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'You Say Run' Goes with Everything - Gohan Turns SSJ2
I actually can't believe that this scene hasn't been attempted out of all of the You Say Run memes, so hopefully this one does well! A lot of editing was actually done to this to time this perfectly. As you all know this is the DBZ Kai footage, with Cell and Android 16's dialogue being from the Kai dub, but I kept Gohan's voice acting from the original Stephanie Nadolny voice. And of course adding Android 16's dialogue at the end rather than the narrator to make the scene more complete-ish. Not to mention some audio technicalities like the SSJ sound effect having to loop when the SSJ2 form is revealed and the atmosphere/wind effect that goes on in order to make the voices blend more.
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Marvel Studios' Anivengers: Infinity War - Official Trailer #2
Iron Man - Edward Elric (FMA) Captain America - Naruto Uzumaki (Naruto) Thor - Goku (Dragon Ball) Loki - Vegeta (Dragon Ball) The Hulk - Eren (Attack on Titan)/Hulkbuster - Armored Titan (Attack on Titan) Falcon - Shikamaru (Naruto) Scarlett Witch - Rin (Fate Series) Black Widow - Riza Hawkeye (FMA) Vision - Saitama (One Punch Man) Spider-Man - Midoriya (My Hero Academia) Doctor Strange - Ichigo (Bleach) War Machine - Alphonse Elric (FMA) Black Panther - Darui (Naruto)/Greed w/armor (FMA) Shuri - Yoruichi (Bleach) Okoye - Karui (Naruto) M’Baku - Scar (FMA) Star Lord - Natsu (Fairy Tail) Gamora - Erza (Fairy Tail) Drax - Grey (Fairy Tail) Groot - Happy (Fairy Tail) Rocket - Gajeel (Fairy Tail) Nebula - Lucy (Fairy Tail) Thanos - Father (FMA) Ebony Maw - Orochimaru (Naruto) Cull Obsidian- Ape Titan (Attack on Titan) Proxima Midnight - Tier Harribel (Bleach) Corvus Glaive - Ulquiorra (Bleach) Just realized I haven’t added a description yet lol. So yes, I know I got this out pretty fast. I didn’t want to waste ANY time putting this bad boy out lol. But I still am working on Ant Man and the Wasp, it’s just hard cycling through who I want but... I think I’ve finally decided. I added Saitama in as Vision to replace Aang since Avatar isn’t anime and people got mad about it. I wanted to save him for Adam Warlock, but I’m looking to include All-Might in there instead. So I did cave in, but I’m happy with the choice lol.
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Dragon Ball Super - WE GOTTA POWER (DBZ Intro)
So this kinda happened out of nowhere lmao, I worked on this for pure fun (as all my videos are), but I've been loving this new Dragon Ball Super intro and wanted to find a way to use it in a video. Here's the result, check it out!
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Sasuke | Trailer 2 | (Naruto/Logan Trailer MASHUP)
So this took a little longer than I wanted it to mainly because I started school and got a little busy. But anyways, I hope you enjoy this. It didn't hit me as hard as the last Sasuke/Logan trailer but I still feel like I got the job done... now let's attempt Power Rangers (kinda sarcastic but a little serious... at least before LOTR).
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Dragon Ball Super - Rock The Dragon - Toonami Intro Version 2
So here's the long awaited second version of my Rock the Dragon tribute, updated with new clips from the series. Funny thing is that I uploaded the first one 2 years ago yesterday! So here's a celebration. I'll continue to update this every 2 years if Super is on for that long lol
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Anivengers: Infinity War Official Trailer
"There was an idea..." INTRODUCING THE ANIVENGERS Iron Man - Edward Elric Captain America - Naruto Uzumaki Thor - Son Goku Black Widow - Mikasa Hulk - Eren Jaeger Spider-Man - Midoriya Doctor Strange - Ichigo Kurosaki Black Panther - Darui Vision - Aang Scarlett Witch - C.C. Falcon - Shikamaru Loki - Vegeta THANOS - FATHER
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Sasuke | Official Trailer - (Naruto/Logan Trailer MASHUP)
You know this was a video I had planned to do forever since the trailer was released and actually almost had a completely different version almost uploaded with Naruto as Logan/Wolverine instead. However I use Naruto in a lot of my videos and decided to give him a break until the time is necessary. I had been craving to make a new trailer, thought about doing Transformers or trying out a LOTR project I had thought about (still might do that), but Logan was the one that I needed to put out. And before I went to Sasuke, I considered Shikamaru, Kakashi and even Trunks, Vegeta and Goku before I ended up with Sasuke. Tell me what you guys think! In the near future, Sasuke Uchiha and Kakashi Hatake hide out on the border of the Land of Fire. But attempts to hide from the world antis legacy are up-ended when a young Sarada Uchiha arrives, being pursued by dark forces. Sasuke as Logan/Wolverine Kakashi as Charles Xavier/Professor X Orochimaru as Caliban Sarada Uchiha as Laura/X-23(?)
