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Hylton Elite - New Client Development Consulting
Hylton Elite Marketing Agency is a full-service sales and marketing firm specializing in grassroots marketing. The firm offers advising, outsourcing and training services in the areas of business, workforce, economic, & community development. Make Your Job Easier by choosing Hylton Elite Marketing Agency. BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT MARKET DEVELOPMENT PERFORMANCE TRACKING PROFESSIONAL REPRESENTION SAVE TIME & RESOURCES COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT Visit www.E1connect.com to learn more. Stay tuned to know what's going on in Nashville, Tn. Subscribe today!
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In the South of Broadway Area In Nashville TN
Hylton Elite CEO Danavan Hylton heads to Napier School for a community partnership meeting, but first talks about the development happening in the Sudekum/Napier community. SoBro aka South of Broadway Strategic Master Plan www.nashvilledowntown.com/_files/docs/2112sobrorpt_websmall.pdf
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How to Become a Mover & Shaker in Your Community & Market
Danavan visits a private event with fellow partner Malikah Hylton, and power brokers Vanrine Peets, and George Craig Williams. Huge shout out to Hylton Elite intern, and Fisk University student, Terry Blackburn, for attending the event as well. While recapping the sights, Danavan shares his thoughts on an action mindset and uses a Tony Robbins philosophy to help residents and professionals become resourceful to gain resources. Stay positive and professional and always look for solutions.Thank you for you donations if this video message was valuable to you by visiting www.Cash.me/$e1connect Hylton Elite Marketing Agency We’re More Than Just Marketing www.e1connect.com
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WAKO USA Omari Boyd Prepares for 2017 World games
North Nashville's own Omari Boyd during a photoshoot a few days before the 2017 World Games. Omari will eventually earn the bronze medal during the world games; the highest honor for any US Kickboxer up to date. Congrats Omari!
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Adrian Davis’ Fisk University Student Leadership Workshop Review
Leadership training coach, Adrian Davis, has just completed a leadership training workshop at Fisk University, and is given a review by a student majoring in business at Fisk University. Take a listen! Crown Davis Membership, Inc. www.CrownDavisMemberships.com
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Do You Know Metro's Bordeaux/Whites Creek Community Plan?
Danavan keeps you up to date with one of the many Metro Nashville community plans. These plans are a general idea, and are developed through community input. To view community plan online go to: http://www.nashville.gov/Planning-Department/Community-Planning-Design/Community-Plans/Bordeaux-Whites-Creek.aspx DONATE to Hylton Elite https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=XEHRT2KKCKHBL (Hylton Elite is a For-Profit business, that is grateful for your contribution to raise working capital to support the business)
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Express North Nashville Business Spotlight!
Our leader Jason Patrick is a business partner of the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce​- North Council and shares how to grow your business in North Nashville​. Press play and thank you for sharing!
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Team USA vs Team Canada Kickboxing Promotional Video
Are you ready for electrifying international kickboxing? Well September 30th at Tennessee State University located in Nashville, Tennessee, Team USA will go head to head with Team Canada's Kickboxing team. This is an event you don't want to miss.
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Video of Community Open House Hosted by Express Employment- Nashville North Office
Express North Nashville owner, Jason Patrick, introduces his business to community groups that provide employment assistance in Davidson County. Listen in on some of the questions and answers.
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Community Meeting- LDG Development Proposal for Mixed-Income Project Recap
Thank you LDG Development for delivering your proposal to us for a mixed income project on Buena Vista Pk, south of Tucker Rd. Really great questions raised, and great statements made. Thank you to those who were able to stop by the meeting as well. Press play!
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Nashville Mayor Talks Tranisit
A highlight video of Nashville Mayor, Honorable Megan Barry, speaking about expanding transit in Nashville. Listen in!
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Napier School First Day & Red Carpet Celebration
As a community partner of Napier School, we, along with several other community partners, celebrated the first day of school with students and parents. We look forward to putting parents to work this year! www.ExpressNorthNashville.com
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What's the Onsite Environmental Process?
Listen to a detailed explanation from Onsite Environmental's engineer of what the plant processes are, what the plant does with the existing oil and grease that comes into the plant, and the explanation of the plant's by-products, and reclamation process.
