveda | Tippi Shorter Creates Thicker, Fuller Hair with Invati
http://Aveda.com/invati Tippi Shorter, celebrity hair stylist and Aveda’s Global Artistic Director for Textured Hair, travels to the Spoke & Weal salon in LA to provide her client with some tips on how to create thicker, fuller hair and counteract the appearance of her thinning hair. Having a healthy head of hair and choosing the right products is important because they are major factors in how your hair will look and feel. Tippi recommends Aveda’s 3-step Invati system for her clients who are dealing with thinning hair. The first step is to massage the Invati Exfoliating Shampoo into your hair and scalp, which helps to remove build-up. While you’re applying the shampoo, Tippi suggests giving yourself a scalp massage to improve microcirculation. Next, apply the Invati Thickening Conditioner, which help thicken strands of hair from within. Tap your hair dry to remove excess water. Finally, apply the Invati Scalp Revitalizer by lifting your hair in sections and spraying directly onto the scalp. Tippi styles her client’s hair with Aveda’s Phomollient, Styling Foam, which adds shine and weightless volume. She uses the low setting on her hair drier and lifts the hair away from the scalp as she dries it to create a more voluminous appearance. Tippi finishes off the look with Aveda’s Be Curly hair spray to lock in the style and defend against humidity. Click the link above to learn more about Aveda’s 3-step Invati system for thinning hair.
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Ingredient Sourcing | Andiroba Oil from Brazil | Aveda
http://pixvid.me/Aveda Marajó Island, located deep in the heart of the immense Amazon rainforest, is a home to one of the most diverse ecosystem on our planet and one of the most difficult places in Brazil to maintain a decent life. The community on the Marajó Island has found income source that helps to provide for its families as well as preserve the rainforest, through the sale of the Andiroba seeds. Andiroba seeds serve as a source of sustainable harvesting that brings profit for the Marajó community. Andiroba oil, which ensures stable income many local families and enables them to develop while sustaining rainforests, is a key ingredient in Aveda hand relief products. It has a long history of use in South America as well as commercial value. Andiroba oil is highly emollient and effective moisturizing oil for products intended to prevent dryness and help to protect skin.
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Aveda How-To | Styling Techniques for Straight Hair with Tippi Shorter
http://www.aveda.com/hair-care/anti-frizz-smooth-infusion Learn about a simple technique for styling your hair into smooth, shiny, and straight. Aveda Global Artistic Director for Textured Hair Tippi Shorter gives us an easy technique to get smooth, straight hair in just three steps. Start by prepping the hair for easy styling with Smooth Infusion Style-Prep Smoother. Apply a small amount of the product to damp hair thoroughly from roots to ends. Evenly distribute throughout the hair by brushing through with the Aveda Paddle Brush. Determine how much Smooth Infusion Naturally Straight to use by measuring the circle inside your thumb and index finger when pulling hair back into a ponytail. Apply Naturally Straight evenly throughout the hair for faster, easier straight styling. Blow dry hair and follow with a flat iron to seal in the straight look. Smooth ends and add shine by smoothing a few pumps of Brilliant Emollient Finishing Gloss over the surface of your hair to finish. Click the link above to enjoy straight hair using Aveda Smooth Infusion.
