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My Favourite @AvoidingThePuddle twitch clips
Here's my collection of some awesome ATP fun clips, enjoy the ride! And don't forget to check his channel on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/user/AvoidingthePuddle and Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/avoidingthepuddle
Views: 76 George Grindcore
Bonanza - Szárnyas Fejvadász Veretős Techno Remix
Kifejezetten mi Urunk szolgája, Zsozeatya figyelmébe ajánlott alpári veretős muzsika, mely nótának eredetijeit sem jogilag, sem más módon nem birtoklom, kizárólag a szórakoztatás céljából használtam fel. Jó szeletelést! :)
Views: 218 George Grindcore
PsylOcke - Bazooka Circus
PsylOcke - Bazooka Circus Picture art by blewzen (from DeviantArt) I do not own the rights of this music track and this picture. Video made by VideoPad Editor as an alaglyph 3D (red-cyan glass required) video.
Views: 31 George Grindcore
Awesome Rave Party in Crackdown 3
I found a great party in Crackdown 3 campaign! Love it!
Views: 5 George Grindcore
Best Club on BG-386! (Alien vs Predator 2010)
Maxed out check into the famous techno club on BG-386 :)
Views: 8 George Grindcore
Another Cool Party in Crackdown 3
Yeah, another one. "Woohoo I love this song!" :-D
Views: 1 George Grindcore
Call of Duty® Black Ops 4 - The Techgeek gameplay
I played a really good endurance chaos moshpit KC with my fav Recon, he is a tech geek, check it out! :)
Views: 9 George Grindcore

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