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Easy and fast hairstyle by Farrukh Shamuratov
Another very easy hairstyle! one of the important rule to get perfect hairstyle is to blow dry! I need to give right direction from the roots and close all cuticles of hair!
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Big curls, romantic style, Farrukh Shamuratov
It was nice experience to me! Sometime we don't have too many hair to work)
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Romantic and cute hairstyle. Farrukh Shamuratov
Three different elements. Twisting, bow and curls! I guess this elements matched! what do you think?
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Tutorial for short haircut! Farrukh Shamuratov
Thanks guys for following me and watching my videos! What do you think about this hairstyle for short hair?
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Romantic hairstyle with braiding technique, Farrukh Shamuratov
I'm doing a lot of hair tutorial and i really hope it's helps you and you will like to do something new and interesting hairstyles to your clients.)))
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Short hair, Farrukh Shamuratov
Look at this delicious form! i took this challenge and i tried my best! what is your thoughts?
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Romantic hairstyle, long tutorial! Farrukh Shamuratov
i got some requests to make longer videos, what do you think? is this helps you?
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Braiding hairstyle tutorial, Farrukh Shamuratov
I'm so glad that i can share my creativity with you guys, also i'm so happy i followed my parents path and became hairstylist!!!!
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Classic hairstyle, Farrukh Shamuratov
I don’t have big secret how to do my hairstyles but I have small secrets and it’s a lot 😊♥️😅 so my first important secret is I’m always making sections and dividing the hair in parts🙏🏻
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Семинар в Иркутске 2013
Пятидневный семинар в городе Иркутске по созданию полного стиля. Мастер класс от Фаррух Шамуратов. Примеры работ, обучение стилистов.
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Make-up and hair by Farrukh Shamuratov
I really love to create total look! but with hair i'm more confident! i hope you enjoy it!
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Opening waves! Farrukh Shamuratov
I'm calling this technique "opening waves" but it's not finger waves and hollywood waves! i start doing this kind of waves when i was in hairstyling competitions!
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Farrukh Shamuratov Workshop on hairdo Catanzaro, Italy 2016
Farrukh Shamuratov site http://shamuratov.com instagram https://www.instagram.com/fshairdo/ facebook https://www.facebook.com/fshairdo/?fref=nf vk http://vk.com/fshairdo
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Фаррух Шамуратов, мастер класс по прическам
Создание модной прически, мастер класс для стилистов. Открытый семинар, передача опыта, лучшие прически из длинных волос, косичек. Creating a fashionable hairstyle, a master class for stylists. Open seminar, sharing of experience, the best hairstyle of long hair braids.
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Свадебные и вечерние прически от Фарруха Шамуратова
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Москва, март 2013
Мастер класс Фаррух Шамуратова, Москва март 2013. Примеры лучших причесок за год.
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Модный образ от Фарруха Шамуратова Fashionable image of Farrukh Shamuratova
Создание стильного образа от Фаррух Шамуратов. Мастер класс, открытый тренинг. Create stylish image from Farrukh Shamuratov. Master class, open training.
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Прическа для невест от Фарруха Шамуратова
Свадебная прическа от Фаррух Шамуратов, мастер класс Hairstyle by Farrukh Shamuratov, master class
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Detail tutorial, Farrukh Shamuratov
Hi everyone! thank you very much for coming back to my channel! this is my second detail vlog! Here i'm really explaining how i'm creating my hairstyling! If you like it, let me know and leave your comments!!!
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