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Kobayashi eats 13 grilled cheeses in a minute at SXSW!
We see Kobayashi absolutely demolish 13 grilled-cheese sandwiches in just 60 seconds at SXSW. It's amazing but also kind of gross. (Skip to the 4 minute mark if you just want to see the eating)
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Parrot's AR Drone does iPhone controlled augmented reality, blows our mind at CES 2010
Parrot was at CES 2010 to show off their new AR Drone quadricopter (basically a fancy name for a 4-rotor helicopter). It's controlled with an iPhone app that streams real-time video from its onboard camera. Using accelerometers, ultrasonic sensors, and a downward facing camera, the AR Drone automatically stabilizes itself in flight. You use the iPhone to control the AR Drone through on-screen controls or by tilting the iPhone. Needless to say, this is awesome.
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Android Honeycomb
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Quick Shot - Samsung Galaxy S and the Super AMOLED display
We take a look at the Samsung Galaxy S and its Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen. We also take a look at the new Samsung Android phone's Daily Briefing feature here at Google I/O 2010. The Samsung Galaxy S features s 4-inch Super AMOLED display, 5-megapixel camera (capable of recording 720p HD video), 3G data, WiFi, GPS, 3.5mm headphone jack, and runs Android 2.1 OS.
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Samsung Galaxy S hands-on
Take a look at the Samsung Galaxy S and its giant 4-inch Super AMOLED display. It packs a 5-megapixel camera, Android 2.1 OS, microSD card slot, 16GB onboard storage, and a 1Ghz processor. And, with DLNA support, you can stream your videos to your TV or just use the Galaxy S as a remote control.
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LG Quantum Windows Phone 7 hands-on video review
We take a look at the LG Quantum Windows Phone 7 smartphone and its side-sliding QWERTY keyboard. As one of the few WP7 handsets with a physical keyboard, the LG Quantum stands out. It also features all the high-end features that most Windows Phone 7 devices sport these days, including a 1GHz processor, 5 megapixel camera, GPS, WiFi, 16GB onboard storage, FM radio, and a 3G data connection.
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Nexus One unboxing and hands-on
Nexus One in da house! We've gotten our hands on the Nexus One and we've put it through our unboxing ceremony. As the first Google "superphone" of the new year, the Nexus One is a feature-monster. It packs a 1Ghz processor, 3.7-inch OLED capacitive touchscreen, 5-megapixel camera with LED flash, GPS, WiF, compass, sensors out the wazoo, and Android 2.1 OS - all wrapped up in a package no thicker than a No. 2 pencil!
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Hands-on: ZTE Skate with Android 2.3 Gingerbread
We're at Mobile World Congress 2011 and we look at the ZTE Skate, an Android 2.3 smartphone.
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Sony Ericsson XPERIA Arc hands on review - Android 2.3 Gingerbread, 8MP camera, bold design
We try out the Sony Ericsson XPERIA Arc, recently launched in Canada on Rogers. It's slim, it's got horsepower, and it's running Android Gingerbread. What's not to love?
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EcoATM gives you cash for your old phone
At CTIA 2011, we ran across ecoATM and its a simple way to sell your old device and get cash in a few minutes. Check out the video and let us know what you think.
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HTC One X from Mobile World Congress 2012
We checked out the HTC One X at Mobile World Congress 2012 and this quad-core smartphone looks to be a winner.
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RIM BlackBerry Curve 9300 unboxing and hands-on
We go hands-on with a new BlackBerry Curve 3G 9300 from RIM. Research In Motion's new Curve 3G is a GSM 3G handset that can do simultaneous voice and data. It also has GPS and a QWERTY keyboard. It will be compatible with BlackBerry OS 6 in the near future.
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StubHub app adds mobile ticketing, we check it out with the Giants
The StubHub app is adding mobile ticketing and we get an up close look at it with the World champion Giants.
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Hands-on tour of the BlackBerry Bold 9790
We try out RIM's new entry-level smartphone, the BlackBerry Bold 9790. After the Bold 9900, this one looks a little small, but some people like it that way.
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Casio Gz' One Commando rugged Android phone - Torture testing with water and concrete drops
We put the rugged Casio Gz' One Commando through its paces. It's the latest rugged Android phone designed to withstand impacts and shock, dust, water. We drop and dunk the Commando as it records a video. It didn't just survive, it brushed off the multiple assaults.
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Unboxing the LG Optimus 3D - Dual-core, dual-channel, dual stereoscopic cameras
We unbox the LG Optimus 3D - the world's first glasses-free 3D capable Android smartphone. We also take you on a little hardware tour of the Optimus 3D and its stereoscopic dual-5-megapixel cameras and its TI OMAP4 dual-core processor (with each core having dual-channel technology).