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Fairy Tail of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Trailer #2 (Fairy Tail x Guardians of the Galaxy MASHUP)
Well, looks like that's a wrap for the Fairy Tail of the Galaxy videos until of course, the Infinity War. But I wanted to match the excitement and heart of this trailer with the clips I chose. Hopefully you enjoy it! As well this marks my first series when I didn't cut out any parts of the trailers nor did I switch the characters around! Hope you enjoy! And of course since Natsu's dad hasn't made it into the anime, I had to make Gildarts, Ego. A perfect fit I must say. Natsu Dragneel as Star Lord/ Peter Quill Erza Scarlet as Gamora Gray Fullbuster as Drax Happy as Groot Gajeel Redfox as Rocket Raccoon Wendy Marvell as Mantis Laxus Dreyar as Yondu Lucy Heartfilia as Nebula Gildarts Clive as Ego (The Living Planet)
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Hunter x Hunter - Smile Bomb Opening (Yu Yu Hakusho) [ENG]
Was watching HxH and thought to myself "since they're the same creator, this needs to happen" so I made it happen. Enjoy!
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Naruto: Civil War - Trailer #2 (Captain America: Civil War - Parody)
Sorry for the delay, but I was really waiting on MHA to get to that particular episode for that clip for Spider-Man. Anyway, ENJOY!
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Anime Squad - Blitz Trailer (Suicide Squad Parody)
I know what you're all are thinking "WHERE'S THE CIVIL WAR TRAILER" it is coming along, I just had to wait for a certain anime to release in order for it to be finished for Spidey ;) (can you guess who it is). Also, yes, I changed Joker again. I want you to tell me which out of the four should continue to to be Joker (Hisoka, Dio, Orochimaru, or Kimblee). I wanted to try using Hisoka mainly because he has that Joker look, and so if you all like him best as Joker I'm gonna go back and re-do the other trailers. As well as fix LanFan as Katana. Now ON TO THE TRAILER. This took forever, a lot longer than usual... I was doing Apocalypse, Civil War, Star Wars, Dr. Strange and THIS all at the same time, so thank you for your patience. Hopefully I'll have them all done within the week. Spike Spiegel as Deadshot Hisoka as The Joker Shiro as Harley Quinn Kuvira as Amanda Waller Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez as Boomerang Kakashi Hatake as Rick Flag Greed as Killer Croc LanFan as Kitana Ace as El Diablo Kakuzu as Slipknot Shikamaru as (whoever Scott Eastwood is)
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Tokyo Venom - Official Anime Trailer (Tokyo Ghoul x Venom) MASHUP
ABOUT. DAMN. TIME. This was similar to my experience making that dreaded Ready Player Online video (only dreaded cause it was a long process), except that this time I had school and graduation stuff all in the way. So I ended up waking up from a nap and finishing this. I wonder who would win in a fight, Kaneki or Midoriya (who's my MCU anime Spider-Man) lol. Anyways, ENJOY THE VIDEO. ANIME ANT MAN AND THE WASP HAS BEEN CASTED AND WILL BE OUT SOON.
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Dragon Ball Super - Rock The Dragon Intro
Another little tribute to the Toonami generation of DBZ. This time featuring the iconic Rock The Dragon intro song, using clips from Dragon Ball Super, Battle of Gods & Revival of F. Hope you enjoy! Next up is a bit more iconic.