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Aveda How To: Get a Sculpted Hairstyle
Give short hair an updated quiff
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Aveda How-To | Everyday Body & Increased Volume for Fine Hair
http://www.aveda.com/products/5245/Collections/Pure-AbundanceTM/index.tmpl Boost volume in fine hair with these step-by-step techniques from Aveda. Our Global Creative Director, Antoinette Beenders, provides an easy tutorial for an everyday look that won’t weigh down your hair. Cleanse your hair with Aveda Pure Abundance Shampoo and Conditioner, which contains plumping acacia gum to help fill out fine hair. The refreshing aroma of jasmine and organic peppermint lifts your mood and the lightweight texture won’t add weight or residue. Holding the bottle six inches from your hair, spritz on Aveda Brilliant Damage Control to help reduce breakage that may be caused by heat styling. At Aveda, we believe product plus technique equals results. Beenders demonstrates how to section off hair to target each area and apply Aveda Volumizing Tonic at the roots. Flip your hair upside-down to blow dry, adding body while you style. When your hair is about 60% dry, part it into sections again and use a paddle brush to hold hair taut while applying direct heat with the blow dryer. Wrap hair around velcro rollers and spray with Aveda Air Control Hairspray, drying with high heat on a low speed to set the style. Finish with Aveda Pure Abundance Hair Potion and remove the rollers. Click the link above to add healthy body and bounce to your hair.
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Aveda Hair Makeover | Aveda Salon Hair Color for NYFW
https://www.aveda.com/locations Meet Lua, the blogger behind Le Happy. She’s looking to revamp her hair color for New York Fashion Week. Working together with Aveda Artist David Adams of FOURTEENJAY in NYC, Lua gave her trademark red a refresh with Aveda’s new Eclipting color technique. Eclipting color highlights the face for a more dimensional, customized hair color. Visit an Aveda salon for custom cuts, color, and styling. Click the link above to learn about Aveda salon services, schedule an appointment or find a location near you.
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Aveda Sourcing Story: Moroccan Argan
Aveda purchases its argan supply from a women's cooperative network helps to further enable the women to provide for their families. Find out more at http://aveda.com
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Aveda | Le Happy Heatless Hairstyles Tutorial
http://aveda.cm/2gqJydj Blogger Lua P of Le Happy shows you how to create four different hairstyles with dry shampoo. Try out the heatless hairstyles for yourself with Aveda’s Shampure Dry Shampoo and check out Lua’s exclusive Hair Essentials kit. Learn how to create a simple bun, double braid, half ponytail and a messy bun with this hairstyle tutorial from Lua P. All hairstyles are easy to do with a little Aveda Shampure Dry Shampoo and the Aveda Paddle Brush. Hair is instantly revived with a few puffs of Shampure Dry Shampoo, made with naturally derived powders that absorb excess oil and impurities. Check out Lua’s Hair Essentials kit for all your hair needs; it includes Shampure Dry Shampoo, a travel-size set of Color Conserve Shampoo & Conditioner, and a travel-size Dry Remedy Moisturizing Masque. Click the link above for the exclusive Lua P and Aveda Hair Essentials box.
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Aveda How-To | Beachy Waves Tutorial with Brittany Marie
https://www.aveda.com/product/17769/51018/styling/tonic/texture-tonic#/shade/4.2_fl_oz%2F125_ml Embrace your natural texture! Brittany Marie shares her best tips for messy beachy waves using Aveda Texture Tonic in this quick and easy tutorial. Create easy, messy textured beachy waves with Texture Tonic. The nourishing and volumizing formula creates a soft, natural texture so hair has smooth, effortless texture. Get beachy waves by applying Shampure Thermal Dry Conditioner from mid-lengths of hair down to the bottom. Spray Texture Tonic all over hair from middle to ends for instant, crunch-free texture. Using a large curling wand, curl hair in different directions. Create looser and tighter curls for added texture and a naturally “messy” look. Spray more Texture Tonic after curling and scrunch up to work product into hair. Run fingers through hair to separate curls, making the look more messy and effortless. ----------------------------------------------------------- Texture Tonic Spray: https://www.aveda.com/product/17769/51018/styling/tonic/texture-tonic#/shade/4.2_fl_oz%2F125_ml Shampure Thermal Dry Conditioner: https://www.aveda.com/product/17811/47416/hair-care/dry-shampoo-and-conditioner/shampure-thermal-dry-conditioner#/shade/3.4_fl_oz%2F100_ml See more tutorials from Brittany Marie: https://www.youtube.com/user/GettingPretty
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