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How to make a hyperlink (clickable link or image) in html
Details exactly what to type to make a hyperlink in html. This means that it shows how to make text or an image clickable. More like this at http://onlinebiztraining.com
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How to signup for a clickbank account
http://www.isuccess.com How to sign up for clickbank account - also shows using freenamegenerator.com for creating fake data.
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Make Money This Weekend Part 1 - Customize Sales Page
http://isuccess.com/webinar/weekendmoney 1 of 5 videos showing how to customize a sales page, customize a thank you page, put up on your website, and sell an ebook to make money this weekend. Make your own website like http://isuccess.com/27rules/ and make some money!
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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Chapter 1 Summary
Spoiler Alert!!! I summarize Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Chapter 1 for you. Get the complete book at http://stevesbookstore.com/harry-potter It includes the death of another hogwarts teacher!
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clickable hyperlink in youtube description
http://isuccess.com/ Quick video created using Jing that shows how to make a URL or link in the youtube video description clickable.
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George Strait's Christmas Cookies singing frog animation
Frog creation in windows paint - animation done live using the circle/elipse tool. Song is Christmas Cookies by George Strait Everyone labeling the joyful laughter and sing-alongs in the back ground as noise is missing the point. This video is about childrens' creativity and laughter - not about production quality video or the great song. There are better places to get that. So if background noise and shaky camera work offends you, skip this video. If you enjoy hearing giggles, this is a good video to watch.
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Slim & Sassy doTERRA Essential Oil Metabolic blend
http://slimsassy.com Slim & Sassy Metabolic Blend helps you to lose weight and feel great! It is a blend of essential oils from doTERRA. A few drops added to your water keeps you from feeling hungry, calms your stomach, and lifts your mood! This stuff not only works, but it works in a healthy natural way that leaves you feeling great!
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PLR and MRR products for you to sell
http://stevelikes.com/99products PLR and MRR ebooks and software for you to sell or add to a membership site. There are also PLR articles you can modify and use. If you want to make money online but don't have anything to sell, or if you just want to get more traffic, then this is a good deal for you. Check it out! (PLR stands for Private Lable Rights and MRR stands for Master Resell Rights.)
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How to Use LinkMask
http://www.isuccess.com Learn how to easily mask or hide your URLs so that they are short and so that your affiliate commissions won't get stolen.
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make link or url in youtube description clickable
How to make a link or URL in your youtube video description clickable. - start your link with http:// - not just www.whatever. For more how to's check out http://onlinebiztraining.com/
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how to fix camstudio firefox bug
From http://isuccess.com learn how to fix the camstudio screenshot software firefox bug when converting from avi to swf flash format. The .html file that is created has a wrong value in it that causes it to fail in firefox although it works in IE. This video shows how to fix it, so you can use the free camstudio screentshot software to make your videos, instead of paying for camstudio pro, or buy camtasia from techsoft
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WorldofWarcraft Armor PopUp
http://www.isuccess.com Answer to question "How do they do that" - shows cool mouseover effect at World of Warcraft website.
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LinkMask new features
http://www.isuccess.com Two new features added to linkmask url cloaking script, now you can open the destination inside your same page so the url in the location bar doesn't change away from your site, and you can turn off mod-rewrite if you wish.
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Firefly 'Safe' Jayne and Mal. "I like smackin' em"
Firefly 'Safe' Janye and Mal. "I like smackin' em"
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Morning Trends - Comcast Email Hacked
http://isuccess.com/whysearch/comcast-email-hacked Exploring why this search phrase is a "hot trend" on google trends
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Using youtube videos to get traffic to your website
http://isuccess.com/youtube-video/ You can get top google listings and other search engine ranking and lots of traffic to your website. Watch the video, then follow the above link to find out more. Website traffic and top search engine rankings and help you make lots of money. This information is part of how to make money online, Also part of how to get lots of visitors to your website. It can be used with promoting your own product or promoting affiliate products.
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Holiday Greeting Card Creation
http://www.cardcafe.com lets you mail your holiday greeting cards without leaving your desk. Top quality, great designs, completely customizable, even upload your own photos and make into the card that gets mailed, cardcafe.com is better than buying a card from a store, or printing out your own, or pretty much any alternative.
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Harry Potter, Nia Long, Michael Jackson, and Bruno were all on on I- 75 driving to Walmart
http://steveoliphant.com/blog Harry Potter, Nia Long, Michael Jackson, and Bruno were all on on I- 75 driving to Walmart when they got hijacked by pirates from he iran election - Twitter Trending search topics http://bbe5a4jhug3b1j07mtkom4lbru.hop.clickbank.net/
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How fast does google video pick up youtube uploads
Shows how fast google video search picks on on youtube new videos. YouTube's FAQ says allow 8 hours but it seems that it has happened withing minutes for me before. I am hoping that is true here. There will be a video response to this with the results. www.isuccess.com
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(results) How fast does google video pick up youtube uploads
It probably varies depending on the time of day submitted, But this particular test took overnight. (Not sure exactly how long, but more than 4 hours and less than 16). This video shows me converting and uploading the part 1 video, and then checking every few minutes, and then every few hours. This is probably the most boring of my videos yet! (At least it was for me) www.isuccess.com
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No one matched all five winning powerball numbers
http://isuccess.com/whysearch/No-one-matched-all-five-winning-powerball-numbers Power and Power Numbers are in google's hot trends today - why is this?