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Naruto V. Goku: Dawn of Justice - Final Trailer (Batman V. Superman)
I would've had this up on the day of the release of the trailer, but it was Valentine's Day weekend and I had to take some time away from the laptop lol. Anyway this is the final trailer for the Naruto V. Goku series, hope you all enjoyed them! I might be doing a few TV Spots and clips though. Following the events of Saiyan of Steel, Konoha's Hokage, Naruto Uzumaki travels to West City to preemptively combat Goku, while another threat endangers humankind. Son Goku as Superman/Clark Kent Naruto Uzumaki as Batman/Bruce Wayne Chi Chi as Lois Lane Beerus as Lex Luther Broly as Doomsday Korra as Wonder Woman King Kai as Perry White Jiraiya as Alfred
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Saiyan of Steel Trailer #3 (Dragonball Z/Man of Steel)
Son Goku is a journalist who was adopted as a child by Son Gohan after he was transported to Earth from the dying planet of Vegeta. Raised with the values of his adoptive grandfather, he feels alienated because of his unique super powers and struggles to find his own place in life. When the world is attacked, he becomes a hero to protect Earth and its people. Of course I was going to make this! The trailer was too epic not to do. Enjoy the video! and if you have any requests/suggestions or just want to get to know me personally, follow my instagram/twitter/tumblr: jdotslack (same name for all of them) Staring: Goku as Clark Kent/Superman Goku Jr. as young Clark Kent Vegeta as General Zod Chi Chi as Lois Lane Bardock as Jor-El
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My Hero Academia: Homecoming - Trailer 1 (Spider-Man x MHA)
THIS WILL BE PART OF MY OFFICIAL "CANON" INSTEAD OF BORUTO I have waited patiently for My Hero Academia to have enough footage for a proper trailer for Spider-Man: Homecoming. It's currently my favorite anime and Spider-Man is one of my all time favorite heroes. I should have the rest of the trailers finished by tomorrow and Monday. "Fallowing the events of 'Naruto: Civil War', Izuku Midoriya tries to balance his life as an ordinary student in Musutafu, Japan and fighting crime as Deku.
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Marvel Studios' Anivengers: Infinity War -- Chant TV Spot
Where will you be when it all ends? I didn't think I was going to make any more Infinity War videos... BUT these TV Spots are amazing. I'm working on a few others. I know, I should have Ant-Man & The Wasp done but it really just doesn't excite me I guess. I'm still making it, I'm just not in a rush. Maybe a new trailer for it would help? But anyway enjoy!
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Fairy Tail of the Galaxy VOL. 2 Teaser Trailer (Guardians of the Galaxy MASHUP)
GAJEEL & PANTHERLILY ARE BOTH ROCKET - So this was kind of a spur of the moment trailer. I had been wanting to make a Guardians trailer since the first look dropped, but I couldn't think of any characters to use. At first I was going to do Space Dandy for Star Lord and try to incorporate Majin Buu as Groot but it wasn't working. So I was thinking what the cutest anime character I could think of, and immediately it was Happy from Fairy Tail, then Natsu became Star Lord... and then here we are! The whole cast of Fairy Tail is very fun, and it was a toss up between them and the Straw Hat crew from One Piece. But I wanted to show the Fairy Tail guild some love this time, hope you enjoy! Natsu Dragneel as Star Lord Ezra Scarlet as Gamora Gray Fullbuster as Drax Happy as Groot Gajeel Redfox and Pantherlily as Rocket Wendy Marvell as Mantis
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Naruto V Goku: Dawn of Justice - Trailer #2 (Batman V Superman)
My computer wouldn't stop buffering so even I don't know what the final product looks like lol. But hope you enjoy. And oh yeah, there's a new Wonder Woman due to popular demand ;) (Korra will be back in a re-upload) "The Hidden Leaf Village's own Hokage, Naruto Uzumaki, travels to West City to take on Goku, fearing what would happen if the latter is kept unchecked. As Naruto and Goku confront one another, a new threat arrives to put mankind in greater danger than it has previously known." Goku as Superman Naruto as Batman Beerus as Lex Luthor Chi Chi as Lois Jiraiya as Alfred Sailor Moon as Wonder Woman Vegeta as Zod Broly as Doomsday(?)
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Anime Squad - (Suicide Squad Parody) Official Trailer
Spike Spiegel as Deadshot Dio Brando as The Joker Shiro as Harley Quinn Kuvira as Amanda Waller Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez as Boomerang Kakashi Hatake as Rick Flag Greed as Killer Croc Akame as Kitana Ace as El Diablo Kakuzu as Slipknot Shikamaru as (whoever Scott Eastwood is)
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Marvel Studios' Ant-Man & The Wasp - Official Anime Trailer (DRAGON BALL Z PARODY)
Real heroes. Not actual size. Marvel Studios' SaiyAnt-Man & The SaiyaWasp Gohan is grappling with the consequences of his choices as both a superhero and a father. Approached by Video and Master Roshi, Gohan must once again don the Saiyaman suit and fight alongside the Saiyawoman. The urgent mission soon leads to secret revelations from the past as the dynamic duo finds itself in an epic battle against a powerful new enemy. Soooo yes! I'm not sure if this will be the official casting but this idea came across my head more than a few times and I was gonna keep beating myself up if I didn't at least try to make it. So here it is! It actually works out pretty perfectly lol. Hope you all enjoy!
