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Nefarious: Trailer
At the end of 2009, Matt edited the following trailer promoting the upcoming release of "Nefarious: Merchant of Souls". This trailer helped the Producer secure financing to cover talent and production expenses for the reenactments shot in Los Angeles with a cast and crew of 160 people.
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Nefarious: Opening Scene
In this sample from "Nefarious Merchant of Souls" several aspects of Matt's production work is highlighted, such as: story boarding and directing the reenactment, all the editing in Final Cut Pro, shooting the interview and b-roll on the Panasonic HVX and animation of the title, lower thirds, and opening credits in After Effects.
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Dylan does Disney
Spoof found footage video. What if Bob Dylan was a really big Disney fan? This is what I think we would've seen. I shot, edited, and color corrected this piece. Check out my website at www.msd.la
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Nefarious: Teaser 1
In 2008, after the Producer's and our small crew's first trip to South East Asia Matt edited the following teaser with footage he shot in Phnom Penh, Chaing Mai and Phuket. The Producer's goals were met as the teaser successfully helped raise financing to cover travel and production expenses for two more international trips.
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Nefarious: Teaser 2
In 2009, after trips to Amsterdam, Stockholm, Chisinau and Prague, Matt edited the following piece. The footage was shot by Matt on the Panasonic HVX with a second camera operated by Steve Willis on the Canon 5D MKII. The look was achieved by using a maximum of two Arri lights and a 35mm lens adapter on the HVX. This teaser helped the Producer find financing to cover travel and production expenses for the remaining trips to four more international countries and the United States. Where Matt shot a total of 800 hours of interviews and b-roll on the Panasonic HVX.
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Early Learning Center
The Early Learning Center in Canoga Park, California is a pilot project created by the Child Development Institute, founded by Joan Maltese in order to help children, families and the community. This video was created for the grand opening of the center and to raise finances to build more centers to reach more children and their families. I shot the footage with the Canon 5D and edited the project. Check out my web site at www.msd.la Check out the Early Learning Center, it is a wonderful resource to help all children reach their full potential. If you wish to donate go to their website www.childdevelopmentinstitute.org.
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2013 Colorist Reel
I'm a colorist. This is some of my most recent work. I used a variety of tools to get the results I want. If you need any colorist work please shoot me an email at [email protected] or give me a call at 818-813-4249.
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