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Rules: No arguing about which MEP part you want.. Use this song: MERCY Not inappropriate Use VivaVideo, VideoStar or any music editing app you use! Most importantly have fun!!!
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{{ Rules : }} Use VideoStar or Music Video Apps Have a backround Moving head LPS of a dachshund or shorthair cat Music of any choice! Ten seconds or less CONTEST BEGINS NOW!
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As you may know this LPSTuber named Wonder LPS. She is my sister & we have another sister on Wonder’s channel. Yes, three girls & one boy. 😂😂
Christmas !
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My aunt got married on Saturday with a lovely man named Andy. My cousin in the army & ‘ Santa’s Elf ‘ walked my aunt down the isle because her father died. My cousin is her son. She has two. Coby & Mcally {{ No clue how to spell his name 😂 }}. Mcally walked my aunt down the isle in a beautiful & elegant way. I was heartbroken at the disco after the wedding because my aunt asked the DJ to put on ‘ Dance With My Father Again’ and danced with her father’s brother. My nan was crying because she was the sister of my aunt, Well second aunt ( my mom’s aunt ). Me and Mcally comforted her. God Bless You All! Bye! I’m so freakin’ tired.
Max and Leah are falling for each other? Let’s find out! Episode 1
SHOUTOUT TO MY FRIEND WHO’S YOUTUBE CHANNEL IS Dog Star Girl Gaming! Subscribe to her! Did Leah and Max get together? Find out in the next episode!