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Senpai asks if Ayano wants to marry.. | roleplay| message|
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Bad news...
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Secretly in love | E1S1 | READ DESC!! βœ…βœ…
Hello guys! What’s up? Sorry for not uploading fro a long time. Things have changed in my life, so I did not focus on doing GachaLife videos. And, I’m sorry AGAIN, for my English.. Maybe it’s not the best. I’m not from America, or England. I’m sorry, I wish I was! πŸ˜©πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ β€’ No copyright music β€’ Intro, copyrighted β€’ Pictures, (The game) copyright ☁︎ Game: Gachalife, or GachaVerse, you can pick by yourself. They’re pretty much the same, β€œ GachaLife” is the updated version, so I recommend GachaLife. ☁︎ Editing app: VLLO Everything by: Me, FluffyGoat This is family friendly This is about love, nothing else I think ✌️ No sexuality, just kisses, I promise! Age: 10+ Contact me, if you think that this is inappropriate for children, OR humans, PLEASE!! Contact me if you want me to delete it! (It needs to be 3 reasons, or else I’ll not delete it) I’m sorry for mistakes in this video! I’m sorry if the subtitles was to fast for you to read! I’ll try to slow the subtitles in the next episode. This was episode 1. Thanks for watching! ❀️
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Osano is envious that Ayano is married !
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What is this!?
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Gacha life meme | Gacha life | meme |
Hey! This IS just a joke so don’t take this seriously. Music: https://youtu.be/m3-hY-hlhBg The video (WALK OF FEAR) https://youtu.be/xfo9bE9oozc
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