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Polar plunge frigid 5k 2014
Polar plunge frigid 5k 2014 Hole cut in the ice in utah lake after the 5k along provo river trail Thanks random dude who took the video for me! I am glad you were joking about forgetting to hit record, and telling me I had to go again!
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Internet Marketing Class Backlink Example
http://isuccess.com/Internet-Marketing-Classes.html Video made during class showing how to get backlinks from videos
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how to hypnotize someone
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How to make a banner easily and quickly online
How to make a banner (or put text on any non-animated gif) quickly and easily online within seconds. http://www.crecon.com
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adobe flash player security hole
http://isuccess.com/whysearch/adobe-flash-player-security-hole Adobe Flash Player Security Hole discoverd - Adobe turns up as top search result in google trends
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test vid
learning about hangouts
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morning trends report - mount everest ascent
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How to make links in your description clickable
http://isuccess.com How to make links in your youtube video's description clickable. Simply start the link with http:// - not just www. !express# !metadata#!version#v1.0.r291!/version#!format#1.001!/format#!totalTime#63351!/totalTime#!width#400!/width#!height#300!/height#!maxSceneSize#104002!/maxSceneSize#!clientPublishTime#Sat Jul 21 13:54:00 GMT-0600 2007!/clientPublishTime# !/metadata# !scenes#!scene# !asset path="http://www.youtube.com/remixer/assets/captions/PlainCaptions.swf" type="CaptionContent"#!stamp time="0"# !color#16777215!/color# !face#Bernhard!/face# !text#Use http:// to start your link, not www!/text# !render#!tx#-0.8500000000000001!/tx#!c#0!/c#!a#2.4191715717315674!/a#!d#2.4191715717315674!/d#!ty#3.75!/ty#!b#0!/b# !/render# !display#true!/display# !z#2!/z#!/stamp#!stamp time="63351"# !display#false!/display#!/stamp# !/asset#!/scene# !/scenes# !asset path="finished/9D068F6F3F9C5DF3-9C4BA12C27F90998.flv" type="VideoContent" desc=""#!stamp time="0"# !mute#false!/mute# !height#300!/height# !display#true!/display# !position#0!/position# !width#400!/width# !volume#0.75!/volume#!/stamp#!stamp time="63351"# !display#false!/display#!/stamp# !/asset#!/express#
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how to use google keyword search tool
http://isuccess.com very brief overview of Google Adwords keyword tool research keywords with commercial usage in mind. Example is for website http://youthorator.com/
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ClickNGive Howto
We now have a last-minute, no customization needed, easy and cool canvas sale. The click and give page lists these canvases and lets people put them into their shopping cart with just one click. From there it is a few simple steps to checkout. And if they don't have an account, it is now only a few more clicks to signup for their free account, have the canvas already in their cart, and checkout with you getting the credit! To promote this in a way that gives you the credit, simply put ?sponsorID=450158 (replace the number with your id) on the end of the URL for the canvasSale page. Then post that URL to potential and existing customers in emails, on facebook, on twitter, on your blog, wherever you want! Here's to a great Holiday Season!
