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Mash up with Alex Tersch
A little rap acoustic mash up with a friend of mine.
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Jarvis 2.0 MacOS
This is the updated version of my Jarvis Apple script now working with home automation using homekit, homebridge, a little python, cli, an applewatch, an imac and some phillips hue lights. Updated for Mojave.
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This is how I say happy birthday to my friends and family!
When one of my friends or family members has a birthday. I don't send a normal text or a call. I send this video. It's just more fun this way!
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New Demo
Just a sneak peek of a new song
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A song for you
Original song. Let me know what you think.
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Jarvis Boot Up and Alarm in Mac OS X
A video showing what i just did on my spare time. The first one will trigger on boot up or user log in. The second part right now triggers as an alarm every day in the morning (to record it i had to manually run it and it was in the afternoon so that's why it says good afternoon instead of good morning). The second program will wake the display get rid of screen saver then check and set some settings and preferences. FInally it will speak a greeting,time,date,weather,number of new emails,number of messages in messages app,number of app store updates, speak ical events and contact birthdays for that day while playing a background song(let's see who notices where its from). I have created a new channel here: http://www.youtube.com/user/TheSquareMedia this is where from now on i'll be uploading anything related to my work, programming and development. I will create a better video and uploaded there feel free to subscribe and check back later. I have created a tutorial for the script check the links below. Turorials: BootUp: http://thesquaremedia.com/tutorials/how-to-build-a-j-a-r-v-i-s-boot-up-automator-script/ Alarm: http://thesquaremedia.com/tutorials/how-to-build-a-j-a-r-v-i-s-alarm-using-applescript/
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Original song - Hello Again
I wanted to see how the song would come out on a video. Let me know what you think.
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A song for you live at bailey contemporary arts museum pompano beach Florida open mic night
Open mic night at bailie contemporary art museum in pompano beach Florida. First time I ever perform for people live the song is made by me called a song for you.
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