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I set up a hidden camera in my sisters room SHE DIDNT KNOW (READ DESCRIPTION)
My sister lykajoy was reading a book in the liv room. I took her camera and hide it in her room. everyday, she always locks the door and i sometimes eavesdrop. I have always wonderd what she always does inside her room. After i hide the camera, she was coming and i ran out the room as soon as posibble.
Lykajoy Sings Part of Your World (Little Mermaid) DEDICATED TO MY BFF REYNA
I hope I sang good enough for you guys! I tried meh best!
Talking About My Very Sad Life
I try so hard to make videos for you guys. I don't know how to edit my videos, but I try to make it fun and funny. If you don't like my videos, then I'm sorry. The more I saw hate comments, the more sad I got. I'm sorry.
There's Creepy Stuff Happening in Our Grandma's House! Part 2, I think.
If this is the wrong video, I'm sorry! I always mess up! I think this is part 2.
Trailer The Girl Who Gets Bullied
The characters in the trailer were just Lykajoy and Yumi my cousin. If you want to be in a trailer with me, then you have to go to my apartment. SORRY
Trying To Do the Cup Song (Karoake)
SHORT Tour of My Playroom!
If you watched this Jayden, then I'm sorry for not keeping it a surprise.
If You REALLY WANT to Be in My Videos, Watch This!!!!!
Comment this video and say what you want your character looking like. I will comment on your comment and reply to u back!!
Reyna Defeats Max
This is my first little Gacha vid! THANKS FOR WATCHIN’!!!!!
This Video is For my Hate Commenters!!!!!
Who cares about your opinion? Nobody! You all are just airheads that like to just comment mean stuff to people like me! In real life I'm really friendly and nice, but I can be savage as a tiger devouring it's prey!
I'm Trapped in Granny's House!!!
We set up a camera in the bathroom and found the prankster! FUNNY
I hope you didn't get too scared. I'm just kidding! Btw, Yumi and Milene, I miss you girls. Hope you're going to be here next year at school. Bye!
Suicide *Part 1*=
This video is the saddest I have ever uploaded! 😭
Zombie Song Lykajoy Sings It
This video is about me singing the Zombie Song! Hope you enjoy!!!! Type in the comments down below if you like it! Remember, I'm still new to this whole youtuber thing!
Lykajoy Sings Silent Scream (Check out my Voice!)
Hey guys! I made this video for you guys because I just wanted to tell you if I sing okay. A lot of my classmates say that I have an amazing voice! I thought that they were joking a little and I wanted to find out if it was true or not! THANKS!!!!!!
Try Not to Laugh Challenge-A big giant baby kidnaps lion and elephant-
This video is my second video! This video is for Jayden, Yumi, Vanessa, Naila, and you too! I'm still kind of new to this whole youtuber thing. So don't judge me of my videos!!! THANK YOU EVERYONE!!!! LOVE YOU ALL!!!!
Singing's Got Talent! Lyka-rap VS Lana the Piano Player!
Comment down below who your favorite contestant is: Lyka-rap or Lana.
Helping My Brother Thirdy With His Spelling Vocabulary
This took me a very long time to do. Thirdy was always acting so stupid during homework!! This video is proof!!!
Dancing to a Hawaii Song! -Fairy Shell-
When I was 4 years old, I danced to this song! After I moved to California, I forgot it.
I am Going to Tell You All About the New Video I am Making Tomorrow!
I love you so much everyone!!!!!! Hope you have the most wonderful and happiest day than I am! This video is for you and espesially (Sorry if I spelled espesially wrong) Yumi and Milene! (Milene is Cute Rainbowy) Please sub to Yumi Maiquez and Cute Rainbowy! BYEE
Practicing Our Song to Sing at Church on STAGE.
I didn't realize Thirdy behind me doing something.
This is How I REALLY Sing Like When I'm Alone
Please comment down below how I sing like. Please sub to my channel also! This is my singing voice, my REAL one. If someone is watching and hearing me sing, I get nervous and freeze up like an ice cube. Sometimes I get off-key and mess up. So... I made this video for everyone to see how I really sing like when NO ONE is watching me.
Thank you so much for commenting on my videos guys who hate me! I love you guys sooo much!!!! And any kind of comment you send on my videos, I DON'T CARE. As long as you commented.
How Our Friendship Began Trailer (How Lykajoy and Yumi Met)
Hope you liked it! Was it funny? Leave a comment down below!
Kidnapped Part 1 Gacha Studios
Sorry about the music, I can’t hear all the music from this phone. So I just guess which sad music to choose.
Granny Get's Defeated Trailer (tied up)
The characters are: Yumi, Lykajoy(Granny), and Jayden! Granny: Lykajoy Survivors: Yumi and Jayden (my cousins) Hope you enjoy! If I get at least 20 subs like Yumi, I will make a video for you guys! First one to comment, get's to choose what type of video you want me and Yumi to do!
There's Creepy Stuff Happening in our Grandma's House! Part 1
I am so so so so so so so so so so so sorry I have never made any new videos! My computer wouldn't let me make new videos! But now it's working! Please forgive me! I love you guys so much! I will always make videos for you, to make it up to you! If you notice I'm not making any new videos lately, it means I'm too busy or my computer wouldn't let me make new videos. BYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lykajoy Eats Jayden the Sailor (HILARIOUS)
If you're wondering how I sang like that, I'm not gonna tell you! We didn't mean to actually kiss okay!!!
Chocolate the Singing Poop (7 years)
Hewwo guys! it me chocolate, ths is my first youtabe video. Lykajoy does not know that i was mking a video of her channel! hehehehe. i am singing 7 years. hope you engoy!
Introducing My Cousins Jayden and Yumi (Jayden's Riddle) If you solve it, we'll make a vid for YOU!
If you solve Jayden's riddle, we will make a vid just for you!!!!!!! Please be honest and don't lie that you solved the riddle if you didn't. We'd be really disappointed that we made a video for a person that lied to us. PS. If you don't solve the riddle, put it in the comment section and will still do a vid for you cuz you were honest.
My Block City Wars Character!
Please friend me if you have the game block city wars! LOVE YOU AL SO MUCH! I love block city wars! Espescially Zombie Rush! Thats my fav game!
Making My Own Slime -MEGA FAIL-
Please subscribe to my channel Lyka Lovers! I hope you liked it!
Singing With Jasmine in A Whole New World (I just showered)
Hey guys! You're probrably thinking that I'm just lip singing, but I'm not. I know it sounds like it, but my computer is kind of broken and old. So my voice sounds kind of like roboty. I hope you understand. And also, please don't hate comment on my video.

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