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Doctor Bleach Official Trailer 2 - (Bleach x Dr. Strange MASHUP)
Okay so I really have to apologize for the wait for the Justice League video. I just had a hard time doing The Flash scene that I just put it off until I did this trailer because I really wanted to do this one lol. I'm gonna build the hype for Justice League a bit, and drop Suicide Squad's Soundtrack trailer before it. Anyway, THIS however took a while. I had to really do a lot, and I mean A LOT of analyzing Bleach episodes and looking up and downloading those episodes to get the right clips. I did the same with Korra, but I just downloaded all of Book 1. Bleach has movies on top of seasons and seasons, and I wanted to make this pretty much perfect. Which is why it's hard for me to do suggestions because the amount of time I put in, mixed with how timely I want the videos to release... yeah. I'm just a perfectionist lol. So here is the result. Hopefully you all like it.
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Marvel Studios' Anivengers: Infinity War -- Blu Ray Trailer!
It's all been leading to this! Told you I would have this one done!
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A young Izuku Midoriya (Deku), who made his sensational debut in Naruto: Civil War, begins to navigate his newfound identity as the One For All super hero in 'My Hero Academia: Homecoming.' Thrilled by his experience with the Anivengers, Dekureturns home where he lives with his mother, under the watchful eye under his new mentor Edward Elric. Deku tries to fall back into his normal daily routine - distracted by thoughts of proving himself to be more than just your friendly neighborhood Deku - but when the Hero Killer emerges as a new villain, everything that Deku holds most important will be threatened.
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Anime League Special Comic-Con Footage (Justice League Anime MASHUP)
Merry (late) Christmas! I tried to get this finished in time for Christmas but whatever. Especially with the rumor of a new trailer on the horizon, I decided to go ahead and try this again. My original lineup consisted of Naruto & Korra of course, but Inuyasha was Aquaman, Cyborg 009 and then Genos was Cyborg, and Aang, Natsu and Saitama were the Flash, but I went ahead and used Luffy (who I was hesitant the most at getting the flow to work). Hopefully you enjoy this and it holds you off until the trailer release which should be soon!
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Fullmetal Alchemist: The Golden Circle | Official Trailer
So these are taking longer than usual to make, but I really wanted to make sure I got around to doing this, since I loved the first movie, and FMA. This was definitely something fun and I hope you enjoy. Also: DBZ Ragnarok might have to be tweaked a bit, since it's not available to watch in the US, I'm looking to see which way I should edit. With their headquarters destroyed and the world held hostage, the Alchemists find new allies when they discover a spy organization. In an adventure that tests their strength and wits, the elite secret agents from both sides of the pond band together to battle a ruthless enemy and save the day, something that's becoming a bit of a habit for Edward.
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Marvel's Anivengers: Age of Cell - Official Trailer
And it is here! So glad this came out well, I was honestly expecting to do the first trailer instead, but the second had lot more character moments that I wanted to show off using the anime characters I had. And yes... Aang is Vision, now before you all start screaming "he's not anime!" I really don't care *shrugs* plus this gives me a lot more use for Saitama in the future like I planned on him being *cough* Adam Warlock *cough* in more videos. Also, I had been back and forth on who to use for Ultron, though Cell was always the first choice, I started to think of possibly using Merum from Hunter x Hunter, Cooler from DBZ, Pain from Naruto, and many more, but Cell fit a lot more perfectly, and he's one of my favorite villains. Plus in DB FighterZ he's one of my mains. So anyway, I hope you all enjoy! When Edward Elric jump-starts a doormant peacekeeping alchemic experiment, things go terribly awry, forcing him, Goku, the Attack Titan, and the rest of the Anivengers to reassemble. As the fate of the Earth hangs in the balance, the team is put to the ultimate test as they battle Cell, a technological terror hell-bent on human extinction. Along the way, they encounter two mysterious and powerful newcomers, Rin Tohsaka and Killua Zoldyck.
