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Trail of the Angels - Bamboo Flute Chinese Music ( Xiao )
Trail of the Angels - Bamboo Flute Chinese Music ( Xiao ) Visit my blog : http://passarotrovao.blogspot.com.br/
Samurai Collection Vol.2 - Silver Moon
Visit my blog: http://passarotrovao.blogspot.com.br/ Album: Samurai Collection Vol.2 Music: Silver Moon Artist: Naoyuki Onda
Samurai Collection Vol. 2 : Duel
Album : Samurai Collection Vol. 2 Music : Duel Artist : Kiyoshi Yoshida
Medieval Music - Vox Vulgaris - The Shape Of Medieval Music To Come ( Full Album )
Visit my blog: http://passarotrovao.blogspot.com.br/ Enjoy good music my brothers ;] ( Tracks ) 1 - Stella Splendens 2 - Saltarello nº: 3 3 - Cantiga nº: 166 4 - Rókátanc 5 - Cantiga nº: 213 6 - Ghaetta 7 - La Suite Meurtriére 8 - De Jordiska Fröjdernas Paradis
Wayra - Eagle Spirit
Music : Eagle Spirit Artist : Wayra
Antonio Pantoja y su Conjunto - Romance de Quena y Viento
Romance de Quena y Viento - Antonio Pantoja y su Conjunto
Yarihuanqui - Música Andina
Visite meu blog: http://passarotrovao.blogspot.com.br/ Song: Yarihuanqui Album: Valle de La Luna Artist: Quitus
Shakuhachi  [The Japanese Flute] - Kohachiro Miyata (Full)
Shakuhachi [The Japanese Flute] - Kohachiro Miyata (Full) Credits: Artwork [Cover Art] – Watanabe Seiti Coordinator – Teresa Sterne Design, Art Direction – Paula Bisacca Engineer – Larry Mericka Liner Notes – David Loeb Mastered By – Robert C. Ludwig* Producer, Engineer, Photography By – David Lewiston Shakuhachi – Kōhachiro Miyata* Tracklist: 1. Honshirabe 2. Sanya 3. Tusuru No Sugomori 4. Shika No Tone 5. Akita Sugagaki
Dança com Lobos - A Caça aos Búfalos
Certamente uma das melhores seqüências do longa, a caçada de búfalos joga o espectador pra dentro da cena através da alternância de planos gerais e closes, do som que capta com precisão a corrida dos búfalos e cavalos e da empolgante trilha sonora, numa cena extremamente bem conduzida por Costner.
Medicine Coyote - Native American Music, Shamanic Music
Improvisation in Native American Flute (Fm) with accompaniment. Coyote Medicine Coyote’s medicine includes understanding that all things are sacred and that yet nothing is sacred, teaching us that only when all masks have fallen will we connect with the source, illumination, stealth, intelligence, singing humans into being, childhood trust in truth, teaching us how to raise our young, they bring rain, give one the ability to laugh at one’s own mistakes, placing the North Star, shape-shifting, teaching balance between risk and safety, trickster, devilment, cunning, wisdom, folly. Amongst some native tribes, coyote is referred to as the trickster and there are many tales about the coyote. They are known as the great one and the foolish one – they don’t consciously try and trick us, rather they reflect back to us our own capacity for being clever and stupidity. When we are being too serious about life, Coyote may appear to teach us to laugh at ourselves and life’s ironies. Be prepared for your sense of humour to arise in full force in line with what is happening around you and to you. They also remind us that whatever we do to others will be done to us. You get back what you give out… The Coyote teaches how wisdom and folly go together. In others mistakes we see our own foolishness and can learn from their mistakes. The coyote’s energy is linked to simplicity and trust, spurring renewed innocence and a childlike wisdom in the world. Coyote’s howl touches your soul, reminding you of your primal connections. People with this power animal adapt easily to new situations. They also usually have close families, especially when children are involved. Coyotes normally mate for life. They reside in the sides of hills or in underground dens where their family is pretty much safe. Coyote people will sometimes go to extremes to protect and nurture family members. Sharp cutting words that hurt another should be avoided. Energy bursts are common if this is your power animal, balanced action is necessary for overall well being. Coyote medicine people often put other peoples needs before their own – remember to give to yourself equally. Although they prefer open grassland and thinly wooded brush, they are able to adapt to almost any environment. This means that they have been able to survive and flourish, growing in numbers – in spite of humans interference who for a long time have been trying to wipe out coyotes by trapping, shooting or poisoning them. Condors and other birds have instead almost become extinct from eating poisoned meat! When hunting prey, the coyotes don’t use speed, but rather they pounce and snap their jaws. If coyote enters your life, you must look at something you have been avoiding. They are mirrors for the lessons we must learn so we are able to walk a good sacred road. The mirror will be held up incessantly until we finally get the picture. Like coyote, we can either work with others to get what we want, or we can dive into a lake to catch a reflection. We can dispel troubles or invite them carelessly.
