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hii(JaidenAnimations Deleted Video)
This Video was made by Jaiden But Deleted Main Discord:https://discord.gg/2qTMUmt Project Discord(for my projects):https://discord.gg/b3HKgC2 Twitch:https://www.twitch.tv/theunderachievingbanana Twitter:https://twitter.com/TabgGames
PVZ Random Edition Mod Preview (W.I.P)
This is my WIP mod for PvZ, i will make a tutorial on how to make a PvZ mod soon, if you want a download link as i said this is WIP, but if i release a trailer for the mod, i will make a comment on this video with a link to the trailer, i will also pin the comment, thank you -TABG
Scream 2(Now with less screams)(Announcement in description Again)
soooo another scream why tho do we really need another one well i just have some announcements first its our sem break so 2 weeks of doing nothin Yey also school is the reason why i have been dead in youtube for months now im just saying its good to be fukin back i am also alive in soundcloud so check out my latest post here:https://soundcloud.com/the-underachieving-banana/megalovainia-bass-setion-led-recreation-attemp-1 thats all for today so Bye!
Temmie Flakes Commercial But it is we are number one.and read the description
temmie flakes commercial but everytime temmie is said its replaced with we are number one but every time one is said the temmie flakes commercial plays again and the whole process continues.....
PVZ Random Edition v.2(3 new plants 1 new zombie bug fixes)
New plants - Dogtail -octoggedon -twin happy New zombies -osama bin laden bug fixes -floating wall nut bug -blink bug new features -banana coin -zombutt lava butt bullet wow a really big update hope you guys enjoy pls like and subscribe thx so toodoloodols
How to mod Pvz
so here is the mod template:https://mega.nz/#!CcEGlZjY!8qmaivRND04VNYUNy995vKA7Ge0rKHD99oURwT2i71E i hope you found this useful bye
editing a video(with camtasia)
yep this is an upcomming video
SCREAM(Announcement in Da Description)
Okay so maybe i wont be uploading for every week cuz i got a lot of Projects to work on such as Improving My Official Discord server Making an Official PVZ Random Edition Gamejolt Working on a Spongetale Game Trying to get some Coders For Spongetale And More if you can support or help on one of these that will be great Spongetale:https://gamejolt.com/games/UBSpongetale/347956 Follow to suppport it and if you have clickteamfusion experience go to the Spongetale official server:https://discord.gg/uUkw7Uu Then go to the Job Apllictaions Tab Then say that you have clickteamfusion Experience Then you will Be Part Of The Team But Remember I cant Pay you But I can give You Big Credit TUAB Official Discord:https://discord.gg/2qTMUmt Join To Support and Subscribe to support My Other Projects
[Deltarune Debug Mode]Returning after fighting chaos king
here is a guide on how to debug deltarune if your intrested https://www.speedrun.com/deltarune/guide/quybe this is what helped me debug deltarune and actually get to check this out so if you want to debug deltarune just follow the turtorial show but warning debug isnt very stable with deltarune