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ANIME LEAGUE - Official Trailer 1
Well it's finally here! This was fairly easy to do. Unfortunately the lack of Superman in the trailer, Goku wasn't able to make an appearance, and I was bummed cause I love using him, but Thor Ragnarok we'll see him. Also about to get started on the Spider-Boruto 2nd trailer now. So yes, enjoy the epic ANIME LEAGUE Trailer! Fueled by his restored faith in humanity and inspired by Son Goku's selfless act, Naruto Uzumaki enlists the help of his newfound ally, Avatar Korra, to face an even greater enemy. Together, Naruto and Korra work quickly to find and recruit a team of metahumans to stand against this newly awakened threat. But despite the formation of this unprecedented league of heroes - Naruto, Avatar Korra, Ichigo Kurosaki, Alphonse Elric, and Monkey D. Luffy - it may already be too late to save the planet from an assault of catastrophic proportions
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Marvel Studios' Anivengers - Official Trailer (Avengers ANIME Parody)
And. It. Is. HERE. I was working on this simultaneously with all of the previous Phase 1 "AniMarvel" trailers I was working on in order to make sure that this was done as soon as possible, and that method definitely worked! I hope you all enjoy this and enjoy my choice for Hawkeye... yep... VASH THE STAMPEDE FROM TRIGUN! "When Goku's rival, Vegeta, gains access to the unlimited power of the energy from the Dragon Balls, Kakashi Hatake, director of ANBU, initiates a recruitment effort to defeat the unprecendted threat to Earth. Joining Kakashi's "dream team" are Edward Elric - the Fullmetal Alchemist, Naruto Uzumaki, Eren the Attack Titan, Goku, the Major - Motoko Kusanagi, and Vash the Stampede."
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READY PLAYER ONLINE - Official Trailer 1 [Sword Art Online x Ready Player One]
THIS TOOK TOO LONG TO DO. I literally forced myself to finish this since I never got around to the first trailer but man... this was not fun. Hopefully you all enjoy it... I'm tired. The film is set in 2045, with the world on the brink of chaos and collapse. But the people have found salvation in the SAO, an expansive virtual reality universe created by the brilliant and eccentric Akihiko Kayaba. When Kayaba dies, he leaves his immense fortune to the first person to find a digital Easter egg he has hidden somewhere in SAO, sparking a contest that grips the entire world. When an unlikely hero named Kazuto (Kirito) decides to join the contest, he is hurled into a breakneck, reality-bending treasure hunt through a fantastical universe of mystery, discovery and danger.
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Marvel Studios' Sailor Marvel - Official Trailer (Sailor Moon & Captain Marvel PARODY)
Higher. Further. Faster. OF COURSE I WAS GOING TO USE SAILOR MOON! Okay, so this was actually pretty easy to do since the trailer was... well it wasn't as exciting as I thought it would be, so I appreciate it for making this an easy task. Of course I had to bring Kakashi back as Fury, and Hughes as Coulson. I did however add a small cameo for Hades from Fairy Tail as Ronan! (Since I was finishing up my Fairy Tail of the Galaxy video with him in it), as well as the Universe 6 Namekians as the Skrulls since I could literally not think of anyone else to take the role (so maybe Lord Slug will be the main villain). I'm going to finish up the GOTG with Fairy Tail trailer as well as the Ant Man trailer soon. As well as my Phase 3 redos (which honestly I just might make it one large video for that). AS FAR AS SHAZAM IS CONCERNED, I know who it is I want for Shazam, but I'm just not sure if they'll have as much screen time as I would want them to since the season of My Hero Academia only has 2 episodes left (for manga readers, it's going to be Mirio AKA Lemillion because he's PERFECT for Shazam). Anyways, ENJOY! "Set in the 1990s, Marvel Studios’ “Sailor Marvel” is an all-new adventure from a previously unseen period in the history of the Anime Cinematic Universe that follows the journey of Usagi Tsukino as she becomes one of the universe’s most powerful heroes. While a galactic war between two alien races reaches Earth, Usagi finds herself and a small cadre of allies at the center of the maelstrom."
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Wonder Woman x Korra - Rise of the Warrior MASHUP [Official Final Trailer]
And here is the final Wonder Woman x Korra trailer video! Just realized that this is the first solo DC character video I've done since Saiyan of Steel back 4 years ago my freshman year of college lol. Had a lot of fun editing this one, so I hope you enjoy! Working on The Defenders at the moment, was actually working on it first, but then this trailer dropped and yeah... hopefully I get around to doing Blade Runner as well. Make sure to like and subscribe. Also looking to possibly making a video showing what process I use when it comes to making these videos.
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ANIME LEAGUE - Official Heroes Trailer
Better late than never huh??? Lol well this would've been done sooner if it weren't for midterms and my external hard rive literally broke in the middle of making this, so I had to re download episodes and movies in order for this to come into fruition. I didn't forget about Star Wars, Black Panther, or New Mutants. I want to get those done before an Infinity War trailer happens, which is inevitable! And this some of my more rushed work, I wanted to get this done ASAP and looking back it could've been better, but I hope you enjoy! Fueled by his restored faith in humanity and inspired by Goku's selfless act, Naruto Uzumaki enlists the help of his newfound ally, Avatar Korra, to face an even greater enemy. Together, Naruto and Korra work quickly to find and recruit a team to stand against this newly awakened threat. But despite the formation of this unprecedented league of heroes - Naruto Uzumaki, Avatar Korra, Ichigo Kurosaki, Alphonse Elric and Monkey D. Luffy - it may already be too late to save the planet from an assault of catastrophic proportions.
