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Her (meme)|tweening 22subs special
Hi everyone thx for 22 subs i love u so much Shoutout to:red kitty hide,christine lee,bluemoon blood thx so much and hope you like this one i worked hard on it pls subscribe and like the vid byee
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Funny love story EP1
So umm.. The song dosent belong to me so umm. Thats all hope u enjoy this took me a long time to make
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The zombie song 12 subs special
So i reach 12 subs so turn on the notification bell so i can give u shout out Shoutouts to:pink panda,kookieplays,jillisi gacha thank u so much byeee
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Copycat Gmv
Hi hope u like it took me pike 1 day or a half day to finish this like and subscribe for more byeee love yal btw my friend is here kristina or pink panda
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Im a mess GMV
Hi umm... Nothing really to say bye
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Drawing my oc
I hope you liked it Apps i used:ibispaint Subscribe for more
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Reacting to ihascupquake notice me senpai
Hi guys today im reating to ihascupquake gp check her channel Vid:https://youtu.be/oq7B44odQ00
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How to tween
Hereby go some of you ask how I did it hope you likes it Pls subscribe for more byeee
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The hated child Ep2 |gachastudios
Like and subscibe for more and also share it bye
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The hated child Ep3 |gachastudios
Hi Ep 3 just in case you forget the cjaracter here they are Victoria Jayla Jacob Jack Jessica Sofia Maya/ella it means maya forgot to change the name^ω^ I think thats all Hope you enjoy Like and Subscribe also share the video bye
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Drawing for my bestfriend (requested)
Hope u like it Celine ^ω^
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Crush song
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Im not her (GMV)
Some vids are for lovers this version is best freinds hope you like i was inspired by jarachan lip sing font forget to like and subscribe and share the vod babossshhhh
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The hated child |gacha studios Ep1
My first ever series :D Characters: Victoria Jack Sofia Jessica Jacob Ella or maria got the name wrong :) And dont forget me Jayla :D Hi dont forget to like and subscribe for more Sorry if there a lot of mistake alert jacob is my coisin on real life soooooo lets just think that were just friends ookk because hes still a kid soooooo thats a diffrent jacob oooookkkkk hes In the vid hes not the real jacob ok i cant explain ok just byee
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My parents vs other parents
I hope I don't offended you it's a joke kk Btw the for 41subscribers Pls subscribe, like, comment, share byee
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*Grrls meme* ||gachalife|| *|40subs special|*
Hi guys thank you so much for 40 subscrbers!! That's really cool of u guys Apps used:kinemaster, powerdirector, ibispantx,flipacap My intro:https://youtu.be/pmNI9WFq63I Watch some more video:https://youtu.be/T97JvGSgCxE Watch some more vids:https://youtu.be/cKIbCA0gukM Please subscribe to my channel And like the vid Bye guys
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Shoutout to my friends at school
So they made a channel so go check them out Pink panda's:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZvtjXurJ0OUQCDzF3M7c-A Unicorn fluff/kookie playz:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJ2P3DItAV0I3NT6kEVstaA Ella and eshi taysa:Come join my Squad, Let us face off against the world's best MOBA players together! https://r8qs.adj.st/?adjust_t=ynoul8_q0le9d&adjust_deeplink=mobilelegends://appinvites/TeamMatch/AhBs1vWbMzSc5niy0UoxdL0i2AQuaQoAo5ra3z7hDW4%3d
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Identities meme
Hope you enjoy this edit Thx for 45 subs Pls subscribe for more Like, share, comment Byee
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Past queens of mewni
Sooo im a mewni fan dont judge me okk Im addicted to this show and i wanted to learn more information to that show hope you like the vid that i made for you guys
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Doing you're dares
I only have 3 dares that's why it's short But hope you enjoy this vid Subscribe for more and like share Byee
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Fanart for my bestie :D
Hope u like it ness congrats for hitting 29 subs Thx for 26 subs XD Apps i used:ibispaint Byee
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Join us for a bite
So this isint my song and this is re upload
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Toxic gachastudios music video🎵
Sorry if it didint finish the song but here is the full song btw its just lyrics:https://youtu.be/Z-AQ-eV7WyM dont forget to like and subscribe for more
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Gameplay of pastel girl
Hope you like it thx for 19 subs btw
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#itzangiiees60k my fanart
Hope you'll like it it's not much And pls notice this it's angiiee love you!!
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I wanna be like you meme ft some gacha editors
Also gachatubers these gachatuber s are meh fav they insipried me so much
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The hated child |gachastudios Ep5
10 subs thabk you so much srry if it took long Btw lets hit 15 subs or more bye love yall
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Tangled up meme
Ummm......hi pls subscribe and like the vid byee
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Panic (meme)
So thx for 29 subs :D Credits to:tom
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You cant hide Funny ver
So guys i didint finish it watch till the end i have a suprise and like and subscirbe hit the nottification bell so you can get nottified to my new vids
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Exposing a hacker SAMANGGATORADE
Im exposing hackers in prison life roblox developers pls find this guy byee
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Cops n robber
So i started playing this game But then my old acount is now gone because I forgot the pass :( But if u wanna visit it od:119954 My new acount id 7652919 byeeeee Sprry if i keep sayong literalyy lol
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My friends :D
Hi evryone theyre my friends so hope you enjoy
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Shout out (watch before read description)
So guys this clip vid isn't mine but here is the shout out:gacha apple and lonely fox thank you and subscribe click the bell so i will get notiefied and might give you a shout out byyee
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Bad bad news
Pls don't unsubbed
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You look so good meme ft kookieplays
Ummm..... Hi
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The hated child Ep6| gachastudios finale or is it?
Finale or is it?_? Tjx for 10 if i reach 15 or 11 im gpnna make part s2
Views: 11 Jayla Respino
My sister's reaction having gacha life ios
So today gacha life came out today on ios and my sis loves it hehe
Views: 25 Jayla Respino
Happy birthday to meh
Views: 24 Jayla Respino
Attention GMV
Hope u wnjoy this time its fixed my old one was just so just soo......... Btw hope u enjoy byee
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Trying something new
Ummm......... Byyyeee
Views: 22 Jayla Respino
Undress rehearsal meme
OC:kristona meh friend I may upload memes cause i still have chixken pax but hope you like the meme theres a mistake there sorry about that byee
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Views: 39 Jayla Respino
Funny love story ep3
If this reach 5 like im making psrt four byee guys
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Happy late christmas
So umm I didn't made this today O was running out of space so I recorded it in mobizon there's gonna be part two Oof O_O
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The hated child Ep1 s2 not really am ep sorry
Sorry guys ots not a ep 1btw i didint get 11 so plssssssss subscribe and hit that like button byeeeeeeee
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All eyes on me
So guys i worked so hard and i just want you guys to enjoy it hope u like it and subscribe for more and ill see ya'll byyee
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Dreams Meme
Hi hope u enjoyed this video This was made only 1 day Pls subscribe And like the vid The for 37subs Apps used:I ibis paint BG eraser kinemaster powerdirector Byee
Views: 88 Jayla Respino

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