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Hands on iPhone 4 and the iOS 4 (iPhone OS 4)
FULL REVIEW LINK: http://bit.ly/ehfTmZ We go hands-on with the iPhone 4 from Apple WWDC 2010 conference. Join us as we take a look at the iPhone 4's 5-megapixel camera, super high-res Retina Display (326 dpi), HD 720p video recording, stainless steel construction and the new iOS 4 features. The new iPhone 4 is everything the iPhone 3G was to the original iPhone - in other words. Awesome! Leave your own review: http://www.intomobile.com/phones/apple/iphone-4/
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T-Mobile Motorola Defy tough Android phone hands-on and first impressions
We go hands-on with the Motorola Defy for T-Mobile. This is the first rough-and-tumble Android 2.1 phone for T-Mobile, and it's made to stand up to just about anything you can throw at it in your daily life. With a 3.7-inch WVGA display, dual-microphone Crystal Talk Plus technology and a 5-megapixel camera, the Defy is nothing to scoff at.
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Hands on Sony Ericsson XPERIA Mini - Android 2.3 Gingerbread, 1GHz Snapdragon, 5MP camera.mp4
We go hands-on the Sony Ericsson XPERIA Mini Pro at Google I/O 2011. The small Android phones run Android 2.3 Gingerbread OS and are powered by the 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor (second generation). It's also got a 5-megapixel camera with LED flash.The 3-inch touchscreen supports multitouch, and the UI is optimized for one-thumb use via "hot corners". There's also a hot-swappable microSD card slot so you don't have to pop out the battery to change SD cards.
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Hands-on: HTC HD7S for AT&T- Windows Phone 7 with Super LCD for AT&T
We take a first-hand look at the HTC HD7S, which is basically the HTC HD7 for the AT&T 3G network. It is a Windows Phone 7 device with a 4.3-inch WVGA Super LCD and a 1GHz Snapdragon single-core processor. It features the HTC Hub and the WP7 Live Tiles "Metro" UI.
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SkySafari iPad
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TAT BlackBerry PlayBook apps blow us away
We look at some TAT BlackBerry PlayBook apps at the Mobile World Congress 2011 conference and we are impressed by what we see.
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Preview: The 8.6mm thin Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and Tab 8.9
We take a look at the refreshed Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and Tab 8.9 with the 8.6mm thin bodies. These new version of the tablets are slated for production and will rival the new iPad 2 in terms of thickness.
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HTC One X camera demo
We look at the HTC One X and see how it's wonderful 8-megapixel camera works and how the software makes it easier to take pictures. What do you think?
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Hands-on: HP TouchPad webOS tablet at Mobile World Congress
We take the HP TouchPad webOS tablet for another spin at Mobile World Congress and we're impressed with what it can do. Will this be a solid competitor to the iPhone and Android?
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BlackBerry Bold 9650 Unboxing and Impressions
The BlackBerry Bold 9650 from Sprint is out, and we've got our hands on one. It ups the ante from the Tour with a trackpad and Wi-Fi, but is largely similar: 3.2 megapixel camera, HVGA display, 3G world roaming, and GPS are all in there. Full review from IntoMobile coming soon.
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Google (Samsung) Nexus S unboxing and hardware tour (Android 2.3 Gingerbread)
We unbox the Google Nexus S, made by Samsung. The Nexus S is the first Android phone to feature Android 2.3 Gingerbread OS, which includes support for NFC and boasts a slightly tweaked user interface (UI). The Nexus S has an integrated NFC chip that allows it to communicate with Google HotPot stickers - the kind that you'll soon find adorned on windows of your local businesses. This hardware tour shows you what the Nexus S looks like, how it works, and the in-hand size. The lack of microSD card slot and a dedicated camera shutter button are two negative aspects.
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Motorola Spice Android phone hands-on
We take a quick look at the new Motorola Spice budget Android phone.
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Hands-on AT&T LG Thrill 4G (Optimus 3D) - 3D stereoscopic camera demo at CTIA 2011
We take a first-hand preview look at the AT&T LG Thrill 4G, which is the AT&T version of the LG Optimus 3D that we've previously played with at Mobile World Congress 2011 in Barcelona. The Thrill 4G uses a Tegra 2 dual-core processor and stereoscopic 5-megapixel cameras to record 3D photos and videos in full 720p HD resolution. It also has 3D gaming capabilities. Add in the fact that it doesn't require glasses to view 3D images, and you've got a winner on your hands!
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Sneak Peak - Waze Android widget gives you traffic predictions
We get a sneak peak at the Waze Android widget that gives you traffic predictions for your commute. It gives you commute time predictions from your current location to your home or work for the next few hours.
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Hands-on: Samsung Windows 8 tablet at Build 2011
We get our hands on a Samsung tablet with Windows 8. Check out how Microsoft's vision for the future of computing actually works. Can this be better than the iPad?