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Introducing the Most Intelligent Choice for Recruiting, Retention, and Community Engagement
Need quality employees fast? We have have the contacts to community. Need to lower turnover? We have the training. Need to increase your customer base? We've mastered grassroots marketing. Does your staff need inspiration? We have the story. Hylton Elite is your logical and indispensable decision. Call today! We're More Than Just Marketing. www.e1connect.com
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Volunteer to Improve Your Career
Employment and workforce development expert, Danavan Hylton, shares how you can reach the career you love by first volunteering to build your work skills and experience. Press play and reach your career goals today! www.ExpressNorthNashville.com
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Metro Nashville Airport Authority Diversity Recap
The MNAA Billion Dollar Network has been focused on creating opportunity for small and minority business owners by connecting them with open contracts to do business with the airport and its vendors. Attendees made personal connections with the MNAA procurement team and MNAA's lead general contractor, JE Dunn. This BDN event focused on networking and featured a short presentation by the MNAA, an overview of all the contract opportunities available, followed by open networking with the MNAA team and vendors over drinks and refreshments. MNAA’s Billion Dollar Network is a program created to celebrate the diversity of Nashville’s business community, ensure companies receive information on obtaining airport contracts and provide opportunities to take your business to the next level during this $1.5B expansion as part of the BNA Vision.
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TEAM USA Kickboxing Comes to Nashville
WAKO-USA (Team USA) Kickboxing came to Tennessee State University where WAKO Team USA Kickboxing competed against Team Canada / Équipe Canada. Headliner is TEAM USA Kick-boxer, #TSU Alum, and Nashville, Tennessee's own, The World Games 2017 - Wrocław bronze medalist, Omari Boyd. WAKO USA President, Rob Zbilski shares his thanks to Nashville, Tennessee. Press play, and thanks for sharing! www.wakousa.org
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The Importance of Client Management
Hylton Elite Partners, Danavan and Malikah Hylton, visit some of their clients and associates to maintain their growing relationship with their target market. See how relationship management is done and apply what you learn! Thank you for your monetary donation to Hylton Elite if this message was valuable to you in anyway by visiting www.Cash.me/$e1connect Hylton Elite Marketing Agency We’re More Than Just Marketing www.e1connect.com
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What Fisk University Holds with Fiskite Terry Blackburn
Spring intern from Fisk University, Terry Blackburn, talks about making it his focus to bring more professionals to the university to engage with the students. Listen in, and thanks for sharing!
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Women's Basketball Coming to Nashville!
Owner Renee Boob, and Nashville based semi-pro women's basketball franchise, the Music City Icons, are gearing up for the upcoming season that kicks-off in May!
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Collar Perfect. Iron Out Life's Wrinkles.
Economic and community development expert, Danavan Hylton, shares how he irons out life's wrinkles while traveling the globe by introducing the portable iron, Collar Perfect. Collar Perfect is the only on-the-go, easy travel-able solution. Watch now. Buy Collar Perfect www.collarperfect.com Powered by Hylton Elite Marketing Agency Your Full Service Sales and Marketing Firm www.e1connect.com
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District 2 Community Meeting- Moving MLS Stadium to Metrocenter Information Session
Thank you so much North Nashville, and Nashville residents for stopping by to talk with Council Members Steve Glover, Nevada Scott Davis, John Cooper, and I about the idea of Move MLS Soccer Stadium to Metro Center. We heard your concerns and look forward to the next meeting. Here's a recap of the meeting! Major concerns were: - Have an area for children to play sports - Traffic congestion in Metrocenter - Community benefits agreement - Displacement - Small business growth - Affordable housing for the area
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Relationship Management Consultant Focused on Increasing Membership for Local Business Chamber
Our CEO, Danavan Hylton, has recently joined the board of directors for the Bordeaux-North Nashville Chamber of Commerce, and currently serves as the board vice-chair where he is focused on the increasing the number of business partners, neighborhood association, and local business professional membership for the chamber. Today, Danavan Hylton, takes you behind the scene for the MLK Marker Dedication. Press play!