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Captain Konoha: The Winter Soldier - Official ANIME Trailer (Captain America x Naruto)
IT'S DONE! I wanted to make sure that this video was as polished as I could possibly make it. I love this movie, and I really wanted to capture the same feel that the trailers did utilizing the clips. Also, I may have to do the Ultron trailer before the first Guardians mainly because I have a better idea of what I want. But in the meantime... ENJOY! "After the cataclysmic events in The Leaf Village with his fellow Anivengers, Naruto Uzumaki, aka Captain Konoha, lives in the nation's capital as he tries to adjust to modern times. An attack on a fellow Shinobi throws Naruto into a web of intrigue that places the whole world at risk. Joining forces with the Major, Motoko Kusanagi and a new ally, Shikamaru Nara, Naruto struggles to expose an ever-widening conspiracy, but he and his team soon come against an unexpected enemy."
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Wonder Korra - Official Origin Trailer
Okay so here I'm going to answer the question as to why I stick with Korra aside from any other traditional anime heroines (particularly Sailor Moon who I used before). Sailor Moon was a test that got a lot of views, I'm not a fan of the series but that's only because I never watched it. I've been a huge Avatar fan since day 1 and Korra was the one I pictured. I do plan on using Sailor Moon as Captain Marvel though, but as for Wonder Woman, I'm sticking with Korra. Reason for the late trailer: I forgot that it dropped. Hopefully you all enjoy it! "Before she brought peace to the world, she was Korra, of the Southern Water Tribe, trained to be an unconquerable Avatar. Raised on a sheltered island paradise, when a citizen from Republic City crashes on their shores and tells of a massive conflict raging in the outside world, Korra leaves her home, convinced she can stop the threat. Fighting alongside man in a war to end all wars, Diana will discover her full powers... and her full destiny."
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Iron Alchemist 3 - Official Trailer (FMA x Iron Man PARODY)
WELCOME TO PHASE 2! I can't remember the user who commented, but they were able to predict the entire castlist that I ended up using for this video! So that's a wrap for the Iron Man trilogy, hope you all enjoyed it. I hope you enjoy the casting that I had for the villains of this trailer, you shouldn't be disappointed. And I already have everything ready for the next 2 trailers for Thor 2, and Cap TWS. Also, my other Ant Man & The Wasp trailer will be dropping randomly. I like to make a surprise. "Plagued with worry and insomnia since saving Konoha from destruction, Edward Elric, now, is more dependent on the automail that give him his Fullmetal Alchemist persona -- so much so that every aspect of his life is affected, including his relationship with Winry Rockbell. After a malevolent enemy known as Wrath reduces his personal world to rubble, Edward must rely solely on instinct and ingenuity to avenge his losses and protect the people he loves."
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Anime League - Comic-Con Sneak Peek [HD]
FINALLY FINISHED. I had been working on this since the day it came out simultaneously with the Dragon Ball Ragnarok video, but a 4 minute long trailer is pushing it for me lol, I'm not sure if I will do one this long again anytime soon. Hope you all enjoy this one, I was going through a lot of villains that would fit Steppenwolf, but I feel Madara was a solid choice. And as far as who is going to be Thanos since I made Frieza Hela in the Ragnarok video, it's going to be Father from Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood. After doing research and measuring his power, he is the best fit in my eyes. But anyways, enough about that, on to Anime League. ENJOY! (As I begin to work on Ready Player One) Fueled by restored faith in humanity and inspired by Goku's selfless act, Naruto Uzumaki enlists the help of his newfound ally, Avatar Korra, to face an even greater enemy. Together, Naruto and Korra work quickly to find and recruit a team of Shonen Warriors to stand against this newly awakened threat. But despite the formation of this unprecedented league of heroes - Naruto, Avatar Korra, Ichigo, Alphonse and Monkey D. Luffy - it may already be too late to save the planet from an assault of catastrophic proportions.
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BLACK PANTHER - Official Anime Trailer MASHUP
HERO. LEGEND. RAIKAGE. Long live the King. After the events of Naruto: Civil War, Third Raikage Darui returns home to Kumogakure but soon finds his sovereignty challenged by factions within his own country. When two enemies conspire to bring down the kingdom, Darui must team up, as the Black Panther Raikage, with Kirigakure's Ao and members of the Dora Milaje - Kumogakure's special forces - to prevent a world war.
