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Pet Pigeon- Peepz Getting His Coo
One of Peeperz first feeble attempts at cooing...not a bad try eh? :)
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My New Dog- Bahamian Potcake
Adopted from the Humane Society of Tampa Bay 9/6/2015. He was found wandering in the Bahamas, so I believe him to be a Potcake (with heavy German Shepherd influence). He's very shy and hasn't completely opened up yet, but he loves being petted ALL the time.
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Archeage: Stormwraith Kirin Mount Review
The Stormwraith Kirin is one of my favorite mounts and I am glad I happened to have the loyalty saved up to buy it! It is aesthetically pleasing and reminds me a slight bit of Okami, lol. Look at those horns! Such pretty colors. ^_^ My overall opinion? Its greatest skills are the stealth leap/dash and the 200% stealth detection. You can get away from a tight situation, though not as well as the snowlions can (Invuln too strong). My Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/FoxyLu Follow/like/subscribe to me on: https://www.twitch.tv/halofoxy https://twitter.com/SGK_Foxy https://www.facebook.com/KeiFoxyLu/ https://www.instagram.com/sgk_foxy/ https://silvergenko.deviantart.com/ Credits: Social Media Icon Vectors: http://www.designbolts.com/2013/09/08/40-free-shaded-social-media-icons/ Background Vectors: Vecteezy.com Music: https://freesound.org/people/Greek555/sounds/414508/
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Archeage: Frost Dragon Mount Showcase and Review
I long awaited the arrival of a dragon mount I could acquire, but I passed on the Typhoon Drake mount which I was not a fan of. Then this beauty finally comes along! :O I didn't buy the Maelstrom Archeum Pack, but I probs would have if I could, lol. I love that this mount has the same m/s as most of the other mounts (or maybe they all are the same now?), and I love it's abilities. I haven't really gotten to use this mount much in pvp, but I can imagine the shield ability being hard to implement, as awesome as it seems to have. 3 second invuln still is only done best by big cat mounts. xD This mount is rather bulky though, it's movements are a bit impeded in smaller areas and it's harder to summon it in places you may not realized is not enough space. Bigger is still better imo, just gotta work it out! ;P P.S. This mount needs more serpentine swimming animations, by the good grace of Nui! x.x My Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/FoxyLu Follow/like/subscribe to me on: https://www.twitch.tv/halofoxy https://twitter.com/SGK_Foxy https://www.facebook.com/KeiFoxyLu/ https://www.instagram.com/sgk_foxy/ https://silvergenko.deviantart.com/ Credits: Social Media Icon Vectors: http://www.designbolts.com/2013/09/08/40-free-shaded-social-media-icons/ Intro Background Image by me Outro card vector: Vecteezy.com Intro Music: https://freesound.org/people/Greek555/sounds/414508/ 2nd/Main song: Kozah - Dream State ( Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/kozah ) 3rd song/Outro: Aurora B Polaris - Lost In Paradise ( Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/auroraborealismusic )
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My Baby Pigeon
A baby pigeon I've raised since he was a nestling. He's probably nearly a month old, and I'm thinking of keeping him if it really turns out he can't return to the wild.
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Foxy-Lu: Playing ArcheAge Patch 5.0, Farming Hiram Mobs
Just another day on AA. Talking to twitch chatters. Follow my twitch channel! :) https://www.twitch.tv/foxyluu Multistreaming with https://restream.io/
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Playing ArcheAge 5.0 and Learning Hiram Stuff
https://www.twitch.tv/halofoxy Multistreaming with https://restream.io/
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Playing Okami- Finding the pigeon daughter, and Crimson Helm?
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Cross' Separation Anxiety
1 hour candid footage (condensed to four and a half minutes) of what my dog does when home alone. This isn't one of those horrible cases of separation anxiety, but he's still suffering. He didn't relax the entire hour, paced, waited, stared at the door, scratched at the door, whined and howled. I rarely ever leave him at home as I believe most dogs are meant to be with you everywhere you go, and they tend to appreciate inclusion.
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Untitled broadcast. Multistreaming with Restream.io
Multistreaming with https://restream.io/
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Solo ARAMs on LoL
Multistreaming with https://restream.io/ Messing around on ARAMs
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Peeperz, the Awkward Bird...
One of his first meetings with memebers of his own species. For the longest time, he thought he was a human, so I decided to adopt three egyptians that were in need of homes, hoping maybe he would learn a few things from them before he got too old. He was approaching 2 months old in this vid. Not exactly sure why he jumped on Paula's back. Maybe it's a domination thing? He didn't like the other birds very much when he first saw them and tried to chase them out of his territory. He calmed down a bit over time, but still seemed very reserved and awkward around them. I kind of felt bad for him when she kept flying away. Maybe he was just trying to compliment her tailfeathers. ;( Note- I'm pretty sure he jumped on her back because he'd warmed up to her, or was attempting to. Peeperz kinda grew up perching on my head or my shoulders whenever he pleased, so it was probably due to some confusion on his part, plus all of his human friends let him do the same thing, so he must have thought it was natural to do to another bird.
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Mei vs Lexxie
Mei showing off her new foot skills while Lexxie keeps her in line. Lexxie made an awesome big sister.
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Pet Pigeons-Eqyptian Swifts
I got three Eqyptian Swifts a few nights ago.This is their free time. So far I'm sure the blue and white one is a female, and the brown one on the lizard habitat is her mate. The other brown may be another female, not certain yet. Edit: The genders turned out to be the other way around. The blue one is the male for sure, and the other is his female. The third one turned out to be a female as well.