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Why You Should Care About Grassroots Marketing for Your Business
Danavan Hylton shares the values of local, organic, territorial marketing to deliver your message. #GrassrootsMarketing. Take a listen. www.e1connect.com
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Grassroots, Soft Skills Training That Decreases Turnover within Large Corporations
Our CEO, Danavan Hylton, shares his experience and conversation with the Nashville Music City Center about doing business. This relationship was built through the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce during the Chamber's diversity & inclusion conference. Danavan takes you to Downtown Nashville as he works hard to increase his customer base for his soft skills training services. Danavan shares his #SoftSkills and #CustomerService training experience with client, Metropolitan Development and Housing Agency, and discusses how he would like to fill the diversity and inclusion needs, in a grassroots way, for large corporations like Bridgestone. Call Hylton Elite for your #CommunityRelations needs! www.e1connect.com
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Personal Development Tip- Don’t Assume, Ask
Relationship management expert, Danavan Hylton, shares how to maintain long-term integral relations. This information is integral not only for a community development, but world peace. Press play and become a consultant minded. Thank you in advance for donating of any monetary size if you feel this information was valuable to you by visiting www.Cash.me/$e1connect Hylton Elite Marketing Agency www.e1connect.com We’re More Just Marketing
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Bordeaux North Nashville Chamber of Commerce MLK Marker Dedication
Bordeaux-North Nashville Chamber of Commerce unveil their MLK Marker for the historic MLK bridge in Bordeaux. Press play! bordeauxnorthchamber.com
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Express- Cayce Home Block Party
We provided employment opportunities during Metropolitan Development and Housing Agency's community block party! www.ExpressNorthNashville.com Apply today!
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Take Care of Business Now
Speaking on a piece of Truth today while at Metropolitan Development and Housing Agency, James a. Cayce Project Homes about the state of the United States moving forward, and why self sufficiency is a destiny to strive for. No right or wrong answers. Just food for thought.
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Relationship Management Principles
Are you consultant minded? Business owner and CEO, Danavan Hylton, shares the principles of relationship management. Listen in and learn from the best! Thank you for your donations by clicking the link, www.Cash.me/$e1connect Hylton Elite Marketing Agency We’re More Than Just Marketing www.e1connect.com
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Workforce Development Transformation with Danavan Hylton
Hylton Elite Marketing Agency CEO Danavan Hylton talks community development how transforming your mind is the best plan to transform your life.
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Hospitality Training at McGruder Family Resource Center
It's not too late to enroll into McGruder Family Resource Center's hospitality training program in North Nashville. Call (615) 291-4513 www.cctenn.org
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How to Best Prepare for Express Employment​ Job Opportunities ...
Q is a front office coordinator at Express Employment Professionals - Nashville North & Downtown. He gives his expert advice on how to best prepare for employment opportunities with Express, and shares what Express is looking for in your work history to offer you the job.
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Welcome to Hylton Elite!
Hylton Elite Marketing Agency's CEO, Danavan Hylton, welcomes visitors to Hylton Elite online.
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Embrace Your Vision and Go After Your Dream
What you're daydreaming about just may be a message to look deeper into your purpose in life. Though we are grateful for a lot of things, one thing to be grateful for is the chance to do what you love, and therefore love what you do. The ball is in your court. DONATE to Hylton Elite https://www.paypal.com/us/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_flow&SESSION=JXUX-GPjnEjS33QR80KX__NOKQnmhoc79dMOf2cMeSxOHduSHoiVMHUNEmu&dispatch=5885d80a13c0db1f8e263663d3faee8d4fe1dd75ca3bd4f11d72275b28239088 (Hylton Elite is a For-Profit business, that is grateful for your contribution to raise working capital) Leadership Resource Center Link Dream vs. Vision: A Mind-Shift For Visionary Leaders by: Michael Skye http://leadertoday.org/articles/vision-dream.htm
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Faith Leaders United Bash
Come and Join Faith Leaders United for our 1st Annual Back to School Youth Outreach Event on Sat., September 9, in North Nashville at the Citi Trends Plaza at 2501 Clarksville Pk., from 11am – 2pm. Faith Leaders is committed to bridging the digital divide in our community and will be giving away 100 digital tablets, school supplies, and gift cards. There will be activities for the kids and information for families about the resources available to keep our children achieving great things. Join us on Sept. 9th!