Flauta Nativa Americana & Tambor Xamânico - Jornada Xamânica
Improviso em uma Flauta Nativa Americana em ( Am ) & Tambor Xamânico . Visitem meu blog : http://passarotrovao.blogspot.com.br/
(Shamisen) - Yoshida Brothers - Storm
Track 01: Storm Album: Best of Yoshida Brothers - Tsugaru Shamisen
Medicine Bear - Native American Music , Shamanic Music
Improvisation on a Native American Flute in D with an ambient sound in the background. Hope you enjoy. Meanings in Shamanism: introspection, loneliness, intuition, physical healing, consciousness, death and rebirth, astral travel, dream world. The bear is an animal with the older symbolism within the European continent. Primitive man admired the ability Bear "resurrect" after the winter, and, of course, to his strength and ferocity. Was one of the first animals to be deified and has the most primitive aspects of worship among the Indo-Europeans. The bear is a national emblem of Russia and was the symbol of Persia. Several cities around the world have adopted the bear as a symbol, namely the Swiss capital Bern, where the Germanic root "ber" means "bear." The bear is also the symbol of Berlin-name. Are a common symbol of heraldry. The root of the name would remain on the legendary King Arthur (Art - uiros, "Bear Man"). To the Celts is a symbol of the warrior. Not only for their ferocity and warrior-king, the Arthurian legend embodies this aspect of their king to make the hero who will rest in the Other World for a day return when his people need him, like a bear hibernating for the part and a day returns to life when spring arrives. The bear is a creature of contrasts: it has enormous strength and still loves fruits and honey. Bear in Jungian Psychology is the danger caused by the contents of the unconscious and uncontrollable because it is often associated as an attribute of cruel and rude man. The energy is the energy of the bear who seeks your deepest truth, and with the discovery of this truth are graced with the honey of life - the sweetness that comes with knowing who we really are. The Ursa Major is a constellation visible throughout the year in the northern hemisphere, is associated with the Greek myth of Callisto. Zeus fell in love with a mortal hunter named Callisto. Hera, wife of Zeus, turned to jealousy in a big bear. Without realizing that it was his mother, Arcas (the son of Callisto) was about to kill his mother. Zeus, to avoid the impending tragedy, little changed Arcas into a bear and threw them into the sky where they would be safe and immortal.
