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Sell Music On WordPress
Full article: http://cart66.com/blog/sell-music-on-wordpress/ Cart66 makes it easy to sell your music on WordPress. Sell downloads of albums or individual tracks. You don't need anything but a basic, free WordPress theme and Cart66. All of the security and ecommerce features are included.
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What Is PCI Compliance Scope?
What is PCI compliance scope? That is one of the most common questions we get. So in this video I explain a bit about what that means for your business and what you can do to minimize the effort required to comply with the PCI compliance regulations. Finally, I'll talk a little bit about how Cart66 reduces the PCI compliance scope for your website by handling all of the payment processing for you by giving you a secure hosted payment page that looks exactly like the rest of your website. This gives you all the security benefits and PCI compliance scope reduction of using a 3rd party hosted payment service like PayPal without having to give up your design. Plus, you can use any of the 100+ payment gateways Cart66 supports.
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Creating Products In Cart66
How to create a product with image gallery in Cart66
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Secure Hosted Payment Page
Full article: http://cart66.com/blog/hosted-payment-page/ Cart666 provides a PCI compliant, secure hosted payment page that works with over 100 different payment gateways. You don't have to worry with your own SSL certificate or any of the other technical hurdles normally associated with running your own online store.
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WordPress event registration plugin
In this video we'll look at how you can use Cart66 as your WordPress event registration plugin. Cart66 goes beyond what you can do with a normal event registration plugin by giving you everything you need to securely accept credit card payments for our event as well. You can easily collect custom information, run sales, offer coupons, and limit the number of tickets you sell to the event. For the complete tutorial please see http://cart66.com/blog/wordpress-event-registration-plugin
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When To Use Cart66
Cart66 was designed to make it easy to put a product on a page of your WordPress site and sell it. You get fine tuned control over the design and layout of your site so you can strategically place Add To Cart buttons and product forms anywhere on any page or post of your site. In addition, Cart66 goes beyond what you can do with a plugin alone and includes secure, connected services so you don't even need your own SSL certificate to accept secure credit card payments. In this video we talk about how Cart66 was designed so you can decide which projects are great for Cart66 and when you might want to try a different WordPress ecommerce plugin. For the full written review, see: https://cart66.com/blog/when-to-use-cart66/
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WooCommerce vs Cart66
What's the difference between WooCommerce and Cart66? In this WordPress shopping cart review, we'll talk about the big differences between WooCommerce and Cart66 from three perspectives. First, we'll look at the difference between the WooCommerce Marketplace of add-ons and compare that to Cart66 and how everything comes put together right out of the box. Then we'll talk about the different types of stores you would build with WooCommerce vs Cart66. Finally we'll look at the different types of product order forms you can build with Cart66 and how that goes beyond just a few product variation like color and size so you can build robust product order forms to collect whatever information you need from your customers. We would love to help you get up and running. Head over to https://cart66.com and talk to us about your online store.
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An easier way to sell with WordPress
Set up a product in less than 2 minutes. Cart66 makes selling and accepting payments on WordPress easy because we handle a bunch of the technical hurdles that slow you down. Here's a quick demo showing how fast you add products to your WordPress site. Then we talk about a few things you didn't have to do. Try it yourself at https://cart66.com
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How to add  an email opt-in form to WordPress with Mad Mimi
Full eBook tutorial: https://cart66.com/blog/how-to-sell-an-ebook-on-wordpress/ Using Mad Mimi to send your emails, this is how to add an email opt-in form to your WordPress site using the Genesis eNews extended plugin.
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Payment Plans
Selling products on a payment plan is as simple as setting up a subscription with a fixed number of billing cycles. In this video we look at how to set up and sell an expensive product on a payment plan with more affordable monthly installments. For more details on how to do this, take a look at the complete tutorial here: http://cart66.com/blog/selling-payment-plans-wordpress/
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Buy Now Links For Product Bundles
Full article: http://cart66.com/blog/selling-product-bundles-buy-now-links Create buy now links that will add multiple products to the cart and send your customer directly to the checkout page, ready to pay for the order. This is a great way to sell your products through email newsletters, blog posts, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and anywhere you can use a link. You can wrap images in these links too to make shiny "Buy Now" buttons!
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Cart66 Product Pages
Cart66 provides a clean layout for creating product pages that includes a built-in image gallery. In this video we look at how to create product pages in your WordPress site using Cart66.