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Mei and the Rainy Day
Mei experiences one of her first few encounters with wet weather and doesn't really like it much.
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Design of Characters Dante and Aerri
Multistreaming with https://restream.io/ My friend's cameos in my comic. They were a lot of fun to create. :)
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Such Doge...
Angel being obnoxious, Shannon and Bella, Kim and Sassy
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Cross and the Evasive Kitty
The first time I got to see this side of him. I normally wouldn't allow it, but he's usually super timid and skittish, so it was actually a relief to see at least one thing that could bring out the natural dog in him. After he saw the cat, he kept his tall and confident posture for the rest of the walk, and he finally went potty for the first time since bringing him home.
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Dedication to the Pets
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Art Stream 8/11/2018: Playing with Fire and Lightning
Multistreaming with https://restream.io/ Just practicing techniques, using red and blue as my basic colors. Are you a streamer or thinking about trying to stream? You can begin by downloading this streaming software! https://streamlabs.com/slobs/d/5840900
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Peeperz' First Week With Me
He'd been with me for about 5 days or so in this video. When my friend first brought him over, he appeared to have been about a week and a half old, maybe 2 weeks. Because he was so young, feeding him was almost a disaster. I had no access to 'proper' bird formula (whatever that may be) so I had to make up my own mix of baby chicken feed and catfood enhanced with bird vitamin drops. Even though he got most of his nutrients from it, it still couldn't make up for the digestive enzymes he'd have gotten from his mother, so it took him forever to digest his food, and for about a month, I was constantly nervous about his slow gut growing an infection, but he pressed on with no sickness! We were both quite lucky. :)
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Mei, Lexxie, and Peeperz
A nice day to take the baby bird out for a flight, but Mei insisted on babbling for attention first. She's a huge attention whore, and even though I dumped a bag of goodies for her to rumage through, she ignored it just for a shot at her 15 minutes of fame (she's a mommy's girl, who can blame her). At least Lexxie liked the treats. Bird starts flying at 2:28, not bad for a first try huh?
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Thanksgiving Stream. Playing ArcheAge again
https://www.twitch.tv/halofoxy Multistreaming with https://restream.io/
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Guild Wars 2: More questing, no mic
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Painting a Rifle Royal x Gazal
Multistreaming with https://restream.io/ This character was fun to draw and color, just need to come up with a name for her. Any ideas? :)
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Untitled broadcast. Multistreaming with Restream.io
Multistreaming with https://restream.io/
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Yer Doin' Me a Great Feel
Poor doggo, never satisfied. Being petted is his most favorite thing in the world. Plus I think he may be suffering from food allergies...still in the process of figuring that out. :) Like and follow us? :D https://www.facebook.com/kei.fox.37 https://twitter.com/SGK_Foxy https://www.patreon.com/Foxy89 https://www.instagram.com/sgk_foxy/?hl=en https://www.tumblr.com/blog/sgk-foxy https://www.pinterest.com/sgkeiana/boards/ Thank you! :3
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Lexxie, the Nanny Goat-dog
Lexxie helped me look after Jack and Buddy, two newborn pygmys I got to babysit while the owner was in the hospital.
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Project CARS and ArcheAge
Multistreaming with https://restream.io/
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Guild Wars 2: Questing my Rev and talking to chat
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LoL Norms With Friends
Multistreaming with https://restream.io/
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Mei and the Lion Puppet
Mei on her first day home with me, not much more than a week old. Poor lion never had a chance, even while getting buttmunched. o.0;;
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Jack and Buddy
Jack (white ears) and Buddy (mostly black) on their first day with me. Jack kept trying to get to Mei, but Mei wanted to bully him, so I had to keep her in line. Buddy just wanted to be a hog even though they just got through eating. Both of them were newborn brothers who fell ill with some type of infection very soon after (or possibly before) birth. Buddy was the weakest, and passed away just a few days later. Jack was the healthiest of the two, but went blind within a week. I was given permission by the owner to find him a good home, since she wouldn't be able to sell him. I wanted to keep him, but I couldn't. I found a very interested and determined young lady who convinced her family to let her keep him.
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Jigsaw, What the Hell?
I saw him like this before and thought he was dead, but he really wasn't, so I took up the oppertunity to film it next time he did it. Maybe someone knows why he did this? Every time I saw it, it freaked me out a bit, but he'd turn out to be just fine, so I thought nothing of it.
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Creating a Cosmos- Galaxy in the Sky- *Digital Painting*
Did this piece as a request/gift for a friend. Follow me on Twitch :) https://www.twitch.tv/halofoxy
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Foxy-Lu: PLaying ArcheAge 5.0- Grinding for my gear and talking to friends
https://www.twitch.tv/foxyluu Multistreaming with https://restream.io/
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Painting Sankotsu as an Akiulfr
Multistreaming with https://restream.io/ An old character of mine...what if he were an Akiulfr? He'd look pretty great!
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Dark Fur Sketch and Coloring Practice- Speedpaint
Been asked a couple of times to make a fur tutorial, but I'm in no way that great at making fur, so instead, I made this video as I was practicing making a dark fur tone, which is an area I need to improve on anyway. Done in Paint Tool Sai, 2h 3min. So what kind of background do you think I should add to it? Something fall themed with lots of warm colors? Something Halloween? Something calming and chill with lots of cool colors? Let me know what ya think. :) Hope you enjoy! https://twitter.com/SGK_Foxy https://www.instagram.com/sgk_foxy/ https://www.facebook.com/kei.fox.37 https://www.patreon.com/Foxy89
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