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Deadly Green Mamba almost invisible
Mambas, of the genus Dendroaspis, are fast-moving land-dwelling snakes of Africa. ("Dendroaspis" is literally "tree snake".) They belong to the family of Elapidae which includes cobras, coral snakes, kraits and, debatably, sea snakes although these are now classed as Hydrophiidae, all of which can be extremely deadly. The Western green mamba (D. viridis) , possess venom that is roughly equal in potency to that of the Black mamba (D. polylepis). However, they are not nearly as aggressive. They are slightly smaller, and are arboreal, whereas the latter is primarily terrestrial.
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Deadly Cape Cobra 1 bite can kill up to 6 people
The Cape Cobra kills more people in South Africa than any other snake. It produces a powerful neurotoxin that affects the respiratory system. Without proper antivenom treatment the mortality rate in humans is 60% and death normally occurs 2-5 hours after being bitten and is usually as a result of respiratory failure due to the onset of paralysis. The snake is quick to strike and becomes aggressive if cornered, but given its space it is likely to retreat. Its main predators are various species of raptors inhabiting the area and the honey badger or ratel.
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Deadly Black Mamba faster than people can run
The Black Mamba (Dendroaspis polylepis), is an elapid snake and is one of Africa's most dangerous and feared snakes. It has a wide range of known locations throughout Africa. The black mamba is native to Somalia, Ethiopia, Kenya, Botswana, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Angola, Namibia, Malawi, Mozambique, South Africa and the Congo. They inhabit a wide variety of areas that include open savannahs, open woodlands, and rocky outcrops. It is also known for being very aggressive when disturbed or confronted and will not hesitate to strike with deadly precision. The black mamba is the largest venomous snake in Africa and the second longest venomous snake in the world. Adult black mambas have an average length of 2.5 meters (8.2 ft) and a maximum length of 4.5 meters (~14 ft). Like all other reptiles, the black mamba relies on external heat to regulate the temperature of its body. Of the venomous snakes of the world, only the King Cobra is longer. The Black Mamba is also the fastest land snake in the world, able to reach speeds in excess of 12 miles per hour (20kph). However it uses this speed to escape danger, rather than catch prey. The name "black mamba" is somewhat confusing because it contradicts the snake's actual color. Its body is not black at all; the name is given to it because of its inky black mouth. Normally, mambas have a dark olive, olive green, grey brown, or metal color. Some of them have a light band around their body. As mambas get older, their skin begins to darken.
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Deadly Nile crocodile kills hundreds of people every year
The Nile crocodile is the largest crocodilian in Africa and is sometimes regarded as the second largest crocodilian after the Saltwater crocodile. The male crocodile usually measure from 11.5 to 16 feet long (3.5 to 5 meters), but very old, mature ones can grow to 18 ft (5.5 m) or more. Males usually weigh about 1100 lbs (500 kg), but can very large & old specimens can reach up to 2000 lbs (909 kg).[5] The largest accurately measured male was shot near Mwanza, Tanzania and measured 6.45 m (21.3 ft) and weighed approximately 1,090 kg (2,400 lb). Like all crocodiles they are sexually dimorphic, with the males up to 30% larger than the females, though the difference is even more in some species, like the Saltwater crocodile. Mature female nile crocodiles measure 8 to 13 feet long (2.5 to 3.9 meters) and typically weigh 227-300 kg (500-660 lbs).
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Deadly Hippos kills dozens of people every year
The hippopotamus is recognizable for its barrel-shaped torso, enormous mouth and teeth, hairless body, stubby legs and tremendous size. It is the third-largest land mammal by weight (1.5-2 tons), behind the White Rhinoceros (3-4 tons) and Elephant (4-5.5 tons). Despite its stocky shape and short legs, it can easily outrun a human. Hippos have been clocked at 30 mph (48 km/h) while running short distances, faster than an Olympic sprinter. The hippopotamus is one of the most aggressive creatures in the world, and is often regarded as the most ferocious animal in Africa. There are an estimated 125,000 to 150,000 hippos remaining throughout Sub-Saharan Africa, of which Zambia (40,000) and Tanzania (20,000-30,000) have the largest populations. They are still threatened by poaching for their meat and ivory canine teeth, and by habitat loss.
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Deadly African Rock Python can swallow a fully grown man whole
Python sebae (African Rock Python), is a non-venomous python species found in subsaharan Africa. This is one of the world's largest species of snakes. With adults reaching lengths of over 6 m (20 ft), this is one of the world's largest species of snakes. The typical adult length is 4.8 m (16 ft) and rumors of specimens over 20 feet are generally considered reliable, but larger specimens have never been confirmed. The color pattern is typically brown, with olive and tan irregular blotching, fading to white on the underside. At a glance they can be easily mistaken for the Burmese python, P. m. bivittatus, but the two species are not closely related. Attacks on humans are very uncommon. Although this species can easily kill an adult, there are only a few cases in which the victim, in most cases a child, was actually consumed. A Ugandan newspaper reported in 1951 that a 13-year-old boy was swallowed, but the python was forced to disgorge the body. In 1973 another newspaper reported that a Portuguese soldier was discovered in the stomach of a snake. In 1979 a 14.9 ft (4.5 m) python tried to eat a 13-year-old boy. It was discovered with the boy almost entirely swallowed, but after being hit by stones it regurgitated the body and retreated. The boy was 1.3 m tall and weighed 45 kg. The last known case in which a person was eaten occurred in South Africa in 2002, the victim being a 10-years-old child.
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Deadly African Elephant The world's largest land animal
African elephants are the species of elephants in the genus Loxodonta, one of the two existing genera in Elephantidae. Although it is commonly believed that the genus was named by Georges Cuvier in 1825, Cuvier spelled it Loxodonte. An anonymous author romanized the spelling to Loxodonta and the ICZN recognizes this as the proper authority. African elephants are bigger than Asian Elephants. Males stand 3.64 meters (12 ft) tall at the shoulder and weigh 5,455 kg (12,000 lbs), while females stand 3 meters (10 ft) and weigh 3,636 kg to 4,545 kg (8,000 to 11,000 lbs). However, males can get as big as 15,000 lbs (6,800 kg). Elephants have four molars; each weighs about 11 lb (5.0 kg) and measures about 12 inches long. As the front pair wear down and drop out in pieces, the back pair shift forward and two new molars emerge in the back of the mouth. Elephants replace their teeth six times. At about 40 to 60 years of age the elephant no longer has teeth and will likely die of starvation, a common cause of death.
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Deadly African Buffalo kills several people every year
The African Buffalo, Affalo or Cape Buffalo (Syncerus caffer) is a large African bovid. It is up to 1.7 meters high, 3.4 meters long. Savannah type buffaloes weigh 500-900 kg, with only males, normally larger than females, reaching the upper weight range. Forest type buffaloes are only half that size. The African Buffalo is not closely related to the slightly larger Wild Asian Water Buffalo, but its ancestry remains unclear. Owing to its unpredictable nature which makes it highly dangerous to humans, it has not been domesticated, unlike its Asian counterpart, the Domestic Asian Water Buffalo.
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Legendary World of Warcraft stunt
Legendary World of Warcraft stunt That was very dangerous! - 100% real, no fake!
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