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How To Accept Payments with WordPress
Accepting payments online can seem a little overwhelming at first because of all the new terms and complicated technical details. In this video we'll talk about the vocabulary of online payments and clear up some confusing aspects of online payments. We'll also look at popular payment gateways and how to work with them securely and effectively. There are a lot of WordPress payment plugins available to help you start accepting payments online. We'll talk about how Cart66 gives you the best of both worlds in terms of security and customization by providing a secure hosted payment page that looks like the rest of your WordPress site by using your WordPress theme to skin your secure payment page. All of this is done with one click making Cart66 both the easiest and most secure WordPress payment plugin. For more details, check out our complete review and analysis of using Cart66 as your WordPress payment plugin: https://cart66.com/blog/wordpress-payment-plugin/
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How to sell an ebook with Cart66
Full tutorial on how to sell your eBook on WordPress with Cart66: https://cart66.com/blog/how-to-sell-an-ebook-on-wordpress/ In this tutorial, we look at adding your eBook as a digital product to your Cart66 store. Then we place the product on your WordPress site.
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The best place to find new clients for your WordPress business
Are you stressing out over where you're going to find your next client? Have you ever been in the situation where you have more work than you know what to do with, so you're working crazy hours? Then, finally, you reach the end and launch your client's site. This is awesome because now you can collect that final payment. But wait... what now? You've been so busy working on that last project that you didn't have any time to look for new clients. Now you don't have any work. No income until you find - and actually land - a new project. In this video, we dive into how you can fix this problem. To learn more head over to https://doublestack.net/blog
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It's Not About SSL Certificates
SSL Certificates actually play a very small role in the overall security required for PCI compliance when running an online store. Cart66 takes care of all of the technical details surrounding security and PCI compliance so you don't have to think about anything except building your business.
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The Key To Selling WordPress Maintenance Plans
Any serious WordPress developer knows that you have to do maintenance to keep a WordPress site healthy. So, we offer maintenance plans to our clients. Unfortunately, for most WordPress developers, the worst case scenario happens. The client says no and you end up doing the work anyway for free because you know it has to be done. This is the key to fixing that problem so you can get compensated in a way that allows you to do your best work while providing awesome results for your clients. https://doublestack.net/how-to-sell-wordpress-maintenance-plans/
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Is It Time To Give Up Your WordPress Freelancing Business?
I have talked with a bunch of WordPress developers who have been freelancing for years and they all say the same thing. It used to be easier to sell WordPress websites.  Even people who were making 6-figure incomes a few years ago with WordPress freelancing are telling me that everything is drying up now and they can't find nearly as much work as they used to. And, the work they do find, is just not commanding the rates they used to be able to charge. So now, they are faced with a huge decision. Should they give up?  https://doublestack.net/is-it-time-to-give-up-your-wordpress-freelancing-business/
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Should You Sell WordPress Sites On Subscription?
Most people consider selling WordPress sites on subscriptions for two reasons: The client can't afford the full price of the project up front The WordPress developer wants to start building recurring revenue We're diving into those ideas right now to see if this is a good approach that solves these two problems or if maybe there's a better way to structure things that still satisfies these two goals but doesn't involve you putting in all the work and the risk upfront.  This is the opposite of the "mainstream" approach, and I think you'll find it very interesting! Find out more here: https://doublestack.net/should-you-sell-wordpress-sites-on-subscriptions/
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The Mainstream Approach To Selling WordPress Maintenance Plans Is Failing Today
Selling WordPress maintenance plans is totally different today compared to just a year or two ago. That is why most WordPress consultants are failing to get clients signed up for monthly retainers. Full training session here: https://doublestack.net/why-the-mainstream-approach-to-selling-wordpress-maintenance-plans-fails/
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The Critical Shift To Generate $5k to $10k Per Month With Your WordPress Business
It's a lot of work and there is no magic solution to make this happen. But, if you're going to be working hard, make it count! The web design and WordPress consulting economy have dramatically changed over the last year or two. Today we are talking how to make the shift out of the old system that's drying up into a new structure that enables you to hit your income goals while having more of an awesome impact for your clients too!
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How To Promote Your Online Store
Full article: http://cart66.com/blog/promote-online-store/ Here is an easy process you can start right now and it makes a big difference. Everyone says to create a Twitter account, Facebook, Google+, YouTube, etc. Here is how can you use them all together to promote your online store.
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You Don't Have To Sell Cheap WordPress Sites
If you liked this video, join us on Facebook where we talk about Building High-Value WordPress Sites: https://www.facebook.com/groups/highvaluewordpress/ Don't give up the fight against free website builders by selling cheap WordPress websites. You can do something better and more powerful for your clients. It's a win for everybody. Your client wins by getting new customers, your client's customers win because they are getting solutions to their problems, and you win because you get paid real money for your work.
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Busting the "I can't afford that!" myth your clients give you all the time
How many times have your clients told you, "I can't afford that!" Get the full session here: https://doublestack.net/the-i-cant-afford-that-myth/ This is one of the most common objections you'll get when presenting proposals to your clients. The interesting thing about this objection is that it's a myth. I'll give you three examples that prove that this is a myth being used as a defense mechanism. Then we'll talk about how to bust that myth - both in your mind AND in your client's mind - so you can win these clients and protect them from low-budget developers who just want to take their money.
