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2006 Honda VFR800 with gutted exhaust!
Just a sound check for my CL ad.
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Triumph America project
In the process of chroming out and tuning this 2004 Triumph America. Video was recorded in 2005.
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Rudy Dean #124
My Rudy Dean autococker. One of the last of its kind and done up in a beautiful ano by ATMF.com. The roller sear in an ANS quickfire frame and the pimping front end and matching parts really make this thing a joy to look at and it shoots twice as nice!
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1 of 1 ST HookUp w/Uprising - Built by ST for 2001 WC
As listed on CC/AO/PBN/MCB/PBR
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Ultimate Bipe EP ARF
Wife filming on her Cybershot. Little sport flying after the rain.
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Sanchez Machine SM1 Pump
Nice new pump toy, shooting lefty for the camera.
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Jackal RDL - mQ2/Yakuza/BB eyes
My other 1-of-1 factory anodized Jackal RDL. Firing Semi-Auto Unlimited with a Vlocity Jr w/SelectForce on 3, UL .688, PMI Premium paint. Breakbeam eyes/covers, drilled by KPCS. Tadao Yakuza (SON 3.5, CDEL 20) mQ2 Slik bolt, Nexus ram w/eclipse QEV's, Microrock LPR, Sidewinder HPR. I'm going to try and track down a Rotor or ReloaderB to see how far I can go with these settings. I like them so far.
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Splatt Attack Revenge V2 - ML 0006
Timing was off just enough to embarrass myself toward the end. For the record, I fixed that hiccup in about 2 seconds. Turns out I can time an old slider after all!
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New Empire Sniper!
Fresh out of the box. Shooting a bit on the low side, but the sound signature isn't as bad as I expected, and the pump action is actually quite nice. Very close to my style... First time using a hitman mod, though. Not sure if I'll keep it.
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2010 Speed Triple sound check
Special Edition Speed Triple with Competition Werkes pipe and DNA filter among many other little accessories and the stock fuel map. Arrow low-pipe tune to come.
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E2 RDL "tourney legal mode"
Breakbeam eyes on this E2 frame have been a hassle... from location, to function. But the unique sister to my other one-off Jackal RDL autococker is built for speed And comfort! After much scratching of the head, Factory Fast with BRK BEAM selected yields these results. I've since bumped the settings up to a not-so-legal BPS setting. Should be fun!
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Shocktech SFL e-Series
Restoration in process. Now has the eye cover, original beavertail snatch grip, a chrome Sidewinder SS and a nice chrome unimount with black cage.
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Karnivor Functions
Rippin reballs
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98 STO Autococker ram/bolt demonstration
A quiet video of how smooth this 12 year old bolt is in the tube it was designed for. The ram is likely a bit younger, but just as nice.
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Jackal Machine RDL Sniper!
Not too many RDL's floating around. This is the 4th one in my current collection and the 5th one I've owned. It's a gorgeous shooter, and I can't wait to get the CCM frame, matching sidewinder and wood panels put on it! That barrel is a PE Shaft bored out for Ty McNeer's custom brass freak inserts. This is a .675 insert in this one.
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Triumph Daytona 675R Summiting Mount Washington
Mount Washington on Motorcycles-Only day for Laconia Bike Week 2013. Epic 3hr ride up from Southern Maine to North Conway, NH and back.
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Jackal Machine e-RDL Autococker
My e-RDL back in traditional e-Cocker form. E2 Yakuza default settings, breakbeam eye mode. ReloaderB on 2. Fun stuff!
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MQ2 Turtle cocker
E2, MQ2, Low-rider!
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WGP Karnivor - Emptying some old paint.
Showing off the best electronic cocker I ever had.
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Jackal RDL Pump - Completed
The integrated backblocks are in production, soon to complete this body kit. Tornado, Sidewinder, CCM, DW, and the new ER Sportshot knockoff hopper I got for 4 bucks.
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Wiffle32 rocking Palmers Owners - Brass
AIR-Powered vs. Palmers Owners Group My back can shot out his mirror while I was in the brick, allowing me to bump up to the 50 and kill their entire left tape.
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Virtue'd Ego 05
Just picked this up and couldn't be happier. Just a short video of my first time shooting it.
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2012 D675R Walkaround
Finished modifying my D675R. Video showcase. Go-Pro to follow when weather permits.
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Shocktech e-SFL Autococker
Fully restored; even threw a Ti Boomstick on to be that much more era-specific. E1, Factory Fast, ReloaderB on 2. WGP panels aren't stock, but I like them a lot more than the E1 grips.
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AIR at IAO 2k5 - Runthrough on AKA Owners
Final match of the Owners Group Division. For 3rd and 4th place.
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Larkspur Bowl at Beaver Creek, CO
Coooooold day at the Larkspur Bowl, last day of a long week of skiing with Lindsay and the gang.
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Mercs Take Sulfuron
First Run, Easy.
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CBR 1000RR in the twisties
The road could be better, and so could I.
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Jackal RDL on a rainy day!
Just taking a quick vid with some old paint... Making a tree a bit more colorful than the rest of my yard.
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MP5 First Try
First time at the range with class 3... fun stuff!
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Wiffle trix vid + Jackal first look
First video I made. That was a good summer... still having uninhibited fun!
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SD Group2 vs. Opera R&J
Group2 expecting not to win this fight... And Ormus without any pots.
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Triumph Daytona 675 near Anacortes
Don't hate on these amateur vroom vroom images. I haven't ridden this road in a long long time, and never on this bike nor in these conditions. Maybe the weather will improve with my skill.
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Feel Good Vid
This was a good day!
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2008 KLR650 in the Olympics
Oh, what a wonderful day and a bumpy ending to this flick!
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06 Daytona 675 - First time with a GoPro in 2011!
A fairly easy-going ride since I encountered a couple po-po on my way to my proving grounds. Enjoy the scenery! Music was "Black Dog" by Led Zeppelin - which has since been removed.
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Discipline vs. Unholy DK (Pandaria)
Dueling my brother for 15 mins. Uploaded the portion where he nearly beat me!
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Easy splitting on my Harley
Traffic’s light - this is cheese compared to Oakland.
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2014 Harley Davidson Ultra Limited Infotainment
Amazing system with downloadable updates? Yes, please.
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Daytona 675R on Hurricane Ridge - Short Video
This was the half-way point of the big break-in ride for my new 675R. At the ranger station, I was informed that the temperature was 22* and there was ice on the road. I made it up a few miles before the fogging helmet, throbbing numb fingers, and threat of ice under pine needles turned me around. I guess it's a little late in the season! Returned home at 505 miles. Time for the 500mi maintenance! Whoop!
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Autococker Trigger C-clip mod.
Just showing some folks the functionality.
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RealFlight Harrier VTOL
I discovered that this is a TON of fun!!!
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Wiffle32 Compilation 2004
Oh the good ol' days!
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06 Kawasaki ZZR600
Video for selling purposes back in 2012. Moderate display of performance and running characteristics.
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SavageX 4.6 Bigblock - Speed Test
Opening up my Bigblock on an open stretch to see how I've done as far as tuning. Might look into having it shift sooner.
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Siberia Bowl in Vail, CO
My first time at Siberia Bowl, and the fresh powder from snows the night before. Caught my tips twice under the snow on the moguls coming down, but man, what a nice run!
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Honda VFR800 Summiting Cadillac Mountain
Warm summer day in Bar Harbor going 2-up with the wife to Cadillac Mountain on my 2006 Honda VFR800
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