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Thanksgiving Turkey Singing
Animated Turkey sings a song about why not to have him for dinner
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How to setup a your webpage to sell something quickly and easily
http://onlinebiztraining.com/how-to-setup-a-webpage-to-sell-something-online-in-the-next-20-minutes/ Shows how to setup a your webpage with a "buy it now" or "add to cart" paypal button. How to set up your website to accept payments so you can easily sell something. You can choose your button type, there is "add to cart" I like that because it doesn't require commitment. there is "buy now" this "buy now" is cool too along with the "add to cart" because when they actually go to buy if they have accepted credit it says "pay later" - that's an option of course "donations" if you just want to add a donate button to your website. "buy gift certificates" "subscribe" I might actually use this I think I'm going to set up a membership payment to this button. "Automatic billing" goes into a little bit different kind of a button re-occuring payments. An installment plan is a re-occurring occurring payment thats stop as compared to a a subscription where it just keeps on going until they cancel so if you have a you know higher-priced products you can do an installment plan. Personally I like the re-occurring and the subscription for a membership site, but we're talking about just selling a one-off you know one time product here. So we're going to go back to to the Add to Cart button now we have itemname and you know it can be anything from "membership access to the webpage it can be the ebook you're selling ... this item id: that's if you are gonna be using going into an invoicing system or shopping cart system. Set up your price: let's do $5. You can be done once you add in your email address to receive payments. This is all we need to do to create a button - its gonna give us code to copy and paste. So we can take that code and copy it, and then this here's the WordPress blog where I'm adding this to the page I can actually . . . (make sure you're in the text mode - not visual because visual it will show all of the HTML so go into text mode and put the button right where you want it and paste and then let's update that, and we'll see what this post looks like. . . . we'll open up a new tab . . . okay. so "How to setup a web page" there's everything it said and then there is the add to cart now if we click on this "add to cart", it takes to paypal and then it let's check out. now the reason it has two lines in here is because I was playing around with it before this broadcast befor this video and I had that one in there. so I can remove that and this really does work for multiple items where they can go through your website, add items to shopping cart, they can check out I come click on checkout check out with PaPal -etc.It's gonna show your company name up there that's who my paypal account's under and then look at this "Bill Me Later" you know let's say I have a couple of different items came to 200 bucks. My target audience might not have that kind of money available. they can click on this "apply for Bill Me Later" and they can actually pay in installments pay later but you get the money right away. Anyway that is how you set up a "buy it now" or "add to cart" or "subscribe" button on your website. I did it with a wordpress blog post you can very easily do it with any kind of site where you have access to paste the HTML. - Just real quick, the reason why there's all this white space here is because when I pasted this form it put line breaks on the end and wordpress automatically turns those into the BR tag in HTML the way to get rid of all of those and to get rid of that space is just to get rid of all the line breaks and so I'm just gonna go to the end of each of these lines - pull the next line up. Now be careful not to do it where it's just broken because . . . you know like right here where it's at the end - if I hit that and removed the 'n' in 'name' which I'm putting that back because that was a mistake I'm just going to where it actually put a line break in - removing all of those and we should, now if we update it and then go refresh, we should see all this white space go away. and then we refreshed there's all the white space gone Now I'm gonna do some more editing on this blog post - there you go that is how you can setup your web page to sell something online very quickly. You might want to re-watch this video but I'm also gonna add to this page to have a step-by-step what we did. anyway, enjoy!
Make Money This Weekend Part 2 - Customize Sales Page
http://isuccess.com/webinar/weekendmoney 2 of 5 videos showing how to customize a sales page, customize a thank you page, put up on your website, and sell an ebook to make money this weekend. Make your own website like http://isuccess.com/27rules/ and make some money!
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Make Money This Weekend Part 5 - Upload and Test Thankyou Page
http://isuccess.com/webinar/weekendmoney 1 of 5 videos showing how to customize a sales page, customize a thank you page, put up on your website, and sell an ebook to make money this weekend. Make your own website like http://isuccess.com/27rules/ and make some money!
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Cat playing with bell
Cat playing with bell
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Make Money This Weekend Part 4 - Customize Thank You Page
http://isuccess.com/webinar/weekendmoney 4 of 5 videos showing how to customize a sales page, customize a thank you page, put up on your website, and sell an ebook to make money this weekend. Make your own website like http://isuccess.com/27rules/ and make some money!
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How to write a resume that gets you job interviews
http://rapbank.com/go/5955/1330 how to write a resume that gets you the job interviews
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How to make sure you are not wasting your PPC dollars
http://isuccess.com Some things to look for to make sure you are not wasting your PPC money from adwords or any other source, also to make sure you are not wasing your time building traffic to your website or blog
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http://steveoliphant.com/blog/ quakebuttock is now a trending term on google trends. One meaning "coward" but I will have to admit that when I first saw it, I thought of some video game injury :) I guess people are looking it up because Bill O'Reilly used it as the word of the day today.
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How to install linkmask
How to install linkmask software on your server
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Easy Halloween Costume
http://trickycostumes.com I now have a costume store!
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Hurricane Earl
http://com-w.info/survivehurricaneearl/ Hurricanes have incredibly destructive power. If we are prepared, we can avoid lots of problems. Please go to http://com-w.info/survivehurricaneearl/ and see what you can do to prepare.
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online videos for holiday traffic
http://www.isuccess.com class demo video for class on Nov 5 2008; "Online Video for Holiday Traffic". Sign up to be placed on class anouncement list at http://isuccess.com
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demo test video
http://www.isuccess.com/how-to-make-videos.html demo video using youtube's built in quick capture
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How to make video with on youtube
http://isuccess.com short video made with youtubes built in video recorder and webcammax, telling how to make a video on youtube
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Simple browser hack increases productivity
http://wwww.isuccess.com Simple browser hack to increase your productivity, Works in IE (internet Explorer), firefox, and any other browser - set your home page to something not distracting.
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Make Money This Weekend Part 3 - Put Sales Page on Website
http://isuccess.com/webinar/weekendmoney 3 of 5 videos showing how to customize a sales page, customize a thank you page, put up on your website, and sell an ebook to make money this weekend. Make your own website like http://isuccess.com/27rules/ and make some money!
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