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Customize Email Receipt
Sometimes you want to include product specific content in the email receipt your customer gets after placing an order. You can suggest related products, provide special instructions, or maybe offer a coupon code for their next purchase. With Cart66, it is really easy to set this up. When creating a product, there is a special field called Receipt Text where you can include any content you would like to include in the email receipt when that product is purchased. The content can be HTML or plain text. You can include links, coupon codes, images, or anything you'd like. It's a really powerful way to interact with your customers, increase awareness of your brand and products, and increase sales. It's also really easy to do :) Click here for a full written tutorial: https://cart66.com/blog/customize-receipt-text-specific-product/
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Accept Donations Online
Full article: https://cart66.com/blog/accept-donations-online-wordpress/ Accept donations online with WordPress and Cart66. Recurring donations and one-time donations are both easy to set up. Create accounts to make repeat donations easy. Lots of layout options are available too. And, perhaps best of all, you don't have to worry about the safety and security of the payments with your secure hosted payment page powered by Cart66.
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The Secret To Winning High-Ticket WordPress Clients
The secret to winning high-ticket WordPress clients is learning how to set yourself apart by taking your client to heights much higher than they would be able to achieve on their own. Find more training sessions like these at https://doublestack.net/blog
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WordPress Plugins: How Many Is Too Many?
Join our Facebook Group: Building High-Value WordPress Sites for more: https://www.facebook.com/groups/highvaluewordpress/ Upgrading your tools, skills, and your mindset so you can start experiencing your true value. In today's live video we covered a ton of things about WordPress plugins. How many should you use? How do you pick good ones? How can you reduce your need for plugins? Why it is important not to rely entirely on plugins and to start upping your WordPress skills so you are in control of what's going on.
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The Unteachable WordPress Skill
There are a lot of things that go into making your WordPress business successful. Developing skills to build fast, stable, clean WordPress sites. Learning how to use ecommerce. Understanding various marketing strategies like sales funnels, email marketing, content marketing and SEO. But all of these things have one thing in common. Someone can teach them to you and you can learn them. There is one thing, however, that you can't get through teaching and this is the thing that really makes all the difference. This is what draws the line between people running a successful WordPress business and people who never get off the ground and ultimately give up. https://doublestack.net/the-unteachable-wordpress-skill
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WordPress Add To Cart Button
How to create an add to cart button in WordPress with Cart66. For a full written description on how to create an add to cart button visit this article: http://cart66.com/blog/wordpress-add-to-cart-button/
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WordPress Care Packages Your Clients Actually Care About
Have you noticed that it is getting harder to sell WordPress Maintenance and Care Plans? Today we're talking about: - What is a Care Plan really worth? - What is a good rate/price for a WordPress Care package? - How do you get clients to see the value? https://doublestack.net/wordpress-care-plans
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Install Cart66 Plugin
The first step in setting your WordPress ecommerce site powered by Cart66 is to install the Cart66 Cloud WordPress plugin. In this video, we'll look at how to do that.
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Cart66 Product Catalog
How to display all of your products in a catalog or list the products in a particular product category.
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Theme Your Hosted Payment Page
Getting your secure hosted payment page looking exactly like your WordPress site is as easy as clicking a single button. To get started, head over to https://cart66.com
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How To Use A Buy Now Link In WordPress
Full written description: http://cart66.com/blog/buy-now-link/ A Buy Now Link will take your customer directly to the checkout page ready to complete the order. These links can be shared on your blog, email, newsletters, Facebook, Twitter, and anywhere else you can share links. You can even wrap images with your Buy Now link and make your own Buy Now buttons. Here is a quick demonstration of how all that works.
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How To Get Your WordPress Clients To Understand Your Value
Who is your ideal client? Someone who runs a business and now they're ready to get traction online? Someone who is decisive, values your work, and is ready to take action? If that's who you're looking for, why are you marketing to other WordPress developers? https://doublestack.net/how-to-talk-to-your-clients-so-they-understand-your-value/
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Customer Reviews - 5 Star Ratings
Add customer reviews to your product pages or anywhere else on your WordPress website powered by Cart66. In this video, you will see how to collect and display customer reviews. If you like what you see and want to use Cart66 on your WordPress website, head on over to https://cart66.com
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Automatically Create Product Pages
Creating a product in the Cart66 secure management console also create a Cart66 product page in WordPress
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WordPress Magazine Plugin
Full written article: https://cart66.com/blog/wordpress-magazine-plugin/ Digital magazine publishing is a great way to use WordPress and Cart66 because all of the tools you need for recurring billing, content restriction, and selling you subscriptions are all included in a hassle-free, secure system.