Wayra - Sacred Land
Artist : Wayra Music : Sacred Land
Hariprasad Chaurasia - Raag Shivaranjani
Artist : Hariprasad Chaurasia Album : The Bamboo Flutist Of This Generation Music : Raag Shivaranjani
Awakening Dream - Marina Raye
Track: Awakening Dream Album: Marina Raye - Liquid Silk
Arabian Flute - Hams
Artist : Mohamed Naiem ( Master Of The Arabian Flute ) Music : Hams
R. Carlos Nakai & Peter Kater - Earth
Artist: R. Carlos Nakai & Peter Kater Track: Earth Album: Natives
Medicine Crow - Native American Music, Shamanic Music
Improvising with Native American Flute in Bb, RavenTotem. Shamanic Drum: Fire Song Native American - by Kevin MacLeod. I hope it's pleasing to your ears :] The Raven has always been the bearer of magic. This role has been recognized by various cultures throughout the ages, all over the planet. And considered sacred honor Raven as the bringer of magic. If this spell is bad, it will inspire more fear than respect. Those who work with magic wrongly have reason to fear the Crow, as this is a sign that they are meddling in areas that do not dominate, and the spells are doing certainly end up returning against them. Instead of deploring the dark side of magic, aware that you will only fear the Crow when you need to learn something about their secret fears or over the demons created by their own imagination. It is the medicine of magic. Help in the ceremonies. The ancient native chiefs say that the crow simultaneously sees the past, present and future. The crow immersed in light and shadow, seeing both inner and outer realities. The primary way the crow comes to be aware of your thoughts and actions. Be willing to put into action what you say. Balance your past, present and future in the now. It is the medicine of magical knowledge. For help in the ceremonies, meet mysteries, astral travel, to transcend the limitations of the physical body. As a messenger in the healing prayers, to prophetic gifts. Change of consciousness, transformation processes.
Hawk Medicine - Native American Music , Shamanic Music
Native American Flute (Tuning: Bb) & Shamanic Drum with an ambient sound in the background. Hope you enjoy. The energy of the Hawk can teach you to be more contemplative, to better observe the world around you. Try to observe what lies beneath the apparent obviousness of things, because life is constantly sending you signals.
Dança com Lobos - Os Pawnees executam o Camponês Timmon's.
Um Grupo de Guerreiros Pawnee observa uma pequena nuvem de fumaça ao longe e acredita que é um colonizador branco. Eles vão investigar isso com más intenções.Timmons enquanto come sua comida, é pego de surpresa e atacado com uma flecha. Ele é então executado e escalpelado pelo Líder Pawnee.
Medicine Wolf - Shamanic Music, Native American Music
Improvisation on a Native American Flute in E, more ambient sounds in the background. Hope you enjoy. For Native Americans, the wolf is a powerful spiritual symbol. They are regarded as teachers' discoverers of trails. "The star was red wolf, an estimated color associated with the wolf by all tribes. Also known as Sirius, it is the brightest star in the northern sky. The milky way was the way of the wolf - the route to paradise. Over time, the wolf also became associated with the four seasons from the summer, the trees with willow, and among the great natural forces with the clouds. The Indians respected the bravery of the wolf as hunter, his determination and the way he moved silently across the landscape. They were thrilled with his howl, which they sometimes regarded as a conversation with the spirit world. The wolf appears in many legends as a messenger, a traveling long distance and a guide to anyone who is seeking the spiritual world. It was the harbinger of new ideas that returned to the clan to teach and share medicine. The wolf is the great teacher. Wolf is the sage, who after many winters in the sacred path and seeking the ways of wisdom, returns to share his knowledge with the tribe. Wolf is both the radical and the traditional in the same breath. When you walk into a wolf, you get older lembrará.Os tell us stories about our beginnings and a time when humans appeared on earth. It was the wolf who taught the ways humans live in harmony. It was the wolf who taught us how to create a community on earth, because wolves have an intuitive knowledge of the order in chaos and they have the ability to survive the change, intact. The wolf medicine is very old and was born of life experience. The wolf look deep inside your heart and share all their knowledge, but require full participation, and absolute sincerity. When a wolf approaches you, the very presence of the wolf will rekindle old memories within your soul. Through the friction of experience you rekindle the fires of the individual soul and inner questioning the manifestations of your own consciousness. You can own something only when you come to possess the emotional experience of it, and realize the responsibility for its creation. Then you are free to continue. The wolf medicine can make you full. You will return to the Wolf many times in your life as you begin and complete their cycles of experiences and seek inner truth.
