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E1 Basic ABC's of money and finance starting with evolution of money for better personal finance
A beginners guide to learn all matters,personal finance and money. Weekly episodes progressively cover basic to advanced chapters to understand, make and manage money. Simple and easy an easy to episodes covering basics of money, making money, saving, investing, interest rates, ROI, inflation and. budgets of homes governments, forex rates etc
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E2 Philosophy on money & getting rich wisely, properly making & managing money & helping the needy
This video helps you properly understand the philosophy of money and how to make money as part of a series of basics of personal finance and money in quick, easy, proper and simple steps. Whatever be your age, gender, education or experience, you can be win by acquiring basic and additional knowledge of personal finance and money. There is no need to get scared about money matters and Money School will help you gain expertise. The financial knowledge you gain will stand you in good stead as you look to enrich your knowledge of money and finance to earn incomes, save, invest and manage the personal finance and money of your family better. Your family budget, savings, investment and planning for kids education will be much better.
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E3 Think like billionaires: Basics & ABCs of Interest %, bank deposits, in money & personal finance
Sure shot learning of ABCs of money and personal finance continues with E3 this week. Gain from the simplistic and basic approach to money matters by thinking and acting like the rich. This weeks episode explains interest and its computation in simple steps for beginners. It also covers practical day-to-day items of interest bearing subjects like bank savings account, bank fixed deposits, loans and major factors which influence the interest you pay or receive. There is also an interesting money quiz at the end. Do not miss it.
E6 Compounding may double your money and credit card debt may cripple you
Continue your basic lessons in money and personal finance with this Episode 6 of the series.Understand the power of compounding while staying away from crippling debts through credit cards etc
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E4 6 Lessons on money from the lives of World's 3 richest billionaires J Bezos,  B Gates & W Buffett
More basic lessons and ABCs on Money and Personal Finance; how to become a billionaire with 6 lessons from the World's top 3 richest Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates and Warren Buffett. Our weekly lessons on Money and Personal Finance from Nellai Money School enters Episode 4.
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E5 Getting rich? How to understand real interest rate, inflation and risk-free interest rate first
Fifth week on basics of money and personal finance. Understand real interest rate, risk-free interest rate, currency depreciation so that you can make and invest your money better. This is very important for doing well with your investments and loans. This is a very essential part of thinking and acting like rich as you set out to become rich. Simple lessons like this are brought to you every week on various aspects of money and personal finance. There is also a money quiz at the end of vevery episode..