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How to sell web hosting with Cart66
In this video we look at how to sell web hosting with Cart66 in a couple different ways. First, we look at creating individual buttons for each hosting plan we offer. Then we explore the idea of creating one product that collects additional information from our customer, like the domain name they want, while letting them select their hosting plan and an optional WordPress support and maintenance plan. We also look at the PCI compliant secure customer portal where your customers can manage their subscription and their billing information. There is a complete written tutorial that goes with this video at https://cart66.com/blog/how-to-sell-web-hosting/ The written tutorial includes instructions and screenshots for all of the concepts covered in this video.
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Cart66 Shipping Tutorial - Weight or Price Based Shipping
In this WordPress ecommerce tutorial, we look at setting up weight or price based shipping in Cart66. Both weight and priced based shipping in Cart66 is built around the concept of regions, methods, and rates. Regions define where the package is going. Regions can be as broad as an entire country or as narrow as an individual postal code. Methods define how the package will get there. For example, ground shipping, next day, and overnight are all example of possible shipping methods you might define. The rates are how much you want to charge to deliver a package by a particular method to a certain region. For example, you might charge a rate of $10 to ship a package via the ground shipping method to the South East region of the United States. Once you have established your shipping regions, methods, and rates. The last thing you want to do is make sure your products are set to ship and that you have entered a weight for the product if you are using weight based shipping. This video tutorial covers the complete configuration of Cart66 for weight or price based shipping.
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How WordPress Consultants Can Double Their Income In 2019
There are two types of WordPress consultants: those that burn out and those that succeed. Ultimately, it comes down to one thing that delineates the groups. What is that thing? Which group are you in?
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How WordPress freelancers attract high-paying clients with their websites
Almost all WordPress freelancer websites are the same. They talk about all the skills they have and then sprinkle a few testimonials on top. But, if you really want to attract high-paying clients for your WordPress business, you should do something different. In this video, we dive into what you need to do to attract your ideal clients with your website while setting yourself apart so that your clients will hire YOU even if you're charging more. https://doublestack.net/how-to-attract-your-ideal-clients-with-your-wordpress-website/
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Win High-Paying Clients With Bulletproof Confidence
Let's talk about winning better clients and high-paying projects with confidence because most business coaches are only giving you half the story. https://doublestack.net/bulletproof-confidence/
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How to become an elite WordPress freelancer
I did a bunch of research in discovered that the average hourly rate for a WordPress freelancer in 2018 is between $10-29. That's not very much. But the really interesting thing is I also saw the data showing that there is an elite group of WordPress freelancers that are doing WAY better than that running 6-figure WordPress businesses. So, what does it take to get into that elite group? That's what we're talking about in today's live video. https://doublestack.net/how-to-become-an-elite-wordpress-freelancer/
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Email Tracking Info When Shipping Packages
Email tracking information when shipping packages with Cart66. This feature makes the order fulfillment workflow simple, fast, and effective. For a full written tutorial, please see https://cart66.com/blog/shipping-package-tracking/
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Sell your eBook with a buy now link
How to sell your eBook on WordPress (full tutorial): https://cart66.com/blog/how-to-sell-an-ebook-on-wordpress/ Create a buy now link to a discounted version of your eBook. Then send your buy now link out in your newsletter. When your customers click the link, they will be sent directly to your secure checkout page with the discounted product already in the cart. This is a fast and efficient way to get your customers to buy your eBook.
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How To Take Control Of Your Web Design Business
Nobody drifts into a thriving business. If you want to build a business that delivers an amazing impact for your clients while providing an awesome lifestyle for you, you have to fight for it. In this training session, I'm going to give you the tools and techniques you need to win that fight. You're going to come away with a new perspective on what's holding you back and how you can start changing that today so you can start taking control of your business! Learn more here: https://doublestack.net/take-control-of-your-wordpress-business/
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Add To Cart Anywhere
How to add an Add To Cart button to any page or post of your WordPress site. We have already looked at how to create an add to cart button on a Cart66 product page. This video shows you how to place an Add To Cart button anywhere on any page or post of you WordPress site. See the cart66 blog for a full written description http://cart66.com/blog/add-to-cart-button-anywhere/
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How To Get Your WordPress Clients To Take Action
Are you waiting for a client to send you copy for the website? Do you have proposals sitting out there but nobody is getting back to you? Are you ready to really crush it but your client is dragging their feet? There are two problems that stall out projects. Solving these two problems will energize your clients and fire up your projects like never before. Let's talk about how to get your clients to (finally) take action. https://doublestack.net/how-to-get-your-clients-to-take-action/
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