Shaman - The Spirit of The Native American Flute - Medicine Man's Other Room
Music : Medicine Man's Other Room Artist - Salaskamarka Album : Shaman - The Spirit of The Native American Flute
Carlos Nakai & Nawang Khechog - Sentient Beings
Visit my blog: http://passarotrovao.blogspot.com.br/ Music : Sentient Beings Artist : Carlos Nakai & Nawang Khechog Album : Winds of Devotions
R. Carlos Nakai -  On Eagle's Wings
Music : On Eagle's Wings Artist : R. Carlos Nakai Album: Sundance Season
Flauta Nativa Americana (Em)
Teste com flauta indígena em Mi Menor (Escala Pentatônica Menor).
Antonio Zepeda - Señor Fuego Azul
Faixa 1: Señor Fuego Azul Álbum: Brujos del Aguatierra Artista: Antonio Zepeda
[Tibetan Music] Nawang Khechog - Tibet - Cry Of The Snow Lion (Full)
TIBET: CRY OF THE SNOW LION is an extraordinary soundtrack recording from the stirring documentary of the same name that seeks to educate viewers about Tibet's dark past under Chinese occupation. In creating the score, composers Nawang Khechog and Jeff Beal tried to be true to the spirit of traditional Tibetan music while appealing to a Western audience. Using field recordings that Beal made on his first trip to Tibet, the duo created themes and cues that drew from the natural rhythms of the ancient city. "Freedom Suite (Duet for Trumpet and Tibetan Horn)" is a hidden track at the end of the album that is an improvisation between a jazz trumpet player and a Tibetan horn player. It is an excellent example of their musical fusion and the eclectic flavor of the recording. Khechog, a Tibetan monk and world-renowned wood flute player, has performed with a bevy of Western pop music artists including David Byrne, Laurie Anderson, and David Bowie. His work on this project lends an authenticity that resonates through the entire recording. TIBET: CRY OF THE SNOW LION is an enhanced CD that contains three music videos featuring footage from the film. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this recording will be donated to The Dalai Lama Fund. Tracklist: 1. Hitchhiking To Lhasa 2. One Human Life 3. Altar Of The Earth 4. Long Life Chant 5. The Quilt 6. Secret Suffering 7. The Celebration 8. The Mandala 9. Pilgrimage 10. Purges 11. The Prophecy 12. Mindfulness 13. Peace Prayer 14. Strange Liberation 15. Great Compassion 16. Cry Of The Snow Lion 17. Freedom Suite (Bônus)
Ah Nee Mah - Spirit Of The Canyon (Full Album)
Ah Nee Mah: É um projeto paralelo dos prolíficos produtores David e Diane Arkenstone, que exploram os sons do Sudoeste Nativo no contexto das atmosferas tribais. Seus primeiros álbuns provaram ser agradáveis, evocando visões de desfiladeiros e planaltos empoeirados; Ancient Visions continua na mesma estrada. O toque mútuo dos Arkenstones para melodias semi-dramáticas e coloridas é evidente, muitas vezes com flauta nativa na vanguarda, com ritmos leves, guitarra, sintetizadores e efeitos sonoros naturais (vento, sons de animais). Cada um dos cortes se funde para formar um todo coeso, envolvendo o ouvinte em uma música etérea, relaxada salpicada com os sons assombrosos dos povos indígenas da América. Tracklist: 1) Light From the East 2) Voices of the Wind 3) Echoes of Time 4) River Journey 5) Ancient Spirits 6) Stormlight 7) Rainbow Canyon 8) Firefall 9) Night Voices 10) Canyon Dreams
Música Chinesa de Flauta de Bambu (Dizi) - Flowers in a Riot of Colour
Flowers in a Riot of Color é uma melodia famosa da flautista chinesa Chen Yue.