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Naruto V. Goku: Dawn of Justice - Comic Con Trailer (Batman V. Superman)
Man! This was a hard one to do! As soon as I saw the trailer, I knew exactly how to make that into my video. Surprisingly, it wasn't hard picking out a Wonder Woman. The Avatar herself will be Wonder Woman in my series of DC anime series. I chose Beerus for Lex Luthor over Frieza, mainly because he serves as a bigger psychological threat as well as physical to Superman. He's neither friend or foe, which Lex Luthor has shown time and time to switch sides, so I chose Beerus to fill that role. Anyway I hope you enjoy! The Hidden Leaf Village's own Hokage, Naruto Uzumaki, travels to West City to take on Goku, fearing what would happen if the latter is kept unchecked. As Naruto and Goku confront one another, a new threat arrives to put mankind in greater danger than it has previously known. Superman - Goku Batman - Naruto Lex Luthor - Beerus Alfred - Jiraiya Wonder Woman - Korra
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War for the Planet of the Titans | Final Trailer (Attack on Titan MASHUP)
In War for the Planet of the Titans, the third chapter of the critically acclaimed anime series, Even and his titans are forced into a deadly conflict with the Survey Corps led by a ruthless Commander Erwin Smith. After the Titans suffer unimaginable losses, Even wrestles with his darker instincts and begins his own mythic quest to avenge his kind. As the journey finally brings them face to face, epic battle that will determine the fate of both their species and the future of the planet. This was a very "in the moment" kind of deal. For those of you that live under a rock away from the internet, Attack on Titan Season 2 is now over. And I knew as soon as it ended I wanted to attempt to try something with the series, especially clips from that season. I made a Joke about the Beast Titan being a result of the Apes films (which I'm a huge fan of), and then it clicked to make this video. I originally was going to do a DBZ Version of this using the Saiyans as the monkeys, but I feel like it wouldn't have came out the way I wanted, as opposed to this, which surprisingly didn't take as long as some of my other videos. However I hope you enjoy this!
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Gozilla: King of the Monsters - Official ANIME Trailer 1 (Attack on Titan PARODY)
Sorry for the delay. Life has been crazy, but I had to get this done for a few reasons. I'm getting a new computer with new software and I don't plan on transferring everything from my laptop to it when it comes to the videos so I'm gonna be starting from scratch. So I'm cranking out videos as much as I can. So yeah! So this concept took a while to really get down. I originally was going to make this Naruto with all of the tailed beasts, the only problem I was running into was giving a sense of depth and urgency and Attack on Titan captures that more so than Naruto does in the context of giant anime creatures. As well as the trailer just blew me away! So hopefully you all enjoy!
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Naruto: The Force Awakens - Trailer (Star Wars MASHUP)
Naruto as Finn Sakura as Rey Sasuke/Tobi (Disguised) as Kylo Ren Shikamaru as Poe Cameron Madara as Darth Vader Jiraiya as Han Solo Tsunade as Leia Minato (4th Hokage) as Luke Skywalker Konan as Captain Phasma The Akatsuki as The Knights of Ren
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Wonder Korra - Official Trailer (Wonder Woman x Legend of Korra MASHUP)
Can you believe it's been what 3-4 months since I posted something? Lol sorry for the absence, I had a huge creators block plus I had to make space on the laptop. Not to mention that Justice League video was getting harder and harder to make (but don't worry I got the roster down, and you'll love The Flash) however since there will be a new trailer soon, I'll just wait for that one. Rogue One, isn't happening any time soon at the moment. I've tried and it's just difficult. Guardians will be happening soon, but with a better trailer. And also Spidey has also changed for the future Marvel Mashups. Now... ENJOY my return!
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The Incredible Titan - Official Trailer  (Attack on Titan x Hulk PARODY)
Two videos in 24 Hours! What a record! This was actually very very very easy to do, especially since I used the teaser trailer (which was the only decent trailer I could find to use). Hopefully I can have Iron Man 2 trailer done by the weekend! But in the mean time, enjoy the video! Phase 1 is going smooth so far! "Scientist Eren Jaegar desperately seeks a cure for the titan serum that contaminated his cells and turned him into The Attack Titan. Cut off from his true love, Mikasa Ackerman, and forced to hide from his nemesis, Commander Dot Pyxis, Jaegar soon comes face-to-face with a new threat: a supremely powerful enemy known as The Armored Titan."