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Invest In Your Community NOW
Business and community leader, Danavan Hylton, share why it’s important to invest in your community now because what is down must go up. Don’t fall behind due to underestimation. Press play, and thanks for your donation by visiting www.Cash.me/$e1connect Hylton Elite Marketing Agency We’re More Than Just Marketing www.e1connect.com
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School Choice in Tennessee
Hylton Elite Marketing Agency, CEO, Danavan Hylton, is invited to Chicago, IL by the American Federation for Children state of Tennessee director, Shaka Mitchell to experience the 2019 National Policy Summit. Enjoy the case study Danavan creates and leave your comment on Danavan's questions below! American Federation for Children - Tennessee www.schoolchoicetn.com Hylton Elite Marketing Agency www.e1connect.com Thank you for your monetary donations to Hylton Elite: www.cash.me/$e1connect
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Downtown Nashville at Its Finest
One of my favorite past times is to capture stories, and beauty in motion, also know as photography. Check out out some of the beauty captured while I was doing business Downtown Nashville. Photos include shots of my business office within the UBS building, shots from inside the Nashville City Club, pictures inside the Bobby Hotel, Sheraton Grand Nashville Downtown, Tennessee State Capitol, Legislative Plaza, the Music City Central, Metro Nashville Municipal Auditorium, and the The Musicians Hall of Fame and Museum. Video production powered by Hylton Elite Marketing Agency https://bit.ly/2u6us1r
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Support Amqui Station
Hylton Elite Marketing Agency CEO, Dananvan Hylton, stops by Metro Nashville’s Amqui Station in Madison Tennessee to connect with Amqui Station Director Kristen Collins and Discovery Madison, Inc. board member, John Parrish. While at Amqui station, Danavan, checks out an African-American documentary. Musicians Group performing is Justin Leigh Walters. Amqui Station Website Video powered by Hylton Elite Marketing Agency
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Workplace Recruiting & Retention
Danavan Hylton Speaks on the Increasing workforce gap, especially in skilled trades, and shares insight on how to recruit and retain skilled talent. Danavan speaks in detail on the mindset, and attitude, of millennial’s, and how to improve your diversity and inclusion initiative. Press play! Hylton Elite Marketing Agency www.e1connect.com
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Embrace the FEAR of Loss
Our CEO, Danavan Hylton, talks about he importance of releasing the idea of ‘Fear of Loss’ and talks about how fear, when embraced, can make you stronger mentally for the betterment of your life. Hylton Elite Marketing Agency www.e1connect.com We’re More Than Just Marketing Music: See You Musician: @iksonofficial
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East Nashville Groundbreaking for New Mixed-Use Income Development
94 townhome-like apartments for a variety of income levels broke ground in East Nashville, Tennessee today! tinyurl.com/yc9n492c tinyurl.com/yb85oz6v
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Including Neighborhood & Community Leaders in the Process
Stop by the Metro Nashville Courthouse, and the UBS building, in downtown Nashville, with our leader, Danavan Hylton, to talk about how developers, elected officials, and neighborhood leaders can make the experience of community, and economic development, a win-win deal! Listen in on how neighborhoods, elected officials, and private sector leaders can harvest a sustainable community. #StayAheadOfTheGame Thank you for your donations by visiting www.Cash.me/$e1connect Hylton Elite Marketing Agency We’re More Than Just Marketing www.e1connect.com
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How To Stay Up To Date With Danavan Hylton
Danavan invites you to stay up-to-date with what’s going on in his world, and your community, by subscribing, and liking Hylton Elite’s YouTube channel. Experience real time trends, marketing and communication services, and educational information when you subscribe. Link to Hylton Elite Marketing Agency YouTube Channel https://bit.ly/2N1aMmD Thank you for subscribing!
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Reach the Masses through Hylton Elite
Hylton Elite CEO, Danavan Hylton introduces the firm's advertising services to include digital, print, and signage. www.e1connect.com/advertising
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The Importance of Due Diligence
Danavan Hylton shares his experience on the process of due diligence to grow his business. Be taken seriously in your life, and profession, by respecting the laws of business to reach new heights. Press play! Hylton Elite Marketing Agency www.e1connect.com We’re More Than Just Marketing
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Set Goals and Get Set For Success
Leadership training coach, Adrian Davis, talks about why individuals are not able to reach true heights due to the simple fact of not only setting, but following, their goals. Press play and learn from the best! Register today for the Momentum Empowerment Conference 2018! https://bit.ly/2AXdI2v
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How to Serve & Receive
CEO, and Relationship Management Expert, Danavan Hylton, is inspired by friend, and business mentor, George Craig Williams , Information Technology, and Blockchain Development Expert, and Founder and CEO of Willstar Technology, Inc., to deliver a message of stepping out of your comfort zone to claim what you want, and what is yours. Danavan also mentions International Business Machine (IBM) and Linux, two leading firms for the blockchain industry, Listen to this message, to increase the growth in your life! Cost of Living Outpaces Wage Growth in Nashville https://youtu.be/xc32ovyXpeM
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