Flauta de Bambú Egipcia (SOL) - Thoth
Toth é deus da sabedoria, é secretário e arquivista dos deuses, assim como Ísis, é uma dinvidade lunar, sendo um deus da lua lhe cabe dons como a sabedoria, a escrita, a magia, a aprendizagem, a medição do tempo, a ciência e vários outros dons, Toth é considerado a voz a língua, os pensamentos, a palavra e o poder de Rá. Toth não tinha mãe, afinal os egipcios, quando falavam dele diziam que ele não era nascido de uma mulher, pouco se sabe sobre a familia de Toth, o que se pode dizer de sua familia é que ele tinha uma filha chamada Seshat, e alguns diziam que Rá era seu pai, mas não se tem muita certeza. O bico curvo de Toth era dito com um símbolo da lua, sua face era de um passaro chamado Íbis, que era seu animal sagrado. De acordo com o livro dos mortos Toth era dito como o advogado da humanidade, ele pesava o coração dos mortos, enquanto Anubis pesava a alma, em um dos pratos ficava a pena que simbolizava a verdade e no outro prato ficava a Ab que seria o coração do morto, Toth tinha que examinar a dignidade do morto. Dizem que Toth participou de três lutas épicas a de Rá contra Apep, a de Osíris contra Seth e a de Hórus contra Seth.
Shaman - The Spirit of The Native American Flute - Cry Dance ( Pai )
Cry Dance - Track 10 of the Album : Salaskamarka - Shaman - The Spirit Of The Native American Flute
De Quan - Hulusi Solo ( 2005 ) - Midu Folk Songs
Artist : De Quan - Hulusi Solo ( 2005 ) Music : Midu Folk Songs
Lakota Lullaby - Native American Flute ( D )
A little improvisation with this beautiful melody, drew ear not know if these are the right notes hope you enjoy.
Wayra - A Woman In Me
I do not own any copyrights on the material, all the merits to author content for mere entertainment.
Japan: Splendor of the Shakuhachi - Various Artists (Full)
Japan: Splendor of the Shakuhachi - Various Artists Tracklist: 1. Shika No Tone - Toshimitsu Ishikawa/Reisho Yonemura 2. Azuma No Kyoku - Reisho Yonemura 3. Yamagoe - Michiaki Okada 4. Ohshu Sashi - Reisho Yonemura 5. Koden Sugomori - Toshimitsu Ishikawa 6. Kumoi Jishi - Toshimitsu Ishikawa/Reisho Yonemura 7. Sagariha - Toshimitsu Ishikawa 8. Daha - Michiaki Okada 9. Koku - Michiaki Okada
Wayra - Closer To Far Away
Artist: Wayra Music: Closer to far away Album: Ceremony to Mother Earth
El Condor Pasa - Raúl Olarte
Track: El Condor Pasa Album: Raúl Olarte - Quena de los Andes
Flauta Nativa Americana em Am (Lá Menor)
Em Lá Menor (Escala Pentatônica Menor) em bambu tratado com óleo de peroba. Frequência do Universo: 432 Hz Fabricada artesanalmente por mim.
Samurai Collection Vol.2 - D.N.A
Album: Samurai Collection Vol.2 Music: D.N.A Artist: Bonten
Tribal Winds  -  Memory Of Earth Mother
Music: Memory Of Earth Mother Artist: Andrew Vasquez Album: Tribal Winds
Daemonia Nymphe - Thracian Gaia
Thracian Gaia, track 3 of the album: Daemonia Nymphe - Psychostasia. Thracian Gaia, faixa 2 do álbum: Daemonia Nymphe - Psychostasia.
Uttara Kuru - Wintry Wind
Track 1: Wintry Wind Artist: Uttara-Kuru Album: Prayer
El Antigal - Mariana Cayón
Track: El Antigal Album: Quena Corazón
Wayra : Great Spirit Dance
Artist : Wayra Music : Great Spirit Dance Album : Great Eagle Flaying With The Wind
Ancient Aztec and Mayan Music - The Feathered Serpent
Improvisation with pre-hispanic whistles with beautiful images of the Aztec and Mayan cultures.
Uña Ramos - Himno al Inca
Faixa: 2 Album: Music From the Andes Artista: Uña ramos
Leo Rojas - Circle of Life
Artist: Leo Rojas Track: Circle of Life Album: Das Beste
Leo Rojas - Celeste
Artist: Leo Rojas Track: Celeste Album: Albatross
Viento de Los Andes (San Juanitos) - Jalacuisago
Track 11: Jalacuisago Album: Viento de Los Andes (San Juanitos) Vol. 5