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Iron Alchemist - Official Anime Trailer (Fullmetal Alchemist PARODY)
Surprise! As I was working on the Cowboy Bebop x Mission Impossible trailer, an idea got in the way, which was this. I finally am going back to doing old trailers, starting with the first MCU film. I do want to go and do all of the trailers for Phase 1 and 2 that I missed since I started at the beginning of Phase 3 with my Civil War trailers. Iron Man will always have a special place in my heart and I wanted to make sure I made this good. So hopefully you all enjoy it! And I am thinking about doing videos for The Dark Knight trilogy as well! So that will be exciting! "A billionaire alchemist and genius inventor, Edward Elric, is conducting weapons tests overseas, but terrorists kidnap him to force him to build a devastating weapon. Instead, he builds an armored suit and upends his captors. Returning to Amestris, Elric refines the suit to an automail arm and leg, and uses it as well as his alchemy to combat crime and terorism."
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Glass - Official Anime Trailer (Naruto, One Punch Man, Akira PARODY)
I apologize for the delay. I was on vacation during Comic Con weekend and had came home to a LOT of work to cover, so in between sleep and whatever other social life I had I tried my best to make this. Now... it did take a minute for me to decide who I would use for the characters. I knew Nagato was going to be Elijah Price right off the bat, but figuring out who would be Dunn and Crumb was hard. I had been wanting to use Tetsuo in a video for a while now, and this was the perfect opportunity. Another reason why the video took so long was because I actually had All Might from My Hero Academia as David Dunn. But that wasn't working the way I thought, and decided to go with Caped Baldy himself. So... without further ado... I present to you: PAIN. And next... SHAZAM! "Following the conclusion of Split, Pain finds Saitama pursuing Tetsuo's superhuman figure of Akira in a series of escalating encounters, while the shadowy presence of Nagato emerges as an orchestrator who holds secrets critical to both men."
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Captain Konoha: The First Avenger - Official ANIME Trailer (Captain America x Naruto PARODY)
Well that was QUICK. It honestly didn't take me longer than 5 hours to put this all together (including finding clips and downloading episodes etc.), I'm actually very glad that I finished this so I can go ahead and move on to working on the first AVENGERS trailer! Phase 1 has been fun so far, and soon I'll be working on Phase 2, and all of the films will be covered! So thank you for all tuning in with this series! "It is 1941 and the world is in throes of war. Naruto Uzumaki wants to do his part and join Konoha's armed forces, but the shinobi rejects him because of his small stature. Finally, Naruto gets his chance when he is accepted into an experimental alchemic program that turns him into a Jinchuriki. Joining forces with Sasuke Chia and Hint Hyuga, Naruto Uzumaki leads the fight against the Akatsuki."
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Dragon Ball: The Dark World - Official Trailer
Sorry for the bit of the wait, this summer has been busier than I thought! So my goal is to finish Phase 2 before Comic Con, so I can work on whatever trailers come from there, as well as more trailers beyond the superhero films that are released as well! In the mean time, I hope you enjoy this one! Of course I had to use Zamasu (and Goku Black) as Malekith, it was pretty much destined. On to my one of my favorites... The Winter Soldier! "In ancinet times,the gods of the Universe fought and won a war against an evil race known as the Dark Kais. The survivors were neutralized, and their ultimate weapon -- the Aether -- was buried in a secret location. Hundreds of years later, Bulma Briefs finds the Aether and becomes its host, forcing Goku to bringer to the land of the Kais before Zamasu captures her and uses the weapon to destroy the Nine Realms -- including Earth."
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"Dragon Ball: Ragnarok" Official Trailer
The first Ragnarok trailer was taken down due to copyright (of course), however we've been blessed with a new awesome trailer! Hopefully this one won't be taken down. And it's my personal favorite trailer from Comic Con. I'm working on the 4 minute long Justice League/Anime League trailer as this uploads. So hopefully I have it done by tomorrow or the next day. Anyway, I made a few changes like always, instead of using Kaguya (since I didn't realize how much combat Hela was going to be in), I decided to use non other than Frieza. Though he's not a woman, it was actually quite confusing as a young DBZ fan growing up when you realize Frieza is NOT a woman, so I played on that and decided to use him for Hela. Also, I had Yoruichi in both the first Ragnarok trailer, and the Black Panther trailer only because I knew that I was replacing her with Caulifla from DBS, as soon as she made her debut in the series. So anyways. I hope you all enjoy! Imprisoned on the other side of the universe, the mighty Goku finds himself in a deadly gladiatorial contest that pits him against the Attack Titan, his former ally and fellow ShonenVenger. Goku's quest for survival leads him in a race against time to prevent the all-powerful Frieza from destroying his home world and the Saiyan civilization.
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