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My recent weight loss 2 1/2 stone in just 3 months
Nintendo Wii was used to measure and record my weight throughout the change not as a form of exercise because they fail for that purpose. I looked in the mirror on my birthday (start of august) and said to myself... 'somethings got to change'... with help of the juice boot camp ''Jason vales juice master'' and the determination to get into the marines i have lost nearly 3 stone since august... and i hope to loose a whole lot more.... (and gain more muscle obviously)... with no help from my family lol the maccy d eaters lol... it wasn't easy.. but i quit drinking apart from certain occasions like brockham bonfire lol not that i drank that much anyways.... can't stay sober for that long whilst there... and i have stopped eating crap foods... And i do lots of exercise, i run every day with 1 or 2 rest days and i do circuits. so if you see me at mcdonalds then just know its a rare occasion lol.
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the World of magic bot
This is a little video to show that im not lying and too prove that i do own a bot, i have a tool that will play for me, its suggested that you train on things that you know cant kill you, i left it on over night and sold the items it picked up and make 100k thats just one night, tell me what you think and i will be releasing a bit of software that puts it all into one. soory about my quiet voice lol i was trying to not sound like an idiot talking to himself in the office lol.... heres the website say something on the shoutbox..... before attempting to do this go get ur ipod iphone jailbroken. I no longer advertise this bot
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Bunnyhop lessons on a mtb
learn how to bunnyhop on a mtb and refine your skills and do it yourself
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snow boarding  (its the first time for him) josht .,,.
a kid does a small jup on a snow board (josh t)
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Can't get open iv to work for modding the xbox iso gtaiv please help
Cant open the common file or dlc without this problem, i got passed the screen where it says find the loaction to your gtaiv.exe file becasue i simply got my .iso and renamed it to gtaiv.exe and it worked to open up the program! lol but its still useless because i cant do anything atm. Any help possible would be apreciated CHEERS since i cant find many helpful videos on youtube about this problem i decided to put up a video, you guys are crewl lol my upload speed is dreadful so i had to make the video very short but detailed at the same time....
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