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La Ley performs "Invisible" (Live En Vivo)
This is from a VHS tape I found. It is from a LOOOOOOOOOONG time ago... mid 90's. Obviously, this is not really live as it is lip-and-instrument-synced. (Like is normally done with Mexican shows and British dhows like Top of the Pops.)
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He-Man: The Greatest Adventures of All
NO EPISODES in this video. This only contains the clips shown on the VHS tape "He-Man and the Masters of the Universe: The Greatest Adventures of All". If you want the episodes, they are available legally online to purchase via DVD.
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Kopi Sotiropulos Visits Woodlake High School in 1994
From an old VHS recording that I found. In 1994, Kopi visits Woodlake, CA. I grew up watching Kopi; he's what made the news fun to watch!
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Six Feet Under (Alternate Ending)
Obviously not real... and done just for fun. :) We see what happens to some of the supporting characters: George, Gabe, Margaret Chenowith, and Julio's nanny "Donna". George: Moves on after Ruth's death, pursues a career in aeronautics and finds out about another estranged son. Gabe: Gets a secretive job with the government, but continues to make bad mistakes. Donna: After being kicked out by Vanessa, she ends up working in a diner. Margaret: Pursues a life of solitude up on a mountainside.
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Little Dog, Big Cat - Canon HV40 Green Screen Test using Pinnacle Studio 14
Lessons learned from my first green scene attempt: * Better lighting on the green screen subject in needed * Mount the camera to keep the scene still This is my cat, B.C., and dog, Pancho. Now, staaaaaay. :)
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Doakes Lives Ep. #2: Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader (aka Anakin Skywalker)
In this episode, Doakes pays a visit to the Death Star. DOAKES LIVES!!!
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Depeche Mode - Random Related videos
Just a bunch of clips I found on an old VHS tape. Recorded from Much Music and MTV in the 90s post-Violator and around SOFAD.
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Doakes Lives Ep. #1: Dexter and Lumen (aka Miguel Prado)
Doakes pays a visit to Dexter and surprises him (and Harry). Also, if you listen very carefully, you can actually hear when he comes in. DOAKES LIVES!!!
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Doakes Lives Ep. #3: The Sixth Sense (featuring The Trinity Dance!)
This time around, Doakes gives a fellow ghost the hard truth! DOAKES LIVES!!!
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