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REVIEW: Motorola XOOM Android Honeycomb tablet hardware tour (Verizon)
LINK TO FULL REVIEW: http://bit.ly/fQnI11 We review the Motorola XOOM Android Honeycomb tablet for Verizon. It as an NVIDIA Tegra 2 dual-core processor, 1GB RAM, 5MP camera, and can connect to the Verizon 4G LTE data network. In many ways it trounces the iPad. But, is it really a full-fledged iPad killer?
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Exclusive: BlackBerry Playbook Media Sync and multi-task demo
We get an exclusive look at the BlackBerry PlayBook and it's Media Sync feature. The most important take-away here is that the PlayBook can multi-task and continue to function while it syncs music, photos, videos, etc. The Media Sync feature of BlackBerry Desktop Software is powerful enough to give real-time storage space updates and makes content sync easy (it won't re-upload media that's already on the PlayBook).
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BlackBerry Bold 9900 camera walk through
We take a look at the camera on the BlackBerry Bold 9900 (thanks to Negri Electronics) and this 5-megapixel camera can do 720p HD video recording.
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ELSE First Linux Smartphone Demo from CES 2010
ELSE First: Linux-based OS, optimized for one-handed operation, unique UI, WiFi, GPS, touchscreen, camera.
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Hands-on: Viewdle augmented reality app for TI Omap devices
We check out the cool Viewdle augmented reality app which can use the TI OMAP chips to enable cameras to recognize people and associate them with their online personalities.
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Apple iPhone 4S launch day
We're live from the Palo Alto Apple Store and were the first to snag the iPhone 4S.
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BlackBerry PlayBook Demo by Mike Lazaridis at Adobe MAX 2010 (Unedited)
A section of the live stream from Adobe MAX showing Mike Lazaridis demonstrating the BlackBerry PlayBook in action.
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Google Maps 4.1 Live wallpaper and Latitude widget demo
Here's a demo of Google Maps 4.1, which was released on March 17 2010. I don't run through all the features of the new application, just show off the new Live wallpaper and Latitude widget. Read more about Google Maps 4.1 on Google's Official Mobile Blog here: http://googlemobile.blogspot.com/2010/03/google-maps-for-android-search-n-swipe.html And if you enjoyed this video then please subscribe to our channel. We do make the best videos about the mobile industry after all! :-) -Stefan
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Mophie PowerStand iPad charging stand
Mophie was on hand at CES Unveiled 2011 to show off their new Mophie PowerStand iPad charging dock. It swivels and charges and syncs the iPad with iTunes.
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Samsung Flexible AMOLED Display at CES 2011
View Full Article: http://bit.ly/zLmf33 Samsung Galaxy S III for only $139.99 at Amazon: http://amzn.to/MB51tu Samsung showed off their flexible AMOLED displays at CES 2011 Las Vegas. The displays are rollable, bendable and can even survive impacts from a hammer. Impressive stuff!
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Opera Mini for iPhone speed test vs Safari
We pit the Opera Mini iPhone web browser against the Safari iPhone browser in a page load speed test to see how much faster the Opera Mini browser works when limited to slower data speeds. The results are astounding!
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Review: HTC THunderbolt - Verizon's first 4G LTE Android smartphone is a monster
A quick hands-on review of the HTC Thunderbolt from Verizon, the carrier's very first 4G LTE certified Android phone. This review focuses on the hardware of the Thunderbolt. It has a 4.3-inch display, WiFi, 4G data, GPS, 1GHz Snapdragon processor, and an 8-megapixel camera with dual-LED flash.
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Nokia 610 from Mobile World Congress 2012
We take a look at the Nokia 610 with Windows Phone Tango from Mobile World Congress 2012 and even though it doesn't have beefy specs, it promises to offer a good experience.
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Android-controlled light bulbs from LightingScience - Android @ Home
A demo of the Android @ Home remote light control system from LightingScience. You can control light bulbs with your Android device. Everything is done wirelessly. This demo was done at Google I/O 2011 San Francisco
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Samsung Galaxy Beam from Mobile World Congress 2012
We take a look at the Samsung Galaxy Beam from Mobile World Congress 2012 and see if the pico projector in it is useful or just a concept.
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Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini Pro Review
Full review: http://t.co/YVQLaglg We get our hands on the Xperia Mini Pro, seeing how well the tiny form factor handles Android Gingerbread and a few other notable specification bumps.
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Hands-on with Verizon's HTC Droid Eris
Verizon's HTC Droid Eris will launch alongside the Motorola Droid as VZW's first pair of Android phones. The Eris is basically Verizon's version of the HTC Hero, which first made waves a few months ago as the snazziest Android handset on market - largely thanks to its Sense UI. Verizon will have the Droid Eris available on Nov. 6 for $99 with new 2-year contract
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Hands-on Sharp Galapagos Android OS tablets from CES 2011
Sharp showed off their Galapagos Android tablets at CES 2011 Las Vegas. Sharp has a 5.5-inch and 10.8-inch version of the Galapagos tablets in the pipeline, but they aren't talking specs just yet.
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